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tv   BBC World News  BBC America  April 9, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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it's "bbc world news." you're watching special coverage of the oscar pistorius trial in pretoria in south africa. the athlete denies the murder of his girlfriend, reeva steenkamp. he is being cross-examined by the prosecution. let's listen in. >> oscar pistorius as you've never seen him before. and in these pictures uncovered by sky news the athlete shows his power at handling a gun. >> ready? >> ready.
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[ laughter ]. >> listen to the voice of a man who sounds very much like oscar pistorius. >> it's a lot under the brain but [ bleep ]. >> may i proceed with the cross-examination. >> yes, you may. >> can you now recall what happened there, mr. pistorius. >> i can recall this video. i've seen this video before. i don't remember the words "zombie stopper." i was at a shooting range. at the shooting range i was shooting at the watermelon with a handgun. that wasn't me laughing in the background. but that was my voice saying those words. >> that's your voice? >> i think in hindsight, it
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makes me very upset to hear myself say something like that. but to compare a zombie, which is a fictional animative character to a human being is -- the relevance is -- i can't put two and two together. and if i'm shooting at a watermelon or at a piece of wood or a target, i don't at any point compare it to human or shooting at a human. >> you did it. you did it. you said, it's softer than brains. who else got brains? >> in that whole sense i was referring to zombie. >> what we see there -- >> 50.50 ammunition in the second part. the first part was a shotgun. and the second part was a .50
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caliber handgun. >> ammunition? >> ammunition, a different ammuniti ammunition, milady. far bigger caliber. i hadn't taken possession of it until after the shooting range. the firearm was made for trail walking. it's made by an american company for trail walking. for self-protection against animals. it was never -- i had never taken possession of it. bigger caliber ammunition. >> what you could see there is the effect the ammunition had on a watermelon. it exploded. am i right? >> that's correct, milady. >> you know that the same happened to reeva's head. it exploded. have a look.
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i'm going to show you, mr. pistorius, that that's the exact same effect the bullet that went into her head. >> milady, i was there that night. >> have a look, then. i know you don't want to because you don't want to take responsibility but it's time that you look at it. take responsibility for what you've done, mr. pistorius. >> milady, i've taken responsibility. by me waiting -- not waiting to live my life, but waiting for my time on the stand to tell my story for the respect of reeva and for myself. i've taken responsibility. but i will not look at a picture where i'm tormented by what i saw and felt that night. as i picked reeva up, my fingers touched her head. i remember. i don't have to look at a picture. i was there. >> it's the same thing as the watermelon. it's softer than brains. >> think that is extremely unfair to say that is the same
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thing as a watermelon. i think it's uncalled for. i see no basis for that. >> it has the same effect as your watermelon. >> equally uncalled for. there's no evidence it had the same effect. it's very different. it's unfair. it's not relevant and it's unfair questioning. >> i don't think it's unfair -- >> i think it's unfair. can you just remove this from the screen. >> yes. we'll do so. mr. pistorius, can we carry on? >> let's give him time. >> mr. pistorius, i'll give you time. i understand that it's difficult. so just indicate when you're
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ready, and i'll proceed then. i think i can see -- i can see he's distressed. i understand he should be distressed. may i ask the court adjourn. give him time and proceed today. >> there's an adjournment now in court. and i'm very sorry, indeed, that we showed you inadvertently a very distressing picture there of reeva steenkamp who had been
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shot. we were not expecting that photo to appear on the screen. so many apologies for putting that up there. very upsetting picture, of course. which has also caused great upset to oscar pistorius. we saw reeva steenkamp's mother with her head in her hands. another brief but very difficult few moments in court. we've been watching from outside the courtroom in pretoria. awkward moment there. >> reporter: yes, geeta. there were gasps inside the court. gasps outside here. it was extremely distressing. gerrie nel went on to making a direct comparison about shooting a watermelon, his comparison
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that it was softer than brain to, look, here's a picture of reeva steenkamp dead on the floor and this is what you did to her brains. on to saying the same thing here. at that point the court was shown that picture of oscar pistorius's girlfriend dead with a terrible head wound. apologies for that going on air and causing distress certainly of our viewers. but oscar pistorius was told by gerrie nel to look at that picture and he replied in tears i don't want to look at that picture. i don't want to be tormented. i was there. i touched reeva steenkamp's head. i know what i did. i do not need to be tormented with this. at that point he became inconsolable and the court said after a few moments was adjourned again. a very, very dramatic last few minutes in court, geeta. very distressing one for reeva steenkamp's mother there, as you mentioned, her head bowed because looking at a picture like that of her daughter must
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have been incomprehensibly difficult for her to see. >> yes. absolutely. of course, we have seen a very combative style from the state prosecutor. but i don't know whether he will have to rethink what he's doing a little bit. because the court is stumbling through this. it's having to adjourn on quite a regular basis, isn't it, just because oscar pistorius is struggling to cope. and if they're going to get through the evidence, you know, they have to make some headway. we saw at the beginning, just after the adjournment, just about eight or nine minutes ago, this video. can you just talk us through that and why that has been seen as relevant by the prosecution? >> reporter: well, the prosecution controversially introduced this right off, from the first few minutes of cross-examination. asking oscar pistorius had he ever heard of a zombie stopper. what we know of a zombie stopper is that it's a bullet that's extremely lethal in the way it behaves on contact with an object and designed to kill.
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oscar pistorius said, no, he hasn't heard of a zombie stopper. gerrie nel asked had he heard of a zombie stopper. oscar pistorius said he didn't know that. he wasn't sure. that's when barry roux, the defense lawyer objected saying you can't ambush my client like this. he has a right to a fair trial. then the court was adjourned because there was legal debate as to whether this could be introduced as character evidence. to see oscar pistorius in this video firing a shotgun at a shooting range with friends and laughing in the background, the court was told. eventually the video after some debate was played to the court. the judge did see it. in the background oscar pistorius giving those words about the firing of a bullet into a watermelon and laughing, it's a lot softer than brains. that was when gerrie nel tried to show pistorius taking great
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pleasure in using guns. also the fact he denied knowing what a zombie stopper was. directly contradicted what oscar pistorius said. not showing him in a good light in either of those ways. then moving, as we mentioned, very quickly on to the comparison between a watermelon and a human brain. oscar pistorius saying that simply isn't fair. what's that got to do with a human brain? i wasn't talking about a human brain. i was talking about the zombie. i was looking at a watermelon. those were my words. i did say those words in that video. >> and he says, doesn't he, that he found it difficult and incomprehensible to think he said those words now. we will be back to you, karin, as soon as court resumes. for now, thank very much. indeed, apologies once again for any upset we might have caused with those pictures. let's try and catch up with some of the rest of the day's news. and the team searching for the malaysia airlines flight mh370 has picked up further signals consistent with a plane's flight
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recorder. the australian navy ship ocean shield has recorded two more transmissions from the same area of the indian ocean as those heard over the weekend. search coordinators say they're now optimistic that the remains of the aircraft which disappeared a month ago will be found. >> today i can report some further encouraging information regarding the search for missing flight mh370. on monday, i advised that the towed pinger locater deployed by the ocean shield had detected signals consistent with those emitted by aircraft black boxes on two separate occasions. i can now tell you that ocean shield has been able to reacquire the signals on two more occasions. late yesterday afternoon and late last night perth time. the detection yesterday afternoon was held for approximately five minutes and 32 seconds.
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the detection late last night was held for approximately seven minutes. ocean shield has now detected four transmissions in the same broad area. yesterday's signals will assist in better defining a reduced and much more manageable search area on the ocean floor. i believe we are searching in the right area, but we need to visually identify aircraft wreckage before we can confirm with certainty that this is the final resting place of mh370. >> angus houston there, the australian search coordinator. in perth we've been following developments. he told me about the narrowing of the search area. >> reporter: it has been narrowed significantly after this news delivered by the chief of the recovery mission, angus
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houston. he said this was very encouraging information. that the ocean shield, an australian naval ship, had picked up two signals in the same area where a couple of earlier electronic pulses were heard over the weekend. so as far as the australians are concerned, they now believe they are looking in the right place. but they do caution, however, that it could be several days before any sort of confirmation as to whether they found the final resting place of flight mh370 all the way through australia has been very cautious and very conservative. but they do believe that these two signals picked up in the last 24 hours are very encouraging signs. >> but they still haven't sent any sort of drone down into the ocean. what are the next steps? >> reporter: the next step is to re-establish contact with those acoustic signals. they are unknown, underwater noises. again, their location needs to be pinpointed before an underwater drone can be
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deployed. that drone, that submersible, has the ability to map with a sonar the floor. it can also be equipped with a camera. also 14 aircraft and 14 ships are still scouring a vast area of indian ocean. the search area is 75,000 square kilometers. it is more than 2,000 kilometers from the coast of perth here in western australia. so it does remain a monumental challenge to solve this mystery that began more than a month ago. >> phil mercer there in perth. stay with us here on bbc. we'll have much more to come. prince george gets close to future subjects in new zealand on his first royal tour.
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but only one letter. "f". the performance marque from lexus. still running in the morning? yeah. getting your vegetables every day? when i can. [ bop ] [ male announcer ] could've had a v8. two full servings of vegetables for only 50 delicious calories. this is "bbc world news." i'm geeta guru-murthy. oscar pistorius has resumed his testimony about the night he shot dead his girlfriend reeva steenkamp. cross-examination by the prosecution is under way. the court has adjourned for a
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short break. the australian ship hunting for flight mh370 has picked up two more signals that might come from a flight recorder aboard the missing airliner. an explosion of a busy market in the pakistani capital of islamabad has killed at least 20 people. and around 100 other people have been injured in the blast which happened as traders were setting up fruit and vegetable stalls. the attack happened during a taliban cease-fire which was linked to peace talks with the pakistan government. we report from islamabad. >> reporter: whoever carried out the attack struck at one of the busiest times in the congested wholesale fruit and vegetable market. from early morning, trucks arrive with produce from areas surrounding the capital and trading was under way. the blast sought to be from around five kilograms of explosives left a crater at the site and was heard over a wide area. >> translator: the blast took
6:19 am
place at around quarter past 8:00. it was planted. about five kilograms of explosives was used because there was a crater. >> reporter: the casualty toll makes it the deadliest attack in islamabad since the marriott hotel in 2008. the pakistani taliban issued a statement condemning the attack. attacks in which innocent people are the sole target, the statement said, are contrary to islamic laws. there is currently a cease-fire between the taliban and the government as efforts are under way to negotiate an end to its seven-year-long insurgency. the prime minister's office has not yet pointed the finger of blame at any particular group for the market explosion. they described it as an effort by pakistan's enemies to destabilize the country. said the government would remain resolute in its efforts for peace. there was a gun and suicide attack in this court complex in
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islamabad last month in which 11 people died. a splinter group of the taliban admitted responsibility for that. for all the insecurity in the capital, attacks have been rare. whether this will reinforce or unsettle the current peace initiatives is yet to be seen. ukraine's interior minister says the situation in the east of the country will be sorted in the next 48 hours. despite a warning from russia, he says force will be used if negotiations fail. pro-russian groups are still occupying some regional government buildings they took over on sunday in the eastern cities of luhansk and donetsk. steve rosenberg reports from donetsk. >> reporter: in eastern ukraine they're doing more now than just seizing government buildings. this one has been declared the headquarters of a new country. the people's republic of
6:21 am
donetsk. barricaded inside, the separatists have plenty of sandwiches, but not much power. that was cut after they stormed the governor's office. nicholai calls himself the commisare of the eastern front. he tells me that the pro-russia activists who've taken control here are modern day oliver cromwells fighting for freedom. the people's republic has a people's council. but it's not very popular with kiev. it says that what's happening here amounts to an attempted coup. for now, the donetsk people's republic doesn't extend very far beyond this square. but people say they hope that with russia's help, they'll be able to hold their own crimea style referendum. judging by the russian flags and soviet music here they're making it very clear which country they'd like to join.
6:22 am
it's not just donetsk where pro-russia activists have been storming buildings. in recent days, there have been clashes across eastern ukraine. this was khakiv as police struggled to secure the regional headquarters. there were similar seems elsewhere. extra police units have been drafted into the region. there were clashes, too, in ukraine's parliament. mps brawling after an argument erupted about who bears responsibility for the unrest in the country. with activists have been seized his office, the governor of donetsk met us at a hotel to tell us who he thinks the protesters are. some of them are russians, he says. but most are ukrainians. people without jobs.
6:23 am
and criminals. the protesters reject that. and they're counting on russia to protect them against a crackdown by kiev. steve rosenberg, bbc news, donetsk. >> the latest there from the ukraine. let's catch up now with what's going on in toyota. a number of cars around the world being recalled. a huge number, actually. >> millions, in fact. it does mean the last two years the total number of recalls for toyota, 25 million cars, geeta p p that . that's a lot of cars. yesterday toyota announced one of the biggest car recalls ever with up to 6.5 million vehicles this time being identified. that's so far, mind you. the world's biggest car maker is recalling certain models. this affects about 27 toyota and other models. the likes of yaris, cruiser, rav-4. it all comes after around 1,000 vehicles were identified with
6:24 am
faults in the steering and seats. a draft statement said the recalled models were assembled between 2004 and 2010. more than 800,000 of the affected vehicles are in europe. this recall, i have to say, affects vehicles in countries from the u.s., japan, certainly here in the uk, about 37,000. a formal announcement is expected to be released later on today. we'll cover that. also covering this. some of europe's companies could be in for a tough time on pay packet. would give shareholders the right to vote down the ratio between board pay and the average full-time worker. in recent years companies have often come under fire for the huge inequalities between executive and staff pay. for example, the commission says that in france, director pays rose, look at that, 94% between 2006 and 2012. even though the average share price of companies fell by a
6:25 am
third. here in the uk, ftse 100 chief executives, their total pay in 2013 was 120 times the average earnings o f their employees. 47 times in 1990. i have lots going on. follow me on twitter. i'll tweet you back. that's it. back to you. bye-bye. now, the duke and duchess of cambridge's son, prince george, had his first ever official function today when he joined others for a royal play date. 8-month-old george met ten local babies all born within a few weeks o f each other at wellington's government house. it's likely the first time the royal has played with a large group, a quiet such large group of babies. he's definitely holding his own. apparently he was quite possessive of his toys. they usually are at that age. very sweet pictures. just to remind you of our top story. ongoing story, in fact, at the moment. the south african state
6:26 am
prosecutor has begun his cross-examination of the athlete, oscar pistorius, asking him bluntly to take responsibility for shooting dead his girlfriend last year. this is "bbc world news." we'll be back in court as soon as it resumes in pretoria. i'm geeta guru-murthy. thanks for joining us. the day we rescued riley was a truly amazing day. he was a matted mess in a small cage. so that was our first task, was getting him to wellness. without angie's list, i don't know if we could have found all the services we needed for our riley. from contractors and doctors to dog sitters and landscapers, you can find it all on angie's list. we found riley at the shelter, and found everything he needed at angie's list. join today at co: until you're sure you need a hotel room bartender: thanks, captain obvious. co: which is why i put the mobile app on my mobile phone. anyone need a coupon?
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6:31 am
karin, very quickly bring us up to date. >> reporter: yes. the court has adjourned. oscar pistorius has left the courtroom in great distress. even howling with grief that could be heard along the corridor. because the family -- family source said earlier to the bbc today that the first time oscar pistorius has actually talked about this, what he had done that night, out loud was when we heard him say the words last night that he fired four shots through the toilet door. and he's in great distress. gerrie nel has been very, very tough on him in court this morning. i'm just seeing that the court is resuming. they have just sat down. so it seems that proceedings are once again under way. let's just listen in.
6:32 am
>> thank you, milady. mr. pistorius, let's put on record what we've seen in the video. you were on the shooting range with -- is that correct? >> correct, milady. >> you and he are shooting shotguns? >> i was wasn't on a shooting range with -- >> who was with you? who stood next to you firing a gun? >> mr. francois -- >> i got the name wrong. i apologizapologize. you and he were firing shotguns, right? >> that's correct. >> then there were cameras. one behind you and one to the side for you to see what the effect of that firearm on a watermelon would be. am i right?
6:33 am
>> correct, milady. >> so you knew this. you took part in all this rigging because they had counted on for you to shoot. >> that's correct, milady. >> what was the purpose of this whole incident? >> milady, the caliber of the firearm that the revolver was that i was firing with was .50 caliber. ammunition not often used in handguns. despite mr. nel putting it to me that it was a -- he's fired it on the same range using my same -- so you know it's not the ammunition. the purpose of that exercise -- it wasn't an exercise. we were spending the afternoon out on the range with a group of
6:34 am
friends. something suggested that we shoot a watermelon because of the caliber of the ammunition. as i said earlier, it was used for protection whilst walking trails in north america. that was the purpose of the firearm. the round is nearly if not double the size of the 9 millimeter i had in my pistol. as he knows because he did fire the same gun on the same range. >> you wanted to see the effect on the watermelon? >> i did, milady, as did many other people that could. >> as you then said to the effect, it's a lot softer than brains. am i right? >> that's correct, milady. >> referring to? >> referring to the watermelon, milady. >> but it's like a zombie stopper referring to? >> i guess referring to a firearm that would be used to stop a zombie, milady.
6:35 am
>> so am i correct in saying that you were shooting at the watermelon to see what the effect would be if you shoot somebody in the brains? or not? that's the inference i'm drawing. >> milady, the on the shooting range at the time i enjoyed firearms. i enjoyed shooting. we used to shoot at pieces of wood. we used to shoot at targets. on that day i shot at a watermelon. the comment i made afterwards was distasteful. but it was made in reference to a zombie. not to a human being. i don't see how you can link the two. i never said that comment before i shot the watermelon.
6:36 am
so i don't know how mr. nel can make that comment. >> i'm using your words. it's a lot softer than brains. >> that's a comment i made after i shot the watermelon, milady. i didn't in any way try to compare it to shooting a person in the hair. a fictional -- >> the brains you referred to was brains of -- >> milady, as i said earlier, the context was made in a zombie. >> i thought you would say that. therefore i'm going to read the whole thing once again. it's a lot softer than brains but it's like a zombie stopper. it's like a zombie stopper. it's not it is a zombie stopper. a zombie's brains. you're referring to something else. do you want to respond to that? >> no, milady. >> you don't have to. now, mr. pistorius, i just want to know. in the days that you were sitting there, is that what you
6:37 am
can remember? or is that the reconstruction? >> it's what i remember, milady. >> i want to be -- is it not a reconstruction of everything you heard and you read, and that's why you gave the evidence? >> there were many topics that we've spoken about. there was my upbringing. there was my athletic career. there was my faith. there was the accident on the morning in question. since i've been sitting here i've been telling the truth. and some of the things you spoke about, obviously i wouldn't know about phone calls made from other people. so some of it is a reconstruction from what i've read, from the records, from
6:38 am
what the state has furnished me with. so it's a mixture of what i remember. and some of the topics and some of the points, it would be a reconstruction. if i look at the time, i can't remember how much time certain things took me that evening. but i can see from the times of the phone calls being made, from people's testimonies and statements. not out of just the couple that the state called, but out of the 100 and plus witnesses that the state said they had. i've read most of those and all of those statements. and that's how i reconstructed some time. some of the things i remember i've spoken about myself. and the situations i've spoken about, i've spoken about in context of information that i have. >> so there is an element of reconstruction in your evidence?
6:39 am
>> there's elements of reconstruction. >> what you reconstructed and what you can remember? >> that's correct. >> now, can i see if we can narrow it down. the evening of -- since you fell asleep on the evening of 13 november, until you shot and killed reeva, is there any reconstruction or not? >> no, milady. >> you have to speak a little louder. >> from the time i went to sleep to the time that i took reeva's life, there was no reconstruction afterwards. there was some points that i don't remember. on that evening. i don't recall calling security or speaking to mr. bubba. i don't recall switching on the
6:40 am
lights in the bathroom. i don't recall parts of me carrying reeva downstairs. >> so let us just get an answer to this. from the time you fell asleep to the time that you shot and killed reeva, is there reconstruction of the scene or not? >> there's no reconstruction of the scene. in a physical sense, there was no reconstruction of anything in my evidence. >> take that into account of giving evidence in a version. did you do that? >> can you just repeat that. >> did you take into account other evidence to form your version for the period? >> milady, i think it's important to say, no, that i
6:41 am
furnished the court at my bail hearing with a set of -- with my version of what happened. my version's never changed. i knew that version before i knew any of the evidence that would be compiled against me. i tended my story to my counsel. they compiled the bail transcript. the bail statement. my story hasn't changed since then. there are some aspects that i've spoke to my counsel with that they didn't include in my bail. the bail had to be an exhaustive document. at the time of my bail, i wanted to give evidence. my counsel told me that i wasn't stable at the time. that i wouldn't be able to cope with the giving of evidence.
6:42 am
but i read my version what happened that night. and nothing has changed. there hasn't been -- the state's case has changed many times. there hasn't been anything they've given to me that would make me change what i said in those first couple of days. >> mr. pistorius, with respect to the court, you've been afforded an opportunity to give evidence. don't you just want to listen to the question and answer the question. let us just answer the question. i know you want to say a lot of things. and it's interesting. you're arguing. you're not answering. why are you arguing and not answering. >> i'm sorry, milady. >> sorry doesn't answer the question of why. the question is, why. sorry is not an answer to why. why are you arguing and not answering. >> i think with respect, milady. you make it so wide. if you could turn to a certain aspect and say is that reconstruction or is that what you remember. then i can understand. but once a witness is confronted with other things, then you must
6:43 am
expect a long answer. because you tried to cover whatever other things may include and not include. i think if the question is put differently to say this is what i say to you, can you tell me is that reconstructed or real. then we won't have what we've seen. >> one minute. one minute. i'm not quite sure i understand your objection. >> milady, the question put to mr. pistorius was, there are other things. what was reconstructed. whatnot. we don't know the other things. what do you say about "a." was that reconstructed or independent memory? then you can answer. the moment you ask a question about other things then a witness will answer as to why it is possible. all i'm asking that the question must be put to the point and say what do you say about "a." was that reconstructed or independent memory. "b." "c." he used the word other things. that's why it's very difficult for a witness to know what it is. >> well, i think the witness
6:44 am
should say, i don't quite understand the question. >> yes, of course, milady. this fellow layperson, it's my duty to stand up and maybe sometimes from a legal perspective bring that to your attention. i agree with that. it's also my duty to -- to bring certain aspects to your attention. >> yes. thank you. >> with respect, milady, i expect lots of objections. let me put the question clearer. did you use other evidence to create your version? i also said between the time you went to bed and the time you shot her. milady, i've gone to it -- anyway. i'll ask the court to allow me to proceed with the questions. >> yes. please proceed. but the witness is already saying that when you said why, don't you answer the question. he gave you an answer. >> yes. >> he said sorry. that was the answer. >> i agree. i just ask -- i'll carry on,
6:45 am
milady. with respect. now, with all these objections, mr. miss tors ypistorius, did y anything else into account when you read your version into account from the time you went to bed until you shot rhee zbla -- vreeva? >> no, i didn't, mi wilady. >> your answers are very interesting. i take it you know the bail application very well. am i right? >> i've read through the bail application a couple of times, milady. at the time that my counsel -- >> you have to speak up your voice. >> i beg your pardon. at the time that the bail application was brought to me
6:46 am
during my bail, i was at the brooklyn police station. i was very emotional. my counsel brought the -- my statement to me. they read it to me. i wasn't able to read it. and i signed it. everything that was in there was the truth. my version hasn't changed since then. i have read it a couple of times. i want to try and remember the night more than i have to. i read it the day before yesterday. i read my bail statement again. it's not very well known to me, but i do know what i said there, it is true. >> and you also know what you said in your plea explanation? >> i won't be able to recite it,
6:47 am
milady. >> but when counsel read it out, the court asked you if you agree with it, and you agreed with the contents of your plea explanation. >> correct, milady. >> and it was discussed with you before, before it was drafted and agreed upon? am i right? by counsel. >> that is correct, milady. >> you now said there are certain things in your bail explanation there are certain things counsel didn't put in. what is that? >> i can't confirm something off the top of my head. it would be reeva speaking to me as i sat up in bed. it would be phoning mr. bubba, which i don't remember. i guess there would be a lot of things, milady. the statement i made for the bail purposes was not of every
6:48 am
minor detail that i've told my counsel. i was explained that it didn't have to be, either. because they're for the purpose of the bail hearing. >> how about that. but i'm still asking you, you said there are certain things in there that counsel did not -- i've got two. i've got that reeva spoke to you, and you couldn't remember phoning bubba. what else can you remember? that should have been in there that's not? >> i cannot think of anything at the moment, milady. >> but nothing that's in it, that one can read in your affidavit for the bail application is untrue? >> my bail application, my statement was true, milady. >> now, and your evidence in court was also true? >> that's correct, milady.
6:49 am
>> then did you -- did you put the fans on to the balcony or just in the door with the one leg on the balcony? >> milady, the fans were different. they're not the same. the one is a tripod standing fan. it's got three -- three legs. tripod stand steel fan. about waist high. i put the one leg up on to the towels of the balcony. and i put two of the legs inside the room. so the fan was more or less -- i beg your pardon. more or less in the middle of the door. the floor fan i put in between the two legs of the standing fan. so it would have been slightly forward. so it would have been on the carpet in the bedroom.
6:50 am
>> do retrieve them, you never went outside? you were inside your room, and you just brought them back in? >> that's correct, milady. >> you never went on to the balcony? >> i didn't go on to the balcony to retrieve them, no. >> so you were never on the balcony when you heard noises in the bathroom? >> no. i was at the amplifier when i heard the noise in the bathroom, milady. >> now, if someone would say that you went on to the balcony to fix the fans, that would not be true? >> i beg your pardon, milady. can you repeat? >> if someone would say that you went on to the ball kany to fix the fan, to bring the fan in, that would not be true? >> if somebody said i went on to the balcony to fetch the fans, that wouldn't be true, milady. >> would not be true. >> would not be true. that's correct. >> and if somebody would say
6:51 am
that while on the balcony bringing in the fans you heard a noise in the bathroom, that would not be true? >> that would not be true, milady. >> it would be difficult to hear a voice in the bathroom from the balcony? >> the question -- i heard one noise from the amplifier. i didn't hear any voices. i heard one noise. >> what i'm asking you is, if you were on the balcony, would it be difficult to hear a noise in the bathroom? >> i'm not sure, milady. >> okay. but you didn't? >> i was at the amplifier when i heard the window open, milady. >> i know what your version is. could you not follow it? whilst on the balcony a noise in the bathroom? >> i was never on the balcony,
6:52 am
milady. >> now, i've got a difficulty. and that is, that detectives said you went on to the balcony to bring the fan in. did you not say that? >> what i said in my -- forgive me. if i could have my bail transcript, i'd gladly read it. >> why are you referring to bail? how do you know i'm referring to your bail? >> that's what i understood from -- >> how would you understand that from my question? >> it's what i interpreted. >> why? why would you do that? >> i'm not sure. that's what i interpreted. >> you have to tell the court why you would interpret it as coming from your bail. you're sitting there, mr. pistorius, arguing, thinking of
6:53 am
evidence. you're not answering questions. that is the danger in the evidence. >> milady, there's no danger in my evidence. i haven't lied. it's now put to me somebody saw me on the balcony. >> are you -- is that what you heard, that i said somebody saw you on the balcony? >> what i heard was -- if i'm mistaken, then i'm mistaken. what i heard that was not put to me earlier was if somebody had seen me on the balcony. >> you see, mr. pistorius, please answer the questions. don't argue the case. if you just answer the questions, we'll get somewhere. if you argue or think about other evidence, you will get into trouble. >> milady, i'm trying to answer the question that mr. nel is asking me about being on the
6:54 am
balcony. i beg your pardon. i was holding the handle of the door. the balcony -- the front fan leg was on the balcony. i brought the fan -- i first brought the floor fan in. then i held the door and i brought the tripod stand in from the door. >> you see? page 64. it is the white file to your right. to your left. the top one. >> page 64 of the record. >> of the bail application. >> oh, of the bail application. >> yes. >> there's too much on this bench. >> i know it's too much to carry, milady. i would read it out. i'm sure mr. roux would follow
6:55 am
it. if it becomes an issue i will make sure we fetch the file from you. >> okay. you may proceed. >> do you have page 64, sir? >> i do, milady. >> now, if you look at line 20, let's start at 19. i'll read it, and if you just follow. in the early morning of 14 february 2013 i woke up, went on to the balcony to bring the fan in. >> that's correct, milady. >> there are two problems there. >> i see that it says i went on to the balcony to bring the fan in. i agree with mr. nel, milady, that the fan was partly on the balcony. but i didn't go on to the balcony to bring the fan in. i don't know where the second problem would be with -- >> well, that fan -- in the
6:56 am
whole of your bail statement there's only reference to one fan. am i right? >> atalking in reference of the sentence that was read to me, milady, it says i went on to the balcony to bring the fan in. as i said earlier, the one fan leg was on the balcony. the other fan was between the two legs of the tripod stand and it was on the carpet. it wasn't outside. i brought the fan that was on the balcony inside. >> you see, there's a -- i'll ask a different question. you know the bail statement. there's only reference to one fan in the bail statement. am i right? >> give me time to read through it, milady. >> you're welcome. >> what i can say is that this talks about bringing in the fan. there was one fan that was not inside the house. >> read to see if you can see another fan in your statement.
6:57 am
>> milady, i don't have my full bail transcript here. is this just excerpts of my bail transcript. >> it's the full thing from when it started -- from when your statement started -- your affidavit is read into the record. [ female announcer ] f provokes lust. ♪ it elicits pride... incites envy... ♪ ...and unleashes wrath. ♪ temptation comes in many heart-pounding forms. but only one letter. "f". the performance marque from lexus.
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