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tv   BBC World News  BBC America  April 22, 2014 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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our top stories. paying the price. manchester united manager david moyes is sacked after months. joe biden arrives in kiev and pledges united states help for ukraine. >> we stand with you and all ukrainian people on ukraine united. i'll say at the top we do not recognize, we do not recognize
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russia's actions in crimea. the animal rights rally in new york as the mayor wants to ban horse drawn carriages in saving vintage cars. also in the program, our news here. google taking further steps to track our spending habits. >> absolutely. it's about what we buy. google is testing a way to match what we've searched online and see if we purchase that in a real shop. we're going to find out if this is a helping hand or another chance to snoop. hello and welcome. it is 3:00 in kiev, 7:00 a.m. washington, midday here in london. one of the world's biggest football clubs manchester united have sacked their manager in less than a year in charge.
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losing 10 out of 22 matches, manchester united faces next season without a place in the lucrative champion's league. the u.s. based family that toend club feels moyes can no longer be trusted with the brand worth close to a billion. we look back at david moyes' brief time in charge. >> after 11 months, time has run out for david moyes. the weight of expectation that comes with one of the world 's biggest clubs was too much to manage despite backing from the man he replaced. >> the club stood by me. the staff stood by me. players stood by me. you know to stand by your new manager. >> moyes inherited the the side that won the premium league by 11 points but found it hard to step out of ferguson's shadow.
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his constant presence in the stands meant it was inevitable. his 27 and a half midfield investment hasn't paid dividends. in january, 37 million pounds with the spanish flair was added. i by march, fans were no longer standing by their man. liverpool and manchester city led them to take to skies to make their point. there would be no silverware to save moyes. the lee cup semi final failure beaten in the champions league. sunday's defeat con if i wered united wouldn't be playing in europe's top club competition next season. american owners are under pressure from the fan base and acted accordingly. the next man in may find ferguson's shoes equally hard to
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fill. >> there's no doubt manchester united is one of the world's biggest football clubs in terms of support. the survey commissioned by the club claims the reds have a total following of 659 million worldwide, 71 million across the atlantic and americas. by far the highest concentration, 325 million is to be found in asia. skeptics have pointed out these figures are a measure of followers rather than fans. a lot of people will be interested in who takes the reigns from david moyes. let's speak to world soccer magazine. we've been predicting this. it's interesting the statement from the club. praising moyes for hard work, honesty and integrity. everybody knows he is that man. >> the word missing is inspiration. basically in the end for all his work and integrity, he couldn't take it with him.
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you see that in poor results. basically the defeat of the weekend was evident. it was his old club. that was the defeat which meant united will not be in the champions league next year. so much depends. >> is it confident -- there are reports players said he's the underdog. united feel like they're the champions and don't lose. >> there's a concept of show us your metals. david came with 11 here and nothing to show in terms of trophies. ferguson has a bank vault full of trophies, metal, titles and achievements. players were looking for the man to show he had a vision and style. from the way they played they've had neither. >> how much is this embarrassment for ferguson or is there a tiny element of him that thinks nobody can do what i did? >> it's a huge embarrassment for
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him. moyes in his eyes was the continuity candidate, guy with the same working class, ethical background to carry on the work. probably united obviously with them in hindsight needed shaking up. they needed a change, different direction. >> it's the money which is so important for the glazer family which has this club. this is a brand worth a billion. >> that's true. the problem is for united to keep the debt service, they have to be in the champions league which they're not, to keep the sponsorships rolling in. they need success. no titles, no success, no champions league. sudden areal l-- suddenly they' staring at this. >> he had players to invite this
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summer. is anyone going to be able to turn misfortunes around? what are the writings on the wall after this? can anyone do this? >> after a long successful manager, the job to have is not the man that takes over. it's the man that m comes in after the man that takes over. >> they went through the same pattern. this is history repeating itself. >> should they have gone for the chosen one do you think? >> well yes. that's an obviously and easy thing to say now. whoever came in had to have the arrogance and self-confidence to say i can do this. so what, i'm a big manager. if you have seen david moyes in picture, he looks like a rabbit caught in the head lights. he wasn't that man. >> asia, america, all around the world, how serious are the
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financial problems if they don't turn it around? >> well, they can cope. it's still a massive brand. the sponsor contracts will go on. the new television deal in the united kingdom will cut in. they can't stay out of the money stakes too long. they have to turn things around quickly. i think this was the knowledge they had a lot of money to spend in the transfer market the summer didn't trust moyes to do it. >> it's interesting to see who will take over. thanks very much. moving on. the u.s. vice president joe biden says ukraine is and must remain one country. he was speaking in ukraine a short time ago. he underlined washington could never recognize what he describes as russia's illegal taking of crimea. pro russian protestors continue to occupy government buildings and several towns in the east of
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the country. we have this report on the very latest. >> no change today in the self-tile people's republican. in eastern ukraine, pro russian demonstrators are charge of government buildings skaifing about washington's latest intervention in this crisis. as for the arrival of the vice president, says miller, i want to say he came to help the kiev gang, the government in kiev, not us. in the distant capital, joe biden is doing his best to lift the spirits of the administration. he took a message of support to members of parliament. mr. biden says washington is ready to help build a united ukraine. >> no nation has the right to simply grab land from another nation.
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no nation has that right, and we will never recognize russia's illegal occupation of crimea and neither will the world. >> on monday, the state department handed out photos which it says prove its case that russian troops and equipment are indeed on the ground in eastern ukraine helping to fulfill rebellion. russia says the government in kiev is breeching last week's agreement failing to stop sunday's attack on a pro russian check point. kiev called it a russian provocation. in slovyansk, the three that died are martyrs. there's a makeshift memorial in town and a steady shift of memorials. >> well one of the cities where there's been a big pro-russian occupation is donetsk in the eastern of ukraine. we are joined now from there. now, we know a lot about what's
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happening in donetsk. how many other areas are occupied by pro russian organizers? >> reporter: couldn't quite hear your question. donetsk and at least 11 other cities across eastern ukraine remain occupied. buildings in this area remain occupied. in fact yesterday, some more buildings were occupied by the pro russian protestors. another illustration that the geneva agreement that was signed last week isn't really making any difference on the ground at all. i think joe biden's visit will be met with a lot of skepticism on both sides. it's a great show of support for government in kiev. at the same time, ukrainian protestors are saying well, what's taken him so long?
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many compare the reaction the u.s. had in 2008 war between russia and georgia when the u.s. was more proactive they say. on the other side of this crisis, the pro russian demonstrators see this visit as another illustration of united states meddling in their affairs and their lives. >> what are the ukrainian forces that have been on stand by to try and clear the protestors, are they still visible or withdrawn to barracks? >> we haven't seen any ukrainian forces in this cities where buildings have been occupied. that's why when foreign minister lavrov these ukrainians are failing to control extremists, well he's right to a point. they're not controlling the areas. pro russian militants are controlling the the areas where incidents are taking place.
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we have seen evidence of ukrainian troops on the border between russia and ukraine. we've spoken to troops stationed there several weeks. the commander told me they're planning to increase their presence. of course the antiterrorist operation that kiev government launched here and that was put on hold because of easter celebrations. while those celebrations are coming to an end, we'll see what the government in kiev plans to do. >> what about the political process as well in some groups are calling for referendum aren't they? on having more allegiance and control for russia. is that still continuing as well? >> very much so. pro russian forces here are preparing. as far as we know and what we're being told, may 11th is the day they want to hold the referendum asking people in this region
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whether they want to stay with ukraine and gain autonomy or join russia and follow crimea's footsteps. that plan is going on. there's two processes. one among the diplomats and high levels in washington and another on the ground here. >> thank you very much. stay with us here on bbc world news. still to come, they're almost as iconic as new york's yellow cabs. carriage horses could be put to pass if the new mayor gets his way.
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more bodies have been retrieved from the south korean ferry that sank last week bringing the number of confirmed dead to more than a hundred.
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divers go into the submerged wreck of the hull. >> far out to sea, a steady procession of boats carrying bodies from the ferry. divers are working through the cabins to recover yet more bodies. from a slow start in the recovery operation, it has now gathered pace. it's still not quick enough for families. >> translator: it's not true we were too slow. divers have been risking their lives in this operation. we're doing our best. the ship is upside down. underwater pressure is high, and it's very dark down there. >> now this underwater robot is sent. its purpose is to help lift the stricken ferry from the seabed. officials say the next step will begin at the end of the week.
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one father tells me the recovering bodies should remain a priority. >> translator: ideally we want the recovery efforts to continue until the very last body is found, but that may be unrealistic. all family members are exhausted, but they feel the recovery should go on at least a month. >> for several day, families have been living in this gymnasium. there's grief and desperation and at times anger at officials. nobody wants to leave without their children. bbc news jindo island. officials in yemen say several have died over the weekend. earlier the government said nearly 70 have been killed in drone attacks against al qaeda-linked targets.
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south korea defense ministry believes north korea may be carrying out the fourth nuclear test. significant increase in activity is seen at the north korea main test site. president barack obama is due for a two day visit on friday. the group of 150 japanese members of parliament visited the war shrine. china and south korea condemns such visits. president barack obama is has been working hard to repair relations between japan and south korea. his visit is this week. the man has been banned from the support for ten years. he was said to be at the conspiracy to doping cycling teams for many years. he actively encouraged members of the u.s. team to use illegal drugs including steroids, tests
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to -- testosterone and epo. one in 68 u.s. children suffers from autism. when autistic children become adults, they struggle to find work. across the country in small businesses and corporate parks, autistic work finds their disability can actually help them land a job. lee patterson has this. >> often i try explain why people with autism can be superior at certain jobs. that's because they think outside the box because they don't see any box. >> today i'm working on a program which is made by somebody called launch pad toys. it's a program to create your own animated video.
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>> the skill is a vocational program for people with autism. the numbers that you see range from 90% of the people unemployed. i see it was a total waste to society. there's a huge potential, human potential, human capital we're throwing away because someone doesn't look you in the eye or isn't smiling all the time. >> here you can choose what music you want. >> i do this kind of work because it has attention to details. it also has a lot of similarities in what you do for lots of different programs. for me, i personally like the routine. i've learned when i have a routine in my life. >> i'll admit this time last year i thought i had hit rock bottom. i was out of college for nearly
7:22 am
four years and still had little to show for my education. i only been a full time employee since january, but i started in october as an intern. i just wish that companies would more open up to the idea that having autistic employees isn't a liability. it can be quite an asset. anyone out there with autism who thinks they don't have hope anymore or thinks they don't have a chance in the work place, they should reconsider and know that it's been done. >> my whole family has been positive because i'm finally
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able to get into the work place and able to start getting work done. it's a really big step for me, especially because this is the type of place that we need to learn how to eventually get my own job somewhere else. being able to succeed. >> autistic people succeed in the work place. the iconic horse drawn carriage ride through central park has been a part of new york city almost 160 years, but now the new mayor, de blasio has vowed to replace them with a fleet of vintage electric cars. we report from manhattan. >> reporter: they're treasured by many new yorkers as living landmarks and are as much a part of the manhattan scene as the sky scrapers. the entire trait faces
7:24 am
abolition. the city's new mayor believes this urban jungle is far too hostile an environment. for years, animal welfare groups have been claiming the animals are trauma xized by the traffic. >> they're treated as a machine to be exploited until they no longer make a profit. new york city in 2014 has to do better. we can't have the animal cruelty as a tourist attraction. >> the carriages have been part of the tourist trail since the mid 19th century and made some 6 million trips. romance comes with risks. since 2011 there have been serve reported incidents with two horses collapsing and one losing its life. historically speaking the horse carriage industry has always had powerful allies.
7:25 am
new york city politicians protected it from the animal well fair groups. now that's changed. it's shifted from tighter rules to a ban. >> they get at least five weeks holiday each year. >> he can turn around, lie down, come on cue to say hello. >> he says his animals are well car cared for. >> what's wrong with the horse? she's in good health, earning keep, providing pleasure to a allot of people in new york city and people from all over the world. >> the ban was supposed to come in effect in the start of january. the owners have staged a last ditch fight. central park they claim would not be the same without their
7:26 am
carriages. this is a part of picture new york that could be a ban to disappear. >> let us know what you think about that. stay with us. still to come, in a moment, it's not a matter of wheif, it's a matter of when. i've always had to keep my eye on her...
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i'm tim wilcox. coming up this half hour, trying to contain the group boko haram as it spreads across nigeria's poorest borders. the chef in the restaurant employs robots, not people, to cook and wait on tables. aaron is looking at the man. >> could matter as much off the pitch as on.
7:31 am
they make the most of the club. we're going to see what moyes departure would mean for the bottom line. welcome back. a local gang has spoken to bbc. it had collaborated with the nigeria group boko haram in return for money. it is feared the insurgency may spill over to borders. there was a crack down by the army last may. along the poorest border with nigeria. >> there's little cover to take from the sand storm. half the village in nigeria, the
7:32 am
fourth attack by boko haram's militants meant it was time to leave. the border, river between, on either side of it people enjoyed foring ethnicity and culture. he believes this border will keep them safe for now. on the lake, nigerians are fleeing be by boat. the united nations estimates 500 cross in every week. he arrived last month with his two wives and six children. >> translator: i was going to bed when we heard the first gunshots. we ran to escape. a little girl was shot as she fled her burning house.
7:33 am
he counted 50 dead in the streets. it's a growing refugee crisis but without camps. authorities argue they could become new targets or worse, centers for boko haram. they have shown they can hit the state in different ways. bomb attacks, raiding villages, attacking schools and abducting children. they're now dealing with consequences of this violence. the prospect of the same violence spilling over is becoming more of a question of not if but when they may strike here's. mitigating the threats means daily patrols along the porous border. several attacks have happened in the last month. men thought to be linked to boko haram have been arrested. a local gang claim they're
7:34 am
collaborating with boko haram. we can't show their faces. the gang members are all in early 20s. they tell us five groups have joined the the militants. two have been killed in operations. >> translator: they are with them now. we here give them information about what is going on. they come to us. we inform them. >> if they tell you to launch an attack here, would you be ready to do that? >> translator: yes, we are ready. we have no job. we are ready. that's what we are here for. >> boko haram they say paid them $3,000. it's the cash they want. they have no interest in defending the law. drought and hunger have made communities vulnerable. crews and rebellions have made it unstable. this state is threatened by the
7:35 am
crisis next door but fuelled by poverty and neglect. both conditions exist here. bbc in the southeast. kidnapping of hundreds of school girls in nigeria, more than 180 are still missing. boko haram are believed to be behind the abductions from the boarding school. the militants took the girls to the forest near the border. parents have been searching the area for any sign of their children. let's discuss the spread of boko haram. if we start with what he was report there. how widespread is the transnational leakage of boko haram? how much is linked to idealism?
7:36 am
>> my idea is after the original founder of it was killed, murdered by the police, they fled across where the group of al qaeda operatives gave them training and explosives. sent them back in as a really powerful militant group. >> there doesn't seem to be the idea logical force and zeal in the groups he was talking to. is it finance by basically criminal alty? >> there's one source of oil that throws in at the top. if you can get to the top, you can get that money. yes, there's a bit of a problem on the ground. somebody in the political class will say maybe they will fight for me. maybe they'll be my gang. that's what happened to boko haram. a lot of big money flowed in.
7:37 am
there are groups that are within boko haram which are still militant al qaeda style. there are an awful lot of criminals saying this is where we can make money. >> is that why the army clamp down last may on boko haram seemed to have little impact? >> yes. the nigerian military is claiming it's succeeding in flushing out members. it claimed that under the aerial attack on the forest. from the look of things, it's not the correct thing that's happening on the ground because from the information we are gathering is that the girls abducted in the boarding school in the village were actually taken to the forest. if the forest is where they are, i don't think at the moment this
7:38 am
group should have had enough strength to regroup and take a lot of girls hostage in the place. >> nigeria has overtaken south africa's economy. we've got a world trade forum held there in months time. we have thousands of troops. >> the issue is the nigerian economy as a whole is something that is seen to be manipulated by a few individuals. down on the ground the people are still in poverty, hunger, joblessness and other things. some people suggest that the government is not committing enough resources to fight boko haram. the security budget is quite huge. from reports we are getting in the field soldiers of the
7:39 am
nigerian army, they're claiming they're not given enough to fight boko haram. >> richard, in the neighboring countries, is there the manpower, political will to try to address this now? because if they don't, the problem is it's going to spread across. >> no, i think these states as we saw held up just less than a decade ago. one model for africa collapsed when it was similarly hit. not a state with a loyal efficient security force, army police. they're not well equipped enough. they haven't got the mentality of how to combat these sort of movements. >> just a question for you. how much support is there on the ground for boko haram? is this support which is actually won through fear rather
7:40 am
than they think these people are fighting for something they believe in. the number of boko haram members, they're minute group. there were reports recently that boko haram members would attack a village and recruit young men to become part of their fighters. these young men are jobless. there are a lot of problems there. th there is fear within the villages. it's very hard to really say who are the real fighters of boko haram and who are those we are forcely taking to be part of the group? >> thank you both very much
7:41 am
indeed. now to find out more about boko haram as well as the fight against the group, go to the website as always. lots on there. first hand accounts from a local man that helps nigeria's military track down fighters. you're watching "gmt." time for business news. >> talking about the money effects of the big story today. thanks very much tim. hello there. as you've been hearing, manchester united sacked the david moyes. i will say shares fell slightly. they fell slightly in new york on rumors of the departure monday. they're going to start the shares trading in a couple of hours time. needless to say, it could be a bit of a roller coaster ride. some shareholders around the world fear the club's a bad
7:42 am
performance could jeopardize sponsorship and media deals. let's find out about this. football expert at university business school and joins us from manchester. great to have you on the program. let's start with. that do you think the bad performance, horrible season basically, moyes now out of the season, does that leave shareholders worried about sponsorships and media deals? >> i don't think so. shirt sponsorship with chevrolet is worth $53 million a year. they're finalizing a shirt manufacturing deal with nike or adid adidas. that shirt deal itself is going to be lucrative. 100 commercial sponsors are already signed up. they won't be able to get out of those deals. in the short term, two years at
7:43 am
least, revenues are secure. >> it's a giant club. it carries a giant debt. i was looking at numbers. debt of $652 million. what's interesting, 60% of the cash the club brings in is paid on the interest payment. it doesn't leave a lot of financial room for disappointment. >> that's right. there's not a lot of wiggle room. if you compare united to peers, what's happened, they're not able to invest on the pitch to the same extent. due to alex' skills, they've managed to pay for a number of years. your can't spend half as much as your competitors in terms of players and continue to deliver on the pitch. >> that's interesting. given of course -- add to what you just said. it doesn't have thing be inbags money to buy new players. add to it the horrible season.
7:44 am
does it make it that much harder to get the players it needs? >> absolutely. united needs six or seven grade a signings. if your trying to attract a player, there's two things they're looking for. first of all they're concern about money. second, playing at the highest level. if you can't offer champions league football, you've got to offer financial compensation to make up for this. i think united has to spend large sums in the transfer market and with the rumored 300 pounds a week deal, that set the benchmark for agents negotiating for clients. >> a lot of money indeed. thanks very much for joining us on "gmt." mcgwire joining us from manchester stud yoeios. she was a former executive.
7:45 am
now she's mark soozuckerberg's . she authored the book "women work and will to lead." we caught up with her at a forum to encourage small businesses to make more of social media. >> missions are tide. i think the challenge in the opportunity of this huge technological shift we're going through is one we can work together. make the world a little smaller. >> we're hosting our international headquarters, first meeting of council. we have 25 million small to medium sized businesses around the world that use our free product, set up a page and use it to reach customers. as i can share with you if we're friends on facebook, small businesses reach customers. >> how do you get the balance from mixing what you make and advertising not bombarding with ads? >> we make sure ads are relative
7:46 am
for people. when i see advertisement for a movie i want to see, that's great. when i see an advertisement for a movie my husband wants to see, i'm not as interested. >> you talk about ads becoming more personalized. isn't there a danger you may lose i users? >> privacy is upmost concern and importance to facebook. it's important to us people that use our service know we are very protective of them. it is their data. they have control of it. they share it. when we are able to personalize ads, we are doing that without sharing their private data with any advertisers. >> there you go. the coo of facebook. she led us nicely into the next story indeed. they know what you like, what you browse on the internet. they know who your friends are. they soon could be following you
7:47 am
around into yoyour favorite sho. google is keeping tabs on your online browsing and how it translates into sales in stores. lauren of the internet advertising specialist says if goog google has this relationship, it could become the holy grail of advertisers. >> working through the apps working with the advertisers crm system, it's all encoded. the user is completely in terms of privacy. the user has browsed through the app and ended up purchasing through a physical store, it's possible to link the online browsing behavior and off line physical store purchasing
7:48 am
behavior together. therefore google shows the added value their bringing from the online market. >> there's been successes with facebook and twitter. they partner with a company called data logics that enables this technology and able to track the sales going online to off line. on facebook for example, when they looked at 45 of their top advertisers, they saw this generated on average for every 1 spent, it was $3 revenue for advertisers, 70% of campaigns. >> there you go. could that be a helping hand for us all or more snooping on us? find out. follow me i should say. tweet me and i'll tweet you back. on twitter of course. there's a little warning. i know what you shop for online. now you're going to buy it in
7:49 am
the shops. >> it's not always about you. you're watching "gmt" news. still to come, not exactly service with a smile. for more on this robot run restaurant in china. looks like the garcias got a new car. what'd they get? i don't know. i thought you bought a buick. buick... buick, buick, buick... i'm outside. where are you? [ woman ] i'm right here. i'm in the buick. i don't see a buick. sure doesn't look like a buick. [ horn honks ] [ male announcer ] take a fresh look at buick. ooh! it just might surprise you. that's not a buick. that's what i told him. wow, this is... nice. yeah. oh, my. [ male announcer ] five expectation-shattering models from buick. your kind of luxury.
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hello. welcome back. i'm tim wilcox. our top story this is hour. manchester united football club have sacked their manager david moyes less than a year on the job. united states vice president joe biden told ukraine he stands with them in the face of what he calls humiliating threats. now to the ultimate in kitchen gadgets. a restaurant in china swapping
7:52 am
humans for robots to cook dumplings and noodles and serve them. apparently it doesn't taste too bad. there's also a singing robot to entertain diners as they wait for their orders. the chinese eatery from the outside you see this guy. it's on the inside where his friends are cooking, stir frying up a storm. in the city, robots prepare the traditional meal. >> we manually foot materials in the cabinet. we press one button. the robot can handle it all. >> it's another machine's turn to serve the dishes. >> every button represents a table. we push a button and the robot takes it to the table. >> tables with waiting, adoring
7:53 am
customer, some clearly impressed. >> the dishes taste just as those made by human chefs. if no one tells me, i think people won't see the difference. >> the restaurant manager says the robots not only draw in customers, they're also saving money. shifts cost $1.60 a day to run. these are mere 30 cents. there's a production line for robots at other chinese eateries. the unusual dining experience could become common place the next generation. bbc news. >> see if it catches on. duke and duchess have visited as their tour continues. the couple traveled. >> it's the must do experience of any visitor at the so called
7:54 am
red center of australia. william and catherine posed for photographs as their trip starts to wind down in australia. earlier they received a traditional welcome from original people. this is set to be the world's oldest surviving culture. their lands have been return ared to them. there are real problems in reconciling the culture of australia's original inhabitants with the direction of modern australia. they were presented with hand made gifts. a shield for him and toys were george. airs rock is a place of spiritual significance of the people. it's treated with respect. walking on the crop is frowned upon. william and catherine walked a
7:55 am
short distance around. it was time for them to view the sunset. where is baby george? home alone tonight or rather with his nanny while his mom and dad go off for a night to themselves. for them, sunset at airs rock followed by a night of what's called glamping. glam ourous camping at the resort. something you don't see often. rescue workers in india trying to distract a leopard from a house where it became trapped. they go in there the roof. suddenly it leaps out. it actually does quite a bit of damage to that man's buttocks. the cat and workers had a full out standoff. people around are striking as the leopard. eventually they managed to find
7:56 am
it. leopards are protected species in india. they often leave their habitats looking for food. that's it so far a. look out for stray cats where you're watching us. for now, i'm tim wilcox and the crew if in london, bye for now. why is our arizona-based company relocating manufacturing to upstate new york? i tell people it's state are great for business. k new york is ranked #2 in the nation for new private sector job creation. and now it's even better because they've introduced startup new york - dozens of tax-free zones where businesses pay no taxes for ten years. you'll get a warm welcome in the new new york. see if your business qualifies at when it comes to grass seed. "what if i forget to water it, scott? will it still grow?" roll the clip, jimmy. scotts wraps each seed in a brilliant coating that feeds, protects, and holds in moisture. so growing thicker, healthier grass is easier -
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