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tv   BBC World News  BBC America  May 12, 2014 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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fighters. also eastern ukraine's referendum go in favor of more self-rule. what does that actually mean? i'm live here in central delhi where half an hour away from the polls closing in the world's largest democratic elections here in india. big political moment. also on the program, mary anne looks at how the election will affect the economy. >> yes. the indian stock market has jumped as investors are back on a victory for the friendly party bjp. we'll have more shortly. hello. it's midday here in london. 7:00 a.m. washington. midday also in nigeria where a new video released by the islamist group boko haram shows more than 130 girls they
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kidnapped exactly a month ago. here are the pictures. this is the first time since april 14th these girls have been seen. i should stress we can't say when this video was taken or where the girls were at the time it was taken. also pointed out of course at the time of the abduction, more than 200 girls were taken in all. so that's a picture of the girls. there are also individual shots of one or two talking direct to the camera. we also have video because it was 17 minutes in all this video of boko haram's leader. here he is demanding the release of boko haram fighters in exchange for the girls who he described as having been liberated as they had become muslim. we heard them reciting the first verses of the karan on that tape. that's the situation at the
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moment. let's just see if we can cross over now to abuja now. we have had a chance to see these pictures of course. that's not the case across much of nigeria. nonetheless, i imagine for families in particular, if they can ascertain exactly when this was taken, there will be a huge sense of relief and of hope? >> i think this video -- as you said this is the first time we're seeing the pictures of these girls since abducted four weeks ago. it would be good news for parents to see the faces of these girls. now they're alive according to the video. even though we don't know when the video was taken. this appears to showú@
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we have not yet had reaction from the government. it seems to come from boko haram. >> no reaction yet which is understandable. nonetheless, what would you expect? that would be a huge acceptance to say we can seek an exchange. >> well i think -- what we know is that the government has tried before to get in touch with the core leadership of boko haram to negotiate even before the crisis reached this stage. the government was unable to reach this leadership.
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now that the boko haram seems to be offering this, the government -- i don't know what the government reaction will be. i think the government will most likely say it's not in the process of on or abonegotiating terrorists group. i think people will urge the government to do something so that girls are released. there's now hope that some of the girls are seen alive. i think people will pressure the government to do something so that girls are brought back to their families sooner than later. >> yes. thanks very much indeed for bringing us up to date on the situation. i'm joined in the studio by frank. we know the americans, british, israelis are all pushing intelligence and other people into the area to try to get something. they presumably will be doing this to help locate then. >> i think we should be careful
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not to raise unrealistic expectations about what these international teams can do. this is a nigeria problem. all teams are only there as advisory in a helpful capacity. what can they do? help to focus the nigerian authorities on what needs to be done based on past experience. they can also help in hostage negotiations. britain has trained negotiators. it might be somebody dealing with al qaeda and iraq. they've got experience going back many years. >> this gives them something to work on as well doesn't it? >> it absolutely does. if this is going to be resolved peacefully and safely, it's got to be done in mediation. this shows in broad daylight showing half the kidnapped girls, one would assume probably
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it shouldn't be too difficult to identify where in northeast nigeria this is. it's been said to be in the forest, the large wilderness reserve. i think they are still most of them in that part of nigeria. there's also simple intelligence, intercepts, aerial surveillance. it's down to nigerians that will have to negotiate this. a, there are those that come in and help them in terms of negotiation and b, that effort to locate exactly where they are. >> exactly. it's only an advisory. i don't want people to say fbi are here, we can relax. no, this is a nigerian lead. they're only going to help point the nigerians in the right direction and help them with the search boxes for example offering technical assistance in
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terms of intercepts, intelligence, airlierial surveillance. the archbishop christian leader said in the weekend it may have to be someone is going to negotiate with them which a appears to be what boko haram wants to do. >> thank you indeed. important breaking news of course here on bbc world news. keep it on the program on "gmt" as well. now let's turn attention to ukraine as pro russian momentum in the east has received another boost. sunday's referendum organized by activists not government showed very strong support for more self-rule as it's called. 89% in donetsk, even higher in lieu luhansk where they're going to call on government for backing. moscow says it respects the results to be implemented in a
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civilized manner. sarah has this report from donetsk. >> reporter: the morning after the referendum, sloviansk gives a strong hold. there were clashes with government troops overnight on the outskirts. now there's an uneasy calm. across the region, they've been collecting the the votes. they claim a record turnout. this was no ordinary ballot held along side the armed men now in control here. the rebels say this region has spoken now, that its destiny is decided. away from the barricade, i found people divided, even among russian speakers. one told me the referendum was a fake. >> there are lots of nationnati. they are not just russian.
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>> i want to join russia. so far that response has had little impact here on the
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ground. >> these attempts of referendum have zero credibility in the eyes of the world. they are illegal by anybody's standar standards. they don't meet any standards of being properly conducted. >> events are moving fast. >> reporter: the rebels are talking of a parallel government, even a military. stepping back is becoming increasingly difficult. >> okay. let's get a census how moscow is responding to that. steve rosenburg is there for us. interesting to see the difference in response from moscow to the situation here and in crimea? >> reporter: absolutely. also interesting david, four days ago, president putin called on opponents of kiev to postpone their referendum on self-rule.
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those went ahead. today moscow's position was very clear, the people had spokeen. this was the will of the people. moscow respected the result even though there had been no international observers presence during the vote. even though no up to date voting list. even though the question on the ballot papers was extremely confusing for many people, russia made it clear it supports the referendum and results. >> it supports that but at the same time, there's the message kiev and regions need to get together and sort this out among themselves. is that president putin making a clear statement that he has no intention of getting further involved? or is that really once again pushing that button where of course the idea of kiev stepping in and negotiateing is obviou i?
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>> puff to ask what is president putin's end game here? what does he want to achieve? one newspaper says he doesn't have a strategy. i think he does have objective to insure that russia obtains influence in part of ukraine to make sure not all turns to the west, european union and nato. that's why he wants people in eastern ukraine who are pro russia to have a say in how that part of the country is run. if that can be done through negotiations with kiev, i think moscow will welcome that. i think probably russia has other plans, other ideas. if that doesn't work, i think we'll see moscow pushing for donetsk and other parts of eastern ukraine to either break away from kiev or at least to receive a high debris of autonomy to insure moss ccow
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contains in ukraine. >> you think that will be getting to mr. putin? >> one can assume so, yes. these are very tense times. as you say, tension between east and west is growing. we hear comments from nato officials saying that they view russia now not as a partner but adversary. it sounds like the return of the cold war. very testing times. intense times. i'm sure that the kremlin will be aware of that. >> okay. thanks very much indeed for that. just to remind you in terms of the results of those referendums, we're looking for luhansk up to 95% support. we don't quite know at this stage what the turnout was of course. for donetsk, 89%.
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those are sizable overwhelming figures of support among those that bothered to take part in that vote. how on earth is kiev going to respond to that? we can speak to the ambassador at large for the ukrainian foreign minister. he joins me live from kiev. thank you very much indeed for joining us here on "gmt." overwhelming support for self rule whatever that may be. what do you do next? >> well, for starters, the reason overwhelming support, this is a support among some people who came to the polling stations. there was no verification on the usual printer. the election commission -- i
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can't imagine anybody seriously calling it referendum. >> obviously the pro russian supporters see it that way. i appreciate your point. what in that case do you do about that? >> well, we should do what we were supposed to do to organize a broad domestic political dialogue that would include the people in question in the eastern parts of ukraine where they should have the possibility to air their grieve enszs and concerns. there's no question about it. it's not because of the so called referendum. that's what ukraine needs. >> you're ready to talk to them and negotiate an understanding about levels of autonomy? >> we are talking about
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different realization of government in ukraine. >> yeah but you'll have to give a fair degree of autonomy for them to be remotely satisfied? >> again, we are talking -- if we are talking about terrorists, nothing we give them would satisfy them. if we are talking about the pro russian separatists who only want the former soviet union, there's nothing to give to them to satisfy them. if talking to reasonable citizens, people who represent the majority of population, according to syria sociological poll stands for remaining within the boundaries of ukrainian borders and remaining part of the unitary country. then we should talk about possibly more rights to the russian speaking ukrainians,
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possibly more rights to municipality, possibly more rights redistributed downwards not so much on kiev like it is now. >> ambassador, thank you very much indeed. do stay with us here on website world news. still to come on "gmt." after a marathon fiveoting in t indian elections is that's od.
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this is "gmt." i'm david eades. more than 130 girls appearen on a video by boko haram. foreign ministers are in
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brussels to discuss the referendum in ukraine. well it's finally here. after india's marathon five week election t last day of polling has arrived. many key constituents are voting in the course of the day. we get a look at? overall scale of democracy. 814 million people were registered to vote in the world's largest democratic elections. that's 100 million more than in the previous election in 2009. a party or coalition needs minimum of 272 seats if it's to form a majority government. well let's go over to delhi. at the end of a marathon and a half, but still this is a politically charged part of india, isn't it? >> reporter: incredibly so, yes david. welcome to central delhi.
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a perfect time. we're here in the business and commercial hub of this particular district. as you mentioned, it is the final day of polling of what has been an extraordinary mammoth five weeks. today it includes the ninth phase with 66 million voters potentially could have gone to three battleground state polls. i should say that all eyes very much here on one city today. that is the key city, thm pilgrimage site where two parties are contesting seats. as the bbc now report, it has indeed become a political hot bed. >> a sacred moment in holy waters. hindus believeç the waters can
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give them new life. voters came early and in numbers to beat the fierce heat. it's seen as a show down between narenda modi, the man tipped to be the next prime minister and the anticorruption campaigner. today the holy men share the same goal to cast their vote. >> translator: in villages and homes, everyone had to come out and vote to make india stronger. >> the color of democracy in action as people are marked with prevent double voting. many are reluctant to say who they backed. >> translator: we're voting for whoever will take care of our problems. inflation, unemployment and lack of security. >> wrestling is an old tradition
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in this city. most believe mr. modi is on top here. he's faced opposition from minority like muslims who fear his hindu nationalist beliefs. this city has seen empires rise and fall. now it's the setting for the biggest battle of elections. mr. modi is expected to win. a less than convincing victory would be a blow. they also reflect doubt about whether indians believe he's the right man to be the prime minister. >> mr. modi close to stand because of significance of hindu majority. if he win, many say the challenge will be to show he'll govern for all indians. >> reporter: key battle ground state in these elections.
7:25 am
i should also say up has a bit of a fact to boast. it has eight of the 14 prime ministers of india. it is hoping whoever contests the win in their state will go on to form a government and become prime minister in india. that of course david remains to be seen on what happens results day friday. >> absolutely. it's quite a challenge a isn't it to find anyone who could be genuinely seen by people as governing for all indians. how important is the corruption issue do you think turned into throughout the course of the campaign and of course the votes? >> reporter: you know david, there are a number of key issues. corruption has been a monumental one without the five week approaches in which each of the political parties and indeed on a regional level parties have been addressing. many people corruption and politics goes hand in hand in india. if we cast minds back to few
7:26 am
years ago, the hunger strikes here that took place in delhi. it very much shows how the political issue has become mobile. many say whatever happens friday, these elections will be a game changer. we'll keep you updated with the latest developments as the rain continues here in delhi. >> thank you very much indeed. thanks for watching.
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th swht and e lite chethint. en a le end toember. ubley hi double it's "gmt" on bbc world news. the first video of nigeria's kidnapped schoolgirls have been released. 130 in vision as boko haram calls for exchange of girls for priso prisons. we report on growing number of soldiers suffering from post-traumatic stress from fighting in the country.
7:31 am
we take a look at what's happening in the trade. >> we look at reports of many hotel and restaurant owners seeing a rise in the number of customers threatening with comments like trip advisor unless they get freebies or better service. we'll talk trip advisor shortly. thanks very much for being with us. in nigeria, a video released by the islamist group boko haram is showing many than 130 girls they kidnapped more than a month ago a. it's the first time girls have been seen. i should stress, there are many questions to answer. we don't know when the video was taken or where the girls were at the time it was taken. also worth pointing out of course while there are 130 to
7:32 am
140 girls here, there were well over 200 kidnapped originally. boko haram's leader is also on the video. it's 17 minutes worth in all demanding the release of boko haram fighters in exchange for girls he said have been liberated and have now become muslims. let's see what we're to make of that. our bbc reporter kim. it's a significant step forward just to see the girls of course? >> iti isastonishing. i remember thinking, are these the girls taken? they're in black top to bottom. speaking to parents in the last few days one of them said we would have preferred it if we had gone to the bush and picked up our daughter's body than not known where they are. this is significant they can get
7:33 am
a sense that the girls are still alive. >> some sense. they might hope so. >> that's the only news we've had so far. >> we have all these questions unanswered. there's a suggestion of a pathway here if we've got the leader talking about some sort of deal. there's potential negotiation. >> which is not surprising. that has been one of the tactics. 200 girls could not be held captive. they would have to exchange them for prisoner exchange. one thing they've done in the past is attack prisonses to get members freed. that's one of the gripes with the nigerian government. they want them today treat prisoners well, get them released. when they've attacked government ministers and the government itself, they've9"1w"18lrmqvi as to free hundreds of members. >> a key point is hearing the girls at top reciting versus
7:34 am
from the karan. >> absolutely. as you said, these girls are said to be ñbóliberated. the region where the girls were taken from has a large christian population. it's not surprising they're making the christian girls recite versus from the karan. that's been one of the things people are careful about. it can be kdelicate in that par of the country. given the circumstances, it's also understandable. >> thanks very much indeed for that. as afghanistan prepares for a second round of voting next month, tensions are rising following the start of the taliban's annual summer offensive. the withdraw of forces by the end of this year has brought the country's stability into the spotlight. we'll discuss that in just a moment. first though, how do foreign
7:35 am
troops cope when they return home? a british charity says a number of afghan veterans seeking help for health problems has increased dramatically. we have this report. >> for 13 years british forces have been deployed to afghanistan. in that time, tens of thousands served on the front lines and supporting roles. the war itself may soon be over. some veterans will face new battles back at home. the veterans like stephen, the fight goes on. the 28-year-old three tours of after kb aft afghanistan made their mark. >> i became distant. i was very, very sad and in a very deep and dark place. i had to get over that. i try to get over that myself. it didn't work. i left about 12 months.
7:36 am
>> the campaign where the charity combats stress says 358 veterans saw help with mental health issues compared to 228 the year before. the armed forces will continue to make sure support is there for those that need it. the psychological wounds of war can be as traumatic as the physical a. according to combat stress, this young generation of soldiers seek help sooner than veterans of other conflict. after 18 months rather than in years reflecting the knowledge that help is there and courage to ask for it. there's also been attacks across afghanistan in the course of the last few hours including
7:37 am
kabul international airport. the crisis group says levels of violence across the docountry a on the up. the country could make big gains following the forces. we are joined now from ckabul. i guess that spells out your expectation of what will happen when international forces do pull out? >> reporter: that's right. the war for the british troops may be ending in southern afghanistan. war is still on for afghan forces struggling to hold. that's harder than ever in the 2014 fighting season and harder still in the 2015 fight season. we're expecting rising violence and that the international community should give more support to afghan forces as they try to hang on. >> i wonder what you mean by
7:38 am
more support. there are plenty there to sign up. there's been an extensive effort to train up these forces. what more should they be doing. >> well you have to sustain what you've built i'm afraid. at the moment there are roughly 370,000 afghan forces. the international community has plans to pay for salaries for 228,000 of them. losing a huge chunk, losing perhaps 140,000 of them would be a great mistake. the plans that assumed the taliban insurgency would lose. that's a war still escalating. >> more money. what about keeping those forces there on longer after all? >> that's right. it's not just a question of more money. there's a host of things that need to happen. the afghan government needs to sign a bilateral security
7:39 am
agreement. there are anticorruption measures. one of the things we're focussing on is armored vehicles and helicopterers. the supply of helicopters has been cut off for afghans. there has to be some way of replacing lost air capability. >> thanks for joining us with the international crisis group in afghanistan. i want to bring you breaking news with regard to the situation in ukraine. foreign ministers have meeting and have expanded the sanctions list over russia 's actions in ukraine. they have added two crimean companies along with 13 individuals to the sanctions list to pro russian forces parties in the area. this is coming from diplomats. these sanctions in addition to
7:40 am
48 russians and ukrainians who have been placed on the eu asset freeze list. the visa bans as well since russia annexed crimea back in march. that news coming in from brussels. okay. let's catch up on the business world. we are here with more on the impact of elections. >> absolutely. thank you very much david. a huge impact. we start with india where of course as you're hear ai you're week election reaches the end. the investors seem to believe the pro business party will win a majority in the exit polls today. we are joined live now from mumbai. we're basically looking at markets and how strong they've been. how much of an impact the fact bjp has been so pro business has had on the sentiment in the
7:41 am
recent months? >> in the market here in mumbai, this is a central location. we've seen it closing at a record high today. also on friday it was record highs as well. even the other big stock market index touched record highs today. we're seeing it happening before we know what the election outcome is. polls actually close an hour from now. even before that, we see reactions. anticipation is -- many said they are riding on the opposition party that's perhaps going to do quite well in the election. in an hour from now, we'll start hearing from indian media and what their forecasts are for the polls. today is the last day of counting. most stock traders say we might see rallies actually through the
7:42 am
next few days and even on the day of counting friday. it has been economic issues at the heart of this election. we travel aed across india. it's been mostly about jobs, about prices. it's been economic issues at heart of it. >> very busy mumbai street. thank you indieed. let's talk about trip advisor. many of us use it figuring out which hotel or restaurant to go to. a growing number of hotels, bb and restaurant owners see threats from the review site thls they get better service, free meals and free upgrades. >> it's been a growing problem for some time. we now have an online arrangement you can report
7:43 am
blackmail cases. we're picking these up all the time from members. do two things. say unless you give me a free meal, i'll put a bad report on trip advisor. you can do it easily. they may say if you give me something nice, i'll right a rave review. >> that's the spokesperson for trip advisor. doesn't sound right does it? doesn't sound good does it the fact many people according to the association are complaini i about the fact customers come into restaurants and hotels and threaten them. they offer them great returns in return for freebies. we want to stamp this problem out. anyone using trip advisor's name to get a freebie, we have this to allow owners to report to us before reviews reach the site. a team of investigators can
7:44 am
track that down. >> it's difficult once the review has gone out to do anything about it. ? >> we have reporting mechanisms once a review is published. orvel it trip advisor cannot verify the people that comment on its website. i could perhaps not visit a restaurant but go to your site and pretend i have. >> every single review before it gets published goes through our tracking system. that basically maps the who, what, when, where of every review. we have a group of specialists using sophisticated techniques. they're able to spot fraud and stop that from getting on the site. >> why can't you verify someone has actually been to a restaurant. other websites have that
7:45 am
capability. why don't you? if you do to a restaurant tomorrow with six friends. there will be one receipt at the end of the meal. five of you had a genuine customer experience won't have the opportunity to leave a review. we don't think that's fair. we think everyone with a genuine customer experience should leave the opinion. that's what is of great value to travelers. we know the number of reviews restaurants or hotels have helps create the accurate picture for people. that's one of the reasons we're such a popular site. >> businesses have a right to run a business without being worried without a website breaking their business. do you think it's powerful? >> if you look back over the last decade where we've been around, we've had a positive impact. we've helped increase service standards, created a level playing ground. we hear from those that don't have a marketing budget at all.
7:46 am
they can compete based on great service, value to give to customers. that's a good thing. >> thank you very much for coming and answering these questions today. that's a round up of business. trip advisor answering criticism. >> thanks a lot. thanks for being with us here on "gmt" bbc world news. still to come, it's dating backl shop in ar ye we t b to one special barbershop in argentina.
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hello. i'm david eades. the top stories this' more than 130 girls appear on a video released by boko haram. its leader says they'll be released in exchange for militant prisoners held in nigerian jails.
7:49 am
breaking news for you as well. eu foreign ministers have expanded sanctions imposed as a result of russia's act in ukraine. two companies and 13 individuals have been added today sanctions list. the british satellite operator says it's going to operate free basic tracking service to all passenger airlines around the globe. the service would allow a plane to send gps location, speed and altitude to the global network of satellites every 15 minutes. the company decided to provide this service following the disappearance of the malaysian airline flight mh 370. jonathan, is this easy to do? >> relatively speaking. 90% of jets out there have the equipment on them.uqctur()hfix.
7:50 am
it would be could be done now with little tinkering under the bonnet so to speak. it's an interesting move. if you remember, it was their satellite equipment on board mh 370 that enabled or pushed investigators to look for the plane in the indian ocean, far from where he expected that plane to be. they did it with these -- we heard a lot about electronic handshakes, pings, received over ?(lc% the net work itself made contact with the plane to see if a satellite link was still needed whether it was still live. it was very basic information. they had to use special type of analysis to then work out where the plane may have been. that's not ideal to track a plane. the idea is within those pings you would have useful information, definitive information. they say they can do that. >> i suppose in the airline or the organization at the moment says no price is too high for
7:51 am
improved security. is there a price? would airlines be expected to pick up that tab? >> they're going to make this a basic free service. there are value added services you could have on top of that. obviously they would like to make revenue from that. quite interesting if you go back in history, this is an organization, a private company now initially started in the u.n. among the united states and soviet union to have a satellite system to pick up distress calls from ships sinking in the open ocean. when they were prooivate xized, they were continuing that service. when you make a distress call, that service is free. it's all the same. >> it sounds very noble actually. if it was only a case of tinkering under the bonnet, why
7:52 am
haven't it already to make aviation safer? >> cost is an issue. this is going to cost 3 million dollars. there's a various discussion going on now about what should happen in the future. what are the right routes going forward now? we lost air france. that jet airliner back in the atlantic ocean. we have now lost this plane as well. completely vanished. i think the industry now has realized it cannot continue in this fashion. some technologies must be deployed so that we have always on tracking. >> jonathan, thanks very much. now to a procession which goes back thousands of years. the profession practiced by millions in every corner of the planet, as well as keeping side burns trimmed. from gossip of politicians to secret of super star as, in
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argentina, tradition and culture mix in the barbershop. it's a striking place with one particularly well known custo r customer.
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>> if you want to see more from this series later in the day on bbc news and online you can. we've got stories from the barber's chair or inside the salon. make sure to share them if you like using the hashtag barber wisdom. we'll feature the best online. want to remind you of the breaking news on "gmt" today. foreign ministers have expanded sanctions list over russia's actions in ukraine in the last couple of hours. they've added two crimea companies and 13 individuals to the sanction list. we've got 48 russians also on
7:56 am
that list already. russians and ukrainians. also to let you know we've seen the first video showing some of the girls kidnapped from nigeria a month ago. about 130 seen here. boko haram's leader suggests ge fhere. ilit ths.haram leade bok sum ths.haram leade bok sum s ak yowatcgmt. on ibilitof thatht f. ange f prisoners. thank you for watching "gmt." on start your business today with legalzoom. styour bess to th legom. got dvic whao wi i n ew wha do wi luwithy, uni docealthc hasimplegram anthe cared f that h moms on k withir doc aftee baborn ant the t careand guce-bef mpleod right now. and after the baby is born.nncr
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