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tv   BBC World News  BBC America  July 7, 2014 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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hello. you're watching "gmt" on bbcucy. israeli air strikes kill nine in the gaza strip. in a rare direct message to the militant group, israel wants to avoid further escalation. we'll take you to afghanistan where we are expecting the presidential
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election results some time soon. look at the rain in japan. the country issued the highest alert possible as the super typhoon heads it's way. authorities fear it could be the worst storm in 15 years. we're tracking the progress for you. aaron joins us looking at the cost for latest airport security crack down. >> if you're flying to the united states, be prepared for delays. all airlines with direct flights to u.s. are facing further security checks targeting our gadgets. who pays for this? the government, airports or airlines, or ultimately all of us, the flying public? it's 12:00 in london, 7:00 a.m. washington and 2:00 p.m. in the gaza strip. nine militants have been killed in israeli air strikes. it comes after a wave of rocket
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fire was aimed at israel. hamas says seven fighters died in a single strike. the group warned israel will pay for deaths of its members. this is the late nest a sequence of events that began when three israeli teens were murdered near the west bank city of hebron. soon after a palestinian teen was killed near east jerusalem in what is seen as revenge attack. israel has sent a message to hamas saying it wants to avoid further escalation. james reynolds has more. >> overnight, israel's air force struck targets in gaza, the piece of land owned by hamas. israel says it went after rocket launcher sites and warehouses. the air strikes killed a number of armed men from hamas and other groups. this is the deadliest attack on
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gaza since 2012. this morning a rocket aim landed in the village next to gaza. if in recent days, hamas fired many rockets across the border. >> we are acting to protect our people. we're targeting the terrorists in gaza. hamas has to understand this must stop. >> attacks on gaza have further made hamas threaten attacks. >> this has been a regular part of this conflict, but what may worry israel more is the atmosphere. >> diplomats were take ton see
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the village. it's surrounded by jew lish settlements the palestinians want for states. >> this is approach by the israeli government to throw us in the back of bloodshed, violence, chaos which we have seen in 2000. in the north of israel, arabs who have israeli citizenship have clashed with police. these protests are more unusual. they're a sign of increasing anger in this conflict. let's take you to another correspondent who is also in jerusalem. she's been following the story some days now. can you give us an idea of how unusual it is for israel to issue the statement to hamas saying it doesn't want further escalation in the violence? >> that is unusual.
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israel and hamas normally don't talk or address each other directly. we know egypt has been acting as the go between trying so far unsuccessfully to secure some kind of truce. certainly after this large number of militants were killed overnight in israeli air strikes it does seem israel wants to go for a more measured response. already this is having a big political cost. if you look at what's happening here in israel, there are lots of kcalls that netanyahu is resisting even from his own cabinet to come down hard on hamas in gaza. so far he is resisting that even though his foreign minister has now said he is taking his party out of the alliance it was in with netanyahu's party. that's how they went into the last election. the alliance lasted 20 months.
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lieberman is angry he can't get the prime minister to do more to come down hard on hamas. if you look at other gestures taking place, efforts to restore some resemblance, we have seen them going to arab leaders trying to negotiate and calm the situation. it's worrying for the israelis to see now unrest has spread to new parts of the country. 20% of the population of israel of course are israelis, people that vied themselves as palestinian. they have been caught up in protests with police in the north of the country and also areas in the south. having all of that going on as well as the clashes in gaza and continuing israeli military operation in the west bank causing unrest as well, you can see israel is starting to worry or some are starting to worry this is a volatile situation. >> thanks so much for joining us from jerusalem.
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let's bring you up to date with other news now. the former president of georgia has died at the age of 86 after a long illness. mr. shevardnadze was the last foreign minister of the soviet union and played a key role in ending the cold war. he called him a talented and extraordinary personality. more than 60 women and girls who were abducted and northern nigeria have escaped. they were kidnapped by the group boko haram in june. the incident is not linked to the abduction of more than 200 skill girls in april. immigration authorities have confirmed they have returned 40 asylum seekers to the sri lanka navy at sea. their ship was intercepted in the indian ocean. the move has been criticized by refugee groups who say australia may have violated international
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law. the pakistani politician has called for the army to allow aid agencies to help thousands of people forced to leave their homes because of the military operation against the taliban. speaking to the bbc, he says his party's regional government can't deal alone with what he called the unfolding human tragedy. three quarters of a million people have left their home since it started three weeks ago. most arrived in bannu where have hospitals are unable to cope with the huge influx of patients. >> it's now more than three weeks since the pakistani military launched the operation. here in the city of bannu which received internally displaced families, there are lots of children in this particular hospital. we've been looking at children and women who have been coming here for help. a lot of cases of gastro
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problems. they're dehydrated suffering from heat. what is the problem, what are you going to do about it? >> first we -- the government had no idea. we watched on television the operation had started. we were completely caught unprepared. then they expected 100,000. 750,000 have been so far. there's huge shortages. this is a problem of not enough doctors and facilities. >> you have accepted buck stops at you? >> exactly. everyone is going to blame the provincial government which can't cope. we'll demand money from the federal government. we'll have coordination with the army. >> are you going to ask international charities to come in?
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>> i'm going to ask the army chief. this is going to be a huge human tragedy unless we allow international charities to come in. there are 350,000 children. it's beyond the capacity of us mow. we ask volunteers to join us. we need professionals who are trained to deal with emergencies like this. >> there you have it. his party governs the province. he has seen with his own eyes the challenge unfolding here, the humanitarian crisis. he now accepts the government doesn't have resources to cold. he's look into calling for international help. >> now due to come in very shortly, the preliminary results in afghanistan's presidential election run off. the winner will take over from karzai who governed the country
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since 2001. there's a cloud over the results as the two top candidates both allege fraud. ghani is a former finance minister. highway peels to urbans. abdullah abdullah is a foreign minister and appeals to tagik and pashtun voters. we are at the press conference waiting for the announcement in kabul. what's the latest? when can we expect results? >> well this is the headquarters of the independence election in kabul. we were expecting to get preliminary results an hour and a half ago. there's been a delay. there's unofficial suggestions there may be another hour and a half to go. we're expecting provincial
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results. afghans have been waiting to find out who the next president will be. in june we had the presidential runoff. it's the result of that presidential runoff we're expected to get or partial results at some point today. there has been a lot of anxiety. there's been a lot of back room dealing in the past few hours before today's announcement. we are expecting possibly a parallel announcement to be made along side the partial election results. the partial announcement accompanied by perhaps announcement of more recounts of votes. you'll remember that abdullah abdullah, one of the candidates in particular has been vocal about what he alleges is industrial scale fraud. he's been pushing at elections including the european union to recount the votes. at the moment, very small portion of those being counted.
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the hope is from the abdullah side is that a larger chunk can be counted before the final results are announced. >> we may sunny comprehensive order of the results. if that doesn't happen, what is the real fear if there can be no agreement on who the winner is? >> you know, that's a scenario many diplomats are worried about. that's why they're trying to take the process very slowly. we don't know what is meant by comprehensive order. what they wanted was all votes to be recounted. ghani's team says no we don't want further delays. i think that's why we're seeing more delays from the announcement. deals are arranged between the two as what would be a satisfactory level of order of the remaining results. you have to put this into
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context. this is a democracy with a huge store being set about getting this election right. at least making it not a perfect election but credible election that the afghan people will accept. they're taking it slowly. when you speak to ordinary afghanss, the longer the wait, the more unsettling. people want to know who the next president of their country will be. >> thanks for updating us from kabul. as soon as we have more news from the press conference we'll bring it to you. do stay with us on bbc world news. still to come, a new exhibition opens in malaysia about the search for mh 370 four months to the day the plane disappeared without a trace. it elicits pride... ...incites envy... ♪ ...and unleashes wrath. ♪
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why do you have that insurance company? with liberty mutual new car replacement, we'll replace the full value of your car. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. . there's been another twist in the oscar pistorius case. a video has leaked showing
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pistorius running without his prosthetic legs on as he reenacts what happened the night he killed reeva steenkamp. the video was commissioned by oscar pistorius' lawyers. they decided not to use it in their defense. the prosecution has chosen not to mention it in today's court proceedings. gerrie nel did ask the doctor for the south african athlete's team ability his about to run without the use of his prosthetic legs. >> did you not see him running like that with his hand lifted up? >> no, i haven't seen that. >> but that was possible as far as you're concerned or not? >> i don't suppose why not it would be difficult to balance like that.
7:18 am
>> but you don't know if it's possible? >> i don't know. i certainly didn't ask him to run like this with the hand up. >> chief prosecutor gerrie nel. let's take you outside the courthouse in pretoria. milton, the prosecution not using this video, defense not using the video either. we're not showing it clearly for legal reasons. can you tell us a little more about what the video shows? >> the video shows oscar pistorius on his stumps not wearing artificial limbs. his right hand was stretched out in front of him as if he's holding a firearm. he was screaming and shouting as he did valentine's day last year. he's shown picking up a female just as he described when he was giving evidence in the court here about what happened when he shot and killed reeva steenkamp.
7:19 am
he carries the female who we believe was his sister down the staircase and he puts her down on the landing. that's what the video shows. today the prosecution was trying very hard to bring up the video in a round about way by trying to ask the witness professor whether they ever saw oscar pistorius running on his stumps. the witness said he's never done it. it's the elephant in the room, that video. everybody is thinking about it. it hasn't been raised as evidence in the trial today. >> being important it shows oscar pistorius ability when he does not have his legs on. >> reporter: very much so. remember that professor, the doctor who's been on the witness stand told the court last week, oscar pistorius cannot run when he's not wearing artificial will limbs. that's what the video shows.
7:20 am
so he's -- oscar pistorius' legal council issued a statement saying that video was illegally obtain obtained. >> thanks for that. dramatic and frightening about the prospect of a typhoon barrelling toward the land. super typhoon potentially one of the worst storms in decades heads their way. let's get details for you. it does sound quite bad. tell us more about it. >> it is a huge storm, a powerful typhoon. it could be forecast to be the most powerful to hit the area in 15 years. it's been around a few days now. what's happened over the past few days, this system moved over very warm waters. that gives it the energy to
7:21 am
grow. sea surface temperatures are around 30 degrees. it will continue to grow. it's probably going to slam into okay okinawa at the peak. >> that shows it's developing. the eye itself is 35 nautical mile across. the storm system a thousand kilometers wide. it will have impact as it runs northward. >> we are seeking effects already. rain is quite bad. people are saying the torrential rain across japan already. >> it's only going to get worse. rainfall rates are 75 millimeters, three inches an hour. add to that obviously the gusts of 270 kilometers per hour. there's been reports of
7:22 am
significant wave heights of 40 feet, 12 meters. it's the combination of the two. >> you mentioned the waves. fishermen have to come in now. they're telling people to stay inside. there's a u.s. air force base there. they've evacuated some of the aircraft. everyone is getting ready. >> they're used to it in a way. you get a few a year. we're moving into the peak time for typhoons july to september. we can expect probably more through the rest of the year. they know what to expect, know what to do, people are prepared for it. it will will move north ward moving over slight lly cooler water. still be powerful but not as power. it will have impact there. then the track gets more complicated. if it moves over land it loses energy and winds will drop.
7:23 am
the rain will quite going a quite bit longer. you have the massive waves as well. >> everyone has to stay safe and indoors. tuesday will mark four months since malaysian mh370 went missing with 239 on board. there are few clues as to what happened. many of the families are in kuala lumpur there for an exhibition that focuses on the search for the plane. >> this is a mother of a chinese passenger on mh370. she tried to unravel a banner front of reporters calling on the malaysian government to return her son. this is a picture of her being dragged out from the press conference in kuala lumpur. families were reluctant to speak to media but even here at this photo exhibit today, there are two families of cabin crew members. they're starting to feel their stories are slowly being
7:24 am
forgott forgotten. >> which is your dad? >> right here. we can see there. every time we look at their photos, we feel sad. when i look at it, i feel sad. i always try to ignore it actually. >> you told me before one of the ways you tried to cope is call your husband, to try to ask him where he is. do you still do that? >> yes. my grandson also. he goes and looks on my phone, photograph of the grandfather. checks on it and waits for the call. starts calling grand pa, grand pa, where are you? >> defense minister has promised families that he will continue to search until they find the aircraft. at this point, efforts are focused on mapping the sea floor until they deploy more assets in
7:25 am
the southern indian ocean. this is a crew member from the royal malaysian air force taking a short break after searching. remember the search for the aircraft initially took it from the south china sea to malaysia after they discovered the plane turned back. there's still many people that feel officials are looking in the wrong place. there are still many questions unansw unanswered. where is mh370 and how did it disappear? a reminder of our top story on "gmt," nine palestinian militants have been killed in israeli air raids on the gaza strip. the bombings followed further rocket fire into southern israel. the ill assistant group hamas said six of fighters died in the
7:26 am
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. i'm lucy hockings. in this half hour, are we seeing the turning point in the conflict in ukraine? ukrainian government forces recapture sloviansk, the strong hold of the pro-russian rebels and several other towns as well. >> i'm from here where fans are gathering for stage three of the tour de france as it makes its way through the heart of london city. aaron is back looking at smart watches. i'm not entirely convinced. >> you and many others. they were once predicted the
7:31 am
most have gadgets. sales have been poor. they didn't offer anything new. that can change as google releases the latest operation system when it hits a store near you today. welcome back to "gmt." we start now many ukraine where the military said it had made major gain over the weekend in the battle against pro russian rebels in the east of the country. on saturday, ukrainian forces said they had full control. on sunday the ukrainian flag was in the areas held by rebels. donetsk a city around 1 million
7:32 am
people is controlled by pro russian forces. let's take you to david stern who joins us from kiev. it seems there's momentum behind the forces. >> that's exactly right. there's momentum. the government is taking the fight to the rebels now. it remains to be seen whether this is a turning point. even the president petro poroshenko sounded caution. he said this is a major development, fall of sloviansk saturday but said it's too early for fireworks celebrations. government forces have taken other towns and now moving towards the two main cities in that region. they say they're going to set up a blockade of two towns. it remains to be seen how they're going to -- if they are going to attack -- how they're
7:33 am
going to engage rebels. both are large towns. donetsk is a city of 1 million. that poses challenges to the government if it tries to dislodge the rebels. >> how would a blockade affect both these cities? >> that's a good question. we are waiting to see. they said it would be a full blockade. obviously this may not be a complete blockade. they may be letting food and medical things in, but the government says it will move in and surround the towns. whether they're capable of that is another question. according to the rebels, government does have a major number on its side. that's one of the reasons the rebels pulled out of other towns. they said then basically outmanned and outgunned by the government sources. >> thanks for that update in kiev. with me, he has just returned from kiev. we're talking about momentum
7:34 am
behind the government. does it feel like a water shed moment? >> it does momentarily. i think this adds wind to the sail of the ukrainian government. they would be encouraged by the fact what they call terrorist operation is working in some parts of rebel held territories. i spoke in kiev with several politicians from the coalition, the government coalition. they off the record certainly say that yes, militarily this is all possible. politically it will take a long time to heal the wounds. it's not the end of the story yet because of international involvement. remember last week there was the german, the french, russian and the ukrainian foreign minister meeting in berlin. they issued a declaration. that is nowhere now. the situation on the ground has changed. the rebels refuse to lay down arms and promised to keep on
7:35 am
fighting even without the open russian support it seems. it's not clear how politically the situation will will develop from now on. >> what's life like for ordinary people that live in donetsk and luhansk. we're hearing news of a possible blockade. >> until now, there hasn't been major disruption to the daily life. obviously prices have gone up. people had troubles with some of their bank accounts. there were limits on how much money you could withdraw. transport was difficult. it was impossible to buy railway or plane tickets out of donetsk. the donetsk airport itself was virtually destroyed and will have to be rebuilt. there are serious problems there. i think what the ukrainian army did in sloviansk prince is indication of how they want to treat it further on. they had the siege of the city. there were ordinary citizens there. civilian casualties -- it's not
7:36 am
clear the total number -- but doesn't appearing to a huge number. as soon as the army stepped in and went to the city, the next thing that happened was a lot of humanitarian aid. truckloads of potatoes, cabbage, mineral water, formula for children. i think if this is repeated elsewhere in eastern ukraine, i think people even those who are not keen on ukrainian authorities will accept this is the end of that period or at least the beginning of the end of that period and united ukraine will be rebuilt with military social humanitarian and political effort. >> thanks for joining us with the update and that's happening in ukraine. we have breaking news from mexico. we are getting reports of an earthquake. magnitude 7.1 earthquake in the southern mexico. buildings in mexico are shaking
7:37 am
right now. few other details coming through to us. a report of an earthquake in southern mexico magnitude 7.1. we are looking for more details and will bring them as soon as we get them. for now let's catch up with business news. aaron is with us now. >> got to start with the security crack down at airports around the world. american officials have ordered some overseas airports with direct flights to the united states to intensify screening of electronic devices. transport officials said in a statement passengers could be asked to switch on devices and equipment that does not power up is not allowed on board. it's in response to specific threats and mounting crisis in syria and northern iraq. could mean massive delays and added costs for passenger who is are already pressed for time at airports.
7:38 am
we have the the head of the terrorism center and consults. great to have you with us on the program matthew. seems like the u.s. authorities have clear intelligence that this suggests the target is electronic equipment. i'm assuming that is what will be the target in this extra play layer of security? >> it's important to emphasize, officials are quick to down play an imminent attack. this is product of threat assessment. >> that's absolutely a valid point. we hear reports that insurgent groups are trying to be build bombs in smart phones, laptop et cetera. >> that's not a new thing. militant groups have been trying
7:39 am
to do that since 2009. the key plot in this would be 2010 troops smuggled two bombs onto planes traveling to the u.s. thanksfully they were detected in time. >> can i ask you this, do we know who pays for extra layers of security? do government authorities take into account security terrorism measures? >> it's a burden that will be shared by everybody from the airport to airliners to passenge passengers. >> the liquid scare, if you will, not taking over 100 ml on board. that started in 2006 and still with us. could this looking at electronic
7:40 am
gadgets be with us some time? >> that's an interesting point. if the threat goes to long term from electronic devices, this could be common aircraft security for a while. >> i know you'll keep a cross on it. we'll talk to you soon. thanks for that. okay. let's talk about these. smart watches. they were once predicted to be a must have consumer gadget. but sales blamed on lack of function function alty say different. android web power the latest that go out in shops today. lg's g watch is coming out soon as well. can smart watches turn a passing
7:41 am
fad to the next big thing? what's in it for google? i asked questions to jared lynch. >> to begin with, the smart phone market is saturated. anyone who has or wants one probably has one by now. there's another hardware angle their looking to purchase. that helps lg, samsung, motorolla as well. you have to remember google is an advertising company. their search results always paired with this. the smart watch has different information they can't get there you sitting at a laptop. walk down the street, they can find which shops you go to and more location situations they can get. that's potentially a game changer in the way it provides advertising companies with more
7:42 am
information about their perspective customers. you have to remember there's things like the number of people that got to use smart watches is limited by the support of the operating system. currently it's only 25% of smart phones that run android operating system will be able to use or work along side smart watches due to the way the fragmentation of the operating system is at the moment. there's so many different versions of android. that would severe limit how many pick up a smart watch. >> we'll keep across the sales and see how they do. in france trade unions have threatened to boycott a summit with the president and business leaders. the president is relying on a summit deal to push spending cut in order to meet budget rules. the union leaders are angry about the spending response.
7:43 am
unemployment is at a record in france 3.5 million. unions are demanding job guarantees. also from france to china. the china president xi jinping has promised to buy buses. the deal was signed in the great deal of the people in the absence of angela merkel. the german counselor is said to prioritize ties during her visit. germany is china's biggest trading partner outside of europe. the head of the wi-fi service has resigned after adm t admitting he falsified accounts. he said the firm was filed for bankruptcy. independent report by go tham city research flagged it last week. the competitors were making
7:44 am
losses. that's it with the business. lots going on. follow me on twitter @bbc aaron. there's been an earthquake in southern mexico. it had a magnitude 7.1. this is affecting the south of the country. we're hearing from the u.s. geological survey. they told us the quake was off the coast 35 kilometers west. quite a shallow depth, 75 kilometers. we expect it will affect guatemala as it's near the border. we're getting reports on social media buildings in mexico city are shaking as well. an earthquake with magnitude 7.1 rattling southern mexico. stay with us here on bbc world news.
7:45 am
still to come. while the mexiearthquake may br back memories, this is what happened four years ago, an earthquake in the second biggest city. how you rebuild a city like something after this when we return. hey, razor. check this out. listen up, thunder dragons, it's time to get a hotel. we can save big on killer hotels with priceline express deals. somewhere with a fitness center? hey you know what man, these guys aint no dragons.
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they're cool. these deals are legit. yeah, we're cool. she's cool. we're cool. i'm cool. hey, isn't that razor's old lady?
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i'm lucy hockings. the top story this hour. nine palestinian militants are killed after a wave rocket attack was aimed at southern israel. tight security as the preliminary results in afghanistan's presidential election are expected shortly. for the residents of the christ church new zealand time
7:48 am
stopped in 2011 when a massive earthquake ripped through the city destroying homes, businesses and lives. four years on, life still stands still. it killed 185 people from 14 countries. nearly two thirds of those tragically came when the church christ building collapsed. it with me now is the mayor. thanks for being with us. we've had news in the past 15 minutes or so there's a big earthquake in mexico 7.1. we're waiting to get reports. when you hear of an earthquake elsewhere, how does it make i don't feel? >> there's a connection especially 7.1. our first was a 7.1 magnitude that did so much damage was only
7:49 am
6.3. because we've had the fifth earthquake and no one died we felt that the we got our one magnitude below which we expect it wouldn't be so bad. it was much worse because it was more shall low, right under the city. itaccelerations. >> i returned a year later and i was shocked of how much damage had been done. nothing prepared me. just the scale of the damage. also talking to people, the emotional trauma as well. does it feel like many have recovered from what they went through? >> it's a mixture of sorrow. the earthquake didn't do damage evenly across the city. the thing for me is when i drive through the center of town, the landmarks are gone. i was born and bred there, live there had all my life.
7:50 am
i get confused about where i am. those land marks -- yeah, you just realize how much you take them for granted. >> behind you is the cathedral, a landmark as well. i asked people to send me pictures. they were kind enough to send pictures of experiences. how is the rebuild going? >> it's an interesting state. there's lots of areas that sprung to life. we've got buildings going up. the street that's the entrance way into the center of the city -- i'm going to openings all the time and cutting ribbons and enjoying the amount of energy. is it a problem getting people back in the city? >> right in the very center of the city there's been a bit of a
7:51 am
slow down. that has come from really the enormous task. over 1,000 buildings actually taken down. not all were damaged beyond repair but beyond economic repair. i think this has hit a lot of role play in terms of decisions made about the buildings. >> is there a housing crisis in christchurch now? >> it's a multiple layer. we've got people who are entering the housing market for rental accommodations who would never otherwise be in the rental market. they're out of their house. we've got the work force that has started to arrive to help with the rebid. >> okay. thank you very much for joining us here on bbc world news. we just have to move away
7:52 am
are from what happened to bring you a bit more of an update from mexico. we are getting reports of this earthquake. 7.1 is the magnitude hitting the south of mexico. possibly affecting guatemala as well because it's on the border. we have reports -- that's not the right map. that's japan. we have reports of buildings shaking in mexico city. what we gather so far, no reports of serious casualties. we are monitoring things and trying to speak to people in that area. we'll bring you more information as soon as we get it. actually there's the map there. mexico city in the middle. this earthquake striking the south on the border. ta tapachula is affected. stage three of the tour de france that travels through
7:53 am
today. professional riders will finish their stage in front of bucking ham palace. the annual race started. the entire circuit goes across to france where it moves around the country in a clockwise location. they reach paris the 27th of july for the traditional finale. the grueling challenge lasts three weeks with two rest days for the competitors. they will have pedalled 3664 while the time they finish. 12 million spectators are on the road sides in a typical year. 2.5 aligned the route over the weekend. the path is packed with fans as
7:54 am
well. let's take you to lucas who joins us live. everyone seems to come out. [ inaudible ] >> reporter: this is one of the fan zones put together in london to show off the tour de france. you saw the stage and big screen playing for fans gathered around. they're in front of this area as well. you know when you've got diehard fans though. they normally dress like this. these two gentlemen. what does it mean to have the tour here in london on the streets of your home? >> absolutely brilliant. organization has been phenomenal. look at what we did the olympics and start of tour de france.
7:55 am
it's amazing to be here and this fantastic. >> you'll watch the tour come around? >> it will come through quickly. we're having fan parks to watch on the big screen. just amazing. >> thanks very much. quite a flat stage today. 155 kilometers across the course. many people we have spoken to are going to make their way to the finishing point. let me talk to these two. you have been to france. how does it compare to what we've got here? >> it's certainly beyond anything i've seen in france. you didn't get crowds like this. >> wonderful. thank you very much. lucy, it's a great atmosphere. give us a quick wave. we'll have fun throughout the
7:56 am
day. >> looks like fun. thanks for joining us. i can tell people embrace the tour here. thanks for being with us here on "gmt." just to quickly remind you there has been a earthquake in southern mexico that measured 7.1. we'll bring you more on bbc world news. rich, chewy caramel rolled up in smooth milk chocolate.
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the doctoror: oh, it's a sanctuary base! deep-space exploration. "welcome to hell." what are you lot doing here? that's a black hole. but that's impossible. this lump of rock is suspended in perpetual geostationary orbit around that black hole, without falling in -- there's some sort of power source holding us here. we're drilling down to try and find it. [ alarm blares ] the tardis is gone. well, whatever it is down there is not a natural phenomenon. there was some form of civilization. they buried something. what are they called? they're the ood. basic slave race. there's something happening with the ood.


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