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tv   BBC World News  BBC America  July 9, 2014 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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hello: watching "gmt." i'm lucy hawkings. our top stories, they're waking up in gra bbrazil and realizing wasn't a surreal nightmare. the country is in shock over their humiliating defeat. we'll bring you the reaction from around the world in one of the most startling results from the history of the game. >> live from rio, brazilians know they have to completely rebuild themselves as a footballing nation. israel continues their
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strikes on gaza as hamas fires rockets as far away as tel aviv. we'll be asking the israeli government how they plan to end the cycle of violence. aaron joins us, talking about whether or not we can remain anonymous on the internet. >> that is the current belief. like, can we post comments anonymously on the internet? yes, we can. but today a ruling by the european court of human rights could change all of that. in fact, it could change the way we use the internet forever. it is midday in london, 7:00 a.m. in washington and 8:00 a.m. in rio where the brazilian football team are waking up to these kind of headlines, catastrophic, embarrassing, a historic humiliation. in case you haven't caught up, they were roundly thrashed by germany 7-1, the biggest ever
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defeat in a world cup semifinal. around the world, football fans watched, frankly with astonishment as germany broke record after record. devastating for football fans and brazil, of course, they were in tears. german fans completely thrilled with their team's stunning forum ans. a picture for you, german chancellor angela merkel replacing the iconic christ the redeemer statue, one of the most tweeted online for obvious reasons. we'll bring you the huge social media reaction. i was one of the many football fans around the world who did just sit there with my mouth wide open, in astonishment, an incredible night. >> yeah, you and me both, some football matches when you wake up the next morning and think was that all a dream or in brazilians' case, was that an utter nightmare? that's what those players had, especially the brazilian
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defense, an utter humiliation, disgrace is what some of the brazilian newspapers this morning are calling this and an embarrassment as well. brazil's coach luiz felipe sk scolari called it catastrophic. they missed thiago silva. let's get the reaction from some of the fans. >> i think it is really sad in the end to end the competition, to end the championship with this kind of negative result. >> for brazil, brazilian people, you know, it is very embarrassing, you know. >> never believed it before. so we are glad.
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>> this is the time for germany, but to get a win against argenti argentina. >> i'm joined by a journalist covering the world cup here in rio de janeiro. how did you see that extraordinary football match? >> well, no one expected, of course, what happened. now, this, in a way, ends the trauma of 1950 and ends a new trauma in a way. in 1950, when we lost the world cup here, the trauma was a different one, a sense that perhaps we will not part of the civilized world, we will not be able to be part of that ever. that was not true. now today the trauma is another one. we have to rebuild within football. and this can be a water shed in a way that can at least be positive in this way, we cannot forget the brazilian championship, the average public attendance is lower today than
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in the u.s. and in china. so the difference 7-1 is actually a difference or a distance from what we are actually to a nation that thinks of itself as a football nation. >> people think brazil is a football crazy nation that lives and breathes, almost dies football. and yet you're saying, people don't go to that lengths in big numbers, to football matches. >> absolutely. the quality is very low. we have now very nice stadium that was built for the world cup. now we need football. now we need to recover what we have lost. and this is absolutely a result of lack of planning, of a group of people that own brazilian football today that is absolutely disastrous. what happened yesterday was a very clear sign that our culture of doing things last minute does not work if we don't have a plan. >> we saw the process people angry at the cost of the tournament. will that anger come back to the surface now do you think after this defeat? >> it could. it could.
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the government is already worried this can even affect the elections in october. it is worried that this can have even an economic impact somehow in the country. so this loss of yesterday, it goes much beyond the pitch, much beyond football. >> all right. well, thank you so much for joining us here. >> thank you. >> let's just tell you that in terms of those processes, there were some incidents after the match in sao paulo when buses were set on fire, 20 buses, a small amount of looting as well. beyond that, there doesn't seem to be any disturbances. of course, there were losers, big time losers in terms of brazil. but also let's not forget there were winners, incredible winners, germany, what a performance. as bad as brazil, well, germany was scintillating, mesmerizing. steve, can they believe it? >> they can't. look at the papers this morning,
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big tabloid here, headline says it all by saying nothing. those two words, speechless, it means, and if you go in the papers, right through the paper, it's page one, goal one, page two, goal two. seven pages, goals, goals 1 through 7. let's look at the second section. news there no doubt. it is the faces of the fans. so not much analysis. but absolute jubilation and speechless jubilation. they can't believe it like nobody else can quite believe it. they're also now looking forward to sunday. they think, the papers seem to think holland will be -- would be should they win tonight be the tougher nut to crack, picture of the big threat from holland, who also faces bayern
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munich, he's diving there, he's alleged to be a dive, a psychological dig going in for the papers this morning. there has been a little analysis before the game about whether actually the european league is too strong. if you look at the numbers of where the players in all the world cup teams play, they play in europe, they play in the premier league, in the spanish league. there has been a little bit of quiet debate here in germany about whether chelsea for football in south america, for example, if all the top footballers played in europe, where does that leave the rest? >> all right, steve. thank you very much indeed. very contrasting newspapers, i have to say. steve was just giving you the german press. let me give you a flavor of the brazilian press here. it is really vitriolic. luiz felipe scolari pictured. it says, go to hell, felipe.
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not very nice at all. and this one says, embarrassment, shame, embarrassment, humiliation. so that's just a flavor of what the brazilian press are saying. and i'm sure we're going to get much more reaction like that throughout the day as it really just begins to sink in, lucy, the devastating nature of this defeat. you can follow it all on twitter if you would like t to #bbcworldcup or online. from rio, back to you. >> ben, thanks so much. one of the hash tags i iis is #cheerupbrazil. is it possible to hug an entire nation? i think that's what many people are feeling. all credit to germany. lots of sympathy for brazil online as well. social media set alight by the game last night. let's take you to lucas in the world newsroom to talk us through it all. lucas, look at that.
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35.6 million tweets. >> you've jumped the gun. that's straightaway what we're talking about. we have our social media producer here, elaine young, who has been looking at this today. i can't escape from the story, wherever you go today. the world is chatting about it. you look at the number, that's the reason why, isn't it? >> it is crazy. to say social media was abuzz last night was putting it lightly. record numbers broken across twitter, facebook. 200 million interactions on facebook. on twitter, you see this number here, 35.6 million. of course, we'll bring up a heat map of where the tweets have been across the globe. very centric in brazil, pul pulseating yellow on the map. that changes to germany. red across the globe, across europe, into the u.s.
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twitter is going crazy. it does. >> a lot of friends have been tweeting about this. people aren't really football fans at all that have been getting behind it. they're behind it because there has been a lot of amazing pictures going around on twitter and facebook as well. >> certainly. as soon as the tweets picked up, you see a lot of pictures being put up. this one encapsulates the mood of brazil, the devastation and the frustrations from this man's face here, across twitter. that's been popular and trending across twitter into today. >> and people have taken to photo shop as well, a few photo shops with different bits and pieces. >> christ the redeemer, very popular. quite a few on that. moving on to the next one, angela merkel on the top. of course, we're seeing a lot of cheer up brazil hash tags being put up. that was started by bbc news. so very funny -- trying to lift
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brazil's spirits there. >> i don't know how that is going to lift their spirits. >> too early? >> maybe. hash tags are trending with the pictures. >> a play on the motto there, one, two, three, four, that continues on to -- >> and brabrazilians. >> and the flag. >> if you want to get involved, #worldcup. a man went to his local bidding agency and put two dollars on the games to come out 7-1 in germany's favor. he walked away with 500. pretty good windfall. >> thanks so much for that. do love angela merkel replacing christ the redeemer. wondrous, isn't it? we have all world cup action for you on the website as well. argentina and the netherlands tonight. there is another semifinal.
7:13 am who do you think germany should be facing? the feeling is the netherlands but lots of people picking argentina out there. that be with a great matchup. do logon, hash tag is there for you as well. up to date you with other news now, though. a typhoon killed two people and injured around 30 others. half a million people were forced to seek shelter. the typhoon brought torrential rains and winds of more than 200 kilometers an hour. several homes were destroyed, stores were forced to close. 41 sri lankan asylum seekers say the customs officials insulted them and treated them worse than dogs. after appearing in court on their return to sri lanka, five of them allege to be people smugglers were detained. the other adults were released on bail. children were all free. do stay with us here on "bbc
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world news." still to come, for the first time in 1600 years, mass was not said in the iraqi city of mosul on sunday. we'll be speaking to the most senior figure in the church about what christians in iraq are feeling. ♪ f provokes lust. ♪ it elicits pride... ...incites envy... ♪ ...and unleashes wrath. ♪ temptation comes in many heart-pounding forms. but only one letter. "f". the performance marque from lexus. my treadmill started to dress i mibetter than i did.uts, the problem was the pain. hard to believe, but dr. scholl's active series insoles reduce shock by 40% and give you immediate pain relief from three sports injuries. amazing! now, i'm a believer.
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palestinian officials say at least 25 people have been killed by israeli air strikes in the past two days. hamas continuing to fire more rockets from gaza into israel as well. they were aimed at tel aviv, ashkelon, jerusalem and hadera. but a number of the missiles were shot down by air defenses. overnight, israel said there were 160 air strikes on gaza, with targets across the strip, from gaza city to rafah being hit. the bbc reports now from the north of the gaza strip. >> reporter: it is very quiet
7:17 am
here on the streets in the north of the gaza strip. most residents are staying indoors, trying to remain safe. there has been a lot of israeli air strikes in the past day or so. if you look at this one over here, it has been almost destroyed, locals say it was islamic jihad leader that was living here. he and his family weren't in the house at the time. but in another home nearby, there were six members of one family who were killed as the israeli military went after another islamic leader. they say what they're targeting here are rocket launching sites and known militants. but, of course, it is also a residential area. and now we're starting to see the numbers of civilians killed in this latest conflict mounting up as well as the numbers of wounded. >> that's yolande knell. straight to jerusalem and we speak to mark regev who is there. you called up 40,000 reservists. is that a sign you're preparing for some kind of ground
7:18 am
offenses? >> it is a sign we're preparing for one, we want to have all options ready to breach any possible contingency. a decision has not been taken yet, but we're ready if that decision needs to be taken. we'll be ready to move. >> you think operation protective edge could take weeks rather than days? >> i think we're preparing the israeli public for a longer operation. obviously hamas is well entrenched in gaza, they have built a very formidable military terrorist machine. we see that in the rockets that they successfully launched towards a very heart of israel. you know, in the past, people were focused on the border communities to the gaza strip who were on the receiving ends of hostile fire from gaza. now, hamas is targeting israelis -- israel's major population centers. is we don't underestimate hamas. we know they're a formidable opponent and we're dealing with them. >> we have just had news that the death toll now in gaza is 35 people, that's just come through
7:19 am
to the bbc. are you telling me only 35 people were militants, were hamas? >> no, but i can tell you're making every effort possible only to target the terrorists, those people directly responsible for shooting rockets into israel and killing our people. we're targeting the hamas military terrorist machine. i would like to tell you no civilian will ever be hurt in this conflict, but i think let's be clear, hamas is not only committing a war crime in that it is bombing and sending rocket indiscriminately into israeli cities and towns trying to kill as many civilians as they can, but second war crime that is not talked about enough is the hamas deliberately embeds itself among the palestinians -- >> we have heard this argument from israel before. but the palestinians will say and we have spoken to them today about this issue of proportio l proportionali proportionality. they also talk about occupation. and earlier we spoke to professor manuel and he's the palestinian representative to the uk. he says the root cause of the
7:20 am
violence is the israeli occupation. i'd like you to listen to what he told us. >> it is a promise that if hamas stops the rockets, they will stop incursions in the west bank, killing civilian people. there have been continuing systematically killing, incarcerating, you know, palestinians on west bank. and now in gaza. and everybody looks at the occupier and occupied on equal footing. that is not fair. the essence of this conflict is occupation. nobody is addressing the real cause issue for all this violence that has been taking place for the last 47 years. israel has to end its occupation. it has to lift its siege over gaza. 1.8 million people are living in an open air prison camp. what do you expect the people to do? not to defend themselves? >> mark regev, i want to ask you, president obama has just spoken it a german newspaper in the past few hours. one thing he's said is both
7:21 am
sides must be prepared to accept risks for peace. if we can look ahead, what risks is israel prepared to accept? >> israel for peace with the palestinians is willing to take very courageous steps. we're willing to make a compromise on issues that are very, very dear to us. >> such as what? because the palestinians would say there has not been any movement, that you're not a partner for peace, there hasn't been any movement on things like settlements. >> well, i think gaza is the best example of that, if you don't mind me saying. a few years back, israel pulled out of the gaza strip. we took down all the settlements, those who didn't want to leave, we forced and made them leave. we redeployed behind the frontier and i ask you is the response of the palestinian body politic to our withdrawal from gaza likely to encourage us to do that again? and i think the answer is clear, if territories that we have handed over to the palestinians has become a basis for terror and missiles against israel,
7:22 am
that surely is not motivation for israel to move ahead giving back more territory. i ask palestinians, who wants this? is hamas really interested in peace and reconciliation, does hamas not say the jewish state has no right to exist in any borders, does not hamas say everyone is a target. >> thank you for taking the time it talk to us. to iraq where officials say they have found at least 50 bullet ridden bodies, many blindfolded, and with hands bound, in an area south of baghdad. the grim discovery another reminder of the dire situation the country faces right now. while it is predominantly a sectarian conflict, it has an effect on minorities, including the christian community. numbers are falling dramatically. more than 1.4 million christians in iraq 25 years ago, now there are just 400,000. let's take you to brussels now. that's where the head of iraq's
7:23 am
church is, rafael saco, meeting about the crisis, he joins me from there. thank you very much for joining us. i read today that mass was not held in mosul for first time in 1600 years. tell us what the christian people are going through in iraq at the moment. >> well, there are about 200 people, christian, in the city. and the churches are closed. there are no more -- they left the city three weeks ago. and more people leave the city and they're living in the villages, especially, in christian villages, christians are afraid of the future. but not only christians.
7:24 am
only iraqi population is really living in trouble because of the war is built among the population. the mentality of confessional mentality, sectarian mentality, and the fear is war. and also division of the country. this is very, very bad. >> isis rebels control all of the churches now, we understand, in the north of iraq. you're in brussels to try and look at some solutions. what have you been suggesting? are you with us? we seem to have lost our line to patriarch saco in brussels. talking about the exodus of christians who have been leaving iraq, many heading of course to
7:25 am
christian enclaves in the kurdish region and that for first time in 1600 years mass was not said in mosul last weekend. just to remind you of our top story here on "gmt," what an incredible night it was for football fans all around the world. this is the scene right now in indonesia. we're going to be talking about elections in the next half hour. but one of the things i can tell you is that in indonesia, people are very slow to vote because they were watching the football last night. a huge footballing nation, the indonesians and that incredible win from brazil, 7-1, against germany. everyone around the world digesting it. i don't think people could quite believe that such a score would be possible. they are completely jubilant in germany and main brazil they ar devastated and assessing what is the way forward for brazilian football fans. so we're going to be returning to that story in indonesia in our next half hour on "gmt."
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"gmt" on "bbc world news." i'm lucy hockings. in this half hour, vote counting is under way in the world's third largest democracy. with both presidential candidates in indonesia claiming victory. we'll take you live to jakarta to ask what this could mean in the battle to decide who will run the country. and with brazil well and truly beaten, can argentina take south america to the world cup finals? we'll meet all the fans. and on the program, aaron is back and the t-shirts are off. >> from next yeerb tar the spor
7:31 am
giant will no longer provide kicks. a new contract no longer represents good values. so we're going to find out who is going to replace that famous whoosh. welcome back to "gmt." votes are still being counted in indonesia's presidential election. but already both candidates say they have won. prabowo subianto declared victory only an hour after his rival joko widodo said he had won. we'll get the official results in a couple of hours. let's tell you what we know about both of these men. prabowo subianto was commander of the army's special forces during the last year of indonesia's dictatorship. he's seen as a representative of the old guard and is praised for his decisiveness and experience. but he faces accusations of
7:32 am
human rights abuses during his time as commander. subianto is running against joko widodo, the governor of indonesia's capital jakarta. joko supporters say he's a noncorrupt and humble politician, a win for him would be seen as a triumph for a new breed of politicians in indonesia. critics, though, say his lack of experience could leave him vulnerable. so two very different candidates. we have been reporting on the election campaign and we have more from jakarta. >> reporter: this was an election no one wanted to lose. and with the stakes so high, within hours of polls closing, both sides declared themselves victorious. on national television, joko widodo was the first to announce his team had won. he positioned himself as a man of the people, someone the indonesian poor can relate to.
7:33 am
next came prabowo subianto, a former military general, telling his supporters that he is indonesia's president elect. prabowo's strong man image has won him wide support, but he has a tainted record on human rights issues. this is the most divisive election indonesia has ever seen, and supporters from both camps think their man should be in charge. >> translator: even though prabowo had issues in the past, that was the past. he's strong and he looks presidential. >> translator: joko is a good person, hard working and down to earth. >> reporter: with both sides declaring victory, indonesia still faces a period of uncertainty. the official results in this election will only be out in two weeks time. until then, indonesia remains in limbo. counting of the votes will continue over the coupling days. indonesians had been eagerly
7:34 am
anticipating the results of the polls, now all that is certain is that the suspense and confusion will continue. >> let's get more on that. straight to karishma in jakarta for us. is there a potential problem here, karishma, legally as well, that we have both candidates now claiming victory? >> yes, indeed, lucy, that's what people here are worried about. how this process will continue, but what everyone is waiting for is the official result, which will be out on the 21st and 22nd of july. we already had a number of indonesian officials including the sitting president, who has come out on television and he said, please wait, everybody, let's not jump to any conclusions, we have to wait for due process in the electoral process to continue. let's wait for the results to come out in the 21st and 22nd before launching any appeals or claiming victory as we have seen, both candidates in this election do. >> are people surprised there, karishma, that joko has done so
7:35 am
well? >> no, i don't think so, lucy. i think he was the clear front-runner in this race and it is a situation where joko certainly was being seen as the clear winner until about a month ago when his numbers started to fall because of a conditicerted campaign by the opposition to try and cast some doubts on his candidacy. but by and large he was expected to be the front-runner in this election. and independent early estimates have shown he has a small margin of victory over prabowo subianto his rival. as we have been saying, these are early estimates to give you an example, they're just a sample of 2,000 polling stations out of 480,000 spread out over the country. so really too early to say anything at all at this point. >> all right, karishma, thank you for joining us from jakarta. we'll keep up on that tight
7:36 am
presidential race in indonesia for you. let's join aaron with the business news. >> talking about that remaining, can we remain anonymous on the internet, or posting anonymous contents. let me be able to speak first. i'm tricking you. hello there. it is a question of right versus responsibility. the online news site delphi, a major news provider in countries like estonia, ukraine and lithuania, sort of have the right to preconnect totect the speech even when comments are defamatory. today the european court of human rights will make a final ruling on a final ruling that could change the way we use the internet forever. the estonian capital, an eu state that prides itself on how it supports new online ventures.
7:37 am
yet in the case determined there is upheld in the grand chamber of the european court of human rights, websites could be forced to heavily censor comments by unnamed users before they go live. it could end the ability of readers to remain anonymous when they post opinions. it is all over what has become a test case dating back to 2006. delfi versus estonia turned on a complaint from a ferry business owner defamed on popular delfi website which allows users to post anonymously. the site refused to name the author of the comment, so the estonian court said the website itself could be sued for hosting the offending post. even though it was taken down the day it appeared. all this comes hot on the heels of the eu's right to be forgotten law, giving people rights to have search results hidden. online, europe seems to be turning in a different direction for most of the rest of the world, with internet companies
7:38 am
under pressure to not just monitor content, but play judge and jury as to whether it is lawful to publish it. nigel cassidy, bbc news. >> staying with this, technology expert rupert goodwin gave us his opinion about why this was such an important case for the wider web world. >> anybody who allows people to put content on their site on the service like twitter will have to hold back comments to make sure they're not defamatory before they're published and note proper identity of the publishing to be expensive and difficult to do. anyone who has a legal opinion thinks it should be overturned, but we just don't know. >> we'll keep across that one as soon as we get that ruling. let's talk about sport football, congratulations germany. nike is ending a 13-year sponsorship deal with man u. the slick kick will disappear from the team's football kick for next year. in a statement, the sports giant said the sponsorship no longer offered good value for nike
7:39 am
shareholders. german rival adidas is reported to be in talks to take over as sponsor. we are talking big money here. the present contract with nike was $510 million, over 13 years. and now the british press reported german has bid up to more than 1.3 million, triple, nearly $1.3 billion for ten years of shirts and shoe sponsorship. interesting movements. let's talk to robert hague from brand finance. great to have you with us on the program. a 13-year relationship, quite possibly coming to an end. is this simply coming down to man u upped the price tag? >> yes, well, i think that is the nub of it. man united weren't in the best bargaining position having done not very well in last year's premier league. but they obviously felt they could demand significantly more than they had been for nike, despite that performance.
7:40 am
and ultimately they just pushed it a little too far and spiked the value for both parties of the relationship, nike decided to walk away. >> could this not possibly also just be a strategic move by nike, after 30 years, thinking, hang on, we can use our hundreds of millions of dollars and go down a different path, maybe digital, something like that? could it not be something as simple as that as well? >> that's true. but nike already invested in a very wide range of sports. and football is an incredibly lucrative space for them to be in, particularly in the wake of the world cup and how popular that's been in their home market, america. so they really ought to be thinking about looking for other clubs or other opportunities within football as well if this relationship with man united is over for good. >> you touched on it, i'm curious about the flip side, maybe some like yourself saying not perhaps the best move for nike, for manchester united,
7:41 am
does it make any difference what logo are on their shoes or shirts? >> well, despite their performance last year, man united holds most of the cards in this relationship because of their historic winning record. they have a lot of accumulated brand equity, which they can play with. and they're also one of the very limited number of teams in the premier league and in football as a whole that have that international visibility that sponsors crave. there is a slight caveat to that, which is that the relationship that they have developed with nike over the years is itself valuable. and mutually beneficial for both parties. it is a shame for both of them it has come to an end. ultimately it is a price is so high and, you know, just not right for nike, it is unfortunately inevitable. >> yeah, and, of course, as you said with man u's performance, they need new players, a lot more money. we're going to leave it there, robert. we appreciate your time. thank you very much for joining us on "gmt." robert hague from brand finance. what do you think about the big story today? follow me, get me at
7:42 am
twitter @bbcaaron. that's it with the biz. no whoosh. >> i thought you promised football without the shirts on. >> you're a naughty, naughty girl. >> are you a country music fan? >> no. achy breaky. >> achy breaky heart. love that guy. plenty more coming up on "gmt," on what is being called the great country music controversy with garth brooks. we'll talk to a disappointed fan in northern ireland.
7:43 am
7:44 am
i'm lucy hockings. the top stories at this hour. brazil is in shock after their humiliating defeat to germany in the world cup semifinals.
7:45 am
they hope argentina might meet the netherlands later. israel continues their fights on gaza as rockets are fired. over the weekend, it was brought back under the control of ukrainian forces. many rebels fleeing to the regional capital of donetsk. steve rosenberg has been to slovyansk to see what changed since the government regained control. >> reporter: the road to slovyansk is a reminder there is a war now in europe. pro russian militants had called this town their fortress. but under heavy fire, they have been forced to retreat. in town, the ukrainian flag is back. separatist symbols are being scraped away. but the collective trauma will take longer to erase. after weeks of fighting, there
7:46 am
is widespread damage. many here accuse the ukrainian army of indiscriminate shelling. she tells me how she had come under fire and heard explosions nearby. i don't know who was shooting, she says, but my nerves couldn't take this anymore. this was the most feared building in slovyansk, when the insurgents were in control. their headquarters and their prison. they took hostages and locked them in the cellar. some of the prisoners are still missing. >> these are the conditions the prisoners were held in underground, some here for three months. as you can see, the food was very basic, some of it still here. the mattresses were filthy, and the washing facilities, well, they were just a plastic bottle on the wall. after retaking slovyansk, the ukrainian army feels it has the
7:47 am
momentum now to crush the insurgency. we saw this large convoy of heavy weaponry heading south. the militants are trying to slow the advance by blowing up bridges. and many of the fighters have retreated to the regional capital donetsk, one of ukraine's biggest cities. there are more pro russian insurgency than before. there is no sign of any police. they're the ones patrolling the city. we'll fight to the end, we don't recognize the kiev government, they came to power in a coup, he says. fearing violence here, many donetsk shops have shut and cleared their shelves. it may not look like it, but this is a car showroom. and people are leaving donetsk. this family have tickets for the moscow train. but they have nowhere to stay, no plan for the future.
7:48 am
>> we go nowhere with nothing. and i don't know what we will have tomorrow. nastia was dobor donetsk. she doesn't want to leave, but this war has left her no choice. steve rosenberg, bbc news, donetsk. entertainment news for you now. dominating irish media in recent days, being billed as a massive comeback tour, do you remember the name garth brooks, the american country legend? he was due to return to the spotlight after a 13-year absence. there was a row with dublin city council. they exhausted all avenues after the council failed to grant permission for more than three concerts. with me in the studio, we have liezel. >> garth brooks wanted to play
7:49 am
five concerts at croak park in dublin, overwhelming demand for the tickets, hugely popular. hasn't played there for 17 years. after lots of toing and froing, he could only play two dates because the immense convenience and disruption it would cause to some local residents and businesses. it split people right down the middle. people say it is a big deal, it should be allowed to go ahead. others saying we can't have that many concerts causing that amount of disruption in an area like this. >> it sold out really quickly. and something like a tenth of the population has tickets. >> 400,000 people have tickets, you know, the man sold 125 million records give or take around the world, so he hasn't played there for nearly 20 years. so this was something so many people had been looking forward to, going to, to traveling to. and i can understand why so many people are devastated by the fact that this once in a lifetime concert --
7:50 am
>> we can talk to one of those devastated fans. andrea joyce, she spent over 1,000 euros for tickets for friends and family. hotels and travel expenses. let's talk to andrea on the line from northern ireland. how are you feeling about all of this? >> words can't describe how devastated i feel. >> what do you think should happen now? >> the concerts should have went ahead. we bought tickets, the other two tickets, they shouldn't have been put on in the first place. >> you spend a lot of money, a thousand euros. >> yes, that's just the tickets, the hotels. >> who is going to go with you? >> my sisters, my close friends. there was 14 of us going. >> who are you angry with, with the city council or with mr. brooks himself? >> mr. brooks, the promotions,
7:51 am
t they're not aloud more than three concerts, so the tickets shouldn't have been sold in the first place. one direction was sold out and you didn't see them putting on extras. >> do you agree with the residents who say, they're going to be prisoners in their own home if all the concerts went on? >> yes, you can understand. i see their point of view. but three concerts should go ahead. >> andrea, thanks so much for joining us. she's devastated. you can see why. do you think he might come back? >> it looks unlikely he said if he played the three concerts he had been given permission to go ahead and do, it would be like choosing kind of like between his children. and he seems to have drawn a line in the sand and said five concerts or nothing. it will disappoint his fans. people think three could go ahead but i can't see this being resolved anytime soon. i've been proved wrong in the past. people are keeping their fingers
7:52 am
crossed that a miracle might happen. >> huge disappointment if it doesn't. we all heard about brazil's incredible defeat at the hands of the germans. let's look ahead to tonight. brazil's neighbor will be in the spotlight. argentina taking on the netherlands in the second semifinal. argentina has not won the world cup in almost 30 years, fans saying their star could carry them to another title. >> reporter: argentina has seen better days. government ministers are being questioned over allegations of corruption. inflation is running at over 30%. and in this most passion nall of footballing countries, no world cup title to celebrate for 28 years. but in the cold of a midwinter morning, there is renewed belief and hope. most of the current national team came from these tough streets. but there is one name that
7:53 am
stands out above all of us. it is messi, he's huge, says this fan. everyone wants to play with him, and for him. the national side revolves around him. he's simply the best player in the world. he's just 5'7", but lionel messi still looms large over the argentinean capital, this is a nation which adores its heroes and icons. messi made his international debut here at the ground of argentina, the tiny club where diego m diego maradonna and many others started their careers. >> translator: this endless debate, who is the best, maradonna or messi, i don't care, because here we helped them both on their way. >> reporter: argentinean football isn't in great shape. the club is grossly underfunded. most of the best players are overseas. and they haven't won the world
7:54 am
cup since 1986. but many fans think this is their moment, and where better to prove that point than in the home of their fiercest rivals and neighbors, brazil? the invasion has already begun. copacabana beach has been turned argentinean blue and no respect here for brazil's five world cup titles. a way, at home and on the air, the only subject for discussion in argentina is la cupa, the cup. >> the dream is to within a world cup in brazil. it is beyond the dream. the country, they are very good, but in soccer they hate each other. they hate brazil. >> reporter: the 9th of july,
7:55 am
argentina's independence day and famous avenue where fans have been celebrating each world cup victory. they intend to be back here again after sunday's finalment. >> looking forward to that matchup. now it is common for people to share ideas about where the best place is to eat. incredibly fans have found out that some fish do it too. speckled back, common in rivers in the uk, has been tagged and videoed by researchers. and what they found is they tend to gather with fish they recognize and lead each other to feeding places. quick reminder of our top story on "gmt," you guessed it, it is that massive semifinal match between brazil and germany. but we're going to be looking ahead to argentina and the netherlands a little bit later. people are still watching the pictures, though, around the world of brazilian fans absolutely miserable, wondering what happened on the pitch last night. and germany, they are
7:56 am
celebrating, of course. everyone looking ahead to the big game tonight, so which dig. i missed so many workouts,
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