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tv   BBC World News  BBC America  July 21, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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i'm geeta guru-murthy with bbc world news. our top stories. ukraine's leader vows to track down the people held responsible for downing the plane. >> we will bring to justice everyone responsible. >> dutch experts aim to identify the victims of mh 17 after a being granted access to bodies of some passengers. the security council calls
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for immediate cease fire in gaza after the deadliest fighting. diplomatic efforts increase to to stop the fighting in gaza. 500 palestinians and 20 israelis have been killed. this is the scene live from gaza cit city. hello. welcome. ukraine's prime minister is willing to give control of the investigation of the malaysian airline disaster to international experts after widespread criticism over access to the wreckage. at a press conference the prime minister said the netherlands would be charged with coordinating efforts. dutch teams said they would recover remains of victims later today. on the ground in eastern
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ukraine, there's been renewed fighting in the separatist strong hold of donetsk. let's go to netherlands. my colleague clive is there. >> yes, hello to you from central netherlands. i'm standing in front of a non descript hull behind me. hundreds of people, the relatives of 192 dutch citizens that died in that crash of mh 17 will be gathering today to meet officials from the government. this is not a memorial service. there will be no religious overtones involved. this is the first time government has everyone together who are relatives of everyone who died to give them the very latest information and answer questions they may have. the royal family will be here to offer condolences.
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this is essentially a fact-finding exercise for those people with an interest in what happened. obvious questions are when will they be able to get back to netherlands. their loved ones, when will the investigation begin and when and if those people who are responsible for the shooting down of this plane, when will that actually happen, if at all? that's taking place later on. let's bring you up to date with what we know from the actual crash site itself. we know that investigators have arrived at the nearby town of torez. that's the station bodies were loaded to refrigerated stations. they will look at bodies on the train. there are reports the train will leave the station later today. the destination we don't know. elsewhere in eastern ukraine, there are reports of fresh fighting in and around the city of donetsk.
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ukraine's prime minister proposed netherlands began to lead the investigation into the crash. that's news the relatives of those that died gathering behind me will find encouraging. family members are meeting as i say to get the latest information on what's going on. david cameron will be addressing parliament later today and potentially asking for tougher sanctions against russia. let's bring you the latest pictures of dutch investigators. they've arrived at the scene where bodies have been loaded onto those trains and recover ed from the crash site. they've already been looking at some of those body bags. as i say, that area is in rebel control hands. we don't know where those carriages will be heading later today. the suggestion is they will be moving. now, the ukrainian authorities in kiev would like those bodies
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to move further west possibly to kiev so that they are in control of the government rather than in rebel hands. the suggestion as i say is that bodies will be moving today. the destination is unknown. well let's get the latest now on what might be happening as far as bodies are concerned. also the rest of the news around the crash site. >> this is the city is ukrainian government wants to be the center of handling the after math. it's big enough, got the infrastructure and under full control of authorities in kiev. for days now officials here have been saying they're ready to start receiving bodies of the victims. problem is, none have come.
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it takes three hours to get to donetsk. there's been a lot of fighting in the area recently. we've got to go around that. here we are deep in the rebel held territory and a the field where the plane crashed. personal belongings are still here, pieces of the plane still scattered through the fields. many of the bodies are now gone. they have found about over 200 bodies, the rebels say. they have moved them to refrigerator trains. the question now is where they're going to go.
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there are investigators who are local miners going through the fields looking for whatever they can find. he came up to me. this is the second man that came a up to me with more documents and a wallet with credit cards. hold on. this is pretty awful. this is a dutch citizen. pretty awful. also shows how badly organized this is. miners were brought in to comb through the fields, find bodies, find any sort of evidence they can get. they don't even know who to give this to. they're coming up to us giving this to us. these are pieces of evidence
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that should be part of investigation, and yet no one is here to investigate. >> graphically summing up a little bit of the chaos that surrounding that crash site area in eastern ukraine. there is the very distinct possibility that david cameron may announce to parliament fresh sanctions on the regime in moscow. there are calls for tightened sanctions from leaders around the world. we still have to wait to see if that comes to pass. the suggestion there may be tougher sanctions on the kremlin some suggest has led to the softening of the attitude from the russian leader president putin that he's been speaking of television this morning. >> nobody should and has the right to use this tragedy for achieving the political goals. it is necessary to do everything to insure the security of work of international experts at the
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tragedy sites. representatives of donetsk, representatives of the ukrainian emergency ministry and malaysian experts are working there today. this is not enough. this is a fully fledged group to work there. it's necessary to do everything in full absolute security and provide the humanitarian corridors it needs in its work. >> vladimir putin speaking of russian television earlier. the ukrainian prime minister has been speaking as well. he's been making it clear those responsible for the shooting down of that aircraft must be held to account. >> those responsible will be hold accountable and together with the entire international community, we will bring to
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justice everyone responsible. including the country which is behind the scenes. civilized illegal weapons, provide financial support, train these [ bleep ], and supported and even orchestrated this kind of despicable crime. >> the ukrainian prime minister there. of course we know they firmly believe it was pro russian separatist on the ground in eastern ukraine that shot down the plane with the backing of moscow. that's their argument. we must not forget the fighting between authorities in kiev, ukrainian government and rebel forces on the ground. there have been a lull of that
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in recent days. the reports we're getting now suggest that the fighting has taken off again. richard is standing by in donetsk for us now. what can you tell us about this latest fighting that we're getting reports of? >> clive, we're near the railway station in donetsk city. we heard an ex ploplosioexplosi. there's been pro russian separatist, rebels and ukrainian army. it seems the ukrainian army moved out or some forces moved out from the airports which they control towards this area. certainly exchanges of artillery fire. at one point sounded like multiple rocket launchers. the separatist rebels have rushed in reinforcements. we have seen bus loads of
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fighters going on, tanks moving in this area and armored personnel carriers. it seems what the army lanched is a pretty serious operation. what we don't know is what the goal is at this moment. >> sure. is the suggestion that if the fighting is taking off again and getting worse that that could make it difficult for investigators to get near the site of the plane downed a few days ago? >> in some specks, yes. donetsk is a kind of natural base for international teams to come, be and move out to crash sites. hotels are regularly used. foreign journalists and others come into this town and move out from here. having said that, donetsk is a good hour and a half, two hours from the crash site.
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it depends what they decide to do. certainly it will increase the anxiety of those who want to move into this area. in other words, of course the crash investigators from around the world and other teams forensic experts, et cetera and people trying to retrieve the bodies of those. it makes it more complicated especially if this is a more serious operation by the ukrainian army to try and retake the city. it's hard to believe they would try to do that right now just as the international teams are beginning to move into this area. >> sure. but is there a sense also that perhaps ukrainian forces are taking advantage of any chaos or impasse there may be within the separatist forces because they're having to deal with the after math of the crash? >> i guess that's possible. it's very difficult to know exactly what's in the minds of
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commanders. the ukrainian army and the government. they're being tight lipped at the moment. they're not saying much more than the fact there's an active operation underway. they're describing it as anti-terrorist operation which has been underway for a number of weeks now. they have succeeded in being able to get the number of towns under their control since this operation began. >> okay richard in donetsk. thanks richard. >> so back here. thousands of miles from eastern ukraine as i say. in the next couple of hours or so we'll be seeing the king and queen of the netherlands arrive. they'll be able to personally give their support really i suppose to the relatives of those that died in that crash. remember 192 dutch civilians lost their lives. almost two-thirds of the total number that perished. the authorities, the government,
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those dealing with the crash and investigators will be here as well, as well as the prime minister to answer the questions that relatives may have. the most important and at the top of the list has to be when will they be able to get back on home soil, those who died? >> clive there. many thanks. there's much more to come, the latest from gaza city. stay with us for that. one day you tap the bumper of a station wagon. no big deal... until your insurance company jacks up your rates. you freak out. what good is having insurance if you get punished for using it? hey insurance companies, news flash. nobody's perfect. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance.
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his shoes! and a third simply doesn't want to be here. ♪ until now... until right booking now. ♪ planet earth's number one accomodation site booking.yeah! this is bbc world news. i'm geeta guru-murthy with the latest headlines. a dutch forensic expert says the bodies of the victims of the malaysia airlines crash will be allowed to leave the site in the next few hours. israeli forces continue to bomb gaza. the u.s. secretary of state john kerry is due in cairo today to
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try and start peace talks. for more on that and israeli air and tank operations continuing in gaza. this is the scene there. now we've been getting live pictures. there have been air strikes in the south as well as artillery fire east of gaza city today. 20 palestinians died overnight bringing the total to 500 in the last two weeks. israel says it killed 10 palestinian fighters that infiltrated through the tunnel. yesterday was the bloodiest day with more than 100 palestinians killed. both moon and secretary of state john kerry are due in cairo to back efforts in negotiating a truce. a little while ago we got the latest from gaza. >> the military offensive is continuing to the east of gaza city.
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to the northeast this is the aid neighborhood hit very hard by the heavy shelling over the past couple of days. we've continued to see smoke rising and israeli aircraft in that area. also now the sound of artillery fire moving further south and lots of smoke rising up on the horizon there. we've had israeli air strikes in other parts of the gaza strip. i've seen them in the north. we had one close to our building close to the coast. we've seen them in the south of the gaza strip where 20 were killed this morning including a couple of families when their houses were destroyed by israeli air strikes. >> it's reported people have been told to evacuate. is that possible? are people able to flee? we see such huge casualties. >> that's right. the gaza strip is an extremely dense populated place. with these taking place in different locations it's hard to
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know where is a safe place for everyone to go. what we've seen, the evacuation orders are in the border areas and other areas. many people have left their homes, come to gaza city to relative safety of u.n. run schools and facilities. these buildings often fill up with people. >> the latest from gaza. now to iran because years of discussion nearly a dozen rounds of talks between iran and six world powers and progress is finally being made. the u.n. nuclear watchdog says iran diluted the most since tif stock pile of enriched ukrainian. it had 200 kilograms of 20% enrich enriched uranium. that's been made into a more
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harmless form. $2.8 billion worth of frozen funds. there's a sealed deal to end sanctions on its economy. iran insists it has been enriching for use in nuclear power stations and medical purposes. the six world powers said could be used to develop chemical weapons. a lasting deal has now been set. let's speak to the bbc persian service. how significant is the latest stage? >> it's very significant. the negotiations which have been continuing the past six months didn't produce a result or a major result so far. so for them to be able to continue the negotiations and hoping to get somewhere, they needed something. they needed to know something that something has been achieved. according to this report, one of
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the biggest issues have been thought it was the highly enriched ukrainian that was produced over the years. >> do we know that uranium has been downgraded? >> there's investigators in iran monitoring very closely in iran. they have access to all uranium nuclear sites. i believe they are confident. >> talks are extended another four months. what is left to agree to specifically? >> there are a few major issues left which have prevented any sort of agreement so far. one is capability and capacity of enriching uranium which iran is promising to keep and increase it. if in the west, five plus one don't want it. the other issue is the other plant iran is building a heavy water plant in the center of
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iran in the city called iraq. these are the two major issues. iran described these two as red lines and the west including america. they are also insisting that iran should drop or reduce capabilities of enriching uranium and closing down the plant which we should wait and see if they reach agreement in four months. >> thanks very much indeed. the goal for iran to get rid of sanctions. thanks very much indeed. more now on our top story. the fallout of the downing of flight mh 17. 44 of those on board were malaysian nationals, including six members of one family. a father, mother, their four children. john has been to meet the grieving extended family. >> as the sun sets and daily fast comes to an end, one
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extended family, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, and cousins have come together to mourn a terrible loss. on board flight mh 17 were this man, his wife, daughter marcia and three sons. >> she's my only sister. she's the second child in the family. we are very close. we will miss her badly. i can say we will miss her badly. >> the family were on the flight because they were returning to malaysia at the end of a three year posting with the shell oil country. this should have been a year of celebration. the two were due to mark their 20th wedding anniversary. instead the tragedy in ukraine has robbed 72-year-old dayang of
6:25 am
a daughter and four grandchildren. >> my daughter was softly spoken, friendly and happy, she tells me. >> wept to fi want to find the fast as possible because that's what we want right now. we want to see them in one piece. >> their anguish is prolonged by politics and tense diplomatic crisis. just one family amongst so many around the world who are desperate for bodies of their loved ones to come home. >> just one heartbreaking story. so many we're getting sadly at the moment. there's more on the background,
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analysis, and what's going on at the moment on that flight at the website, you can find what we know there. that is constantly updated with developments on what we know might have caused the crash and what is done to help everyone involved. i'm geeta guru-murthy. we're back in a moment. stay with us. and even piano tuners were just as simple? thanks to angie's list, now it is. we've made hiring anyone from a handyman to a dog walker as simple as a few clicks. buy their services directly at no more calling around. no more hassles. start shopping from a list of top-rated providers today. angie's list is revolutionizing local service again. visit today.
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hello. i'm geeta guru-murthy with bbc world news. our top stories. ukraine's leader vows to track down the people behind the destruction of the malaysian airliner. heavy fighting breaks out in the rebel held city of donetsk. >> with the entire international community we will bring to justice everyone responsible. >> dutch forensic experts aim to identify the victims of mh 17. they're told they will be able
6:31 am
to leave with the bodies later today. the u.n. security council calls for immediate cease fire in gaza after the deadliest fighting of the conflict. >> these are the latest pictures from gaza. moon and john kerry are if in cairo to start peace talks. 500 palestinians have been killed and 20 israelis. hello. within the last few hours ukraine's prime minister has said he's willing to give control of the investigation from the malaysian disaster to international experts. he has strong words for those he
6:32 am
claims are supporting the rebels. we'll hear from him in a moment. heavy fighting is taking place in donetsk, ukraine's second city and close to where mh 17 crashed. it's controlled by accept ra ti -- by separatists for months. >> the shelling is starting again. it seems there's fighting going on around the airport area and also there's been an attack on a building near the train station. that's just behind me. you can probably see the golden domes beside that is the train station. people here are panicking. they're afraid. we've watched them run past us all morning. the traffic going that way is like this, the green bus which belongs to the rebels. also we've seen some vehicles coming past clearly sent up to take wounded people back. a lot of people we've seen are
6:33 am
elderly in a general state of confusion. i don't think people expected fighting so close. it illustrates the difficult of giving guarantees as to anybody's safety let alone aviation experts. this is the capital of the region. today it's under fire. >> just for the latest update in that region. dutch forensic experts have arrived at railway station where many of the bodies of the victims are being stored. they're about 15 kilometers from the crash site. speaking earlier today, ukraine's prime minister said the netherlands would coordinate on the ground and those responsible for the crash will be held to account. >> those responsible will be
6:34 am
hold accountability and together with the entire international community we will bring to justice everyone responsible. it including the country behind the scene but civilize illegal weapons, provided financial support, trained these [ bleep ], and supported and even orchestrated this kind of despicable crime. that was the ukrainian prime minister speaking a few hours ago. since the plane crashed the accident site has been left to pro russian rebels. fears are that clues will be
6:35 am
lost unless the crash site is handed over to experts. we have more from eastern ukraine. >> we came here because this is the city that ukrainian government wants to be the center for handling the after math of the plane crash. it's big enough, got the infrastructure and most importantly under full control of the authorities in kiev. for days now officials have been saying they're ready to start receiving bodies of the victims. problem is, none have come. it takes about three hours to get to rebel held donetsk. there's been a lot of fighting in the area. we've got to go around that. here we are deep in the rebel held territory and a very field
6:36 am
where the plane crashed. personal belongings are still here. pieces of the plane are still scattered in the fields. many of the bodies are now gone. they have found about over 200 bodies here, the rebels say. they have moved them to refrigerator trains. the big question now is where they're going to go. there are no investigators but there are volunteers mostly local miners still going through the fields looking for whatever they can find.
6:37 am
this is the second man that came up to me with more documents, a wallet with credit cards. this is pretty awful. this is a dutch citizen. pretty awful. also shows how badly organized it is. these miners were brought in to comb through the fields, find bodies, any sort of evidence that they can get. they don't even know who to give this to. they're coming up to us giving this to us. these are crucial pieces of evidence that should be part of investigation and yet no one is here to investigate. >> there was a glimpse of what's going on on the ground. well after days of increasing international pressure for russia to do more, president putin has been speaking to them.
6:38 am
he says russia will do all it can to end the conflict in ukraine. here's more of what the president had to say on russian television. >> nobody should and has the right to use this tragedy for achieving the political goals. it is necessary to do everything to insure the security of the work of international ex pert at the tragedy site. representatives of donetsk, representatives of the ukrainian emergency ministry and malaysian experts are already working there today. this is not for a fully fledged expert group to work there. it's necessary to do everything to insure the full absolute security and provide the humanitarian corridors it needs in its work. >> president putin speaking also today. for friends and relatives of the victims, not knowing when the bodies of loved ones will return is agonizing. in the dutch town, a service
6:39 am
remembered three families including that of the british lawyer john allen that died in the crash. from there, matthew reports. >> here in netherlands, they lost three entire families. charles smulenburg a football club volunteer, his son a promising young player, and his wife, a woman who was called a friend. she came to mourn after she read the passenger list and found her name there. >> i know how much she loved the kids r. the whole family. she was my former boss. i learned a lot from her which is why i'm here. >> in all, 13 people from this town died. so far grief has been the overwhelming reaction. now says the deputy mayor who has spent time with all
6:40 am
families, that's changing. >> you see pictures every once in a while on television and it's always some far away place. now it's our children and teachers who are lying there. people are family members who are fearing that the wedding bands and gold watch they inherited from their grandparents are being robbed there by the militia. i think there's anger as much as fear and grief. >> everyone here is shattered. at the local primary school a teacher is mourned. in words struggled over by a child just learning to write, so simple it's devastating. lovely sandra, it's a shame you're dead. >> there's much more analysis of the crash of that flight at the website. there is a what we know page
6:41 am
being constantly updated with the latest developments. a lot of news coming in in the last couple of hours, statements from a number of different parts of the world. you can get the latest there. stay with us. there is more to come. we'll have the latest on the situation in gaza as the death toll there continues to rise on both sides of the conflict. vo: this is the summer. the summer that summers from here on will be compared to.
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. this is bbc world news. i'm geeta guru-murthy. dutch forensic experts are in ukraine where the victims of the plane crash are being stored. israeli forces continue to bomb and shell gaza despite u.n. calls for a cease fire after the
6:44 am
bloodiest day of the conflict. more now from gaza. there have been israeli air strikes in the south as well as artillery fire east of gaza city. 20 palestinians died overnight. the palestinian death toll stands more than 500. 20 i rallies, 1 soldiers, have died. sunday was the deadliest day with 13 israeli soldiers and more than 100 palestinians killed, many civilians from the district of gaza city. israel says it's killed 10 palestinian fighters that infiltrated through a tunnel. moon and secretary of state john kerry are due in cairo due today to back efforts at negotiating some kind of truce. paul adams sent us this from a neighborhood close to the shelling.
6:45 am
>> rockets are coming in closer and closer all the time. this neighborhood is being hit every few seconds. you can see damage of the road here. no people at all. where we were just now is literally around the corner there. there was an intense battle going on. we can hear the drones overhead. we've got to be ready for possibility of shelling to start again soon. in that direction, streets are desserted. the further you go here, people are on the streets. in that direction it's gaza city where things are relatively safe. further over here, the area heavily bombarded yesterday which was pretty much evacuated. people were streaming out yesterday. we're not sure what the focus of the israelis is today yet. this man doesn't want to be identified.
6:46 am
he's got a piece of shrapnel from an artillery round or rocket. it's been coming in a lot in the last few minutes. >> so what that woman was saying is typical of the situation of an awful lot of people in gaza. her home was in a dangerous area. she and her kids fled to a u.n. school. more than 80,000 are sheltering in the facility. she found at the school the conditions were bad. she tried to go back home to pick up possessions and food. she found it was too dangerous to go back home. she's on her way back to the u.n. school. people are going this and that way trying to survive. >> paul adams sent us that report.
6:47 am
we have an associate here in london. we know moon and john kerry is trying to get a deal to happen. what would they need for that? >> from the israeli side would be the need not only for sensation of firing of rockets and digging of tunnels but also hamas dismantle the entire infrastructure and prospects of that happening are minimal. from hamas' perspective, in the western mind set, we can't understand it, but death is an incentive, inducement for them because they want mass casualties. human shields constitutes crime against humanity. this is a pr war. they can only win in the course
6:48 am
of international opinion. therefore while hamas leadership is living it up large, where the tremendous amount of influence that isn't trickled down to people, they have no incentive to stop this conflict. >> that is obviously a very controversial thing to say. many will refute they're in support of their own people and don't want women and children killed unnecessarily. obviously the conflict is all the in this region. yesterday it was very bloody. did things get out of hand. you say you think it was a deliberate thing allowed to happen. >> first of all, in an a symmetric conflict it's impossible to avoid the damage. united nations and allied forces have failed to prevent this from iraq and afghanistan.
6:49 am
there's drone attacks in afghanistan. this military is no different than the allied forces. they have to contend with it. >> what does israel want? you call it collateral damage. this is human loss of life. pictures that our correspondents are bringing are horrific. >> they are horrific. israel didn't want to send in ground troops. it was forced to do so. had it relied on air traffic alone -- >> what do you think israel wants? when does it stop? >> the representative to the u.n. condemned hamas for using human shields and firing rockets. when you have rockets being store in hospitals and schools. kindergartene kindergartens -- >> people might say they're wrong to do that --
6:50 am
>> it's plummeted amongst the palestinian government. it's not a football match. not israel versus palestinians. it's israel versus hamas. you have surrounding arab states whether be egypt or uae that are pro dismantling the infrastructure. you say what does israel want? they have to reduce the number of strikes on the population. >> the rocket attacks carry on. in terms of what's going on in iraq, how does this play into what's going on? >> it's not distinct abstract conflict from what's happening in the broader region. hamas is getting something from iran and cut tar. cut tar has been on the side of the regime in the past that has
6:51 am
used chemical weapons against populations. you've had iran supporting the regime in the same manner. you're seeing proxy warfare in iraq with iran countering isis. one of the reasons the obama administration has not been supportive of israel as the u.s. congress has been is because the obama administration has to work along side iran to counter isis. this is not simply abtract territorial conflict but a regional proxy warfare. if that continue, it will be impossible to cease this. >> okay. many thanks indeed. >> thank you the. now we're going to have a quick look at other top stories this hour. to china first. the people of the island of haiyan are picking up the pieces after the biggest typhoon hit southern china in 40 years.
6:52 am
if typhoon killed 80 people on the island. it's now a heavy storm over vietnam. gunmen have killed four and injured several others in the kenyan city. they've seen a wave of violence in recent months. they're attributed to militants against kenya's military involvement in somalia. 50 people are said to be killed at the airport in libya. this has caused hundreds of millions worth of damage. this is the worst since the president was deposed in 2011. now in the last few days, hundreds of christian families have left mosul in northern iraq. isis sunni militants gave them
6:53 am
you will at th the opportunity to convert or face death. many have managed to escape. >> a few miles from the isis town, the church bells are still ringing. now jihadist in mosul want christians out of the region. >> we are with kurdish security forces going toward isis check point which is in control. if some christians leaving mosul coming to occurredikurdish cont region. >> last month isis militants tried to capture the city. the kurdish forces pushed them back. the city is now hosting many christian families who escaped
6:54 am
mosul. after the isis recekrencent cho she says pay tax, face death or leave the city. it scared me. i cried, she says. the family packed their car with belongings and tried to leave the city. the check point isis seized everything they had. they took my car, our phones, our jewelry and money. they just let us have our id cards, he says. the danger is still here. it's not far away. the city is walking distance from the front line. here the kurdish monitoring isis
6:55 am
movements. the lieutenant is the commander of this unit. he says in the past three days 250 christian families have come here to mosul. the kurdish are fort identifying their positions. seems isis wouldn't go away any time soon. back in the city, the christian community are holding together. they're praying for those left behind under isis control. bbc on the outskirt of mosul. >> now the hollywood actor james garner best known for roles in "maverick" has died at the age of 86. we look back at his career. >> the rockford files is one of the 70s tv series everyone
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seemed to like. james garner played the private eye with the roguish charm which defined his career more than 50 years. it ran for six seasons ending only because garner was getting injured on set so often. this was tv role that made him famous. it gave him a golden globe and scene persona he stuck with. he was one of the first hollywood stars to cross easy between television and film. starring with steve mcqueen and the great escape, it opened the door to more movie roles. >> that means get off the sidewalk and clear a path because you're cocked and ready to fire. >> he was oscar nominated for murphy's romance, more unanimth of 70 he starred in.
6:57 am
james garner continued acting into his 70s. his movies never eclipsed his television success. for many he'll always been known as jim rockford. >> james garner there remembered. i'm geeta guru-murthy. we'll be back tomorrow. hope you join us there. you drop 40 grand on a new set of wheels, then... wham! a minivan t-bones you. guess what: your insurance company will only give you 37-thousand to replace it. "depreciation" they claim.
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hello. you're watching "gmt" on bbc world news. i'm lucy hockings. our top stories. growing international anger over the chaotic investigation of flights mh 17. dutch scientists have been given access to bodies of passengers. despite global pressure, experts have not been given access to the crash site. >> absolutely sham bollic situation. it does look more like a garden clean up than a forensic investigat


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