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tv   BBC World News  BBC America  September 1, 2014 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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hello. you're watching "gmt" here on bbc world news. pro russian rebels advanced in eastern ukraine and major battle rages at the international airport in luhansk. the ukrainian army has pulled back. further south, ukrainian reinforcements roll into the port city of mariupol to try and defend it against the possible attack by separatist rebels. antigovernment protestors in pakistan forced their way to headquarters of state tv to be evicted hours later. detergents, car tires and even
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flat screen tvs, some of the items people are bringing to cuba in luggage. could new restrictions bring this to an end? also in the program, alice look at what's happening in business. you have unusual friendliness. >> absolutely right. they're hugging it out. india's new prime minister in japan and abe are not holding back. they want to strengthen their economic ties. it is midday in london, 3:00 p.m. moscow, 2:00 p.m. in the port city of mariupol where the ukrainian government is sending reinforcements to fight the separatist rebels. battle is complicated by what appears to be russian tanks supporting the rebel fighters. we're hearing the ukrainian army has left positions at luhansk
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airport just northeast of mariupol after they were attacked by a column of tanks. ukraine's president poroshenko says russia has changed the balance in favor of the separatists. the russian foreign minister lavrov says there will be no military intervention into eastern ukraine. he says he wants an immediate ceasefire with no preconditions. mike has this report. >> in the region now at the center of the intensifying diplomatic crisis, pro russian separatists prepare to fight. one of the leaders said they were heading to donetsk airport after heavy clashes between the rebels and government forces. it's been under the control of the military every since. >> despite the charge of moscow and europe, today the russian foreign minister ahead of a meeting a p about the crisis repeated the moscow denial of
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involvement. he said there will be no military intervention. >> translator: today's negotiations will be primarily dedicated to imminent and unconditional ceasefire. russia will do everything to help move towards the peaceful resolution in ukraine and take into account interest of all regions and political powers without exceptions. >> for now though international concern focussing on push by the pro russian rebels in southeast of ukraine which has led to reinforcement afterno around ma. it's a siege by the separatist in recent days. residents of mariupol took to the streets to protest and pray for peace. australia today stepped up sanctions against russia. >> i want to make it absolutely clear the bullying of small nations by big ones and
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assertions that might is right should have no place in our world. >> in the latest development on the ground, ukrainian officials say troops have retreated from the airport to the rebel strong hold of luhansk after coming under artillery fire. >> with me is from the bbc russian service. samuel, how do you read the picture we're seeing here t latest situation? >> we can see within two, three, four days, the achievement of ukraine army that needed so much hard effort and loss of life actually lost. the ukrainian army is in such a situation it has to withdraw and regroup. we can see big areas of territory controlled by the separatists. the borders between luhansk and
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donetsk reeje donetsk region. that makes situation for the ukrainians even more. >> we have the statement from vladimir putin that there should be immediate negotiations about state hood for south eastern ukraine. how mu how much did that ratchet up what's going on? >> he used the word which in russian means state hood, nothing else. his spokesman later said he was misunderstood. what he meant -- it does not really mean state hood. we can see there's only talk of independence for luhansk and donetsk regions. >> the accusations of direct russian military involvement continue. russia remains adamant this is not the case. >> that's correct. this is hard to believe that because the tanks and armored
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vehicles do not appear from nowhere. they have to come from somewhere. there are tanks as many experts pointed out that are not on the ukrainian army stops but are used by russian army. they appear to be operated by ukrainian rebels. that means those could have come only from russian territory. >> we heard osce in the last hour or so saying it's hard to confirm the presence of regular russian forces in the country. the situation is ambiguous. we have that quote last week these are military on holiday spending time in eastern ukraine. >> that's correct. we saw previously said loss of russian volunteers come. he said as you rightly put the russian serving actually being on leave and going to the region fighting for separatist which sounds ambiguous.
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the fact the russian military was involved there from the beginning lots of facts showing and pointing at that. the difference now is that the russians have now brought situation to the level when they direct control of what's going on on the ground. that's quite important because mr. putin put lots on stake by supporting separatists. there's no way to withdraw now. >> thank you very much from the bbc russian service. for more background on the whole situation in ukraine, go to our website. there's a time line of recent events in the country as well as analysis about what evidence there is about russian troops are involved in the fighting. that's do stay with us. coming up, we'll find out about ukraine's top para olympics swimmer. his hometown is conflict hit area of donetsk where fighting
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has made training for competition a big challenge. that's coming up. britain's prime minister is expected to expand powers to tackle the threat of islamic extremism. david cameron is expected to make a statement earlier on plans to wide opinion anti-terror laws. it comes after increasing fighting. measures on the consideration include powers to take away passports from british citizens. israel announced plans to take control of almost 400 of palestinian land near a jewish settlement in the occupied west bank. the decision is in response to kidnapping and killing of three jewish teens in june. the u.s. urged israel to reverse the move. pakistan's national television channel is back on air after security forces removed antigovernment protestors from headquarters.
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there's been days of protests in the country led by the poll situation khan and the influential cleric. let's speak to our correspondent in islamabad. what is the latest picture at the moment? >> reporter: well the building has been cleared by pakistani army soldiers. we were there in the past hour or so. it is now secure. the channel is back on. i think what this incident goes to show is that this confrontation, unless revolsolv peacefully, things can get out of control. in the past few hours, the prime minister has been meeting the army chief. it was a detailed meeting. we can be sure they were discussing possible options to defuse this confrontation. we don't know what made the meeting. >> what might those options be?
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>> reporter: there could be a number of options. one thing is clear. government does not want to resign. prime minister does not want to resign. he's backed by mp's in the parliament, opposition parties included. he's willing to discuss anything, any kind of reform, demands. stepping down is not an option for them. so islamabad is still on edge, all kinds of rumors flying. we are keeping a close watch on how the situation unfolds. >> how weakened has the government been by what's happening in past days and weeks? >> reporter: that's a good question. until a few months ago he couldn't have imagined he would be brought under so much pressure. this month of august has seen his fortunates change. his government is weakened, running out of options they've
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tried talking to antigovernment protestors. it hasn't worked. they will not leave until he resigns. so the government is now in a really tight spot. they're still looking at options, saying they're willing to talk. >> just remind us briefly if you will, why this all started. >> reporter: that's a question a lot of pakistanis are asking. it seemed there was no crisis in the country. some believe it was encouraged by elements in the pakistani ar my to weaken the prime minister because of pakistan's revisions of india and so forth. what they're saying is they want wide ranging reforms. they believe the government is corrupt and unless prime minister resigns, things cannot change. >> thank you very much. in hong kong, police have used pepper spray to stop
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prodemocracy activists that tried to storm the event of chinese officials. they're there to persuade citizens to support controversial new rules. the chinese government ruled out open nominations for candidates in elections in 2017 giving beijing control over the choice of candidates. we report from hong kong. this does contain flash photography. >> reporter: a day after china's senior leadership in beijing unveiled tough rules on election of hong kong's next chief executive, officials have journeyed south to justify their decision to the general public. this was the unexpected welcome that they received. a group of invited guests including high profile pro democracy lawmakers protested against their president chanting they had lost faith in the
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central government. after regaining his composure, top chinese officials explained the reasoning behind one of the most controversial new requirements for the 2017 chief executive election. >> the goal of the nomination committee is to reduce the risks involved if in universal suffrage. one, it reduces the risks of political confrontation. two, it cuts the risks of a constitutional crisis. three, it minimizes the risks of poplarism. >> outside if venue, the chinese's government position that all candidates gain support of more than half the nominating committee has created confrontation. democracy activists from a group called civic passion tried to forcefully enter the main stage.
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they were pepper sprayed by police. with many other groups planning their own protests activities in response to beijing's announcement, it's clear political risks in hong kong have only become more serious. >> stay with us on bbc world news. still to come, a solar spectacle. new images show the extraordinary power of the sun. we look at what impacts this could have for us here on earth. wouldn't it be great if hiring plumbers, carpenters shopping online is as easy as it gets.
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the parents of a young boy with brain cancer who's disappearance from a british hospital triggered international search last week appear in court in madrid. ashya king was taken out of an english hospital against the doctor's advice. parent who is may face extra diction to uk tell bbc they
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wanted the best treatment for their son. >> for the second time in 24 hours, the couple appears in court. the question for the judge is whether to extradite them back to the uk. >> what's your message? >> west treatment for ashya. >> last night as they were bundled into a police car in handcuffs, they said they wanted the best medical treatment for their son. he's still in the hospital. their eldest son has posted a new video online saying his 5-year-old brother had been well looked after when he was removed from hospital in south hampton. doctors have said ashya's life would be in danger. >> we did not change his foods in any way. same food. we had this power cord which his feeding line was on in the car. he was not starving along the way. >> ashya is suffering from brain
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cancer. his parents took him out of the hospital last week claiming doctors at south hampton general wouldn't agree to a treatment called pro ton b therapy. the hospital admits it was trying to get the family to explore different treatments. >> i'm not coming back to england if i cannot give him the treatment i want. >> hampshire police deny they've been heavy handed. doing nothing they said wasn't an option. >> experts said if he didn't get the care he needed there was fear to his life. faced with those circumstances, i make no apology for the place being as proactive as we can to find ashya and insure he gets the help he needed. >> what happens next is in the hands of the spanish courts. it's not clear when ashya will be reunited with his parents and whether or not the family will be coming back to the uk. now bras, tvs, detergent. if you're in cuba, you may rely
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on people bringing things like this into the country to get what you need. now personal imports of foreign goods are expensive. $2 million of goods are flown into cuba in air travel each year. restrictions were lifted in 2009. now with me, a report eer basedn miami. how important is the routine of bringing stuff into your luggage in cuba? >> it's very important. sometimes you cannot find shampoo or milk. it's not only that. it's also high quality goods that also are brought by people mostly from miami and from the united states. >> so do people -- not necessarily cubans going out to get the stuff. it's cuban americans bringing
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the stuff. is it for relatives or for trade or both? >> it's both. there are people who have made a living out of this trade. the government calls them professional mules. it's also relatives who bring stuff like flat screen tvs or bicycles to the island. it's mostly these people who are now angered and now don't know what they're going to do when they have to bring basic stuff like, you know, some clothing or also this products like tvs and video game consoles. you cannot find that in the island. >> it really doesn't range from basic groceries to very high-tech items like tvs, consoles. it's going to be reduced.
7:21 am
there are still going to be some amounts allowed in. >> exactly. the government published a lists 41 pages long with all the restrictions. for example, before you could bring six flat screen tvs. now it's two. or 48 bras. now it's 24. the list is really interesting to look at. there are also top goods. >> i can only imagine trying to fly through a board with six flat screen tvs. thanks very much. nasa released a series of footage showing solar flares. are there's been more than a half dozen in the last week. some warn this explosion of energy might have serious impact here on earth. tim explains. >> for the sun it's been a busy week cosmically speaking.
7:22 am
from pictures from nasa's observatory prove tpg point. here on the left a huge explosion of radioactive early the, a solar flare. there have been more than half a dozen images. look at this. particles of energy shooting thousands of kilometers out in space. it's not just about pretty pictures. solar winds travel through and can reach us here on earth. it's warned satellite communications, power grids, air travel could be affected if the flares are particularly strong. at the least you may see a wonderful display like the aurora bo aurora borealis on northern lights when solar winds hit the earth's upper atmosphere. these latest don't appear to be aimed in our direction. we can breathe a little easy. they are an extraordinary site
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nonetheless. think of sports on horse back and maybe think of polo or horse jumping. when you think you've seen it all, here comes horse ball. the game in normandy is a french affair. think about the world games and you might not think of this. this is a sport that's very french, very fast, and very loud. this is horse ball which demonstrations for it here in france. to score, you have to get a football in a leather harness through a big circular net. >> this is a mix of rig by and basketball. you can shoot at the goal. two teams four player with
7:24 am
horses of course. >> it's a little more quiet. fantastic atmosphere. full stadium like this it's rather crazy. >> atmosphere certainly is rocking, but then france is horse ball home. it was invented here in the 1970s. in these matches nobody else was getting close. >> you are the best in the world, france? >> yes, we are the best. of course because we are the first. we are the first to play this ball. now we are trying to show this sport around the world. let's say maybe than more than 1,000 teams so which means a huge amount of players. they can have very, very good national teams. >> reporter: some of these players getting horse ball in
7:25 am
the olympics is the ultimate gain. they need more to pick it up. >> we are looking or so for american players. americans in rich country. we are trying to get more and more in america. >> reporter: with those global ambitions, maybe france should enjoy wins like this while they last. coming up in the next half hour on "gmt," a frightening invasion of privacy. nude photos of celebrities including actress jennifer laurence posted after what seems to be an apparent hack. it seems they were accessed from a cloud accounts. some stars vowed to take legal action. we'll explain how it happened and what implications are for all of us. if you want to get us in
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back to "gmt" on bbc world news. in this half hour, you may have deleted them off your phone, but just how safe are your photos stored on i cloud? a host of celebrities complain private photos of them naked have been leaked online after an apparent hack. we bring you a new series on people living with disabilities. we hear today from a star swimmer from ukraine who's battle to succeed is more than physical. alice looks at what's happening in business.
7:31 am
do i hear wedding bells? >> these couples over in china going for extreme lengths to get that perfect picture. it turns over the entire output of some european countries. nude photos of celebrities including actress jennifer laurence, pop starry anna and others are online. some have seemed to confirm it's them in the images. photos are obtained by hacking celebrity i cloud accounts. jennifer law wednesday vows to take legal action. with me is dave lee. how did photos come to light, was it twitter? >> they were first leaked on an
7:32 am
image marriage shearing board. it's where these hacks are made public. the suggestion is that some images came from i cloud and other cloud storage. this is not the thing, how safe are cloud storages like this? whether people realize they're doing it as well. a lot of devices automatically put them on a cloud or google drive or drop box, various things without messily being aware that's the case. >> one chilling thing. the access said to those of you looking at photos i took with my husband years ago in the privacy of our home, hope you feel good about yourself. that is ill whichilling. they deleted the photos. they reappeared because they had been there on the cloud. >> when we buy devices, services
7:33 am
that come with them that say it's okay if your phone gets lost, we'll back up everything. it feels like a good idea. you say i'd like to keep everything i've taken and keep it. it might be a phone you've thrown away and exists out there somewhere. in order for services to be useful, they have to be successful in a way that isn't complicated and cumbersome. there are ways to get to them so that people can use it. >> has there been response from apple and others about this and responsibilities of people to protect privacy? >> we know little about what the companies are doing. we have had discussion with companies. off the record they're saying that they're looking into it. there's no suggestion that i cloud has been hacked. none at all. security experts say more likely someone got a pass word from other means and used it to log
7:34 am
onto the service. >> someone that didn't want it accessed could describe it as a hack. but it could be a pass word -- >> it's sadly often the human most vulnerable in this. there's investigating to see the source and method at which these pictures were come by. >> fascinating. thanks very much. now every year in pakistan, several hundred young christian or hindu girls are forcibly converted to islam sometimes married off. the country is making life increasingly hard for non muslim pakistanis. they make up 10% of the population. our correspondent met two girls with very different experiences. her report starts in northern pakista
7:35 am
pakistan. >> i don't want to be a muslim. i like my religion. i didn't know if i could still be a christian. my uncle told me that if i said in court i had no not converted willingly i could stay a christian. >> and she did. the men are still threatening her family. she takes comfort from reading her bible. she has to take refuge in her village in a christian slum. there's no school nearby. she's just trying to be a child. for the family, the anguish continues hindus have come to court hoping to see their 17-year-old daughter. they say she was abducted,
7:36 am
converted to islam and held in the city. i happen to be at same ma dress that week and met a girl from the village. in an interview, she told me she was happy, but her family insists she's lying out of fear. her mother tells me she is still her daughter even as a muslim. she wants to hear her says that what she wants. we head to court hoping to see her. >> we've just come out of the court where we've been waiting for about two hours for her to show up. unfortunately she didn't come. her family is very disappointed. the kumars have traveled five hours to get to this hearing. they're feeling very dejected and somewhat fearful in the face of the powerful ma dressa which
7:37 am
they say is holding their loved one. >> when i met the principle before knowing she was there, he had assured me no one in his school had been forcefully converted. weeks after the visit, she was finally take african-american the compound where she's been living to appear in court. she cried when reunited to her parents but said nothing. behind closed doors, she did apparently tell the judge she had converted willingly and her fate was sealed. her mother is still clinging to hope. bbc news. time to catch up with business news. closer ties between japan and india. >> talks between india's new prime minister modi and japan leader shinzo abe are taking place in tokyo. they come as part of the five day trip to japan as the leader
7:38 am
looks to strengthen ties with the third largest economy in the world. high on the agenda plans for nuclear cooperation. they're hoping for a deal on defense collaboration between the to nations. i should warn you there's flash photography in the report. >> reporter: japanese leaders don't usually weapon foreign dignitaries with a bear hug, but for prime minister shinzo abe, modi is not just some foreign guest. the fact of the indian prime minister has come here to japan for his first major foreign visit is hugely significant. prime minister shinzo abe has said he thinks japan and india are natural allies and should be much closer, not just economically but militarily. the two are reported to have great personal admiration for each other. the japanese media has been making much of the fact plaintiff modi is one of only
7:39 am
three people prime minister abe follows on twitter. both are modernizing nationalist and both are weary of the rising power of china. while he is here, modi will discuss buyi inin ining japanes speed trains, technology and new investment. he will also talk about buying japanese military technology and about the japanese and indian navies holding regular joint exercises. supporters of mr. abe say it's sensible to seek alliance with india to counter balance the growing power of china. critics say the tokyo access only makes japan already disastrous relations with china even worse. bbc news in tokyo. france has become the latest
7:40 am
airline to suspend flights to liberia and sierra leone due to the outbreak. british air ways are to resume flights today. the ban remains in place the rest of the year. governments in countries fear they're becoming increasingly isolated. earlier i asked travel experts if there are any airlines that still fly to the affected areas. >> at the present time there's one european airline, brussels, still flying to west africa. all other european airlines have pulled out. air france last week after the crew refused to fly. british air ways announced end of last week they were cancelling until 2015 at the earliest. kenya have cancelled all flights. this is clearly having a huge impact on economies. exports are virtually impossible because the ports are also
7:41 am
finding it difficult to get ships to go in, imports and the movement of commodities have become difficult. nigeria expects growth to form by 4% purely as a result of failure of people to travel. >> what were you looking for in wedding photos? all a board group shots with the in-laws. over in china, brides to be want more than that. we report on the country's booming industry in novelty wedding photos. >> reporter: it's a photo shoot guaranteed to take the breath away. china's booming economy has seen a splurge in wedding spending in recent years. with it has come a rapid change in taste and customs. >> it's special for us because a
7:42 am
lot of couples choose the original styles. we want a special style for ours. i think under water is more beautiful for the couples i think. >> if you can't afford time off work for those special images, then why not have them taken on the job. these photos of a parra little marry police officer and his wife recently went viral on the chinese internet. unlike in the west, couples have their main set of photos taken well in advance of the wedding and with more than half a million registered wedding photographers, competition is fierce. in shanghai alone, there are dozens of studios with the special tanks needed for underwater shots. china might not have invented the genre, but it's caught on fast as old traditions are swamped by a flood of new money.
7:43 am
>> this foe show shoot is costing the couple here a little more than $300 u.s. with some 10 million chinese couples tying the knot each year, that spending adds up. the industry today is worth estimated $80 billion u.s. >> that's more than the total output of economies including all wedding ceremonies, honeymoons. for photographers that want to hang onto their share of its, spotting the next new trend may determine if they sink or swim. bbc news. >> novelty photography big business. karin, do you think it's too late to get our photos redone? >> i'm impressed how the brides look even under water. thanks very much. stay with us here on bbc world news. still to come, we speak to a star swimmer from ukraine who's
7:44 am
b battle to succeed is more than physical. we speak to people around the world living with disabilities.
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7:46 am
you're watching "gmt." the top story this is hour. as ukraine bolsters the the defensive in the southeast of the country the ukrainian army abandons the air force under attacks from tanks it says were russian. antigovernment protestors in pakistan force their way into the headquarters of state tv. the activists are calling for the prime minister's resignation. it is one of the most exciting and chaotic days in world sports. there's hours left before the football deadline closes.
7:47 am
clubs around the world are scrambling to find a squad. it's a record breaking period of exchange. almost $2 billion changing hands. who's going where? can we expect dramatic last minute deals as the deadline comes to a close? here's nick marshal to tell us more. hi nick. >> hi. i'd love to promise you more drama. i'm sure we'll get it. we had some early on with 12 hours to go in the deadline day window. we had a big signing. fallco from columbia, he's been loaned to manchester united. we're hearing $13 billion fee. he's on his way over to manchester united now on a plane to have his medical and few other checks. then he will be all clear to take part in the lineup. interesting deal, this guy wasn't in the world cup.
7:48 am
he was one of the big names to perform. an injury took him out. it was unfortunate not to see him. manchester fans are all over twitter saying they are excited to see this striker perform in the red jersey. where is he going to fit in? they have huge signings from last week from the transfer window and also the captain. maybe he'll fit in the defensive world. clearly they're trying to bolster their attack. woeful season so far. only two goals scored in three games in the premiere league. that capital one league won one lost two. louis looking to bolster his attack. they got lubbock read from qpr. he was on loan to new castle.
7:49 am
$17.5 million that deal. that will help out chelsea who are top of the table three wins from three games. little bit earlier on, from manchester united shown the door. they're clearing stock to make way for new stars. a player from japan came before cometing to manchester united. four year deal with the german runners up from last year. he's really looking forward to playing for them again. also, just an interesting one to note before i go karen. a keen eye on danny wellbik, the striker. we might see a move by him by the end of the day. we'll keep you up to date on bbc world news throughout the day. >> pause for breath now. thank you very much for that comprehensive round up. that's nick marshal. i'm sure we'll see more of him
7:50 am
today. if you studied chemistry at school, you may think this is little hr than sitting on the periodic table. two elements have been used by athletes to give them competitive edge, an edge ruled to be unfair. the world anti-doping agent say is banning agents to produce more red blood cells to increase stami stamina. with me t the head of science and medicine at the uk anti-dopi anti-doping. these are gases. how do they have effect in the body? >> as you mentioned, they're in the air we breathe in in very small quantifies. when there's a technique which layers them to be concentrated into a gas mix you can inhale yourself. this is what the world anti-doping agency is concerned with athletes. >> what do they actually do when
7:51 am
they get inside your body. how does that improve stamina? >> they increase capacity to carry oxygen which for an athlete in particular endurance athlete, when exercising need more oxygen to exercise. it also enables an athlete to train hard and improve quicker. they obtain oxygen to the muscles. is it harmful or standard to do apart from it being banned? >> it's banned for three criteria. it is has the potential of being a performance enhancer. it can have effect on health of athlete. >> there isn't actually a test is there to tell whether an athlete has been taking it? what is the point of banning this really?
7:52 am
>> for tests to be credible, it needs to be reversed. we don't want to accuse an athlete of doping. it needs to take time to credit the test. in the meantime -- they are developing the test. in the meantime we have columns to proceed with. we have an intelligence investigation unit which main responsibility is to look for athletes using or possessing already. we have passports which allows us to look for suspicious athletes. an athlete using argon oil may come up with lbiological
7:53 am
variables. >> thank you very much. we'll focus on people living with disability. in the first of our series accessible world, ukraine top parraa olympics swimmer from donet donetsk. his local swimming pool was hit by shelling. despite this, he won two gold and one silver at the championship recently held in holland. here is his story. >> translator: i'm from ukraine. i am a paralympian swimmer and european champion. i've taken part in two parra olympic games. i live in donetsk near the rail ray station. it's very tense in donetsk at the moment. people are worried. i'm worried.
7:54 am
we are worried for our life and our home because apart from that city, people don't have anywhere to go. it's the same for me. i've lived in donetsk all my life. i used to go outside a lot, but since the fighting started, i only go out when i have to train. i make up my mind depending on where i hear the shots coming from. the if they're close, i stay in. if they're far a way, i go out and i'm not scared. well, it's still a bit scary. training for me became a hundred times more difficult because it was scary to go outside or to train in the swimming pool that was shaking. now when ever i hear noise or rustling, i think oh no,
7:55 am
something is going to happen. and then the swimming pool where i used to train was hit. the water had to be drained out, so now there's nowhere for me to swim. i can only do general physical exercise like sit-ups. in donetsk, it's really difficult to prepare for competition. i feel supported by everybody. lots of people say i should leave the city. this is my home. this is where my family is. i'm not going anywhere. i have a great coach who understands and supports me. >> ukrainian champion there. with a reminder of our top story concerning ukraine. the ukrainian government is sending reinforcements to mariupol to fight separatist rebels.
7:56 am
russian tanks apeer to be supporting rebel fighters. we hear the ukrainian army has left position in luhansk airport just northeast of mariupol after they were attack add by a column of tanks. if you want to get in touch with us here at bbc, do so on social media. thanks for being with us. another left his shoes on the plane... his shoes! and a third simply doesn't want to be here. ♪ until now... until right booking now. ♪ planet earth's number one accomodation site booking.yeah!
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