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tv   BBC World News  BBC America  March 31, 2015 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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this is bbc america. and now, live from london, "bbc world news." hello. i am with "bbc world news." our top story. a huge power failure hit turkey cutting power, and putting homes in darkness. the opposition candidate, muhammadu buhari is ahead. another round of talks with hours to go before a self-imposed deadline runs out. beyonce.
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kanye west. >> are they hard to come by? the biggest names in the music business. breaking news for you from turkey. it's been a massive power cut striking many cities in half of all provinces of the country. it's hit services subways shut down and planes diverted. the prime minister said all possible causes were being investigated including a terror attack. a break in connections with europe. the energy emergency set up a crisis center. let's get the latest from istanbul. >> reporter: i am in one of the shared taxi's here. it's impossible to get around at the moment. the public transport has
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completely gone down. the taxis on the streets here. while i was waiting a half hour to grab one, i came into this shared taxi. >> sorry, your line is gone. can you still hear me or not? no we have lost the connection. we will try to go back to him. he has said that the national electricity company is constantly engaged. there are sporadic electricity cuts in turkey. apparently, no one can remember such a nationwide outage for a generation. that is the latest from mark loewen. they are investigating in turkey, the possibility of a cyber attack. there is no confirmation at all,
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yet yet, what the cause is. huge power cuts in turkey, right across the country. we will get more on that as soon as we can. meanwhile, we are going to nigeria. the outcome of the presidential election is expected to become clear in the coming hours. remaining states give their results. the opposition candidate, muhammadu buhari is ahead of goodluck jonathan. will is our correspondent. what can you tell us about the results and when are we expecting the rest of them? >> reporter: as you say, about half the states have declared. the gap at the moment is some 2 million votes. that's the margin with muhammadu
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buhari in the lead at the moment. we still have many states to come in. at this stage, you have to turn to the different political parties and check their moods. certainly, inside the governing party, the faces are much longer. they are struggling to work out how this election can be won. when you look at the results that have come in and look at some of the unofficial results that are also coming in from across the country. the opposition party, its confidence of victory. having said that it's dangerous to predict anything at all in nigeria and publicly both parties are saying they can win this vote. the surprise would be if it's not disputed by one side or the other. we may well get the results by the end of today. >> tell us about muhammadu
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buhari. >> reporter: well, he is of course, known for his days when he was last in power back in the 1980s. he came to power after a coup at the end of 1983 and then in 1984, he lasted a few months and was ousted himself. he is a muslim candidate from the north of the country. of course this election has thrown up some of the divisions in this country, some of the religious and regional things that have come up. he certainly had tried during the campaign to put out the message, he would, if he wins be a president for the whole nation. he has, in the past been portrayed by some in nigeria as a northern candidate, a northern leader. the president himself, goodluck jonathan campaigned very hard during the process to ensure he gets across the country.
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his heartland, of course is in a largely christian area. it's actually down there that some of the states the results have not come in. that could skew it back toward goodluck jonathan. many people are saying when you look at the map, it's going to be very hard for the incumbent to catch up. the gap that has developed between him and buhari. >> many thanks indeed. >> we are going to go back to turkey. mark lowen is back with us. sorry, we lost you there. tell us more about the power cut. >> i'm in a shared taxi. it's impossible to get individual taxis. the public transport network has gone down. that is one of the ways istanbul and the country uses the power.
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shopping malls, homes, factories, all down. when the power was cut mid-morning today. it's not exactly known what caused the incident. the prime minister says it may be down to a line connecting mainland turkey and europe. they were investigating a cyber attack or terror attack but at the moment there's no indication that has been the case. we are getting information 15% of istanbul has power restored. in the meantime flights have been delayed. >> if power has been restored that is positive if that's the case. would that indicate it's not a deliberate attack? what sort of back-up is there, do we know. >> reporter: we don't know. a back up system has swung into place. whether that could negate the reason for it. at the moment the website has
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been down much of the morning, phone lines and information scarce. authorities were taken by surprise. turkey suffers sporadically from cuts, this nationwide power outage seems to affect 40 provinces in turkey is unprecedent unprecedented. they do not remember such an outage in a generation. >> we'll come back to you soon for updates. thanks, for now. we are going to have our news story waiting in the studio. talking about nigeria, we were talking on a moment ago. elections, hopefully the results today. what is it going to mean? >> a lot of hard work to turn the economy around. it is a big economy, indeed. let me explain. hello there, as you have been hearing, the nigerian election is too close to call.
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over the past 15 years, nigeria has been one of the fastest growing economies. last year a statistic boost when gross domestic product was boosted. the news sectors such as mobile fine. in south africa the biggest economy. the country has a tough time ahead of it. as i mentioned, whoever wins the election will have their work cut out for them. nigeria's growth is fueled by the high oil prices. the price of crude, the fall of it led to a depreciation in nigeria's currency. we are going to keep up with all things nigeria throughout the rest of the day. how about this one? fascinating. italy, israel and spain passed bills of the use of ultra thin models. france is going to be next.
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they include measures to ban designers and labels using models too thin by health care standards. they would be required to prove they have a bmi of 18. they do that through a medical certificate then they have weigh ins. an amendment prohibits websites that glorify anorexia. one question is how do you enforce it? i tell you what models who come in underweight would face fines of up to $80,000 u.s. or prison sentences. huh? you can't do that. surely. tweet me. all the business coming up on "gmt." seriously? too thin you are in. two years in the clinger. >> thanks aaron. negotiations have resumed on
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iran's nuclear program. hours left before an end of day deadline for an agreement. foreign ministers from six world powers are pressing the iranians to limit atomic work for easing sanctions. the aim of stopping them from developing nuclear weapons. russia said they would be rejoining the talks as long as there were no last minute demands. our chief correspondent is following events in switzerland. >> reporter: you may remember that he left here yesterday and said he would be back basically, when there was something to come back for. the fact he is coming back the last crucial day before reaching a self-imposed deadline is a sign that he feels his time will not be wasted. that would mean that all foreign ministers of the six powers sitting down with iran will be around the table wrestling with
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the last final details in the last remaining obstacles in a set of understandings that could pave the way for the drafting of a final deal whose deadline is the end of june. if they achieve that it will be cigsignificant significant, even historic. >> very tense. the talks have been going on for such a long time. are you getting any information from them or absolutely not? >> reporter: well in these kind of talks, you couldn't choose a more serene setting. the waters are choppy here on lake geneva. inside there's intense discussions, not just with diplomats and politicians. iran and americans, some of their best nuclear scientists have been working through this deal.
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many say this strengthens the deal. they are saying this is not just about politics. it's not just about good will. it's how much will iran be allowed to spend. what percentage will it be able to enrich uranium too. then, there's very complicated issues of sanctions. they have some of the best minds in the world here. of course this is being watched in many capitols around the world, every twist and turn. what emerges is not just a deal but a good deal. there's no consensus on what that means. >> can you give us a sense of what it means, briefly, if that happens? not just on the nuclear front, but in wider terms? >> reporter: let's remember this stand off with iran the suspicions about the nuclear ambitions have been troubling the world and iran for the last 12 years. there have been negotiations
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going on for many years. this space, the last 18 months since a new administration came into power in iran were so intense. if they, by the end of june come to an agreement between iran and six world powers to curve their nuclear program, to convince the world it is peaceful, this would be the biggest treaty in decades and victory for diplomacy. gunmen in uganda -- accused of organizing bomb attacks that killed dozens of football fans five years ago. he was shot dead by a man who followed her on a motorcycle. she drove home with her three children on monday. the children were unhurt. they described the death as a big loss to the country. a possible link with a trial of 30 men belonging to the militant group al shabab.
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speeding up the path of trying to identify victims. the co-pilot who crashed the plane had been treated for suicidal thoughts. we have the report. >> reporter: a week on from the germanwings crash that killed 150 people and slowly meticulously the teams in the french alps continue to go through the wreckage. there are no bodies. red flags mark where remains have been found. the authorities say it could take four months before all are identified. the identification work is being done at a specialist laboratory near paris. 400 samples have been taken here where the pain staking process of matching dna of the victims to families are under way. >> translator: we are working quickly to return the bodies of the dead to their families. >> reporter: investigators are
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trying to get a clearer picture why the co-pilot may have deliberately flown the people to their deaths. he had been treated for suicidal thoughts before becoming a pilot, but showed no recent signs of wanting to kill himself. new pictures emerged of what german tv says is him training to be a pilot. from the ground he relayed instructions over the radio. he carries out various maneuvers. in dusseldorf people are trying to come to terms of what happened. there are so many questions and few answers. now, some of the biggest names in the music business joined forces for the first ever
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artist owned streaming service. the rapper and music mogul jay-z jay-z. here is the report from los angeles. >> beyonce. >> all-star lineup of investors. some of the most recognizable faces in the music business united in their support of a streaming service. jay-z's title friendly offering streaming and thousands of music videos. >> our goal is simple. we want to create a better service and a better experience for both fans and artists. that is our promise to the world. our mission goes beyond commerce. it goed beyond technology. our intent is to preserve music's importance in our lives. >> reporter: other streaming sites that offer premier and free services supported by
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advertising. >> now i would like to invite my fellow owners to join me in signing our declaration. thank you for being here today. this is the beginning of a whole new era. >> reporter: the musicians will have stake in the company and use it as their exclusive outlet for new releases. musicians said they were not getting a fair deal from the sites. it would feature removed music from spotify. it is established with 15 million subscribers around the world. jay-z and his famous co-investors have a battle on their hand as they try to kill for good the notion music should be free. bbc, los angeles. >> stay with us here. much more to come.
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this is "bbc world news." the latest headlines. public transport, including the subway has been brought to a halt in turkey by a huge power failure. the prime minister says all causes are being investigated including terrorist attacks. the opposition candidate mu ham madu buhari is pulling ahead. the war in ukraine claimed more than 6,000 lives. a team is traveling around ukraine to see the success of the troops. the journey continues there.
9:22 am
they are living by the front line. >> it's amazing to see how much this area has changed in the last six months. it's one of another abandoned villages. it's hard to believe this is europe in the 21st century. [ speaking foreign language ]
9:23 am
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>> one villager caught up in the front line in ukraine. that crisis still dominating the region. there's more at our correspondents in the field are there all the time. when young people turn to the internet about sex and relationships, they sometimes stumble across pornography. this can have a stunning effect. one in five 12 to 13-year-olds are watching explicit content. one in ten are addicted to it. we have the report. >> reporter: this 17-year-old girl who doesn't want to be
9:25 am
identified says her exboyfriend watches a lot of pornography. she says it led him to sexually assaulting her. >> because i was young, i thought i was mature. it had different affects on me at different stages in my development. i felt dirty, confused shocked and withdrawn from normality. >> psychologists say the effects of viewing pornography on young people can be very damaging. they can become depressed and feel pressurized to engage in behavior they are not ready for. the nspcc commissioned a company, one poll to survey 2,000 young people online with the permission of their parents. almost 700 of them between the ages of 12 and 13. the charity says the finding
9:26 am
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9:31 am
out. the co-pilot of lubitz at the help of a plane. how whales hear under water. scientists say it has to do with the food they eat. hello and welcome. a massive power outage struck turkey affecting the cities and half provinces across the city. transport services shut down trams come to a halt and flights diverted. traffic signals have been disrupted. the turkish prime minister said
9:32 am
all things are being investigated including a terrorist attack. the energy minister says a crisis center has been set up. >> translator: at 10:36 turkish time, the electricity network collapsed. there may be many reasons for this. our friends are searching. our priority is to restore the energy back. i cannot say it's a cyber attack. >> pictures out of turkey but our correspondent in istanbul mark lowen is on the line for us. what can you tell us? >> reporter: power has come back to some areas of the country. it is being restored to some neighborhoods, we are hearing.
9:33 am
we have at least 30 provinces without power out of 81 provinces. it's affected people in many ways. power stations are halted. shopping malls. the tram managed to resume. we don't know what caused all this. the prime minister said it could be a break in the power lines between turkey and mainland europe for the rest of the country. but, they are investigating all possibilities, possibly a cyber attack or terror attack we don't know. locals do not remember this kind of nationwide power outage for a generation. >> do we have technical information on how that can happen? there are back up supplies to keierre yas. could that explain why some parts of istanbul are back on? >> reporter: maybe. when you look at the airport, reports there say 11 of the 16
9:34 am
air traffic receivers, control receivers were taken out by this. you would have thought it's a very busy airport like this would have back-up systems in place. i presume they do but maybe they were taken out by the power outage. the planes were disrupted and diverted from istanbul airport. a major impact across crosscross turkey. you get sporadic outages, but nothing of this severity and this scale, really, for years. that is why there will be a major investigation of the crisis. we have been trying to speak to the national electricity company all morning. the website was down. phone lines were constantly engaged. there will be a major investigation to try to get to the bottom of this and find out how such an enormous power outage could have happened. >> we heard them saying they
9:35 am
couldn't say if it was a cyber attack. that question is going to come to people's minds, is it terror related and who could be behind such a thing. >> it will be. of course, to get to the bottom of that is difficult, indeed. turkey faces a number of security threats, both home grown groups and, of course the crisis on the borders. but, you know there will be people who don't want to relay those kind of concerns. the prime minister said all possibilities are on the table, including terror attack. there's nothing saying that is the case. it could be the aging infrastructure and power lines in need. that is why this huge investigation is under way to get to the bottom of it. >> very quickly, you were in a cab sharing your journey a few minutes ago.
9:36 am
how are people reacting on the street? >> reporter: you don't get a sense of panic or anything. people are trying to go about their day in a normal way. of course the taxis are all taken. public transport is down. the streets are very crowded. police are deployed at junctions. it doesn't help that it's not great weather. it's 45 minutes or so in the pouring rain. that doesn't make you so happy. >> many thanks indeed. news in turkey is being widely discussed on social media. no electricity here is already trending worldwide on i hope we have some point. it has been trending in the last few hours. 25,000 times it's been tweeted.
9:37 am
what are you hearing? >> well as you said we don't know the cause of the power cuts yet but people have been tweeting and tweeting and facebooking about it. they have been making jokes like this happens because the political issues are going so fast in turkey and we needed a break. they were joking about it. it's the only thing you can do when there's a power cut. >> a massive power cut does affect everything, doesn't it? >> it does except the mobile phones. people are on the social media following the news and what's going to happen next. when are they going to get power back? they have been joking about it. they have been spending a lot of time on social media today. >> thank you very much.
9:38 am
indeed, we will catch up with you if more happens on that. thanks very much. we move to nigeria next. the outcome of the presidential elections are about to come clear. with just over half of the votes declared, the opposition candidate, muhammadu buhari has a lead over goodluck jonathan. heavy populated regions are yet to report. we know there opposition candidate buhari is looking ahead slightly on the results and his support of possibly more confident. we are going to wait for the results to come in anytime now. talks resumed on iran's nuclear program in the swiss city. with hours left before that end of day deadline for an agreement.
9:39 am
foreign ministers from six world powers are pressing the iranians to stop developing nuclear weapons. lavrov said he would rejoin the talks after leaving yesterday. he said a deal was dealable. >> reporter: two sides try to reach a deal that could be more sensitive or difficult. on the one hand six foreign ministers wanting to curve iran's ability to build a nuclear weapon. iran wants an end to the sanctions that hit the economy so hard. involved in negotiations the u.s., china, britain, france, germany and russia to reach an agreement by tuesday. >> we are here because we believe a deal can be done. it's in everybody's interest that a deal does get done.
9:40 am
it has to be a deal that puts the bomb beyond iran's reach. there can't be compromise about that. if we are going to get this done. iran has to take a deep breath and make decisions to ensure the lines can be met. >> reporter: monday night, there were a number of hurdles remaining. the length of restrictions. the relaxing of u.n. sanctions against them and how quickly they will be lifted. what happens if they don't comply with the deal. a glance at the press room makes it clear, this matters to the rest of the world. some observers are optimistic about the chances of a deal being reached. even if a deal emerges, some doubt that it will stop iran from developing nuclear weapons. they say that could lead to any such deal blocked by politicians. >> if there's an agreement, aran will be allowed to enrich
9:41 am
uranium and it will hurt the united states. we can have bipartisan support for sanctions against iran despite this deal. >> reporter: negotiations have been going on for 18 months and ending a 12-year stand off. whether they succeed or fail is a significant moment not just for the middle east but the wider world. bbc news. our other big story today, nearby nigeria. we are waiting for the results on the presidential vote. let's go live. you are at the national coalition center i gather. what can you tell us? when do we expect the latest results to come in? is it confirmed which party is ahead at the moment? >> reporter: the coalition
9:42 am
center. we are waiting for the remaining results from the various states to be declared. what actually happened when the chairman of the commission announced he's going to start announcing the results, then suddenly, the representative of the ruling party came out in passionate protest accusing the chairman of bias. he has taken complaints from the opposition apc and refused to take complaints. at the moment as we are talking, the chairman is responding to the issues. >> this is because the president, mr. goodluck jonathan is looking like he is not ahead of this is that right? >> reporter: at the moment i think at the moment what is
9:43 am
happening is they have been declared. it's behind. they are still in reserve to be declared. i think at the moment we cannot call it for any one of the candidates. i think the passionate protest is showing i think they are losing the battle. >> what is the nature of their protest? what are they upset about? >> reporter: they are protesting against -- they are accusing the chairman because as they said there was a complaint from the opposition apc from the election that took place. the chairman took that complaint and sent -- they are accusing the chairman they have also submitted complaints on
9:44 am
elections. northern nigeria where the apc made a strong show. in the response as chairman of the commission said the complaint was not submitted to the proper center. he asked them to submit it through the proper channel. that's why he has taken action on that. >> we can hear noise behind you. we have to leave it at that. thanks very much. the germanwings aircraft. speeding up the task of identifying the victims. the co-pilot who crashed the plane had been treated for suicidal thoughts. our correspondent in dusseldorf told me more about what the authorities were saying. >> reporter: this comes from the dusseldorf prosecutor leading
9:45 am
the investigation. lubitz -- he said yesterday, at some point before lubitz qualified as a pilot, he has therapy for suicidal tendencies. we don't know when it happened. it may have been when he was in his teens. it's difficult to speculate on whether that information should have been passed on to an airline company. at the start of their flight then they are seen by a doctor once a year. they have to pass information if they have serious concerns about a pilot. andreas lubitz was trying to hide any psychological problems he may have had. >> what about the crash site? the intense search goes on. incredibly painful the whole
9:46 am
thing. >> yeah a grim task of trying to identify some 400 body parts that have been recovered. as you heard in the report there, the investigators saying it may be six months before relatives are told of formal identification. we learned from france that the investigators say some of the victims may never be formally identified. relatives are continuing to give forensic evidence. there's a team meeting with relatives, taking examples. they can be matched to the remains found at the site. a very very difficult task. in some cases, there will never be a formal identification. gunmen in uganda murdered the lead prosecutor in a trial accused of organizing bomb attacks that killed dozens of football fans five years ago. he was shot dead by a man who
9:47 am
followed her on a motorcycle as she drove home on monday. the children were unhurt. her death is a big loss to the country. investigating a possible link in the trial of 30 men belonging to al shabab. >> giving same-sex partners the same benefits as hetero sexual couples couples. why has this law broken away? >> reporter: well, perhaps it's following the trend of the times. actually where our studio is in tokyo is in the middle of the ward. it's one of the trendiest parts of tokyo with lots of young people coming to show off, going to nightclubs restaurants. it has a liberal atmosphere here. it is not surprising it is the
9:48 am
first place in the whole of japan to make this move. we understand it's not alone. there are other wards in tokyo considering similar ordinances to recognize same-sex couples. although, one has to say, these ordinances are not legally binding. although the government is going to issue certificates to same-sex couples if they apply, and they say it should have the same status it doesn't. it's not legally binding. people who continue to discriminate against same-sex couples will not face legal sanctions. it's a moral obligation. they are calling on people businesses landlords and so on to treat same-sex couples the same. >> what is the root of japan's wider opposition to same-sex couples? >> reporter: well this is a very conservative country. certainly, the ruling party and many people on the right of the
9:49 am
political spectrum here in japan believe the family and relationships between men and women, essentially are the foundation of society. that is quite a strongly held belief in conservative parts of japanese society. i think, particularly, the ruling the democratic party led by shinzo abe came out strongly saying it undermines the foundation of japanese society. at the same time we are seeing a social shift here. a survey done earlier this week by a big japanese newspaper found more than half japanese people support same-sex marriages and 60% support what happened here. >> many thanks. stay with us on "bbc world news." much more to come. beyonce. kanye west. >> some of the biggest names in the music industry. a streaming service that can
9:50 am
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this is "bbc world news." we have the headlines for you. public transport on the subway has been brought to a halt in istanbul and other parts of turkey by a huge power failure. the prime minister says all causes are being investigated including terrorist attack. the opposition candidate, buhari has pulled ahead in the elections. the results should be heard later today. the biggest names in music have joined for the first ever artist streamed service. it's a competitor for spotify.
9:53 am
madonna, kanye west are part of it. spotify is the industrial leader and charges $15 a month for access to 30 million tracts. spotify has a no charge service. the titled launch was extravagant. >> it was a potential launch. >> we are beyond commerce. >> of course it's commerce. it's business. i like the artists owning their site. it's whether the money goes into their pockets, if it works or where the money goes. >> what are they worried about that they didn't get paid enough? >> they are not getting enough revenue from sites like spotify, itunes, setting up their own site they will be able to get more money and more control as well. >> how much more are they going to get? >> i don't know. i don't know the specifics.
9:54 am
it's not just artists and spotify. there's a record company in the middle as well. >> those who want to listen what difference is there going to be between title and the others? >> the title saying they are offering a full cd quality streaming service, incredibly high quality as it would be on a cd. other sites do very very high quality streaming as well. it's not that different. >> are you going to switch? >> i don't think so. 15 million people are on spotify. under half a million at the moment. it's a question of convenience. it's going to take more than celebrities signing an agreement. >> if they want to listen to something untitled is that going to be the case? >> i'm sure. that's one of the things they are pitching as something they do. the music industry is untitled.
9:55 am
it won't be long before that appears. they will have to do it so it makes money. >> matt everett talking to me earlier. we understand whales navigate and communicate. we are asking why they have different systems of hearing from each other. scientists in washington think they have a clue. there are graphic images at the start of this report. >> reporter: this pickled blue whale was acquired when commercial whaling was still an industry. almost a century later, scientists are looking inside its head to learn more about how the largest mammals develop underwater hearing. >> you can see the ear there. it's awesome. >> sound is crucial to whale survival. different whales developed dichbt different ways of hearing. >> very directional beams from
9:56 am
their forehead. they are listening to echoes from their prey or their surroundings to look for dinner. they are really paying attention to sounds coming from the front. in some whales the acoustic funnel starts out facing forward, but then it rotates out to face sideways. >> reporter: the results of the fetal scans were compared with the bones and fossils of adult whales. >> this is a whale ear bone. it looks like this. if this were another whale, it would be rockered like that and they would have heard that way. >> reporter: why is that? >> we think, out of research, it has to do with how they speak. >> they scoop up their food by opening their giant jaws by as much as 90 degrees. to accommodate that stretch, their ear bones seem to have shifted. that's important to note because sonar and ship engines have made the oceans noisy.
9:57 am
>> we don't understand the impact of ocean noise on marine mammals, such as whales that use hearing to make a living in oceans. so to better understand that we have to understand how whales hear in the first place. once we establish that first step we will have a better understanding of how to mitigate the causes and consequences of ocean noise on whales. i mean, come on. national gives me the control to choose any car in the aisle i want. i could choose you... or i could choose her if i like her more. and i do. oh, the silent treatment. real mature. so you wanna get out of here? go national. go like a pro.
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hello, you are watching "gmt." i'm lucy hockings. our top stories, nigeria holds a presidential election. opposition candidate muhammadu buhari has the lead. how close are we to the results? >> we will bring it to you live on a day we witnessed some drama at the coalition center. a deal on nuclear's program.


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