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threat for survival. but with the emergence of polish supermarkets and latvian delis, this unsung hero soldiers on. and you can see more of booze, beans & bhajis: the story of the corner shop on bbc four tonight at 10pm. time for a look at the weather. here's louise lear. s, fifa say there is only room for sport and nothing else when inside the stadium and on the pitch but we can expect appeals here. it is not feeling like december. very mild so far, and bland really for most of us, in fact this weather watcher‘s picture illustrates the story again, a cloudy start, low cloud and following and a grey story, but things are set to change, it has to be said. so after a quiet start to the week, it is going to turn wet and windy with gales or severe gales sandwiched in between the two, we could for a time see brighter interludes as well. the reason being though, the high pressure that has been the driving force for so long, that is drifting further east into europe and it is opening the floodgates for a series of low pressures to move in from the
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atlantic, powered by a fast—moving jet stream, the isobars squeezing together. gales or severe gales likely, there is one area of low pressure m oves likely, there is one area of low pressure moves away, a brief lull before another. this fella could arrive perhaps for christmas weekend, but let us move back to here and now before we take a look that the in more detail. a lot of cloud round today, as you can see clearly, the cloud has been thick enough for light rain, for some. look at northern ireland an western scotland. beautiful afternoon for you, i hope you are making the most of it because all change for tomorrow. lovely spells of sunshine through western scotland and northern ireland, perhaps the cloud thick enough in eastern scotland, down into the lake district and wale todd spot down into the lake district and wale t odd spot or two or drizzle. a weather front is steadily drifting westwards out of south—east england, towards the midlands and into lincolnshire for the afternoon. fair amount of cloud jenny in england and wales and another drab afternoon for many. that, the band of patchy rain will drift steadily westwards,
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further north we see the temperatures falling away, a frost is likely through northern ireland, and scotland, in towns and city centres round freezing but perhaps in rural parts as low as minus two to four, not set to last though, the next area of low pressure will move in and bring wet and windy wester, heavy rain through northern ireland, gales or severe gale, maybe storm force in the extreme north—west of scotland, so a wet and windy afternoon, by contrast for many central and eastern areas the cloud should break up and we will see glimpses of sunshine. temperatures fairly uniform at six to eight degree, as we move out of tuesday, into webs, that front pushes steadily south. the isobars still squeeze together, still windy, plenty of frequent squally showers in the far north—west. some heavy with hail, even know, it stays wet and mild to the south, much colder further north.
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our main story. the orphans of aleppo, they are among 20,000 people who have been rescued from the ruins of their city as the evacuations in syria resume. thousands remain trapped. thousands remain trapped. that's all from the bbc news at one, so it's goodbye from me, good afternoon. you're watching bbc news. i'm lizzie greenwood—hughes with the latest sport. england's cricketers have suffered more misery in the final test against india. they conceded their highest test total ever as india declared their first innings on 759—7 including a triple century by karun nair. at the close on day four in chennai, england were 12 without loss — 270 runs behind. jim lumsden has the details. quick wickets were needed. as ashwin
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made 50, the best tourist could hope for was a draw. india fancied a four nil series victory. he continued to be made, and england bowlers struggled to contain him. it has been a mark of the store that whenever england's assumed they put ona whenever england's assumed they put on a substantial innings total first, indian skip part it. —— india skip past that. one fell an hundred 99 yesterday, but i triple century was made today. england little more than spectators. 300 runs was broken with one of the great batting performances. india have registered their highest ever test score. in reply, england survived 35 overs but
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looked like they'd had enough. in two—day's time they will be on their plane home from christmas, the spirit already long gone. fifa has fined all four home nations for commemorating armsitice day during world cup qualifiers last month. england and scotland players wore poppies on armbands. wales and northern ireland's games featured displays on the pitch or in the stands. england has the biggest fine of 35 thousand pounds, with scotland and wales each fined £15,500 and northern ireland — £12,000. this leicester city say they'll appeal jamie vardy‘s red card from saturday's game at stoke. the striker was sent—off in the first half for a dangerous tackle and they're arguing vardy was knocked—off balance before making the tackle. despite being down to ten men leicester came back from 2—nil down to draw 3—all. liverpool can go back—up to second in the premier league tonight but they'll need to beat everton in the merseyside derby. it's the first one for liverpool managerjurgen klopp at goodison park and he says derbies offer a unique kind of pressure. everybody makes it always bigger
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thanit everybody makes it always bigger than it is, especially if you win it. if you went and everything is good that it causes you a lot of problems when you lose. it isn't that you talk for five weeks about when you win it, but it is very off like this when you lose, so it is pressure, of course. but i like this situation, so no worries. the pressure is talking. defence, if you can walk through liverpool, for example everybody will speak about that game. it is easy motivation to bring to the players, and then it is about tactical questions, about controlled emotions because it is always a big part in a game, don't make stupid faults, don't make stupid reactions and stay with 11 on
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the pitch. next year's bobsleigh and skeleton world championships will be held in the german resort of konigssee. it's after the original venue — the 2014 winter olympic city of sochi was stripped of the rights to stage it following allegations surrounding russian state sponsored doping. the event takes place from february 13th. that's all sport for now. you can find more on all those stories on the bbc sport website. that's bbc. c0. uk/sport, and i'll have more in the next hour. let's get more on the news that mps are holding an enquiry into combating doping in sport this morning. the culture, media and sport committee will have evidence sessions with team sky, british cycling and the world anti—doping agency. at the moment team sky have asked sir david brailsford, their boss, defence questions. i agree that if that was the sole purpose is
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somebody found out, it would seem to bea somebody found out, it would seem to be a bit extreme but the back of the matter is that it was going to be found out anywhere and we have on a very regular basis, some colleagues they have excellent already, as a team, we have been out for two weeks training, people coming in and out, moving in and out and as you become aware of people moving, if you need anything you find them up and say can you make sure that whoever needs it has got it. i think that this whole situation has been flatly misled, the sole purpose of the visit was expressly to bring and deliver a package he was coming anyway. and because he was coming he was asked to bring something from the doctor's store, so that he could restock. 0ne top of the mountain to the next. if it was such a rudimentary drive you would have thought why would you not ask the race does go for it or another team,
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if you had run out? why would you go to the slightly convoluted route... jelinek identikit is convoluted, i thought it was the easiest possible way. he has his own stores, he's coming out, something given to him and he comes. i don't think we communicate particularly with other teams there is no communication with that teams, and the race doctor wouldn't really be asked to be supply our stocks. the race doctor might have had stock of it, or even a pharmacy in france would be quicker than getting someone to come out. quicker than a career from manchester. absolutely understand the logic but i think in our lives when we are moving constantly and on the road, constantly moving around which is the case, here, one top of a mountain to another top of a mountain, late at night, and moving over that the decision that was taken. i wasn't party to it, i'd make that decision. however i can
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tell you what the situation is, it would be the only occasion and still goes on. in a case like this where this has been a matter of being investigated to see what the investigation is, it has been said that this was the drug was, this is what was in the package. we don't have any records to prove that that was the case although that may invert emerge later from another investigation. 0ne invert emerge later from another investigation. one way would be for bradley wiggins's medical records to be available to see whether that corresponds with his medical records. do you think that those records. do you think that those records should be made available to uk a.d. to satisfy themselves that what the doctor is saying is correct? your macro man standing is that they have been made available. if for any reason they wouldn't be, would you urge bradley wiggins and those doctors to make them. your macro my understanding is that they
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have been. if that were the case, would you see that they should be made available so that there can be i'io made available so that there can be no doubt? i act resolutely agree. should anything untoward have taken place at that time, which would also struck me that... the whole point of therapeutic use exemption city make sure that there is analytical finding in subsequent tests, then of course it is covered by a tuv. if bradley has taken something that you shouldn't and he was tested shortly afterwards and my understanding is that it would create an anomalous finding. my understanding is that he has given ukad his records from that time and that is a step in the right direction. thank you. i understand you studied sports at majesty university. are you a member of the chester road club. yes! my
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constituent send their greetings to you. thank you very much, i have very fond memory of there. the drugs prescribed under the therapeutic use exemption, the tue, to bradley wickens have been addressed by the medical team by which they were prescribed. did they enhance his billy macro sporting performance? that is pretty straightforward, really. when you look at the conditions granting a therapeutic use exemption that it states very clearly in black and white that the use, the granting of aid tue is to return athletes to their normal states and on the balance of probability... it is a balance of probability... it is a balance of probability. if a rider would be experiencing a performance enhancement beyond their return to the base level, then the tue should not be granted. can that be
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measured? that is clearly a plant of the anti—doping papers and the diagnosis, and the diagnostic process , diagnosis, and the diagnostic process, and also from the granting of the tue, if they believe that thatis of the tue, if they believe that that is the case, and it doesn't enhance, give your performance enhancement, then that is the case. what i would say is that in 2012 bradley wiggins won every single major race, every single major race including the tour de france that year. i personally didn't see any performance enhancement in that race beyond what he had already done. now, if he had been a mid—pack rider and had a tue with steroids, and started winning, i could understand the concern, but this wasn't the case, which leads me not to believe that there was a performance enhancement on this occasion. you obviously speak to your doctors and team doctors and your medical team regularly. have you ever had a
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conversation with any of them along the lines of luck, doctor, this team has been established on the basis of clean cycling and we are trying to clean cycling and we are trying to clean up the sport. when you are prescribing something for any of my athletes, do us a favour, don't prescribe something that's got suspicious performance enhancing side—effects, unless you really have two ? side—effects, unless you really have two? have you ever had that kind of conversation with anyone? two? have you ever had that kind of conversation with anyone ?|j two? have you ever had that kind of conversation with anyone? i think it is very clear stance, and our stance is very clear stance, and our stance is very clear stance, and our stance is very much that we take his area to —— is very much that we take his area to——a is very much that we take his area to —— a zero tolerance approach to the team and we do it right. the very drive behind trying to create what we did at british cycling and then team sky was that we wanted to do performance the right way and do it clean and win clean, and illustrate you can win the biggest worry says the right way. the
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medical team actually understood that. the medical team are fantastic. they don't need, these quys fantastic. they don't need, these guys do not need any training in, as it were, or anything guys do not need any training in, as it were, oranything in guys do not need any training in, as it were, or anything in that sense. they absolutely are trustworthy, they administer appropriate medication when necessary. the health of the athletes is at the front of their thinking. however, they also are absolutely legitimate, and they absolutely know where the lines are. i'm not suggesting they needed reining in i'mjust lines are. i'm not suggesting they needed reining in i'm just wondering if there is guidance informal or formal that suggests if there is a choice of two mitigations and one might... certainly, that's a good point. the discussions around medical group do always take the route that immuno, if there is an appropriate alternative which wouldn't require a tue then that has to be the course of action. every
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year we review our medical policies and the medical group get—together and the medical group get—together and review how we operate, and they review the step—by—step process of painkillers, and how we administer and in what condition we use them in. and the discussion which i have delineated. they are very reassuring to read, i must say. you have chosen not tojoin the to read, i must say. you have chosen not to join the mpc see in the movement for clean cycling. why is that? ella macro at the time it was nothing to do with this, quite frankly. when we set out with a clea n frankly. when we set out with a clean sheet of paper, a fantastic opportunity to create a new team, and we decided to take a zero tolerance approach to employing people who had any doping violations in their past. so issue had with the
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m pcc was that their first stance was employing anyone who had a six months ban, up to a six—month ban, which i didn't agree with. i have a letter a copy of a letter which i'm happy to share with you where i wrote to the mpcc that they moved to opposition coming third of the other way round. they did not want to do that and i did not think it was something that we wanted to change, and also as a voluntary organisation iam not and also as a voluntary organisation i am not convinced that working in a working —— voluntary organisation would have clout. i'd much prefer to work with the uci and the authorities to make their rules appropriate and work with them because they can police that. the mpcc was always going to be the case that as a voluntary organisation when something wasn't liked, they would leave and with no consequence. that is why didn'tjoin. would leave and with no consequence. that is why didn't join. is it the
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case that in the perception of corticosteroids that the mpcc has a policy that if you are given those for medical reasons you cannot race within a period after that. yes. as does the uci. there is a period, a window of eight days where you cannot compete. in which case, that would not have had a bearing on your decision tojoin would not have had a bearing on your decision to join mpcc. none, whatsoever, at the time. a few questions. sir david, just coming back to this package and it sounds like the leak of snippet of information largely much not have been malicious and seems to have created a storm in a teacup. not enhanced by the lockdown that has gone on ever since. presumably, then, under proper procedures, british cycling would invoice team
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sky. that record would exist. there was a clear when we set out... team sky come in the first instance, we look at various structures within which... corporate structures, sorry. within which to manage it. potentially we considered a joint venture between sky and british cycling to scheme and lee mack team sky. we stepped back from that because we decided the way that we wa nted because we decided the way that we wanted to create the best structure was to create team sky and that there would be a service level agreement in place which would very clearly articulates all the relationships for all the movement of staff forming a cross funding perspective. that would make the operation of any staff between the
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organisation is clear and there would be a recharging policy in place, and both the presidents at the time, brian cookson and the chief executive ian drake sat on the board of tour racing limited in order to police that very aspect of the relationship. and i believe that worked effectively stop at the time it was palmer —— a pioneering move. it gave the opportunity to get more results for british sign them. riders who were previously racing another teams, we were keen to support their 0lympic programme endeavours, which we did. into 2012, and again into rio. and i think in that respect it was successful. and again into rio. and i think in that respect it was successfullj that respect it was successful.” don't think that answers my question is about the document tree paper trail. at the time, the details of all of the invoices that came for medical products will be recorded
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and then they will have been later allocated to british cycling or team sky, and if there was a need to cross charge we would have crossed charged. it should be there. it should be there. you can add —— taiwan macro will have all the invoices. and it could be checked with british cycling and sky. i understand there is a cost code on each invoice which allocates where that invoice should be charged. so as long no false instrument had been created, which would be criminal, that should be the end of it. false what, sorry? so, as long as all the records are correct, that should be the end of it? that is why i reckon billy macro welcome ukad‘s involvement to make sure that all the details are there. thai so they should get a move on? it is due process for them. i guess it seems like a long time to everybody, and
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it has not been a easy period, i guess, in that sense. however what i do think is that in essence we should get to the truth here, and several different members of the tea m several different members of the team have had to get invoices, they have all our e—mails, they have everything which is fantastic, really, and they are taking the time to trawl all the way through so we can establish the truth. it pains me to ask this question as much as everyone else for you to answer it regarding all of our recent sporting issues. with respect to these tue, in the entire history of sky, there have been 13. correct. was at a team or medical protocol that any request had to be backed up by an independent consultant? we will leave the committee there. that is the culture media and sport killer billy macro committee in the commons. the dates brailsford
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answering questions, sky team boss, about doping in sport and cycling allegations. concerning sir bradley wiggins and his use of therapeutic use exemption is, tue. these allow athletes to use medicines otherwise banned by the anti—doping agency and claims about that mysterious package, as well, delivered to team sky, in 2011. more on that through the afternoon. but now we're going to turn our attention to the work of another commons committee actually because the number of lives lost because the number of lives lost because of suicide in england is unacceptable according to mp5. it remains the biggest cause of death in men under 49. in a report, the health select committee says a government prevention strategy for england in 2012 didn't result in any improvements. it's due to be updated early next year. our health editor hugh pym reports. i'm joined from our westminster
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studio by the chair of the health select committee, dr sarah woolaston thank you for being with us. you say in your report suicide is preve nta ble in your report suicide is preventable and much more should and could be done to support those at risk. what would you like to see done? we would like to see them in preventing the strategy because the strategy that they produced in 2012 was very sound but wasn't as focused on how it is invented across the country and there is great variation across the country in the extent to which local authorities are putting into place suicide prevention strategies. we know what works, we know that we need to use every opportunity to intervene at every stage along the journey which people are contemplating ending their own lives. we know around a third of people aren't in contact with health services is all for their death. a third are in contact with their gp and a third are in contact with specialist mental health workers. we
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need to look at those groups and say whether the opportunities not taken to intervene, and that individuals —— that involves being everybody‘s business. we have a fantastic number of volu nta ry business. we have a fantastic number of voluntary groups around the country doing amazing work supporting people. how do we integrate those with local authorities and health services to make sure that there is a clear alternative therefore people? one person who gave very compelling evidence to our enquiry said my son wasn't hard to reach, it was the services that were hard to reach so we need to make sure that people know about them and they are easily accessible. the department of health, you probably know, but that a statement saying they are investing £1 billion almost to providing health support —— mental health support in any and crisis care. is it perhaps more than a question of money? as i say, it is about being everybody‘s business, and yes, money is one part of this, but also the workforce, and what we
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have made recommendations about is speeding up the roll—out of liaison psychiatry services in every casualty department, and we have made recommendations as well about how all health professionals communicate between each other, and with people's families, with consent, and encouraging people who are taking their own lives, to involve theirfamilies, are taking their own lives, to involve their families, but how to ask that question and encourage people to do that is very —— is very important. there are many aspects covered in our report, and it is a change of mindset, here, instead of sinking of suicide is being inevitable, but thinking we have to do everything we can, absolutely, because we feel it is preventable. doctor sarah williston, thank you very much for being with us. here is louise lear with the
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weather. the story for the last few days has been pretty bland. change to come though, wet and windy, though some bright and dry interludes, but i can tell you that the high pressure that has been driving the story over the recent weeks driving the story over the recent wee ks m oves driving the story over the recent weeks moves away, and that's really just opens the floodgates for a series of low pressures to moving from the atlantic, one after the other. isobars squeezed together, perhaps severe at a time, and as one load clears away another develops and this little fellow here may well cause some issues as we move towards the christmas weekend. so if you are visiting friends and family over the next few days, with the christmas break to keep watching the forecast. it will get quite interesting, i suspect, but for the here and now it is pretty bland, really, lots of cloud and some drizzly outbreaks of rain through england and wales but beautiful sunshine to northern ireland and western scotland. you will have the best of the weather really for the rest of the afternoon. through eastern scotland
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stretching down to the lake district there is a dying weather front here, seeing some cloud and drizzly, really, along the coast, and time another weather front moving in from the south—east, continuing to drift into the midlands, across lincolnshire, and bringing some showery ad breaks of rain, really. lots of cloud across england and wales to the afternoon, great adult, damp. the rain pushes westwards through the night, temptress staying above freezing with clear skies to northern ireland and scotland, tem ptress northern ireland and scotland, temptress fall away. in rural spots we could see lows of —2— minus four degrees. a chilly start but won't last long. an area of high pressure moves in, bringing windy weather. —— low—pressure. storms in perhaps the hebrides, and some pretty intense rainfall, too, to northern ireland and western scotland, but at the same time, i suspect we will see a little more in the way of cloud
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breaking up, some sunshine coming through, across england and wales. a little warmer, 5—8 degrees. that weather front pushes steadily south, bringing rain with it across england and wales and behind it the isobars squeezed together, meaning squally showers and hail, on higher ground, with this feed of relentless wet weather across the south—east. miles to the south, cool in the far north, so temperatures likely to stay in double figures with around 8—11 degrees, further north in much colder feeler to things. seven celsius the high. this is bbc news.
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the headlines at 2pm. thousands escape east aleppo as evacuations from the syrian city continue, including nearly 50 orphans who've been brought to safety after being trapped for months. seven—year—old ba na al abed, whose tweets about life in aleppo gained a worldwide following, is also rescued. thousands of workers stage a series of strikes, hitting trains, post offices and airlines in the run up to christmas. there's chaos at stormont as members walk—out in a row over a no walk out in a row over a no confidence vote in the first minister. and in the next hour, cycling bosses face questions from mps as part of an investigation into drug use. the uk anti—doping agency is investigating alleged wrongdoing at team sky and cycling's national governing body.


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