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discussions, opens for we can start discussions, if he fancies a chat. fetching the old —— oldham born george ford back would be a major coup. for now they have to concentrate on securing their place in the top flight. before we go, let's feature on a much more uplifting tennis story. £50 million has been pledged over the next decade to double the amount of courts in doors in scotland. still more money is needed, if that goal is to be achieved. in scottish tennis, whatever your level, this has been a year unlike any other. that is it, a winner. grand slam men's doubles. once again andy murray is the olympic champion. wimbledon champion. home—grown world leaders in the sport, now want their success leaders in the sport, now want their
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success to spread leaders in the sport, now want their success to spread across leaders in the sport, now want their success to spread across scotland. it is about spreading the courts across the full country. not focusing too much on one or two areas. so everyone in scotland can play tennis. hopefully in some poorer areas where tennis may not be a sport if that is that common. to that end, the lawn tennis association and sport scotland have come up with £50 million. right now in scotland, there are 112 covered tennis courts like this. the plan, by 2027, is to double that to 225. £15 million of investment across ten yea rs, £15 million of investment across ten years, giving an annual spend of 1.5 million. to turn these plans into real tennis courts, it will require additional money and additional funding partners from the private and public sectors. we have one
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court for 118,000 people, it is one in 26,500 people for the rest of the country. that is worse than many other countries. not competing well for indoor courts, in terms of europe. this is the first stage of sorting it out. traditionally wimbledon serves up the tennis coffee is £60 million a year. only 196 coffee is £60 million a year. only 1% of that trickles down to scotland. i would say the whole of great britain, particularly indoor courts, has been underfunded. this is the start of a much bigger plan to try and transformed into the structure of tennis all over great britain. such a great opportunity to start in scotland. no one knows how long andy murray will be world number one, creating a tennis legacy will undoubtedly take years. more sport through the evening. thanks for watching. but first, the headlines on bbc
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news: angela merkel visits the scene of a lorry attack on a christmas market in berlin which killed 12 people. police will not rule out suspects being in large, despite an arrest. theresa may faced mps on the question of brexit, and would not rule out mps having about on the eventual deal. tthe body of russia's ambassador to turkey is repatriated to moscow after he was shot dead by an off— duty turkish policeman. these are the markets. let's go to berlin, to show you the
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scene on the outskirts of that market, where of course a lorry ploughed into hundreds of people last night. killing several, injuring almost 50. 12 people are confirmed to have died. you can see there, many floral tributes and candles lighting up the area. a little earlier in the day, there was a vigil attended by the german chancellor, angela merkel. the mayor of berlin, michael muller, also was present at the cathedral right next to the sight of that horrific collision between the truck on the market yesterday. many people gathered, coming up to eight o'clock in the evening berlin time. many
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people leading tributes, making their feelings known about what happened last night. all of this in the city famous for the brandenburg gate. the unification of the city quite a while ago now, the question is, can germany stay united in terms of its attitude towards angela merkel‘s refugee policy. a lot of criticism of her decision to allow many hundreds of thousands of refugees into the country. we have seen refugees into the country. we have seen over refugees into the country. we have seen over the last year or so three islamic state inspired attacks in germany. this has highlighted, for many people, the folly of that policy. for many, in fact for the majority of germans, still according to opinion polls, the open door
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policy is something they should continue to have faith in, offering asylu m continue to have faith in, offering asylum to those trying to flee the war in syria. a lot of pressure in germany, on angela merkel, because of this attack is similar to what happened in nice earlier in the year, and could have been inspired by islamic state, perpetrated by a refugee. the latest pictures we have from berlin. a survey of hospital trusts in england shows that overseas patients not entitled to free health care left the nhs with unpaid bills totalling almost 30 million pounds last year — a sharp rise on the previous 12 months. more than 120 trusts were asked to provide data on overseas patients — 104 replied. the government recently reminded hospitals of their legal duty to recover the money, and encouraged them to ask to see passports before giving treatment. here's our health correspondent, robert pigott. nine big london hospitals account for the bulk of the bad debts left by overseas patients. it is still owed almost £5 million from last year, although it says it's improving
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the way it identifies patients who should be paying, and uses hand—held card readers at the bedside to obtain money from them. this was more than one of 100 english hospital trusts that responded to freedom of information requests from the press association. excluding european patients, whose countries the uk can charge for the cost of treatment, overseas visitors left debts of almost £30 million last year. trusts did obtainjust over £20 million. the figures are small, set against the overall annual cost of more than £100 billion of providing healthcare in england. earlier this year, st george's hospital in tooting said foreign patients not entitled to free healthcare represented a huge drain on its resources. many of st george's visitors arrive in the last stages of pregnancy, but overseas patients also commonly use general medical departments. it's not clear where most of the patients come from,
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although one london trust reported its biggest debts were from indians, pakistanis, nigerians and americans. the department of health said it was determined to stamp out abuse of the system and was considering charging migrants more for healthcare. police across the uk are preparing for a spike in crimes of domestic violence against women over christmas. in sunderland, a project is underway which works with men who could become abuse offenders. fiona trott reports. welcome, everybody. we'll make a start. the new way of tackling domestic abuse. ok, somebody mentioned money. who mentioned money? these men are learning how their absuive behaviour
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is affecting their partner. is that a reason to stay or to go? she would be better off if she left. the 26—week course involves the charity barnardo's. it can get up to 20 referrals a month, and that's just in sunderland. little kicks, little punches, stuff like that, then it was like vice—versa, she was starting to hit me. this man was referred by his gp. so how has the course helped you? take time to think about stuff. the course learns you how to take time—out. and now i'm aware. so even if i am texting, and i can tell the text is getting out of hand, i might take time—out and chill out a little. this project means we can get to men and help them change their behaviour before they get involved with the criminaljustice system. we want to stop things escalating to that point, because we know when the police get called it is usually quite serious injuries and incidents. but there's another element to this early intervention program. the local housing association is also involved. hello, how are you?
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you all right? they check that perpetrators are attending the course and they check up on the victims themselves. they might have something like a broken window, broken bathroom door locks, for example, things like that. it could be that we're looking at an antisocial behaviour complaint or a noise nuisance, or is it actually domestic abuse? he was kicking me door in in the middle of the night, me windows were going out. this woman was so afraid of her ex—partner she carried a knife. her words are spoken by someone else. it finally came to the day where he assaulted us and put us in hospital. he got 16 months injail. i was so pleased. i know it sounds crazy. you know, i was lying in a hospital bed covered in blood. i was so happy he had done it because, to me, i was free. in every community, there's a woman like her. here in sunderland, charities
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hope that by working with the local housing association, abusive relationships can stop before women are put in more serious danger. let's get the latest weather. pretty 5°99)” let's get the latest weather. pretty soggy, in the run—up to let's get the latest weather. pretty 5°99y, in the run—up to christmas, pretty stormy, severe gales under way, battering many parts of the country, particularly the north. satellite pictures showing cloud racing across the atlantic. we will start to see storms, whirlpools, a beeline to north—western parts of the uk. very blustery across western
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coasts, rain across the country in the early hours of wednesday morning. cold air attacking the early hours of wednesday morning. cold airattacking in, some of the showers, some will turn to snow across the hills. tomorrow, very blustery day, chile, some hail and thunder. bit of sunshine around, too. right early on in the day in the south. then this lump of rain swinging in from the south. little bit of mild air. across the north, colder, strong winds, blowing a gale through wednesday evening. that rain hanging around across the south—east. quite chilly start to the day on thursday. maybe even a touch of frost in some areas. not in the north, because of the strength of the wind. gales, frequent showers. this is going to be the best days a week for of us. for
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southeast east anglia, quite a decent day on thursday. then, friday, friday night looking stormy. this is batt storm barbara. it will be forming and looking like this by we get to friday. some very strong winds. a warning from the met office, amber warning gales it, in the north—west of scotland, approaching 90 miles an hour. further south, into northern england, northern ireland, 70. could cause problems for structural damage, power problems. then another storm, potentially heading our way for christmas itself. potentially two bouts of bad weather on the way. keep that in the back of your mind. the potential for travel disruption could be the biggest problem throughout christmas. fairly quiet, then a little bit blustery. this is bbc news. the headlines at 7pm: police have released that only some
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perspective in connection with attack christmas market in berlin which killed 12 people. the german chancellor angela merkel attends a vigil at the kaiser—wilhelm memorial church. translation: we do not want to live with the fear of evil paralysing us, even when that is sometimes hard. we will find the strength to live as we in germany want to live: free, together and open. the body of the russian ambassador to turkey is flown home to moscow. andrei karlov was gunned down while giving a speech in ankara yesterday. nicola sturgeon sets out plans for protecting scottish interests post—brexit. the first minister says scotland could stay in europe without the rest of the uk.
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