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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  December 20, 2016 11:45pm-12:01am GMT

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-- they always want to be more busy. —— they always want to be more busy. —— they always want to be more busy. finally the times. dick van dyke to start in mary poppins returns. —— star. dick van dyke to start in mary poppins returns. -- star. he is 94 now. sorry, 91. he is going to make a sequel of mary poppins. will his accent be any worse? that's the key question. cor blimey, guvna. we have the queen and dick van dyke refusing to retire. he says he keeps fit in his 90sjust out to retire. he says he keeps fit in his 90s just out of pure defiance. he refuses to go. i think he would be great in mary poppins. cor
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blimey. many thanks to you guys. don't forget all the front pages are online on the bbc news website where you can read a detailed review of the papers. it's all there for you — seven days a week at and you can see us there too — with each night's edition of the papers posted on the page shortly after we've finished. thank you to miranda green and christopher hope. goodbye. hello, i'm marc edwards, and this is sport today from the bbc sport centre. coming up on this programme: time for captain cook to walk the plank after india. a four hour
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career saving operation for petra kvitova after a life—threatening robbery in her own home. and news from stamford bridge. and peterbrough's fa cup dreams could me made in chelsea after winning through to a money—spinning third round tie at stamford bridge. thank you forjoining us. england's cricket captain alistair cook says "now isn't the right time" for him to make a decision on his future after his side collapsed to defeat on the final day of the final test against india. england were beaten by an innings and 75 runs, a result which means they lose the series four—0 and drop to fifth in the world rankings. henry moeran is in chennai for us. england's task today was supposedly straightforward. survivor for a draw
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and head home with some credibility. things started well but the day deteriorated dramatically. here is the story. here is how india might look from the plane home. a view england longed for. one more day. perhaps with a taste of christmas, but the collapse came after lunch. alastair cook, the captain, the first out. jadeja once more the ball us. first out. jadeja once more the ball us. india were off and running. keatonjennings, a us. india were off and running. keaton jennings, a gentle us. india were off and running. keatonjennings, a gentle return catch to jadeja. now chennai woke up. after monday, england's only incentive was to deny them victory by batting all day. with the help of an lbw root fell for six. and then this for one. jadeja, who else? moeen ali fought to get to 44. and
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then this. oh no. six wickets was stokes. the england dressing room was speechless. with one hour were left, england lost wickets number eight. the dressing room, right. and then the night was taken byjadeja. still a bit left. and then the seventh wicket. england out for 207, losing ten wickets in just 104 runs. to lose a series 4—0 and to lose like this displays a weak streak far wider than england imagined. alastair cook will now consider his future starting on the flight home. joe wilson, bbc news. a difficult day to end a difficult tour. questions asked about alastair cook's future. he had to face the press. it is the wrong time to face the decision. energy is low. morale is low. you can make a foolish
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decision. there is not a test match for seven months. it would be very foolish to stand here now and make a decision that i might regret. what if there was a test match in three weeks' time? you would have to think there is a bit of space, why not use it? england had home having lost the series 4—0. many predicted it would be difficult, but some performances have been beyond disappointing from an england side that has not bowled with the potency people would have expected and had some batting failures. they will not play in a test format untiljuly. alastair cookin test format untiljuly. alastair cook in the meantime has a lot of thinking to do. well, a little earlier, i spoke to former england captain michael vaughan and asked him what advice he would pass on to alastair cook now. the fortunate thing for him is that the team did not play a test match untiljuly. that the team did not play a test match until july. that is the team did not play a test match untiljuly. that is six months. i think he has to openly be very honest with himself. has he got the
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passion, has he got the energy, to ta ke passion, has he got the energy, to take the team forward after a break of six months? he has to be com pletely of six months? he has to be completely committed to make sure he ta kes completely committed to make sure he takes them through to seven next summer takes them through to seven next summerand takes them through to seven next summer and the ashes. if there is an inkling in his mind he could not ta ke inkling in his mind he could not take them through that period he has to stand aside now and find someone else to take the role for those seven games before the ashes series. i got towards the end of my captaincy days that i did not enjoy the game. i could see from alastair cook's face today that he is not enjoying cricket. he has earned the right to make the right call and also spend a few years playing in the side as a batsman enjoying cricket. look at the power of his i’u ns cricket. look at the power of his runs at the top of the order. that is more valuable to the team at this stage than his leadership. ijust wa nt to stage than his leadership. ijust want to see him get as many runs as he can at the top of the order. if he can at the top of the order. if he is captain and has the energy to do so, that will be difficult with what has happened in 2016. also be
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run to the top of the order going into the ashes in 12 month's time. what is your instinct on the captaincy? will he and should he go? from the look in his face today i would say it is very close to being the time to call it quits from his perspective. he has earned the right to have a bit of a period at home. we will wait and see. i mean, he is mentally very, very tough. he has probably been through this kind of speu probably been through this kind of spell a few times in his captaincy and carried on. but look at his face today. his body language in particular in the past three test matches shows he might call it a day. is joe root ready to take over at just day. is joe root ready to take over atjust 25? i mean, who knows when you are ready? i was a similar age. i think you can reallyjudge a player before you are captain. you do not know how they will do the job. he is a world—class player and is the best batsman in the teen. i think he is a thoughtful player and is tactically very astute. i think
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you will make it very, very good captain for england and in the next yeari captain for england and in the next year i think it will do a tremendous job. i have no doubt about that. michael vaughan speaking to me earlier. the twice wimbledon champion petra kvitova has undergone a four hour potentially career—saving operation after a knife attack in her own home. the world number 11 says she's "fortunate to be alive" after grappling with a burglar at her flat in the czech republic. surgeons operated on her left hand, her racket hand, to repair tendons and nerves. she'll be out of action for at least three months and the chances of a full recovery is unknown. celtic have gone 14 points clear at the top of the scottish premiership tonight after a 1—0 win at home to bottom club partick thistle. brendan rodgers' side secured their victory thanks to a 17th minute goal from scott sinclair at a rain—sodden parkead. the champions are now unbeaten in 21 domestic matches. league one side peterborough united will face premier league leaders chelsea in the fa cup third round after beating notts county 2—0.
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the league two strugglers fell behind with less than two minutes gone at london road when gwion edwards struck. and just five minutes later, paul taylor ensured his first fa cup goal was a memorable one. a great strike. jamie vardy will serve a three match ban after his claim for wrongful dismissal was rejected by the fa. vardy was shown a straight red for a two—footed tackle during leicester city's match with stoke city on saturday. he'll now miss the premier league champions' games against everton, west ham and middlesbrough. joey barton will re—sign for burnley on a short—term deal until the end of the season. barton was named championship player of the year in his previous stint with the club. he left rangers last month after having his contract terminated. newcastle united midfielder, jonjo shelvey, has been banned for five games and fined £100,000 after being found guilty of using racially abusive language. shelvey was charged following an incident with wolves midfielder romain saiss in a 2—0 defeat in september. he has also been ordered to attend an fa education course. valtteri bottas' move to mercedes
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as lewis hamilton's team—mate and felipe massa's return to replace him at williams are close to completion. williams have agreed with massa for him to postpone his retirement for at least another year after mercedes made a pitch for bottas to replace nico rosberg. a deal for bottas to leave williams and join mercedes is also lined up and is set to be completed in the new year. team sky say they are confident uk anti—doping will find no wrongdoing when it publishes its report into the contents of a package delivered to the team in 2011. the package was handed over during the criterium du dauphine, an event won by sir bradley wiggins. sir dave brailsford told mps yesterday it contained an over—the—counter decongestant, fluimucil. team sky say they're co—operating fully and look forward to the report. 2007 champion, raymond van barneveld, is into the second round of the pdc world darts championship. the dutch 12th seed lostjust two legs to englishman robbie green,
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averaging nearly 100 in the process. he'll play alan norris in round two. that is it for now us. from all of us, good night. hello. a fairly quiet spell of weather for many parts of the british isles in the first part of december. wouldn't you know it, when you are thinking of travelling up and down the country, it looks as though especially in the north things will be unsettled. they have been unsettled of late. that is because we have had the weather front moving in the atlantic ushered along by gale force winds. miserable. through the rest of the night, it goes south and east, the weather front, bringing night, it goes south and east, the weatherfront, bringing wet night, it goes south and east, the weather front, bringing wet and windy weather down towards east
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england to start the new day on wednesday. not overly cold that night. but turning increasingly cold behind a second weather front that will spread sharp showers and wintry showers in scotland, northern ireland, and then eventually that weather front does into the north of england, wales, and on to the south—west later on in the day on wednesday. following on behind, that is when the really wintry showers get going yet again. dragging the snow levels down to quite low levels. thunder and hail and you would not want to stand around in it long at all. mild in the south relatively under what will be miserable fare for a time. that will clear away into thursday. that will leave behind the prospect of a decent day for many across central and eastern parts on thursday. all the while, though, plenty of showers again. wintry and rattling along on gale force winds in scotland and northern ireland where it will not
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warm all. in the south, there might be some sunshine around in the south—westerly breeze, 9—10. it could be yours. then it could turn stormy. is this is friday. a lot of isobars. storm barbara. the second named storm of the season. accompanied by a met office amber warning. the second level of warnings about the strength of the winds. even as far south as the north of england in the north of wales, 90 miles an hour. that'll stop ferries and close bridges, that sort of thing. there will be damage. then it goes briefly quieter. this is much further away. the second storm. not the same level of warnings out about it but we are keeping a close eye on it because it is around at christmas. storms predominantly in the northern half of the british isles. are lots going on. if you want to keep up—to—date at your pace it is right there on the bbc weather website. andre
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hello everyone. the headlines in singapore. police in berlin released that only suspect from monday's attack on a christmas market. they admit the driver of the truck may still be at large. german chancellor angela merkel attends a memorial service for the 12 people that died and nearly 50 injured. i'm at babita sharma in london.
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explosions tear through fireworks market at mexico city with at least nine people killed and dozens more injured. living under a cloud. the millions in north—east china stranded by pollution. the world health organization has a recommended annual target of ten and here,


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