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tv   BBC News  BBC News  December 21, 2016 5:45am-6:01am GMT

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to increased steel production. how does earning £1 a second, or, say, $74 usd 3 minute sound? well, the mirror has done the sums and that's how much footballer carlos tevez stands to earn if he accepts a deal with chinese super league team shanghai shenhua. and "surreal" is the 2016 word of the year. the washington post has looked into the story. the word was searched by people online after moments of great shock and tragedy, with the single biggest spike on november 9, the day donald trump was made president—elect. it was the most searched word, apparently, according to the dictionary merriam—webster. joining us is iain anderson, founder of the international communications agency, cicero global. words are very important to you. we will come to the word surreal in a moment. good morning. some of the more sensationalist media in germany have pictures of angela merkel with blood on her hands, saying that she
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is responsible for what happened in berlin, and all the other attacks that have happened in germany this year. so, in the past 18 months, 1 million new german citizens. the political price that angela merkel may pay for all of that may be the big story of 2017. i mean, it is so tragic ina big story of 2017. i mean, it is so tragic in a way that we are immediately moving from this horrific event into talking about a general election, but that is what is going on in germany right now. you pointed to speak or, you point to the headlines right now. i spent a lot of time with angela merkel‘s party over the past two or three mac yea rs. party over the past two or three mac years. there has always been this debate about whether or not she should really candidate to lead the christian democratic union into becoming electoral cycle. that debate is taking place again. becoming electoral cycle. that debate is taking place againm becoming electoral cycle. that debate is taking place again. it is interesting, you remember germany has had its historical problems with terrorism, by dumont off probably
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their most famous of the past a0 yea rs. their most famous of the past a0 years. —— baider meinhoff. here we are talking about germany's a cce pta nce are talking about germany's acceptance of immigrants. we don't even know if this was a migrant who committed this attack, but most of the attacks this year were committed by migrants, so we are shimmying it isa migrant by migrants, so we are shimmying it is a migrant because of the percentages. —— shimmying. 0r most everybody in germany will be thinking the same thing. that is what the tabloids are thinking at the moment. that is the projection for alternatives to germany, the right of centre party that is really challenging angela merkel on these questions. —— alternative for germany. it is going to be the front and centre issue throughout german politics, all the way through to september next year when she is up for re—election. september next year when she is up for re-election. it must be playing oi'i for re-election. it must be playing on the minds of people in france as well. they have an election before germany, there is in the spring. yes, marine le pen will make vidigal capital about it. we have been
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talking about it all year, and it will dominate 2017 as well. let's talk about the philippines, and the new president. he is not that new any more, but relatively new. the papers are talking about the un human rights chief saying that they need to look into his past. the other story of 2016 which has dominated what we have been talking about has been the rise of strongman and in politics. —— strongmen and politics. this is perhaps the ultimate example, the most extreme strongman. i don't know if these are allegations any more, he has a p pa re ntly allegations any more, he has apparently said himself that while mayor of a town in the philippines, before he became president, he would ride around, basically rounding up and maybe shooting those who were involved in drug cartels. now, you know, we all want public policymakers to take a strong line... and be hands on. and be
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hands on, but this takes it to a com pletely hands on, but this takes it to a completely new level. and the un human rights chief is calling for an investigation. of course, the question is whether or not he could be impeached. apparently the philippines constitution suggests it cannot be impeached, but again, this isa cannot be impeached, but again, this is a story which will run way into next year. how long can he get away with it? that is the question. you said it is not an allegation any more, he has admitted it to the bbc as well. he was originally talking toa group as well. he was originally talking to a group of businessmen about a week ago, saying that he drove around ona week ago, saying that he drove around on a motorbike looking for trouble, because he wanted to kill. how much longer can he get away with this? i do not understand how almost every day he does something that seems to be against human rights, and he is the president of the philippines. yes, but we are in an era when strongmen seemed to play incredibly well with electorates. there are going to be people in the philippines, i am sure, reading this story and thinking, good on him. he is getting rid of some of these drug
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barons. you know, that populist fa ct, barons. you know, that populist fact, we see this in these guys getting elected. the china daily has got on its front page the problem that i was discussing earlier with out that i was discussing earlier with our correspondent in beijing. the smog that is clearly a real issue right now. it comes and it goes, this issue, depending on the weather, but it is not going away long—term, despite all the efforts. they have done a lot to try to reduce the problem. the first time i went to shanghai was in 1995, and i felt the effects of the smog there and then. inevitably, this hasjust been building and building and building. it is interesting to see the chinese authorities starting to go green. i mean, that is one of the things that i take out of this story, they are cracking down on factory production to try to reduce the smog. they are limiting the levels of the cars that can go into
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the city. the chinese going green, well, maybe the americans are going to be less green going forward. well, maybe the americans are going to be less green going forwardm is quite interesting, because the investment banks that i speak to, the international investment banks, they want to have staff and bureaus in beijing and shanghai, but people are very reluctant to move there. with their children, you know, with their families. i see that all the time. the global elites, if you want to call them, they literally fly in, do the meeting, and fly away. it is not so good if you have to live there. i was going to mention the effect on china's economy. but you mentioned the united states. we have this story in the news that president 0bama will severely restrict offshore drilling in the atla ntic restrict offshore drilling in the atlantic and completely banned it in parts of the arctic. so he is trying to do something. donald trump wants to do something. donald trump wants to rely more on fossil fuels. do you think, along with china's problem, china seems to be sticking to its agreement, the paris agreement, but the united states is going to put
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that whole treaty in danger. that is the big question. balmer has put this piece in place in terms of drilling in the arctic. —— 0bama. i do not know whether or not donald trump will stick to that agreement. he campaigned very clearly that, frankly, climate change might be a myth. and whether or not... he says the chinese invented that. invented the chinese invented that. invented the myth, i should say. invented in china. carlos tevez. uab football fan, is anybody worth this kind of money? —— you are a big football fan. ifi money? —— you are a big football fan. if i was offered this kind of deal, i don't think there is anything to think about. but he would have to move to china, with the smog! well, i would probably deal with that for £1 per second. $a0 million a year. £1 per second. $108,000 a day, most —— more than most of us will earn in a year. i shouldn't include you in that. from
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a business point of view, does the employer gets the return on that? presumably they must. they do. this is basically built firmly on television rights. which is massive in asia. it is massive. every time you go to asia, they are sitting there touching the premier league. this is of course an attempt to pull that attraction, pull that spotlight towards chinese domestic games themselves. and they are starting to do it. when david beckham was sold to real madrid, they recoup the cost within a few months, because people buy the shirt, and it is all paid for, then you get the sponsors and everything. the economics does seem to make sense. it does seem to. the word of the year is surreal. it is the most abused, overused word. you know, frankly, whether or not is this the right word to be using... but i was interested as well, the washington post picked up several other words. bigly. deplorable.
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irregardless. alternative for germany. perhaps my favourite is feckless. quite a few of those words come from the us presidential campaign. the deplorables, that is what hillary clinton called trump supporters. the fact that the single biggest spike in people looking up the word surreal came on the ninth of november... i think probably, it isa of november... i think probably, it is a strange word, but it probably sums up 2016 rather well for most of us. sums up 2016 rather well for most of us. it has been a surreal kind of year. it has been very interesting. it has been great to have you here. merry christmas. merry christmas to you. hello. you have probably heard already, but as we go towards the christmas weekend, it looks as if things will turn exceptionally stormy, especially in the northern half of the british isles. i will show you why
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injust a second. by the weekend, we will show you a pressure chart with more isobars on it than this. a breezier day on wednesday than many of us have seen for a while. two weather fronts to deal with. a lull in proceedings. this more northerly feature will drift away out of the western side of scotland where it will produce a bit of rain. it will weaken as it comes into the north england and england and wales and into the south—west. by the afternoon, maybe the cloud will thicken again in southern parts of england and wales to produce a really miserable end to the day. it is the shortest day, of course, and i think it will get darker awfully quickly in the afternoon given the amount of cloud we will see. temperatures are at least 10—11 degrees. something of that order. brighter skies behind. as it comes to scotland and northern ireland, cold air dominating the scene.
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the added strength of the wind here. wintry showers will fall to low levels. showers will keep going in northern ireland and scotland. this area will gradually move off to the near continent allowing a bright and crisp start to the day across the greater part of england and wales. another blustery one for scotland and northern ireland, wintry showers falling to a low level. it will feel very fresh indeed. eventually showers will go up through northern and western parts of both england and wales as well. generally speaking, further south, a decent day in prospect. although not overly warm. and then it is on into friday where we bring in the second named storm of the season, this is storm barbara. and notice the number of isobars in northern and western parts especially of scotland. that is why the storm has been named and why we have the amber warning from the met office.
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the strength of the wind. how strong? look at this. close to the centre of the storm could see around 90 miles an hour. to the south, england and wales, the gusts could reach 70 miles an hour. that is disruptive and possibly damaging at the same time. as we move towards christmas day itself, the exact track of this storm is in doubt at the moment. that is why we are just giving an indication. it could produce some severe gales and therefore some disruption. hello. this is breakfast, with louise minchin and dan walker. the search for a killer. german police warn the public to be on heightened alert as they try to find the driver behind the berlin lorry attack. vigils have been held to remember the people who died when the truck smashed through a christmas market on monday night. the family of an italian woman whose mobile phone was found at the scene say they fear that she is among the victims. one man arrested has been released without charge. the so—called islamic state says one its supporters was responsible. good morning.
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it's wednesday the 21st of december. also this morning:
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