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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  December 21, 2016 6:30pm-6:46pm GMT

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hello. this is bbc news. the headlines at 6.30pm. a manhunt is under way for a tunisian man suspected of carrying out the lorry attack on a christmas market. berlin police say anis amri arrived in germany last year, but his application for asylum was rejected. tributes continue to be paid for the 12 people killed when the lorry ploughed through the crowds in the centre of berlin on monday night, and security has now been stepped up across germany. meanwhile, here in london, extra security measures are brought in for the changing of the guard ceremony at buckingham palace. a multi—millionaire property developer has been jailed for a minimum of 25 years, for murdering of his escort girlfriend. peter morgan strangled georgina symonds in january, after she threatened to tell his family about their affair.
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a former royal marine sergeant who's serving a life sentence for the murder of an injured afghan fighter has been refused bail, while he awaits an appeal hearing. the family of alexander blackman had hoped he'd be released from custody in time for christmas. just a warning there is flash photography in this next clip. we are obviously disappointed by the judge's decision not to grant bail this afternoon. however we must remember that earlier this month the criminal cases review commission decided to refer the case back to the appeal courts. the queen and duke of edinburgh have delayed theirjourney to norfolk for christmas after coming down with "heavy colds." in a moment it will be time for sportsday but first a look at what else is coming up this evening on bbc news. the final phases of the evacuation
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of aleppo, the syrian city where 3000 people were stuck in an enclave overnight has begun. we will be getting the very latest about this from save the children. we will be reporting live from berlin after the manhunt for a suspect who used a lorry to career into a christmas marketing berlin. dr neil entwhistle is a geography lecturer at the university of salford and has used drones extensively in his work. and at 10:45 and 11.30 this evening in the papers, our guestsjoining me are lucy fisher, senior political correspondent for the times, and commentator henry bonsu. that's all ahead on bbc news. now on bbc news it's time for sportsday. hello. i'm olly foster. these are our sportsday headlines tonight. saints are off the hook but north's knock has put concussion back at the top of the
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rugby union agenda. kvitova's operation goes well after the knife attack, but the double wimbledon champion won't play again for six months, and holland leaves the blues for the three lions. he'll team up with southgate full time at the end of the season. northampton saints won't face any sanctions for allowing george north to carry on playing against leicester earlier this month, although a concussion management review group found that the welsh winger should never have returned to the field of play after appearing to be briefly knocked out. our reporter, james burridge is at franklin's gardens. evening to you, james. there'll be some relief from saints tonight but also it has exposed some serious failings
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with the current pitchside protocols pitchside protocols. a huge relief tonight all because of this incident after that east midlands derby three weeks ago where northwards tackled in midair. what the medical staff hadn't seen was the medical staff hadn't seen was the instant replays, pictures which showed the player seemingly concussed. instead, he went off for a head injury assessment. it lasted eight minutes and then he was put back on the pitch. he complained of a neck injury but the doctor didn't see any signs. the club has later said that if they had seen these pictures then northwards been straight of the page and not allowed to come back and stop the club had been exonerated in that part, that there are huge questions over this,
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because he is one of the most concussed players in rugby at the moment and his future is huge significant —— significance to both wales and southampton. the reporters put forward nine recommendations and they are blaming the system and not northampton here. is there any pressure on the medical teams at clu bs to pressure on the medical teams at clubs to keep them on the field of play. a lot of criticism has come in for the club, with some suggestions that there has to be an independent doctor on duty at such matches? absolutely right. i remember a year ago or absolutely right. i remember a year ago 01’ so, absolutely right. i remember a year ago or so, behind—the—scenes with the club's medical team, and just like most top—flight rugby teams around the world, player welfare is important
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. these clubs are supposed to have ta blet . these clubs are supposed to have tablet technology pitch side so they can review these incidents and look back at them. i still think while looking at this incident, while they didn't see the immediate replays that came through from this, for eve ryo ne that came through from this, for everyone else watching, it appeared that george north was concussed. there are nine recommendations being put forward. i'm sure they are going to look at this. they can't afford another incident linked to concussion. there are calls for widespread changes, and in the next hour or so we should expect a statement from the rugby player‘ association. some players get a ten week ban, but a different role for medics in general but surely all the bodies at the top end of elite rugby
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have two address. thank you, james, at northampton. we mention some of those experts. we mentioned some of those experts. a little earlier, i was joined by dr barry o‘driscoll, the fomrer medical advisor at world rugby. he thinks that much more needs to be done to protect players welfare. this is by no means an isolated case. georgian —— george north has had concussion before. the protocol was that players go through when they go off the field is not worth the paper it‘s printed on. first of it‘s five minutes, then ten minutes, 13 minutes. no other sporting the world uses it. they don‘t use it in any other rugby games. if you had to take a player off to have a concussion assessment, you must suspect concussion and he must
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stay off, and the regulations state that, but when the player goes back, the impact is going to be huge. this is what is wrong. yet, at the beginning of this season, yet, at the beginning of this season, you see yet, at the beginning of this season, you see they keep experimenting. this new protocol, it was launched with much song and dance. but the northampton medical tea m dance. but the northampton medical team didn‘t have the video replay where it showed george north sparked out momentarily. quite right. they didn‘t see it and it‘s something that could probably be put right, but it is going to be happening in rucks and roles, reading history of the player, and see what you find when you get on the field. if the referee calls for a doctor because they player is falling on the
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ground, all confused or losing balance, and that‘s should be it. it doesn‘t happen in elite rugby. they should say enough is enough. cardiff blues lock george earle has been banned for eight weeks for gouging. the south african player was sent off for the offence during cardiff‘s 38—3 defeat to bath last week. he had pleaded not guilty. he‘ll be free to play again on february 13. the double wimbledon champion petra kvitova will be unable to practise again for at least six months according to her manager. kvitova needed a four hour operation on her left hand after a knife attack at her home in the czech republic. a statement from her management team said the operation went well with no complications. it‘s thought that the intruder was a burglar and kvitova wasn‘t specifically targeted. the chelsea assistant coach steve holland will join england to work alongside
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gareth southgate. the pair have worked together with the england under 21‘s since 2013 and then with the senior team during southgate‘s 4 match period as interim manager. holland willjoin the fa on a full time basis at the end of this season. a former serviceman who tried to break in to wayne rooney‘s home has been jailed for two years and eight months. 25—year—old robert mcnamara from scarborough had pleaded guilty at chester crown court to attempting to enter as a trespasser with intent to steal. the attempted burglary took place on the night of august 3 this year, when rooney was playing in his testimonial match against everton at old trafford rooney‘s family were also at the match everton at old trafford. rooney‘s family were also at the match when the alarm at their house was triggered. there‘s an fa cup tie tonight. a second round replay between the football league‘s league‘s bottom club, newport county,
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and the league two leaders, plymouth argyle. waiting for the winner in the third round, a trip to anfield and a potential half million pound payday against liverpool. winning the round brought television revenue and prize money. there‘s a lwa ys revenue and prize money. there‘s always that adventure that goes with being in the fa cup. obviously, there‘s a good prize at the end of winning, but every game needs to be focused and concentrated if you want to get through. there's pressure every week for a book for club, but from my point of view, for the players, we'd like to get through to the next round of the fa cup. it's a competition the players at the start of the season wanted to do well in, and it will be a hard game because it's at home, but it's a venue where we —— have won earlier this season.
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around this time of year, you‘ll see footballers doing their bit in the community. a hospital visit is always popular, and whipps cross isn‘t too far from white hart lane. chris slegg has more. who do you support? lie i support arsenal. he led them to third place last season, their highest finish for more than a quarter of a century, but does he look back on success or missed opportunities? unfortunately we didn‘t get any trophies but we had some good rounds, and the fans we re very had some good rounds, and the fans were very proud of what we did this
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season. nicking ahead to 2017, the eula at the table, chelsea ten points clear of tottenham who are big, do you think the title is impossible for tottenham this season? the title is the main expectation from tottenham, i think it‘s very competitive, but we are nearly there. the gap is reducing every year. we've seen a lot of your team—mates signed new contracts. totte n ha m team—mates signed new contracts. tottenha m fa ns would team—mates signed new contracts. tottenham fans would like to see you do that. do you think you will extend your stay there? it will depend, and i tried to do my best, try to head the team, tried to achieve some great things and that‘s my motivation every day, and that is my motivation every day, and that is my mission for this season. totte n ha m my mission for this season. tottenha m fa ns my mission for this season. tottenham fans hope he will be spreading christmas cheer through
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london for many years. that‘s all from sportsday. there‘ll be more sport here on bbc news throughout the evening. we‘ve got some new lines to bring you concerning the manhunt for the alleged attacker involved in that christmas market attack on monday, in berlin. police have now released a picture of him. he‘s a tunisian national and is 23 years old. authorities are now saying that he was under covert surveillance for several months this year. burning prosecutors have told the press agency that they launched an investigation against this man, anis amri, following a tip—off from
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federal security agencies. now, this tip warned that anis amri was considered a potential threat, and might be planning a break—in to finance the purchase of automatic weapons for use in an attack. he was involved in a bar brawl and was shown to be dealing drugs in a park in berlin, but there was also the warning he may have been tried to prepare for some kind of terrorist attack. the covert operation on this man was called off in september. so some questions for the authorities as to why this surveillance ended. asa


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