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tv   Outside Source  BBC News  December 22, 2016 9:30pm-10:01pm GMT

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hello, this is outside source. the syrian army has declared victory in level of the last comboy rebel fighters and civilians has left the city. german authorities say they have firm evidence that links the main suspect in monday's attack in berlin to the truck. fingerprints have been found in the cab of the vehicle that was used. we only spoke by donald trump a couple of times, we will speak about him again because he has appointed a man cold peter navarro is one of his key trade advisers. he is a staunch critic of china and ruled that the impact this could have an economic relationship during the us and china. and at some of the best pictures from bigwig competition in portugal, some people stayed on their boards but not everyone. we will look at some of the best waves and the biggest wipe—outs. well, as i mentioned, the syrian
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army is claiming it has completely reta ken army is claiming it has completely reta ke n a army is claiming it has completely reta ken a level, army is claiming it has completely retaken a level, the last comboy of rebel fighters and civilians has been evacuated, that leaves the city and the full control of the government the first time in almost four years, we are being told by the red cross in syria that more than 34,000 red cross in syria that more than 3a,000 people have been evacuated from the city in the last seven days, most of them have gone to the neighbouring province of idlib, primarily controlled by the rebels. one of those to leave a level —— aleppo is a seven—year—old girl which a mother —— her mother used to send tweets on account, it has thousands of followers. they were evacuated to turkey and they have been speaking with the bbc‘s
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reporter. hello, i am seven years old, i reporter. hello, i am seven years old, lam reporter. hello, i am seven years old, i am from aleppo. from the rubble of aleppo to the red carpet in ankara, they are now being hosted by the turkish government which opposes the syrian regime. when we met, this child of war told me how her own home was flattened by a bomb. translation: we were playing happily and planning to go out and suddenly it landed. so, we got scared and ran to the basement. when our house was bombed, we got out of the rubble safely, but we were about to die because the house was collapsing. from inside aleppo, her message echoed around the world, with help from her mother, who manages her twitter account. but some have questioned whose
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views were being shared. when your mum was tweeting, was she tweeting your words or tweeting her words? me and mum. together? yes. her mother, fatima, insists the twitter account was bana's idea, but admits it is a way to combat the regime. i think there now was a big fight out there. i think our words was a weapon. your twitter was a weapon? yes. but the tweets attracted threats and made it harderfor the family to join the mass evacuation of eastern aleppo. fatima got bana on to one of the buses, disguised as a boy. today, even the fighters are openly leaving their former stronghold, but bad weather is slowing the last of the departures. just days after leaving, bana
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is already missing her old home. translation: i was happy to leave but sad at the same time. i wish i could go back to aleppo, go back home. i want to live in my house, because i love it, even if it had been bombed. i love my house. before saying goodbye, bana sang us a song about childhood and stolen freedoms. # i am a child with something to say...# one voice, raised for countless others, who often go unheard. orla guerin, bbc news, ankara. as i've said many times, if you want background information on the conflict in syria and its causes
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going back six years, you can find it online from bbc news. i'm sure you will remember us covering a few weeks back, speaking to taiwan's president of the fall and how badly that with them with china, that could be the start of it. peter navarro has been appointed as both the white house trade council. and this is a book written by mr navarro. "death by china — one job at a time". in it, he blames beijing for the closure of 57, 000 american factories and the loss of 25 millionjobs. his appointment give china quite a lot to think about. here's china's response to the appointment. china and the state is too large countries have brought common interests, corporations the only correct choice. we hope the us works together with china to maintain a
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healthy stable developer of ties including business and trade ties. this accords with the interests of both peoples and is beneficial to the world development and prosperity. we broadcast on bbc newsroom and on the story we wanted to look south—east asia editor celia hatton, he was her analysis. it is causing a huge amount, a number of people both in business and also chinese leaders to sweat under the collar a little because peter navarro is basically, if you were going to pick someone on a spectrum who was the most anti—china economist you could think of, he would be the one. the fact he has now been put into a prime position to decide the american policy towards china, that has a lot of people in beijing very worried. one of the policies we know his aborted in his books at least as much higher ta riffs in his books at least as much higher tariffs on chinese exports, how would the chinese respond to
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something like that? basically, donald trump in his campaign said he wa nted donald trump in his campaign said he wanted to slap a 45% tariff on all chinese made goods that are sent to the united states, which would bring anything stamped made in china, the cost of it would soar. basically china's state newspaper, china hasn't officially responded that the state newspaper said this would result in a trade war which would lead to the contracts with boring being cancelled, most sales of us ca i’s being cancelled, most sales of us cars and iphones in cut, imports of things like us corn and made halted and even chinese students who go to the united states to study in huge numbers, that might be halted as well. it would lead to a trade word evil us economists say this kind of trade war but lead to an almost insta nt trade war but lead to an almost instant recession and it would lead to probably the loss of about 5 million usjobs. to probably the loss of about 5 million us jobs. the chinese will not want a recession any more than the americans also presumed blue
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they don't want to end up in this trade war regardless of what trump does. they are taking this quite conciliar tray position just now when the news of peter navarro's appointment came at the chinese foreign ministry said they wanted to emphasise cooperation and they wa nted emphasise cooperation and they wanted to emphasise the fact that both economies are intertwined and it is true, they are like siamese twins. if one is ailing the other one will also because they have so much cross—border trade and cooperation. the possibility that peter navarro might really emphasise this o—sum game view on the economy, that if the us wants to do well, china has to hurt in equal measure. that has a lot of people in china very worried. time for outside source, i spotted this tweet earlier from bbc sport saying that this? the a nswer to from bbc sport saying that this? the answer to that question is quite a few of us because the team has been playing terribly, it is —— has won
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one of its last 11 games. lee foster, the key was able to go, wasn't he? certainly, at the beginning of the month comey mention the one win in ii and they beat southampton and he shares a thumbs up southampton and he shares a thumbs up with the chairman in the stand, steve parish, now it is a big thumbs down from parish, who says theyjust have to blame themselves for getting stuck in a rut and they have to make a change, it isn'tjust about this poor run over the last couple of months, you look at crystal palace's statistics, 26 points in 36 matches in the calendar year, that is the worst record by .72 points per match in the entirety of the premier league and football league. 92 clu bs, league and football league. 92 clubs, this isn't just league and football league. 92 clubs, this isn'tjust as recent for no “— clubs, this isn'tjust as recent for no —— run of form, this has been for the last year and as steve parish said, they must make a change because of the fear of relegation
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and what that could cost them. one point above the relegation zone. so they are in trouble, or the one man you want when you're just above the relegation zone in the premier league, everywhere i look our best‘s name is coming up. absolutely come he has never been relegated from the new glass, bolton, west ham, sunderland last, the blip on his record was lasting 67 days in charge of england before getting the sack in thatjob after some advice comments to an undercover reporter investigating corruption in the game but the bookies making 4—1 on and another interesting thing steve parish said is they have to wind back the dial. they were looking for the sixth out of style of play on depardieu, they have admitted that hasn't worked and we know that sam alla rdyce hasn't worked and we know that sam allardyce does not play an expansive style he will be very direct it into selhurst park at the dugout and look
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to get crystal palace out of what is deep trouble just now. thank you, will see a big sand gets the job, interesting if he does. that's begin with international could get council which has announced a host of pics for the year, the player of the year is the indian spinner ravichandran ashwin, i don't think we would quibble with that, he has also been named test player of the year. taken over a young captain and we actually fell on the right track and we have a great bunch of boys. i would like to guide the entire team and sports —— support staff. and the coaches. thank you so much again. a deserving pic i think, also worth noting alastair cook, england cricket captain, has been named captain of the world test team. this is like the world test team. this is like the team at the end of the world cup, the football world cup with the big of the tournament, mrs krkic‘s
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we re big of the tournament, mrs krkic‘s were saying these are the best 11 players as a team across the year, the ub made his last september to septemberjust gone comes at the's recent thrashing in india did not factor, which perhaps six planes alastair cook's says as captain, no place in that team for virat kohli, which didn't call down well in india. quinton de kock is the one—day cricketer of the year. with football and cricket, i want to finish with this, so incredible pictures from a big wave event in portugal, these are some of the biggest waves that were either taken on or taken on and then come on people not getting the end of their rights, these are pictures from an eventin rights, these are pictures from an event in nazario weigl for big waves. the biggest wave ever surfed was in this place, a0 feet waves this time around and as you can see, not just this time around and as you can see, notjust some this time around and as you can see, not just some great this time around and as you can see, notjust some great rides but some significant wipe—outs as well. by the way, jamie mitchell won, so
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congratulations to him. stay with us on outside source because we'll get you details on some bionic eye implants which are being tested in the uk and they may help treat some serious eye conditions come on will give you a full report. more brawls across the uk are to get superfast broadband after the government announced it was expanding its scheme areas of the countryside that suffer from poor internet access. it is spending nearly half £1 billion to do so and it is all a thousand homes and businesses will benefit. —— it is hoped. connecting rural homes across the uk to fast broadband has made an investment of £1.7 billion public money. they have to return some of that
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money of more than 20% of all owners sign up when a fast broadband arrives. most of the money has gone to bt. they say this has investment means to bt. they say this has investment m ea ns £aao to bt. they say this has investment means £aao million could be reinvested in the programme. there isa reinvested in the programme. there is a target of reaching 95% of homes with superfast broadband by the end of 2017. ministers believe that is within reach and up to 600,000 more homes and businesses could be hooked up homes and businesses could be hooked up with the new programme. we have connected a.5 million premises to superfast broadband of which 1.5 million have taken up the option superfast and that take—up has led to more money being put back into the system, meaning we can connect those hard to reach premises and make sure they have superfast broadband as well. the woman running beattie's broadband programme says she sympathises with those still waiting to be connected. there is
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more to be done, if you're one of the have— nots more to be done, if you're one of the have—nots it hurts and i understand that. we are determined to look at how we go further and faster. critics say bt has been using the wrong technology, hooking up using the wrong technology, hooking up homeowners throughout copper wire toa up homeowners throughout copper wire to a cabinet rather than laying fibre—optic cables direct into their homes. it is one of the more controversial aspects because bt went for that we can roll it out very fast if we go for the partial fibre solution that uses fibres to a green street cabinet and then copper from there to your home, that allows them to do 50 or 60 or 70,000 homes per month. rivalfirms them to do 50 or 60 or 70,000 homes per month. rival firms including sky and top dog are promising they can deliver faster fibre connections than bt and without needing public money. and ross atkins with outside source
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lies in the bbc newsroom was the lead story comes from syria. the government is saying it has been badly reta ken government is saying it has been badly retaken a level —— aleppo, the un is saying more than 3a,000 people have left the city in week. coming up have left the city in week. coming up after outside source, if you're outside of the u:k.'s world news america next with a report on whether some us cities can continue to protect migrants without documents once donald trott becomes president and here in the uk, it is news at ten with here edwards, kamal ahmed will take a closer look at the future trade relationship between the us and china. the funeral of the russian ambassador to turkey has taken place in moscow, sergei lavrov led tributes to andre carlaw was assassinated on monday in ankara. he described mr karlov as a man who loved his work,
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and who loved life. from moscow, steve rosenberg reports. the farewell began at the foreign ministry. flanked by a guard of honour, ambassador karlov lay in state, three days after he was assassinated in turkey. vladimir putin came to pay his respects. he has awarded andrei karlov his country's highest honour, posthumously, hero of russia. from the president to the widow, words of comfort. then the coffin was brought here, to the cathedral of christ the saviour. the orthodox priests chanted prayers and blessings. they sang hymns for the soul of the deceased. it's very rare for an ambassador to be killed on duty,
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said the head of the russian church, patriarch kirill. andrei karlov will go down in russian history as a hero. this is the man who killed him, an off—duty turkish police officer. god is greatest, he had shouted. don't forget about aleppo, about syria. they were in mourning today in ankara at the russian embassy. but heavy security here meant it took some time to deliver the wreaths. as russia today mourns the murder of one of its ambassadors, the country's leadership remains determined not to allow this assassination to harm relations with turkey or to weaken moscow's resolve to fight terror. steve rosenberg, bbc news, moscow. we will stay in russia or the story
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from a place in siberia, this is a post on the russian social media network. this man is a self—styled campaigner for morality in schools and this is a post in which he boasts about his part in the dismissal of a teacher who he describes as a lesbian and a satanist and goes on in this post to say "another school purge of an lgbt teacher". he said the dossier of evidence on this teacher to her school bosses, clearly a nice guy. the teacher says she was forced to quit. our correspondent tells me whether this teacher was simply pursued because of her sexuality or if there were other elements of the story. visually not accused of anything. thing is that he just applied all of these documents, he
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says more than 30 pages of documents to the officials at the after—school activities centre and frauds they spoke to her and she was forced to quit. they explained their decision? well, there are accounts vary, she says they had a six hour talk and head of the centre says they had a 90 minute talk and there was a lot of pressure and discussion and she had quit because she would be fired which makes at harder for to get anotherjob in the future. why would she be fired for being gay? that is a good question. it isn't against the law? no, of course it isn't, at least. the claims just where she was spreading lgbt propaganda, she was bringing as he says wrong values to the students but i guess she would never be fired for being gay but there are a lot of room —— leupolz
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and russian laws and the officials would probably fire her for something else, for being late or not doing her duties properly, it depends on your wish but the law is such that you can dismiss someone relatively easily if you have a wish. this is one man was a clear agenda but do you think he represents a broader sentiment in russian society, that people who are 93v russian society, that people who are gay to be teaching? -- shouldn't be teaching. they are becoming more and more prominent, it is to say how much is hard to say how much support they have but people since those things are being widely discussed and there are a lot of talk shows about this on russian media, those who don't support them are afraid to speak publicly because they are afraid of being accused of being gay or supporting business —— narrative so becomes a road —— vicious circle. two remarkable medical stories, we learned about a new drug treatment
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for multiple sclerosis already next to one of the tests of bionic eye implants here in the uk which might be able to help treat a rare inherited eye condition. bionic ice have been around for a long time in the world of science fiction but it's only now they are being used in everyday real world. keith henman has been blind for over 20 years. a genetic in —— illness cold retinitis pigmentosa meant he gradually lost his side but now he has some of it back thanks to this bionic eye. his side but now he has some of it back thanks to this bionic eyem gives you more of an interest because instead of walking about in total darkness everywhere and sitting in total darkness, not all of these shapes to work out what they are, windows and lights and people, cars, everything was a contrasting colour you can scan and trying to make out what the shape is. surgeons have had success with trials, which is a minister ——
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miniature camera mounted on glasses which transmits a wireless signal to the impact at the back of the rest mist emitting cells to send a signal to the rain, allowing the blind person to see in a limited way. for us person to see in a limited way. for us to important step for beeb in the future for hope in terms of using electronic coupled devices with a biological system, all of these steps after drastic and this is the first demonstration and it can do a very complex hook up between an eloquent device and a conflict of biological system which the retina is. as many as 15,000 beeb and uk have the same condition, although not all go on to lose their sight. you can see your glasses on the table, knocking them over, where your plate is on the table, all of these things, the only sad little but they mean a lot when you're used to being totally blind. the result of this device will improve as technology advances but it is already transforming boss mike lives. it is a meeting that little
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bit of light can make your life. —— to your life. finish the programme by bringing you some copyjust coming in and this ends the fraud process fraught process of evacuating aleppo and the devastating conflict over the syrian city. the international committee of the red cross says: that is conclusive from the red cross, that process is complete and aleppo is in the hands of the syrian government. goodbye. hello, either side of christmas we have chalk and cheese weather. right
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up have chalk and cheese weather. right up to christmas, some stormy conditions, all because we have a strongerjet conditions, all because we have a stronger jet stream that conditions, all because we have a strongerjet stream that is whistling across the atlantic and initially picking up this every year of cloud. this is our second named storm of the season, storm barbara, tacking towards our shores on the strong jet stream and we've had poor weather ahead of it but the showers are becoming fewer and less wintry. likely clear in wind and wales with some mist and fog. west wind will pick up, bringing up the temperatures and rolling —— blowing in more cloud and some rain in the north—west is the first sign of that storm. a deep area of low pressure which will track the centre just to the north of scotland full stops strong wind everywhere and on the weather front some heavy rain it quickly turns windy and wet in the morning across scotland and northern ireland with awful weather, and that heavy rain and squally wind drives
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into western areas of england and wales in the afternoon, south—east and east anglia largely dry but still windy and will find some heavy showers in scotland and northern ireland later in the afternoon after the rain, later in the afternoon into the evening the wind really ramps up in the north of scotland. it is because of the wind we have this amber beads were wind warning from the met office, may be some travel disruption and damage. nothing out of the ordinary for this time of year, but nevertheless, storm barbara moves away in friday night, windy across northern areas and into saturday which is of course christmas eve. by the morning it would be as windy still some blustery showers and snow over scottish hills, bright and breezy further south with cloud amounts increasing and rain arriving in the north—west on that weather front. driven by the next area of low pressure picked up by thejet
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stream, this one not a deep, and the wind not as strong but it will be a windy day on christmas day and we are drawing in some mild air temperatures possibly into the mid—teens, tempered by the strong and gusty winds and some rain driving south into england and wales. as that clears away, cold air arrives in the north—west at that could turn into a white christmas may be in scotland and on boxing day temperatures will be significantly lower. it will feel a lot cold across northern areas where it is still windy on boxing day and some wintry showers around but further south across the uk, close to this developing carrier of high pressure the wind will be lighter and there should be some sunshine around. things look very different in the run—up to new year command will find some frosty weather returning was clearer skies, many patches of falkirk might listen to low cloud and as we head close to the new year there will be a tendency to increase
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cloud amounts of a well and lose a lot of the sunshine. why is this happening? high pressure is building in across the uk, the centre slips away towards the new continent which will allow more of a southerly wind to develop which will draw up some mild airand windy to develop which will draw up some mild air and windy conditions but most mild air and windy conditions but m ost pla ces mild air and windy conditions but most places are still dry, albeit increasingly cloudy. that is it for me. goodbye. tonight at ten: donald trump says america must greatly expand and strengthen its nuclear weapons capability. in yet another message on social media, the president—elect says expansion is needed until the world comes to its senses regarding nuclear weapons. the trump team says he was warning about the dangers of terrorist organizations and unstable regimes getting access to nuclear weapons. and earlier today, president putin was talking about russia's need to expand its nuclear capability. also tonight: new images of the main suspect
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in the berlin attack. his fingerprints have been found inside the lorry driven into the christmas market. the owner and mechanic of this lorry — with faulty brakes — are both jailed for manslaughter, after four people were killed
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