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tv   BBC News  BBC News  December 24, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm GMT

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you're watching bbc news. the headlines at 5pm. israel condemns as "shameful" a un security council vote calling for an end to settlements on occupied palestinian land. authorities in tunisia arrest three people connected to a terror cell connected to anis amri, the berlin market attacker. a spokeswoman for the queen's granddaughter, zara tindall, and her husband mike, say the couple have lost their baby. rail passengers face delays, diversions and cancellations as work starts on 200 network engineering upgrades. theresa may calls for britain to come together as it prepares to leave the eu, in her christmas message. also in the next hour, tributes to the status quo guitarist, rick parfitt, who's died at the age of 68. he passed away in hospital in spain after suffering from complications from previous surgery.
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his family released a statement saying they're "devastated". ann arbor looking back at a diverse yearin ann arbor looking back at a diverse year in film from home—grown heroes to hollywood hits, that's 2016, the yearin to hollywood hits, that's 2016, the year infilm, to hollywood hits, that's 2016, the year in film, with mark kermode. good afternoon and welcome to bbc news. israel has condemned a vote by the un security council calling for an end tojewish settlements on occupied palestinian land. the us abstained rather than vetoing the resolution as it usually does. donald trump has tweeted things will be "different" when he takes over. here's our middle east correspondent, yolande knell. these israeli homes are on land
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that the palestinians want for their promised future state. there are now some 600,000 israelis living in the occupied west bank in eastjerusalem, and numbers are growing. in a rare show of unity, the un security council passed its judgment on thejewish settlements. translation: 14 votes in favour. describing them as a flagrant violation of international law and a threat to any peace deal with the palestinians. crucially, the united states did not use its veto power in israel's favour, as it usually does. it is because this resolution reflects the facts on the ground and it is consistent with us policy across administrations throughout the history of the state of israel that the united states did not veto it. israel disagrees that settlements built on land captured in the 1967 middle east war are illegal. at the un, it felt betrayed by its closest ally
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and was especially angry about criticism of building in eastjerusalem. who gave you the right to issue such a decree denying our eternal rights in jerusalem? the bible contains 3,000 years of history of thejewish people in the land of israel. no one, no one can change this history. officially, israel rejects the resolution and says it looks forward to working with us president—elect, donald trump. on twitter, he said things would be different when he is in office. here in bethlehem, palestinians gathering for their annual christmas parade feel they have something extra to celebrate. they are calling this resolution a victory and hoping it will help them in international courts. but israel says it will not change policies on settlements and is counting on the next us administration for support.
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the authorities in tunisia have arrested three people suspected of being part of terror cell connected to the berlin market attacker, anis amri. 0fficials claim the cell consisted of individuals aged between 18 and 27. one of them is amri's nephew, who communicated with his uncle through encrypted messages, and who also pledged allegiance to so—called islamic state. earlier i spoke to rana jawad, our correspondent in tunis, for the latest. the interior ministry put out a statement saying they arrested three individuals. one of them is the nephew of anis amri, the suspected berlin attacker. i have confirmed this arrest with a family member of the nephew but they wouldn't divulge any other details at this time. the family itself is
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under a lot of pressure, and all members have been interrogated in the last couple of days. even when we were there in his hometown two days ago to see them, there was a heavy security presence, and we know every member of anis amri's family have been questioned. the interior ministry says that the nephew admitted, according to them, during interrogations that he had been keeping in touch with his uncle by a messaging app which is encrypted, and hard for them to follow or survey. and that he was asked by his uncle to pledge allegiance to the so—called islamic state. and they say that the nephew was also sent money from his uncle in germany at some stage via a third party through the post, to help get him to, they presume germany, although they didn't specify where, so that he could join him and the cleric he was following there. the status quo guitarist
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rick parfitt has died in hospital in spain. he was 68. in a statement, his family said he'd died as a result of a severe infection, having been previously treated for a shoulder injury. david silito looks back at his life. rock music i've got to where i wanted to go, to become a pop star or a rock star. to quo fans he was easy to spot, the bobbing blonde head. he was responsible for some of rock music's greatest riffs. from 1972 there was a status quo album in the top ten every yearfor 16 years. 38 top 20 singles. no other heavy rock band came close. it all began at butlins.
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rick parfitt met francis rossi when they were teenagers. their first single was a bit of ‘60s psychedelia. but their passion was something a bit more raw. a hit—making rock formula. all our records sound alike, of course they do, because it is status quo. i'm not trying to get out of a corner here. they are going to sound like us, who are we supposed to sound like? who do you get to open this thing? as soon as i had the idea, i couldn't think of anyone better. music: "rockin‘ all over the world" by status quo. when it came to sex, drugs and rock ‘n‘ roll, rick parfitt did it all. this riff arose from the consequence of a huge dose of amphetamines. ijust had this riff i wanted to do.
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i don't know, i will be all good night, rick, see you in the morning! guitar riffs. i came back in the morning and he was there. i said, you're up early! he said, i haven't been to bed yet. too much speed the previous day. he married three times. he has a particular type of woman, blondes! even when he was recovering from heart surgery he was still smoking and drinking. i was smoking in the hospital. and drinking. it was the rock and roll lifestyle. when it came to turning rock into hit songs, he was one of the best. 0n the line isjeff rich who played
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with status quo for 16 years, during oral over the world and recording 1a albums with the band. as you look back over the life and career of rick parfitt, what stands out for you? he wasjust a fantastic guy. he was the funniest man i've ever met. you would be on tour and he would be making laughs and jokes on the bus the whole time. he was just a really good news it soon, very underrated, great rhythm player, to play the guitar like he played, there was no other guys could do it, to be honest. fantastic talent. he started learning at around ten years old, is that right? yes, he started really young. and just carried on from there. he had a lot of early
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influences from rock ‘n‘ roll, mainly and rockabilly stuff. we're just looking at some footage from status quo performing at knebworth. you on drums, him on guitar. was there a particular standout tour in your mind as you look back? that would have been one of the standout gigs. and when we played with queen at wembley as well. 100,000 people. some great gigs, great atmosphere. and he was a total professional. that is striking, because you heard those clips before we started talking, referring to the fact that
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he lived life to the full and embraced all possibilities life offers, but when it came to performing and being on top form one stage, that was what he also. yes, and near the end he did get frustrated with his health problems. that was a big issue for him, because i am sure that he wanted to give his all on stage, and eventually, he just couldn't do it. he was a great guy. it is a surreal thing for me to be talking about this because to me, people like that, they live on and live on. people like that, but it is so sad for me. but life goes on, as they say. we were talking about status quo's success say. we were talking about status quo's success over s0 say. we were talking about status quo's success ovei’ so many say. we were talking about status quo's success over so many years. how much of a part of that success will see, do you think you? —— was
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he. how much was it down to him, do you think? he was a huge part of the band. he was the backbone of the band. he was the backbone of the band. him and francis. the sound from the two guitarists together, they locked together and when they we i’e they locked together and when they wei’e on they locked together and when they were on form, it was like a machine, plain, incredible to play with, to play along with. and your thoughts are obviously with his family. yes, it is so sad. he has left two lovely children and another boy from his first marriage. very sad, very sad. it is the family that always suffers in these sorts of situations. my thoughts do go out to them. in these sorts of situations. my thoughts do go out to themm in these sorts of situations. my thoughts do go out to them. it is good to have your thoughts. thank you for coming on the line, jeff rich, who played with status quo for
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many years alongside rick parfitt, who has died at the age of 68. the queen's granddaughter zara tindall and her husband mike tindall have lost their baby, a spokeswoman for the couple has said. equestrian champion zara and former england rugby player tindall announced at the end of november they were expecting their second child. in a statement the spokeswoman said: "very sadly, zara and mike tindall have lost their baby. at this difficult time, we ask that everyone respects their privacy." time for off sport round—up from the bbc sports centre with 0llie foster. leaders celtic and second—placed rangers both won in the scottish premiership this afternoon. celtic extended their lead thanks to
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that beauty from stuart armstrong. they are unbeaten in 22 games domestic league, and 1a points clear of rangers. rangers beat inverness1—0. it was an own goal that saw rangers get the win. they have played one more game than celtic. the teams face each other on new year's eve. there are three matches in the rugby union prmiership. wasps beat bath 46—26. christian wade has scored a hatrick of tries. that earned a bonus point for wasps. bath ran in four tries, but that
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defeat leaves them six adrift of the top two. saracens are still top, beating newcastle 21—6. wasps beat bath, you already know that. one piece of bad news for saracens and england. they could be without their prop mako vunipola for the six nations. the sarries forward has suspected ligamnet damage in his left knee. his brother billy is already ruled out of the tournament. he has been a key playerfor eddie jones during england's unbeaten run in 2016. i'll be back with more on those stories at 6:30pm. a quiet day in sport, as you might expect, but if anything is going on, it will be on the bbc sport website. you're watching bbc news. the headlines:
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israel condemns as "shameful" a un security council vote calling for an end to settlements on occupied palestinian land. the nephew of anis amri and two other men have been arrested for allegedly being part of a "terrorist cell" linked to the deadly attack on a christmas market in berlin. status quo guitarist rick parfitt has died in hospital in spain at the age of 68. theresa may has urged britain to "unite and move forward" in herfirst christmas message as prime minister. mrs may said the vote to leave the eu would offer britain the opportunity to carve out a bold new role in the world. in his christmas message, the labour leaderjeremy corbyn promised to do more for people sleeping on the streets. here's our political correspondent, iain watson. the british people have spoken and the answer is that we're out. the eu
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referendum divided not just politicians but communities and families. against this backdrop, it is perhaps not surprising that in her christmas message, the prime minister appealed for unity. coming together is important for us as a country, she said, as we leave the eu, we must seize an historic opportunity to forge a bold new role and unite our country as we move forward into the future. in a separate message recorded for the armed forces, she says that the government is on their side. armed forces, she says that the government is on their sidelj armed forces, she says that the government is on their side. i want you and all your families to know that this government is on your side. jeremy corbyn says his thoughts are with those experiencing loneliness and despair at this time of year. he visited a homelessness charity in london and used his christmas message to repeat the promise he gave them. labour has promised to put an end to rough sleeping in ourfirst promised to put an end to rough sleeping in our first term promised to put an end to rough sleeping in ourfirst term of government. we would do that by
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doubling the number of homes are available for people who have been sleeping in the streets. the lib. lib dem leader tim farron filmed his message in a centre for child refugees in france and he called for more tolerance. the greens said that 2016 was rubbish, or words to that effect, and they hoped that next year is better. one thing most politicians can agree on, and that is to wish their voters are happy christmas. extensive railway engineering works have started across britain today, with 200 different projects being carried out over the christmas break. passengers in london, manchester and cardiff are expected to be the hardest hit by the work. one of the biggest stations in the capital, paddington, is closed, with passengers being told to go to ealing broadway and our correspondent, smitha mundasad has been there. here at ealing broadway, we've seen a steady stream of passengers coming into the station with their bags and christmas presents and inside, there are queues. lots of people asking questions. this is not thejourney
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they would have expected to make. they would have gone from paddington. there is disruption across the uk in manchester and cardiff. network rail says that this is the best time to carry out this huge range of improvement works. they say that around this time, only half the passengers you would expect travel on trains, so there will be less disruption. they also say the improvements are needed, because we have a victorian era rail system, and that over time, passengers will see better capacity and better reliability of trains. many people wouldn't argue with that, but some will say surely there is a better time to be carrying out these improvement works, when they are making significant journeys home over christmas. now, the advice is to check the train times, the train details, before you set off today. the star wars actress carrie fisher is in intensive care
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in hospital in los angeles, after suffering what's believed to have been a heart attack on a flight from london. she fell ill minutes before the plane landed. come on, we've got to get out of here! it is the role that made carrie fisher a star. princess leia. beautiful, resourceful, tough. she played the part in the first star wars films and again in the force awakens, released last year. here she is just a fortnight ago on the graham norton show, promoting her new book based on her teenage diaries. we brought all these things up, writing it down, thinking it's funny. that didn't happen. we now know she boarded a plane from heathrow to los angeles yesterday. 15 minutes before landing, she was taken ill with
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a suspected heart attack. 0ff—duty medical staff and cabin crew came to her help. paramedics transferred her by ambulance to the intensive care unit here. initial reports suggested she was stable, but her current medical condition is unknown. how are you feeling? good! ish! the last two years have been a steady round of publicising her latest memoir and films. in the past, she has been candid about her health problems. co—stars have taken to social media to wish her well. peter mayhew wrote, thoughts and prayers from all our friends for everyone's favourite princess. mark hamill wrote, as if 2016 could get any worse. sending all our love to carrie fisher. we'll take a look at some of the
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other stories making the news this afternoon. the search has been called off for an elderly british woman who is presumed to have fallen overboard from a cruise ship on the east coast of the united states. she was a passenger on the cunard liner, the queen mary two, selling from new york to the caribbean. the fire that killed a mother and daughter in essex was accidentally started by a candle. the woman and her 11—year—old daughter amelia died in the blaze in essex, in braintree, on wednesday evening. fire services have urged people to take extra care ovei’ have urged people to take extra care over the festive season. president 0bama has delivered his last christmas message from the white house.
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sitting alongside his wife michelle he said it had been an honour and christmas, everybody. 0ne and christmas, everybody. one of the best things about the festive season is getting help from your friends. and i realised from the first christmas address that barack needed all the help he could get. this is out all the help he could get. this is our first christmas in the white house. you have got to stop it. you have got to get it together, you have got to get it together, you have got to pull it together. celebrating the holidays in the white house over these past eight years has been a true privilege. we have been able to welcome over half a million guests, our outstanding pastry chefs have baked 200,000 holiday cookies, and barack has treated the american people to countless bad jokes. although some
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of them got a frosty reception! this year's white house holiday theme is the gift of the holidays. and we reflect some of the greatest gifts of the nation from the incredible military families to the life changing impact of a great education. the greatest gift that michelle and i have received over the last eight years has been the honour of serving as your president and first lady. together we fought oui’ and first lady. together we fought our way back from the worst recession in 80 years and we got unemployment to a nine—year low. we secured health insurers for another 20 million americans and new protections for folks who had injuries already. we made america respected around the world, took on the map of leadership in the fight to protect this planet for our kids and so much more. by so many measures wei’e country is and so much more. by so many measures were country is stronger and more prosperous than it was when we and more prosperous than it was when we first got here, and i am hopeful that we will build on the progress we that we will build on the progress we have made together in the years to come. tomorrow, for the final
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time as first family we willjoin fellow christians around the world to rejoice in the birth of our saviour and as we tell his story from that holy night, we will remember his eternal message, one of boundless love, compassion and hope. the idea that we are our brothers keeperand our the idea that we are our brothers keeper and our sister 's keeper, that we should treat others as we would want to be treated, that we ca re would want to be treated, that we care for the sick, feed the hungry, welcome the stranger, no matter where they come from or how they practice their faith. those are values that helped guide notjust my family's christian faith but that of jewish americans and muslim americans, non—believers and americans, non—believers and americans of all backgrounds. and no one better embodies the spirit of service than the men and women who wear our country's uniform. as always, many of our troops are far from this time of year and their families are serving and sacrificing
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right along with them. their courage and dedication allows the rest of us to enjoy this season. that is why we try to serve them as well as they have served this country. go to... to see how you can honour servicemembers, veterans and military families in your community, notjust during the military families in your community, not just during the holidays but all year round. as we look forward to the new year, let's resolve to recommit ourselves to the values we share and, on behalf of the family, including that troublemaker sonny, merry christmas, everybody. we wish you and your family a happy and healthy 2017. thanks, and god bless. the final christmas message from the white house for the family of barack 0bama. temperatures have been a record 5 degrees higher than average for december at the north pole. climate change scientists say that
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these are publicly linked to man—made climate change. it follows a summit during which arctic sea ice reached the second lowest extent ever recorded by satellites —— it follows a summer. now we have the weather forecast from tomasz. follows a summer. now we have the weather forecast from tomaszm follows a summer. now we have the weather forecast from tomasz. it is going to be exceptionally mild, too warm for any snow. christmas itself is going to be incredibly mild. windy as well with a bit of rain on the way notjust through christmas but and into boxing day. storm stconor is sending all that mild air from the atlantic, from the azores. this vortex is sucking in all of that warm from the south and sitting on top of us during the course of tonight and tomorrow. increasing winds across north—western areas.
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for many, breezy, cloudy and act with rain coming and going. the heaviest rain will be across the north, west of scotland and northern ireland. first thing tomorrow it will be 11 celsius across the south, then we have to ride out christmas with cloud and bits and pieces of rain and maybe some sunshine from time time. then you have got the rain there in glasgow and moving into belfast and some strong winds off the north sea. to the south of that, as fairly cloudy, some holes in the cloud but generally overcast and mild, very mild for christmas, with a few spots of rain. through the rest of christmas day and into the rest of christmas day and into the evening, we start to see some heavy rain pushing in from the atlantic, becoming blustery with showers across the north and a little bit of snow across the hills. across the norwegian sea, sending very strong winds into the far north
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of scotla nd very strong winds into the far north of scotland during the course of boxing day, we have an amber weather warning in force for 0rkney and shetland, but most of the northern half of the uk will have blustery weather and in the south, apart from some spots of rain it is going to be looking much calmer. after all of this windy, mild, breezy, stormy in the north weather, things are going to change very quickly. from low pressure, we're going straight to this big area of high pressure. at this big area of high pressure. at this time of year that means clear skies and a touch of frost in the morning and also for problems. from the 27th to the 29th, we could be dealing with widespread dense fog. just keep track of forecasts, because fog rather than gale force winds could be your problem in the coming days. hello, this is bbc news. the headlines. israel has condemned as shameful
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a un security council vote


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