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tv   Review 2016  BBC News  December 26, 2016 7:30am-8:01am GMT

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hello, this is breakfast on boxing day with naga munchetty. now, a summary of this morning's main news. george michael, one of the biggest pop stars of the 80s and 90s, has died. he was 53, and is believed to have suffered from heart failure. he rose to fame as one half of the group wham alongside andrew ridgeley, who has paid tribute to his co—star saying he would be forever loved. george michael went on to have an incredibly successful career both as a solo artist and in collaboration with other musicians, including aretha franklin and sir eltonjohn. he sold 100 million albums and had 11 uk number ones. we'll be looking back on the life and career of george michael throughout the programme — and hearing some of your favourite memories of his music. russia is holding a day of national mourning for the 92 people killed when a military plane crashed in the black sea. authorities in russia say they've located the site where the plane came down yesterday, soon after taking off from sochi. the victims included nine journalists and more than sixty members of the moscow—based red army choir, who were on their way
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to perform in syria. mervyn king said today that trading under the same conditions as countries on the continent could prevent britain from taking full advantage of the opportunities of brexit. 50,000 people in england at risk of type—2 diabetes could be helped by an nhs programme that's being extended from today. the advice on better nutrition and exercise had already helped 20,000 people. it forms part of a package of new measures to curb type—2 diabetes — including funding for more specialist nurses. japan's prime minister is set to visit pearl harbour, 75 years after the attack that drew the united states into the second world war. shinzo abe will visit the naval base in hawaii that was targeted by japanese bombers in december 19m. more than 2,000 americans were killed in the raids. an adviser to mr abe said he was not planning to offer an apology
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for the attack. millions of shoppers are expected to hit the high street today as the traditional boxing day sales get under way. the number of people going to the shops is expected to be down on last year, with analysts saying that earlier discount events like black friday and cyber monday will affect post—christmas sales. almost £3 billion is expected to be spent at the tills today, with a further £900 million spent online we'll be back at eight with the headlines. david bowie, ronnie corbett and victoria wood — just a few of those who passed away this year, and whose lives are celebrated in review 2016: we remember. there's another chance to see part one on the bbc iplayer, but now here's part two. # i heard there was a secret court #
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that david played... i only do the kind of music that i do. i would love to do other kinds but with the limits of my talent i am obliged to do my own thing. # it goes like this the fourth, the fifth, the minor fall, the major lift # the baffled king composing hallelujah. # suzanne ta kes you king composing hallelujah. # suzanne takes you down to her place near the river... he wore it like a snail shell everywhere... if we sold 400 books of poetry we considered ourselves on the way to win mortality. but i could not pay my rent. in hindsight it seems like a
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mad decision that i would rectify my economic situation by becoming a singer. # i rememberyou economic situation by becoming a singer. # i remember you well in the chelsea hotel # you were talking so brave and so sweet. song: hallelujah by leonard cohen if the ball is in my left hand, it is not in my hand it is in the cup. you can go to a party and tell somebody, asked them if they have seen a trick. and even if you have done it averagely well they will ask you how you did it. you grow a little. i did not grow far. you will like this. this is the queen with a
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bent corner. keep your eye on the queen. these 20 they do not matter. where is the queen for £10? £10. that is it. £10 and it is a black three. #so # so let the happy times begin... ladies and gentlemen, please welcome debbie mcgee. what attracted you to the millionaire paul daniels? soared david copperfield once make the statue of liberty disappear. if no fewer ugly in heaven you would be beautiful. wonderful news for that
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girl there in front. 91 to turkey, 92 to turkey, 93 elsewhere. it is not a patch on turkey, is it. i said it has not got the same atmosphere. it has not got the same atmosphere. see that there? put that into the toaster. you like that, don't you?” am not that keen on turkey. i don't like turkey. put it away. will you call me to the hospital? of course i will. i will be right there. 0utside. but your mother will be inside with you. of course i will stay with you. i will always be there for you. all ways. # they said there would be snowwhite
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christmas # they said there would be peace on earth # hallelujah, now well... # at christmas we get what well... # at christmas we get what we deserve. i know everything. i heard the verdict. it is dangerous for you to come here. i must take the risk and you might as well. girls, do not get married. it is insanity. you have to become their servants, look after their house and they cheat on you. who the hell needs that? let us go down the street and sokal seat. —— soak our feet. ben, i down the street and sokal seat. —— soak ourfeet. ben, i neverthought i would see the day when you did not wa nt i would see the day when you did not
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want to go for a walk. you do not know what you are missing. # do you remember # love was changing my mind # chasing the clouds away... # the mira stares you in the face... —— the mirror. # the mira stares you in the face... -- the mirror. what will you do after the war? i will faithfully execute the office of president of the united states, so help me god.
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we are doing everything we can. each day brings another reminder of this very long goodbye. # someone is knocking at the door # someone is ringing the bell # someone is ringing the bell # someone is ringing the bell # someone is knocking at the door # do mea someone is knocking at the door # do me a favour # 0pen someone is knocking at the door # do me a favour # open the door and let them now, look here my good woman...”
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could not going on dropping trousers. i was just repeating myself by coming in the same doors and doing the samejokes. myself by coming in the same doors and doing the same jokes. they pinched my braces! i began to look for something else to do. i saw an advertising and in the guardian one day, applied for the job and eventually after a great deal of doubt on behalf of the society actually got thejob. doubt on behalf of the society actually got the job. doctor henry] heimlich, a leading specialist in oesophagus surgery has devised a simple first aid procedure, the heimlich manoeuvre which has proven successful in saving the lives of choking victims. # trying to loosen my load i have seven women on my
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mind # forwho my load i have seven women on my mind # for who want me... # you can't hide your lying eyes we enjoyed what we were doing. we were serious about our work and the songs and serious about where we wanted to ta ke and serious about where we wanted to take the band. but along the way we rocked and we had a good time. still those voices are calling from faraway # wake you up in the middle of the night... when you have a record like hotel california you joina record like hotel california you join a fraternity of only a few people who understand what it is like to have a mega— record and then you have to get your head around, you have to get your head around, you know, how do you make a record after living it up at the hotel california # what a nice surprise might bring your
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alibi. i have the most stylish corner of the filthy store room out the back. $10 a day. things get hard when they find out you are on the run. there is a dry wash south of town. pick me up there. they make another attempt on his life. i will be back in the morning. with my people. thank you, doctor. knowing thrush as we do they're going to keep at it. the doctor anticipated that.
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he said his enemies would have to hunt down the four winds to find his formula. one more word. daughter. he is flying east. 2,000 miles, approximately. there is an envelope with the logo of one of the few airlines flying into dagestan. # take good care of my baby the things i look back on with pride are some of the songs. # remember, when you tell those little white lies...# an instant hit, it is very nice for them, because they don't need to worry about selling records. the brand—new one, straight in at number 12. # love grows where my rosemary goes
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and nobody knows but me... # i can't deny, can't you see i'm so confused? # i can't deny, you see i'm tired...# i wanted to make a glittery, disco record. and i wanted to work with stock, aitken, and waterman. i am so lucky to have it, i realise it now, as my knees get stiff and the teeth are falling out, you know what i mean? # you're spinning right round, baby, right round...#
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i am glad i did something that has gone down in history. i looked down on him because i am upper—class. i looked up to him because i am upper—class. but i looked down on him because he is lower class. i am middle—class. i know my place. fork handles. four candles. there you are, fork handles no, fork handles. handles for forks. i didn't make this story up. i read it in the reader's digest in between an article called, having fun with a hernia, and a story about a woman who brought up a family of four with one hand while waiting for directory enquiries. i said to her, excuse me.
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i am i doing a lot of sway in? i think i am. i will sit still for a moment. matt rampage, that is you, isn't it? possibly. volume the first. in which humphrey travelled to the land of prologues. it is good night from me... and good night from him! anyone mind if i have a smoke? what do you mean smoke? have a smoke, like. have you got any port on you? no, but i know where i can get you some. i don't want any! this is a problem. i went those pills where they belong. in your pocket? dear me, no.
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the doctor's office. i did not know who shared my view and the evils of drugs. it is because this despicable pilfering is making a mess of my own operation. these are my mops. brushes and mops. what do you want me to do with them? i think you know well enough what to do with them, father. look for dust and dirt. # because i've gone and got engaged again...# i knew that i was funny. i thought i could be funny, and i could play the piano, and i thought, somehow, i'll do something with this, but i did not know what it could be. # i'll be back at social security, queueing up to be abused...# # to be listed on a card index, one singer, slightly used...$ hello.
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i'm looking for my friend. i was at a party, i ended up in a bedroom with a man who owned a diy shop. he ripped off all his clothes and said, what would you like to do? i said, i would really like to insulate the loft. i went into the wvs centre today. the lady who seems to run the centre, very tall, quite imposing, she sort of swept me up and made me about 60 cups of tea. they did well out of you then. i liked her though, she knew would she wanted. let's do it! have you seen it on the trolley? just two coffees, no sweets? have you seen it on the trolley? # let's do it tonight...# if marjorie letter concentration lapse forjust one second i could literally... # let's go, ‘cause i know how i want
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you to behave # not particularly, not completely, beta beyond the bottom with the women's weekly... it is too dangerous! my mother first realised i was an actor when she saw the movie and —— my uncle rang her up and said, that son of yours is in a film. my mother did not believe them. she had to be dragged to see the film. she said, yes, he looks familiar! the imperial japanese army shall be...
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the explosion of television meant the world became smaller. and because it became smaller there was room for much more international types of entertainment. that is where i dived in. i just got lucky. how come you have a name like entwistle ? i changed it my name, from mcintyre. i was forever mistaken for a scot. what are you then? a yorkshireman, what else? you are five minutes late. i thought you all listening to the archers, or something... that was a very short bit of football, or a very short first half. yes? oh. somebody says we appear to have lost that film. you are telling me!
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we will try to find it. i was totally changed by the experience of it. i went there and it was such a dreadful shock. i hope i shall never, ever see anything like this again. i think you have much more humility after that kind of experience. you can't go around being bombastic anymore. itjust calms you down, it makes you realise what some other people have to put up with in life. we're now coming to the last moments of apollo 13, as it begins its re—entry. the best thing we can do now is just to listen and hope. architecture, like writing, needs to be edited and refined over time, you have to be very self—critical. i was a woman who did strange stuff. there's a definite stigma to a woman's thing. to be accepted as an architect, i am not sure it is fully done
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not here, not in this country. i'm still considered to be on the margin. and i don't mind being on the edge, actually. it's a good place to be. i've just about had enough of you. go that way. you will be malfunctioning within a day, you near—sighted scrap pile. and don't let me catch you following me, begging for help, because we won't get it. # there is a star man waiting in the sky # he'd like to come and meet us but he thinks he will blow our minds... # there is a star man waiting in the sky, he told us not to blow it because he knows it is all worthwhile...
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roger, 05... that's the fluid body shift occurs, that is something that as i understand goes away over a couple of days, and you get back to normal again. put your awareness to the back of your head. just concentrate on feeling the inside of the back of your head. you should notice, with a little practice doing this, a definite shift in awareness. # ground control to major tom... # take your protein pills and put your helmet on...# iam only using rock and roll as a medium. i want it to be the instigator of new ideas, to turn people on to new things and perspectives. i was never that confident
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of my voice as a singer. so i thought rather than just singing, i would like to kind of portray the song. # ziggy played guitar... i felt really comfortable going on stage as somebody else. and it seemed a rational decision to keep on doing that. # flame... # we can be heroes... and so i got quite besotted with the idea of creating character after character. # ashes to ashes... # let's dance.
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nothing will prepare you for the first dramatic performance in the man who fell to earth. i don't need any help. i've practised walking for years. # look up here, i'm in heaven... # i've got scars that cannot be seen... # i've got drama that can't be stolen... # everybody knows me now... # now ziggy played... # guitar... hello, this is breakfast,
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with naga munchetty. george michael, one of the biggest music stars of his generation, has died at the age of 53. # time it can never mend # time it can never mend # the careless whisper...#. after a string of top ten hits with wham in the 805, he had further success as a solo artist, selling more than 100 million albums. we'll look back at his career. good morning, it's boxing day, monday the 26th of december. also today: a day of mourning in russia for the 92 people who were on board a jet which crashed into the black sea on its way to syria. boxing day sales have
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already started online —
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