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tv   The Papers  BBC News  December 27, 2016 11:30pm-11:45pm GMT

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last of scotland. further south, the last of the chilly conditions holding on gci’oss the chilly conditions holding on across eastern parts of england. i say chill rather than cold because it will simply turn much colder once we have moved this weather front down and across the british isles as we get on into the weekend. this ta kes we get on into the weekend. this takes us out of the old and puts us into the new. it will be a marked change because the weather will be flowing down this isobars from north to south. when i say north at this time of year, you are talking about cold weather. it will turn my could colder. for some of you, you will bring in the new year with a wee bit of rain in the atmosphere —— it will turn colder. hello. this is bbc news. i'm ben brown. we'll be taking a look at tomorrow mornings papers in a moment. first the headlines at 11:30: carrie fisher, who played princess leia in the star wars films, has died, aged 60. her co—star harrison ford, who played han solo, said she was "one of a kind".
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tributes to pearl harbour‘s dead, 75 years after the japanese attack — the country's prime minister becomes its first leader to publicly honour the victims. ministers reject criticism that plans to require voters to show id at polling stations are a "sledgehammer to crack a nut". and richard adams, the civil servant who went on to write the novel watership down, has died peacefully at his home, according to his family. hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. with me are the parliamentary journalist tony grew and the broadcaster and journalist, sean dilley. tomorrow's front pages, starting with: actress carrie fisher's death at the age of 60
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is the main focus of the independent. the paper also claims to have seen plans to topple unite union's chief len mccluskey. carrie fisher also makes headlines in the mail — as does new analysis from researchers that 80% of the middle—aged population in the uk are in bad health. the express also features the new health figures, reporting that diabetes among the middle—aged has doubled. the daily telegraph claims that the armed forces face another round of cuts, partly due to the fall in the pound. it also notes transport disruption due to cold weather across the uk. the times reports that the government will reform charges for electric car charging, to combat the steep costs that are currently imposed. the paper also carries an image of carrie fisher as princess leia. and finally, the sun also pays tribute to carrie fisher, and reports that george michael will be buried in his
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family's private plot. so let's begin. carrie fisher, whose picture is pretty much on every front pageant not surprisingly. an iconic figure for many fans of the movies and especially the star wars movies. she will be most remembered as princess leia did not need a hero to rescue her. she was one of the first hollywood stars to speak openly about her struggles with addiction. she spoke about her experience of going through rehab so for many people she will be remembered as a feminist icon but also a mental health figure. very fond treatment
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of the death of someone who is much loved across the world. relatively young, like george michael, who was 53, she was 60. i wonder whether when we hear these stories, yes, they are iconic, it will be impactful too fans, the star wars fans, to george michael music fans. but the fact, 53, 60, i think people find these less explicable than... you are talking about people who of a horrible year for celebrities. what they had in common was that creative but troubled souls, in a way? and the fact they spoke publicly about that no doubt would
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have helped many people come to terms with their own struggle. it is a bit ofa terms with their own struggle. it is a bit of a cliche but at the time when those two were doing it, it was something that was not done. those with things he did not talk about. carrie fisher, in particular, just her spirit, her ability to come he knew to be a funny and controversial and interesting person. the complete opposite of the bland movie star. with george michael as well. opposite of the bland movie star. with george michael as weltm opposite of the bland movie star. with george michael as well. it was lovely to find out about the altruistic acts that he was doing, charities, and money he gave away. it is really interesting, you kind of learned something behind the public face, behind the trouble and i suspect that will be the case with carrie fisher as well. personal stories that we may think, rather
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guiltily that are not experience. the main front—page headline here, a crackdown on rip—off charges for electric cars. one of the government big push us is to get people to drive more low emission cars by 2020. but there is a disparity in terms of charging and the rules about charging electric cars around the house. 90% are charged at home but the problems people have is when they are further away from home, some of these charges could reach 7.50 and find this fascinating, at least 93 pricing accommodations are
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used in a different charge polls are round the country. i loved the story because of their recognising something stopped the target was to have 9% of low emission vehicles by 2020 now reports suggest that the way we are going it will be 7% and, listen, statistics and figures aside, wouldn't it be brilliant as well as getting capital cities with congestion charges, getting incentive to get fuel free. a name for where you are worried about whether the car is going to get from point now to point b it is called range anxiety. not enough charging point is one of the issues? it says there are 11,000 public charging points in britain... which isn't very many... there are actually
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significantly more than petrol stations are relatively. it takes longer to charge a car... but those charging point would not be surprised if they are concentrated in the city. if you are in the countryside, you could find a sock in difficulty. frankly, my view is the government does not want to invest in the infrastructure and spend money on it. they will have to because with all sorts of insurance is, reducing emissions, we are going to see those generous purchase fees. we are going to have to see that because otherwise these diesel vehicles are going to carry on being bought and government will have to shell out money for not being as
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green. the telegraph have got the armed forces facing new cuts and a p pa re ntly armed forces facing new cuts and apparently because of the new pound? they have been under pressure right from 2010 when the coalition government came into force. 0bviously several things have changed since then... brexit. the pound is much weaker and a lot of american equipment now costs a lot more money. there are other pressures . more money. there are other pressures. the government came up and said that we are funding the armed forces properly or the next ten years. when you look behind the figures is what they have done is taken out pension commitments, us peacekeeping costs and they have dumped it elsewhere. it was creative counting by the government. the armed forces would told they were getting more money but they were hidden extras. and now the settle m e nt hidden extras. and now the settlement given by the government
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in the sts are, means that last year and this year they have not been getting the money they were promised and they may be in financial squeeze. and they may be in financial squeeze. military costs money and they do not feel they are getting they do not feel they are getting the money. they are saying invest more and protect the nation. the telegraph have a story about potential peers, dippel nominated for a peerage —— people, should be given an interview to test their suitability. literally hundreds of people being nominated, be they do know is, aides to senior politicians, almost a little piece of living offers a reward. remember cash for honours stop theresa may's ethics adviser... i think that is what they are being called... is saying we need to have a seat down,
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a jolly good chat, a cup of coffee and work out whether they are suitable. do you want the title or would you be better off buying one of those titles of the internet. wrinkly, if somebody is donating a lot of money to a political party and in return they are receiving a peerage, i would suggest it is tantamount to little more than bribery. what about the unions and the labour party? state funding. there are not any other options. there are not any other options. there are. since there is not the electoral system which many people criticise any way, ultimately, it should erratically be the upper house of the uk parliament... parliament is... lets face it back on king charles i who lost his head therefore the queen has lost her right to have a say. the house of
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lords is more or less having to rubberstamp things because they are stuck in there in the first place. they go through a screen each process are ready. but if you want to sit and have a chat with them, they have to have some understanding of the constitution. look, we need to separate honours from legislation. what we do it like the state... legislation. what we do it like the state. . . that legislation. what we do it like the state... that is too complicated. and we do not have time to discuss that. the daily mail, health curse of the middle—aged. tony, i not looking at you. you are not even middle—aged, i know that. 80%, they say are overweight, lazy or drink too much. thank you for that, by the way. these are shocking figures. 80% of people in your age group... thank you for that! 7796
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of people in your age group... thank you for that! 77% of men are overweight. that alone is a public health crisis coming down the track for the nhs. then in diabetes. 0nly 13% of men and with 1% of women are normal weight, 13% of men and with 1% of women are normalweight, physically 13% of men and with 1% of women are normal weight, physically active and do not treat too much. the problem is these warnings have been issued before and no one has taken notice. these people will end up having extremely unhealthy periods in the latter pa rt extremely unhealthy periods in the latter part of their lives. it is a concern for the nhs, social care cost a n concern for the nhs, social care cost an across—the—boa rd. concern for the nhs, social care cost an across—the—board. seeing headlines like these, we have seen them, but no one seems to be listening. again, frankly, if you look at all the headlines, what is interesting about the paper review tonight is that all the papers have gone on the same story including
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this public health story. this is not new news. there is a quiet period where it is likely to get splashed on the papers. the cost of the nhs, the future of the nation but ultimately what do you do to persuade people. do you say it is the job of the state to enforce that on people which is a little bit 1984... on people which is a little bit 1984. .. sorry, if on people which is a little bit 1984... sorry, if you are going on people which is a little bit 1984. .. sorry, if you are going to have a health service... it is another debate we cannot get into because we only have one minute for the last story in the financial time, high it executive pay and good performance. apparently, the link is negligible? is that a surprise? no. the idea of performance related pay within big organisations as was be difficult to prove. they have strove
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not to try to make that direct correlation. basically, it says that over a decade, pay rises have gone up over a decade, pay rises have gone up 80% for ce05 but 1% in terms of performance. it seems we are not getting a good return for the investment. i think i would say we are ina investment. i think i would say we are in a more competitive environment now and if you pay peanuts... i do not have the finish that sentence. you cannot underpay people. the market rate has gone up. a bag of sugar has cost a lot more. my view is that if you're going to raise the pay, you should also be increasing the pay for people that actually work in the company. we have run out of time. health issues, constitutional issues... we got through the papers.


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