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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  December 27, 2016 11:45pm-12:01am GMT

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they have strove difficult to prove. they have strove not to try to make that direct correlation. basically, it says that over a decade, pay rises have gone up over a decade, pay rises have gone up 80% for ceos but 1% in terms of performance. it seems we are not getting a good return for the investment. i think i would say we are ina investment. i think i would say we are in a more competitive environment now and if you pay peanuts... i do not have the finish that sentence. you cannot underpay people. the market rate has gone up. a bag of sugar has cost a lot more. my view is that if you're going to raise the pay, you should also be increasing the pay for people that actually work in the company. we have run out of time. health issues, constitutional issues... we got through the papers. thank you. that
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is it from the papers. many thanks for joining is it from the papers. many thanks forjoining us. that is all for us. hello, and welcome to sportsday. i'm reshmin chowdhury. swansea city sack manager bob bradley, with the team second—bottom of the premier league. it's 100 league goals for liverpool under klopp, as they go back up to second with a win over stoke. what a performance. native river has one the grand national from raz de maree. and it's a second win in two days for trainer colin tizzard as native river wins the welsh grand national. good evening and welcome to
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sportsday. bob bradley has been sacked as manager of swansea city. the american was appointed in october, but after a heavy defeat to west ham yesterday, and with the club second—bottom of the premier league, swansea are now in search of their fourth manager of 2016. ben croucher looks back at bradley's reign at the liberty stadium. booing it sounded his final act of swansea city manager. after 70 feet in ii games bob bradley was given the sack just two days after christmas —— seven defeats. his appointment in october was a surprising as it was seismic. the first american to be handed a top job seismic. the first american to be handed a topjob in england's top—flight. handed a topjob in england's top-flight. i'm not an american manager, i'm a football manager. i'm
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here to give everything i have for the fans, the club, and i couldn't be more excited about the chance. the intrigue and optimism around the new man was short lived, ticking over 18 short on experience, bereft of confidence and it took him until the end of november to win a game. —— bereft of confidence. this lead to rock bottom. a 4—1 humiliation proved one defeat to many of the fenceis proved one defeat to many of the fence is unhappy with bradley as they work with the club's new american owners. the atmosphere from swansea supporters is turning even more acrimonious. towards those who make the decisions at boardroom level. it was a big point bringing him with his lack of experience with the players in the premier league. lack of experience with our lead. it was always going to be a big ask for him to keep swansea up. that task will fall to a man destined to
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become the fifth man to philby swa nsea become the fifth man to philby swansea ‘s hot seat since last december. —— fill the swansea hotseat. the long serving deputy filled in before the club turned to italian francesco gregor learn. he was sacked in october before bradley's ill—fated 85 dates fell at the liberty. the club entered 2017 searching for a successor and still desperate for success. —— 85 day spell. liverpool scored their 100th league goal under managerjurgen klopp in a 4—1win over stoke at anfield this evening. the win takes liverpool back to second in the premier league — six points behind leaders chelsea. jack skelton reports. there was just one ticket in town today, the england manager had his. the manchester city boss had his. all assessing liverpool's title credentials. without a world—class goalkeeper, some have questioned those credentials. simon mignolet could not preventjon walters giving stoke the lead. peter crouch used to
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delight the cop with his goal—scoring. he frustrated them with his goal stopping today. liverpool got help. glenjohnson's error gifted adam lalla na a deserved equaliser. roberto firmino made it 2—1. they continued to get some help putting the ball in the goal. there was little imbula could do but deflect the ball into his own net. ryan shawcross continued the charity. sturridge had not scored all season, he had been on for 55 seconds when he scored in front of an important crowd. six points behind chelsea, and their title credentials looked in fine shape. they did brilliant night. in our difficult moments, he really fought against the two centre—halves, and brilliant passes. he created a lot
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of moans tonight. he was very important. we need all of them —— moments. in four days, there is another game, and hopefully they will stay fit. two days later, another game, a few days later, another game, a few days later, another game. we have enough opportunities for everybody who is fit, so hopefully they are all fit. i thought we gave it is an account of ourselves. we tried something different, and for the most part, it was a problem for them. you have to defend correctly, and we give too many defend correctly, and we give too s defend correctly, and we give too many easy goals. there will be no fa investigation into watford mascot harry the hornet after his alleged mocking dive in front of crystal palace's wilfried zaha on boxing day. palace manager sam allardyce had suggested the mascot‘s behaviour should be "looked at" by the fa and the premier league. the incident happened after the final whistle, and zaha had to be restrained by staff. he'd earlier been booked for diving. harry the hornet is free to carry on his official club duties. brighton capitalised on newcastle's slip yesterday to go two points clear at the top of the championship
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with a 3—0 win over queens park rangers. there was a win too for derby, who beat birmingham. joe lynskey rounds up the action. brighton's christmas cheer came giftwrapped from the north—east. newcastle's boxing day slipup meant they had a part of the summit. taking flight to the premier league is becoming a bit less surreal. they brought full confidence to qpr. when you are unbeaten in 17 league matches, things tend to come. this strike turned out to be unstoppable. while brighton have all the momentum, rangers are not having such luck. they conceded a penalty with this bunch. a gift that glenn murray would not pass up on. that sort of rash decision making has seen sort of rash decision making has seen qpr slide towards trouble. they will miss their captain for three games now. he was sent off for a professional foul. the defendant's
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absence left the door open to brand of brighton's scoring. he dedicated the goal to his late father. with eight points between them and third place, brighton have a clear path to promotion. derby county started the season sluggishly, but often momentum in the new year is what determines promotion. i do steve mclaren, that is what they have. but chasing an eighth win in nine matches against birmingham city, chances were at a premium —— under steve mclaren. one second—half tangle was all that separated the two sides. penalty. when such a chance to sink birmingham city comes along, who bested gentoo then a former aston villa man? his conversion but then within a point of play—offs, and with pictures coming thick and fast this christmas, there is no better time to have momentum. these are the scottish premiership
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scores. harlequin survived a frantic finish to beat gloucester in a thrilling match at twickenham. a cagey game came alive in the last half—hour as the centre scored his second try of the game to put the hosts ahead. gloucester struck back soon after with this tripe from james hook before another score to set upa james hook before another score to set up a tense finale. but the quins held on to stay in the top six. ospreys have beaten the scarlet 19— nine ina ospreys have beaten the scarlet 19— nine in a scrappy was derby at the liberty stadium. it was a battle of the boot in the first half. the scarlet led 9—6 before the break before this penalty try put the hosts ahead. the scallops were penalised for pulling down another player. —— scarlet. wales flyhalf
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punished them with 1a points overall, including this plate penalty, as ospreys move up to second in the table. —— lethality. the world darts chavvy chip has resumed at alexander palace. phil taylor was not quite at his fluent best, but still whitewashed kevin painter 4—0 to reach the last 16, ready for the seed —— where the fourth seed will play on. dave chisnell, the seventh seed, has made it safely through to the last 16. he beat world number 47 chris dobey 4—2, winning the final set in style with a 12—dart leg. also earlier, daryll gurney caused an upset, beating the ninth seed robert thornton. it was a second victory in as many days after native river won the wales national. native river was favourite and he different with 13 left tojohn. favourite and he different with 13 left to john. he favourite and he different with 13 left tojohn. he held off a late
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charge from raz de maree to win. -- job. what a performance! and that is all from sportsday. good night. if you are as confused as i am, it will be wednesday. it will start nature the note for most of us, but my major concern about the start of the day, and for some of you, a greater part of the day, is the density of the fog. not so much in the south—west, enough breeze to keep it at bay for the most part. into the central and eastern parts of wales, through the midlands and indeed north up the vale of york, you could be struggling to see 100 metres. i would have thought for scotland, northern ireland and the far north of england, less in the way of fog. still chilly in places.
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we did to start the day and windy throughout the day throughout the western isles. close to a weather front, so the odd splash of rain. brightness for eastern scotland and northern ireland. the temperatures are relatively responding. you could look at 8— 10 degrees. underneath the leaden skies elsewhere, 4—6 perhaps, and this is the thing, if you keep that fog for a good part of the day, not only will you have poor visibility, but it could be close to freezing. a thoroughly miserable day and a dangerous one at that. the fog may reform if it leaves you at all. the first part of their like the first part of wednesday. the weather front creeping into the northern isles —— first part of thursday. still windy, you will notice. elsewhere, leaden skies and a dull day. best temperature i can find, 8— 11, but some of that fog could
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stick, 0— one degree. the only thing that stops the start of friday being different to the start of wednesday and thursday is that we have more breeze around. that will help keep the atmosphere turning over. before performing so readily. relatively mild air close to the weather front, which is ever a greater part of scotland. further south, the last of those chilly conditions still working across parts of east anglia and the south—east. i say that is chill, because it will get cold, and no argument about that. as the weather front sweeps across the british isles, we lose the south—westerly wind and say hello to a northerly winds, and wind out of the north, never in one direction this time of year. a better chance of sunshine, but some of you will bring in the new year with rain from that weather front. once that is true, we will turn much colderfor the start of the new year. —— through. hello and welcome to bbc news. our
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top stories: shinzo abe becomes the first japanese leader to visit pearl harbor, joining president obama in prayers to the servicemen killed there. translation: i offer my sincere and everlasting condolences to the souls of those who lost their lives here. the presence of prime minister abe reminds us of what is possible between nations and people. also coming up, 29 turkish police officers go on trial after the coup to oust benjamin
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