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tv   The Papers  BBC News  December 29, 2016 11:30pm-11:45pm GMT

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hello. this is bbc news. we'll be taking a look at tomorrow morning's papers in a moment. first the headlines. president obama has authorised sanctions against russia over alleged interference in the recent us presidential election. he's also expelling 35 russian diplomats from the states in response to claims of a campaign of harassment of american officials in moscow. the kremlin denied any involvement in the hacking. russia announced a ceasefire which has come into force between the syrian government and rebel forces. several of the most important groups are reported to have signed up. the first document is about a ceasefire on the territory of the syrian arab republic. the second document is a set of measures for monitoring the ceasefire and the third document is a statement about readiness to start peace talks. the head of the royal college of gps has warned that patients could be waiting more than a month to see a doctor this winter. the government says it's investing an extra £21; billion in family
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doctor services by 2020. two men have been found dead at a flat in st austell. devon and cornwall police are treating the deaths as ‘unexplained'. ‘singin in the rain‘ star debbie reynolds has died aged 84 following a stroke just a day after the death of her daughter, bringing us tomorrow. with me are claire cohen, women's editor at the daily telegraph and kevin schofield, editor of politicshome. welcome to you both. there is not a lot of fun stuff in the newspapers. let us begin with the front—page. the eyelid with the ceasefire in syria which came into affect about half an hour ago. that ceasefire
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brokered by russia and turkey is also the main story in the guardian. the brexit vote hopes to attract foreign investments as the daily express. debbie reynolds and her daughter carrie fisher on the front page of the telegraph alongside the last words of debbie reynolds, "i wa nt to last words of debbie reynolds, "i want to be with carrie." pest controls in hospitals. the obama's administration decision to expel russian diplomats as the main headline of the times. and the bulk of george michael's fortune will go to his sister melanie. the daily mail says that thousands of families could be facing council tax rise of up could be facing council tax rise of up to 16%. let us begin with the sanctions which, of course, came to light throughout the evening. the times is reporting that obama hits backin times is reporting that obama hits back ina times is reporting that obama hits back in a new cold war spy scandal.
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the us expels diplomats and steps up sanctions. these are ratherfar reaching. it is shocking and you see cold war in the headline and it does have that feel about it, that it is stepping. overtones of the cold war. that is what we always say. the timing suggests that obama is going out with all guns blazing. a parting shot against vladimir putin who has beenin shot against vladimir putin who has been in many ways and his archenemy, really. not just over been in many ways and his archenemy, really. notjust over this issue and syria as well. it presents a challenge to donald trump who is an admirer of president putin. he has received an award from russia, the secretary of state, so it will be interesting to see how donald trump reacts to this. a fascinating
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development. 17 different agencies in the united states came to the same conclusion despite the kremlin saying that they had nothing to do with the acting and the leak de miao. interestingly, the tweet from donald trump saying that he will meet intelligent bosses and say you what they have to say. he has been put into a corner by this. this finaljab by put into a corner by this. this final jab by president put into a corner by this. this finaljab by president obama was 21 days to go until donald trump is inaugurated. does he go against vladimir putin who, as you say he seems to admire or does he ignore the evidence of the cia and others who claimed that russia did hack these can either mails during the campaign? it is difficult for him and russia say they will retaliate ina and russia say they will retaliate in a tit—for—tat manner. the moscow embassy tweeted a picture of a
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duckling with the word lame emblazoned a across it which is not the most mature of responses. you wonder where it gets you. when there is an imposition of sanctions there seems to be, inevitably, an escalation at some point. but at some point somebody has to talk to somebody else and they need to calm it down. some coming in right now is quite good timing, really, because he has clearly said that he wants positive relations with russia and the russians at the moment are the lowest e b b the russians at the moment are the lowest ebb in relationship with the us are the lowest point in 30 years. it may also be embarrassing for him. he will lead to ignore the cia or putin. he is caught in a trap. there are many republicans who think they
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should be used sanctions as well so some in his own party will think that obama has done the right thing. the guardian has a story about russia and the usa. russia brokers syria ceasefire. the us is sidelined. 0n opposite sides in this conflict and syria that has been raging for six years but here they are managing to secure a ceasefire. it seems on the face of it incredibly positive. the guardian reports that there seems to be some further confusion over exactly who signed up and which rebel groups have signed up to this and hopefully that will become clearer in time. i think this is the third ceasefire this year when all the others have collapsed. we have hopes that this one won't. it is interesting. russia and turkey on the world stage, us nowhere to be seen in this negotiation. it is quite a strange picture. if this is a stain on the
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legacy of obama, how he has handled this civil war. he said that the red line would be if a side used chemical weapons on his own people and his deep. the line was crossed and his deep. the line was crossed and america did nothing, partly because the house of commons voted against joining because the house of commons voted againstjoining military action. ever since then the west, that is britain and america, have been sidelined in the conflict. in practical terms at least. they have not been able to provide action. russia has been able to set the course of this war, really. talks to ta ke course of this war, really. talks to take place in kazakhstan next month if the ceasefire holds. another story regarding the middle east here. in the telegraph tonight.
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theresa may rebukes us foreign attack on israel. we saw last week that unusually the resolution condemning the building ofjewish settle m e nts condemning the building ofjewish settlements in the palestinian occupied territories was able to be passed by the security council because the us abstained, rather than vetoing it. there is also criticism here from theresa may about comments thatjohn kerry. criticism here from theresa may about comments that john kerry. yes. john kerry, about comments that john kerry. yes. john kerry, the outgoing secretary of state has described israeli government is the most right wing in history. theresa may said that it was inappropriate for him to talk about it but radically elected government this way. here's the outgoing secretary of state and he is raising the alarm over the fact that time may be running out for a two state solution there. i mean, you hesitate to say anything but he probably feels as if he can say
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slightly more about what he thinks. that is what always happens at the end of administration. they feel emboldened. theresa may, on the other hand needs a relationship with donald trump in the us going forward. what she seems to be objecting to is not so much what she said in raising the alarm but attacking the israeli government and ministers specifically. that is what she is objecting to. and, yet, britain voted for the resolution last week. yes. we went further than the united states. america abstained. but to go from backing the resolution and what it said about the israeli actions to then condemning, condemning america for also condemning the israeli governments... it seems a little bit
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ofa governments... it seems a little bit of a confused message coming out. staying with the telegraph. this picture of debbie reynolds and carrie fisher. a vision of blue and froth and beautiful dresses. it says i want to be with carrie. they were reported to be the last words that debbie reynolds spoke before she died just 2a hours after carrie fisher had died following that heart attack that she had on—board an aeroplane. it is heartbreaking and it seems to sum up what we have been experiencing this returns of celebrities dying. it is incredibly sad in this photo was so striking and poignant. we talk about hollywood royalty, and they look like... well, carrie looks like she's sitting at the feet of her mother perched on a foreign. it is a beautiful beach and especially once know what we know about their rolle rcoa ster know what we know about their rollercoaster relationship. mother—daughter relationship like no
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other. that is the subheading. unable quite franco be used about how difficult it was. this is an early picture. we were wondering if was before star wars or not. early picture. we were wondering if was before star wars or notm seems as if carriers very young in this picture obviously she passed away overnight so they have had all day to plan what the cover is going to be. the telegraph is nailed it as far as this picture is concerned. it isa far as this picture is concerned. it is a striking image of them and we we re is a striking image of them and we were watching it earlier before we came in and it is an incredibly difficult, obviously, a gilded life but also difficult. her second husband left her bankrupt and her third letter with no money at all. she was still working until well until her 80s but she said because she had to. quite a remarkable...
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they were pioneers in many ways. an amazing she began in a beauty contest. the daily mail talking about the council tax bill with double digit increases to fund the social care crisis. how much good council tax bills go up by? they have been static for ages. the chancellor has capped it at 5% on annual increases. part of that is meant to be towards paying for social care which is underfunded and facing a crisis. but other kicker here is that these rises will have to go to local referendums so some local councils are pondering a 16% rise. another is pondering a 10% increase. it is a difficult
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political decision and i cannot see people willingly voting for a 16% rise in council tax. as much as they acknowledge that the social care system needs more money, when it comes to putting across a box for a 16% rise, i can't see people doing it. it does make you want automated your hands at this stage. for some people of course a 16% increase would be crippling. at the same time people say something needs to be done about social care. it is politicians dodging responsibility for making a difficult decision? perhaps it is. i'm just enquiring. of perhaps it is. i'm just enquiring. of view. perhaps it is. i'm just enquiring. of view. i think the answer is yes. so nice to have an emphatic reply. from someone so i'm jaded. finally
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the times. young drivers face 120 hours of lessons. andrew lewis thinks this is a superficial marketing ploy that the government will never agree to. the government advisers are suggesting this figure. why? because there were too many accidents and too many inexperienced drivers is the thinking. they say that some drivers pass that test with 20 hours of experience or less which we are told is not enough thought must go up to... this proposal of 120, it seems like an awful lot over 12 months which you must record in the logbook. this is a study in australia earlier this month we have to do 100 tory hours that one in ten people were fudging their logbooks. i think as well it would be very expensive. 120 hours of paid for lessons, it would be very costly. i think as well that
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not only will you get the experience of driving but having lessons is one thing but you don't get the full experience until they are let loose. that first time when you are out on your own and there is nobody sitting next to you. that is where you'll learn. 120 seems excessive. the story is that most people need an average of two tests to pass so those were going out with 20 hours of experience or less must be in the minority. if you have taken two tests you would hope you had done more than 20 hours. we will save the government has time to discuss this. that is it for the papers. thank you to both of you for coming in and i wish you a happy new year. i wonder what 2017 will bring us.
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