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tv   Reporters  BBC News  December 31, 2016 3:45am-4:01am GMT

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you, about to eat you. the man behind the 360 show is this man over here. steve beckett, who is wearing the beautiful augmented reality christmas jumper. why? what do you think of this? it is a little bit scary. terrifying. from one engineering marvel at cern and to another engineering marvel now that spans two mountains in china. dan simmons went to the oldest national park in china. tucked away on the edge of this world heritage site, someone has decided to build a bridge from the middle of nowhere to the middle of nowhere. unlike me, they hope, the thousands of visitors who will come here will not be too scared to look down. 300 metres through the highest glass walkway in the world. these are the final days of construction for this three—year project, more than 300 engineers have worked through all weather conditions to build what is also the longest glass—bottomed bridge in the world.
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a breathtaking 430 metres. crossing the zhangjiajie grand canyon. the walkway itself is just 60 centimetres thick, so the challenge to keep everything stable has required some fresh thinking. 70 glass balls are to be positioned on the springs along the walkway. they have been designed to move to counter any swaying. these curved railings will persuade up to 800 visitors to keep changing direction. 0ffsetting the resonance caused by hundreds walking at a constant speed. 0ur hosts were keen to show just how safe i was. each panel of the walkway has three layers of toughened glass held together by glue. here goes. shouting
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it looks like you can see the top glass has shattered here. we're 0k. shouting laughter do you know what, i think this might be safe. 0k, guys, we get the point. that has to be the finest shot that anyone in this programme has shot in forever, surely. 0k, fairenough. one of the other amazing things we saw this year
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was in zurich when we went to see the first bionic games. the cybathlon. that was brilliant. it was incredible to see the latest in robotic arms, prosthetic limbs, motorised wheelchairs, brain controls, an amazing day. it was also a competition for the people who created the devices. 66 teams from all over the globe have been designing, building and training for this very unique competition. disabled athletes, known as pilots, will be competing using advanced assistive devices. it is the brainchild of this man, robert reiner, a professor for sensory motor systems at eth zurich. it is an event for people with disabilities who are allowed to use any kind of technology. that technology helps them to better perform in daily life activities, so we are focusing on the challenge of daily life and allowing technology to help people with very
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severe disabilities. each of the six disciplines will have qualifiers in the morning before the grand finals in the afternoon. how do you win? simple, get round the course or through the obstacles in the shortest time while incurring the lowest number of penalties. the powered arm prosthesis race is notjust about power, it is about precision and reliability. the teams need to come up with the best ideas to help their pilots grip, twist and balance their way along the obstacle course. the race is designed to test how well pilots can work with their prosthesis to complete tasks that would typically be challenging for them. yes, this is the race where the mightiest tech in the world can be foiled by the humble clothes peg. what is the next challenge you feel you could reasonably overcome
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to better the product? the next thing that is a big technical challenge that would improve the functionality is the touch sensitive nature of the fingers. there is no feedback at the moment in commercially available hands for getting the signal back to the body. the ultimate victor was a group of biomechanical engineering students from delft university of technology in the netherlands. together with their pilot, bob ridoce, himself an expert in prosthesis, they went for a slightly more established body—powered approach. this means that physical movements like reaching forward or lifting your shoulders are used to control the device. while this gold medal idea might have won the day, in the end, just crossing the line was enough to send most teams home happy. the wheelchair final was a much closer run thing for the four
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finalists, and again you can really see the variety of ideas and designs. the hong kong team went for these caterpillar tracks, which made short work of the rumble strips. that is not a wheelchair, that is a wheel tank. that lack of suspension really gave the pilot a rocky ride on the uneven ground. and balance was the big issue as these chairs arrived at the stairs. the climax of the event, with three pilots all reaching them at the same time. as the hong kong pilot had to endure being thrown about, florian houser showed off the clever weight—shifting feature of the swiss chair, which ensured that he did not topple over. in the final seconds, the swiss team came from third
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place to beat hong kong by just five seconds. music plays cheering now, that was a tiny snippet of what was a really special show. if you missed it or would like to watch it again, it is still on iplayer. just scroll back to october. it is nearly time to go. first we have to check on our hatchling here. how is it doing?
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it has hatched. there it is. it is a beautiful thing. wake it up. wake up, little hatchling. oh, dear. now it grows up and you teach it things and one of the fun things you can do is teach it to speak, so you can say happy christmas, spencer. happy christmas, spencer. joy, the world hasjust become a better place. it is for ages five and up, and the side—effect of it hatching is these tiny bits of plastic do break off, so if you have young kids around, obviously be very wary that you shouldn't leave them to their own devices. these are a choking hazard. take care, but otherwise it is cute. delightful. one more world first that we took part in this year. this year, kate and i hosted click‘s first live show in front of a studio audience. is there anybody there?
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that was interesting. are you ready? yes. i said, are you ready? yes! let's go. click theme plays cheering and applause now, if you were not lucky enough to be in the audience, don't worry. we recorded the whole thing, and we will be showing highlights and behind the scenes stuff from the show on the programme next week. thank you very much for watching our clickmas special. there is only one thing left to do, which is the words first 360 degrees cracker pull. merry clickmas. yay! double winner! 0h!
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good morning. some contrasting weather conditions to close out our final few days of 2016. take, for example, yesterday. it was cold and foggy in the south—east pretty much all day for some of us. temperatures just a couple of degrees above freezing, and not much to be seen from the london eye. by contrast, into the south—west, it was a beautiful afternoon with plenty of sunshine, as seen by this weather watcher's photo in st ives. 12 degrees the high here, and it was mild in the north and west of scotland as well. but it is going to turn increasingly wet and windy. high pressure, though, into the south just hangs on, and so fog certainly going to be an issue. it is certainly worth bearing in mind if you are out
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and about on the roads early on, there could be further disruption to travel, as that fog may well be dense in places. so temperatures struggling just a couple of degrees above freezing, and it will be a pretty murky start. mild to the north—west, but that rain is on its way. but let's concentrate with the fog across east anglia, down into the south—east corner, and to the south of the m4 corridor. here, some of the fog could be dense in places. so it is going to be a cold, grey start, eventually that fog lifting to low cloud. there will be a little bit of brightness, though, across much of wales and the north of england. you should get to see some sunshine, and that will stay with you for much of the day. across northern ireland, southern scotland, the winds picking up, the rain into the north—west, some of that turning quite heavy for a time, and that will gradually drift its way south through the day. we should get to see a little bit of sunshine into the north of england and north wales. hopefully the fog lifts away, and it may well feel just that little bit milder. a bit more of a breeze around, at eight or nine degrees here, ten or 11 further north.
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now, as we go into new year's eve celebrations, unfortunately that weather front a bit of a nuisance through northern ireland and northern england, perhaps into north wales as well. so it means a wet end to the year. behind it, colder, and there will be some snow showers. so i suspect, as the clock ticks towards midnight, that weather front will be sitting, really, through the north of england and into wales. to the north of it, showery, those showers turning increasingly wintry. to the south of it, it stays mild and quiet. now, eventually, as that front sinks south once again, the colder air digs in from the north. so we start off new year's day with some wet weather moving your way through the midlands, eventually pushing into the south—east corner. so a pretty miserable new year's day here. further north, it stays cold and showery. it will be a colder day on monday, but at least there will be some decent spells of sunshine, and it stays largely dry as well. a very warm welcome to bbc news, broadcasting to our viewers in north america and around
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the globe — my name's gavin grey. our top stories: brazilian police question the greek ambassador‘s wife on suspicion of involvement in her husband's killing. as russian diplomats prepare to leave the united states, donald trump praises president putin for not expelling us staff staff in retaliation. 2a hours on — syria's ceasefire is generally holding. the un security council will be asked to endorse the agreement and back new peace talks. and recognition for excellence in sport , fashion and public life — we'll have a look at queen elizabeth's new years honours list.
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