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we have quite a close partnership and they drop us off where we want to go. in return, we educate their tourists about conservation and hopefully inspire them to conserve penguins. this is the gangway. before we go ashore, we have to wash our boots. it's a pristine place. we don't want to take anything onto the antarctic mainland which shouldn't be there. this is the zodiac, it's a rubber boat. we use this to get around. they're fantastic boats, very fast, very stable. they bounce when you hit them up against a rock. they're wonderful for down here. i work as expedition leader. it's incredible to see how ubiquitously everyone is affected by antarctica. one of the things that we love about working with the production of scientific knowledge is that we give people the kind of emotional
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attachment to the place. they provide ground work and relevance for people to put that energy, you know. then of course, it also brings home a lot of bigger picture questions about human beings' presence on the planet. so this is the last camera of this expedition now? that's it for this year, for this camera any way. now it's just turn it on and fingers crossed. back next year. yeah. and that's it from this special edition of reporters looking back at some of the very best reports from this year. from me, bye for now. this is bbc news.
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i'm martine croxall. viewers on bbc one willjoin us shortly for a full round up of the day's news. first, a look at the weather for the week ahead with sarah keith—lucas. hello, there. 2016's ended on a fairly mild and cloudy sort of note. what does the first part of 2017 hold for us? well, certainly a change to the feel to the weather. a cold front moving south across the uk and that's going to open the doors to much colder air moving in from an arctic influence. so during new year's day then, quite cloudy and wet underneath that weather front, so really much of england and wales, a soggy start. the midlands, east anglia and the south east will see rain on and off through much of the day. further north and west, brighter skies, clearer conditions but also colder. some sleet and snow showers across parts of eastern scotland, perhaps the north—east of england as well. mainly falling as rain on low levels and around the coast. temperatures 5 or 6 in the north,
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around about 8 to 10 further south, under that cloud and rain. overnight, we will lose that wet weather from the south—east and then we're into the clearer skies and colder conditions through the first part of monday. for monday morning, still someone wintery showers across northern scotland, perhaps the north—east of england also. further inland, we will see drier conditions and a widespread frost. temperatures below freezing in the countryside across the board on monday morning. this area of high pressure dominates the weather into the new week. that is keeping things quiet through monday at least. you can see the blue colours on the map indicating the cold weather that's with us on monday. slightly milder colours towards the north—west, pushing through the day. after that cold and frosty start, many of will see some fine, —— after that cold and frosty start, many of us will see some fine, wintery sunshine, so if you have plans to head out for a walk on monday, it seems like a decent day. that northerly breeze will be making
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thigns feel quite chilly towards the north and north—east. temperatures around 3—6 celsius. no great changes for most of us on tuesday. weather fronts to the north—east. low pressure out across scandinavia and that will bring quite a windy spell of weather, particularly for scotland. windy here, some showers, further south it will stay dry. temperatures in the south 4—6 celsius. for wednesday, high pressure still with us. we have a northerly flow and that will bring perhaps one of two showers to the north east coast. there could be some frost and fog to start things off. a similar picture into thursday morning. high—pressure keeping things dry and quiet for the most part. weather fronts waiting in the north—west trying to come in but as they bump into that high—pressure they are not getting anywhere in a hurry. a cold, frosty start to thursday. thickening cloud and an increasing breeze across the north—west
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of the country and some rain later in the day. as we look towards the end of the week and into next weekend, it eventually it looks like that front will move in south across the country, tending to peter out. it looks like there will be a spell of rain before high—pressure once again tends to build an unsettling weather. for next weekend, we are likely to see a northerly influence behind that band of rain. the winds could be coming from the north—west, perhaps slightly more north—easterly influence. either way, we're avoid sc scenes like the ones from the next weekend. a return to some frost, protecting some foreground, but a reasonably quiet picture. whatever you are up to, have a very happy new year. celebrations are under way around
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the world to welcome in a new year. new zealand and australia are among the first to see in 2017. many cities have increased security with concrete barriers and thousands of additional police on patrol. the key thing is to strike the balance and none of us wants to disrupt the enjoyment all of us want to have on new year's eve. we can't allow the bad guys to spoil our way of life. in iraq, 28 are killed and more than 50 people wounded in a series of bomb attacks. and, liverpool keep up the pressure on chelsea in the race for the premier league title. hello, good evening.
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as countries around the world celebrate the start of a new year, many cities have modified security plans following the lorry attacks in berlin and nice. concrete barriers have been placed in central london to stop any potential attack and thousands of extra police are on duty as our correspondent helena lee reports. sydney, australia, one of the first major cities to welcome in 2017. the harbour bridge the focus of their spectacular display. soon after, it was hong kong's turn and this was their party.
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# should auld... in london, they're preparing for tonight's celebrations. the met police says it has not had any specific intelligence to point to an attack, but they've looked at what happened in berlin and nice and adjusted their plans. as in the past, there'll be officers with firearms, but the key thing is to strike the balance, and none of us wants to disrupt the enjoyment all of us want to have on new year's eve. we can't allow the bad guys to spoil our way of life. in other european cities, including berlin, security has been stepped up. in her new year's eve address, the german chancellor angela merkel acknowledged the threat her country faces. translation: the biggest test, without a doubt, is islamist terrorism, which has had germany in its sights for many years. in 2016, it attacked us in wurzburg, asbach and just a few days ago
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in the christmas market here in berlin. other political leaders sending new year messages included donald trump. he tweeted. a happy new year to my many enemies and those who have fought me and lost so badly theyjust don't know what to do. love. this is how 2017 was welcomed dubai—style. a lavish display with fireworks shooting from the sides of the burj khalifa, the world's tallest skyscraper. millions of others don't have too much longer to wait to celebrate their new year's eve. helena lee, bbc news. 0ur correspondent andrew black is in princes street in edinburghfor us, where the party has started to get under way. we can see the crowds starting to build there. that's right. things
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are already under way with the celebrations, the crowd in good spirits, as you can probably tell. you probably can hear the lightning seeds, one of the main headline bands on the stage. this event is a sellout, that means like something like 75,000 people are going to be in the prince's street area to see in 2017. public safety is a big consideration at these events, like all other new year's events around the uk, as we have been hearing. police scotland say they want to treat things proportionally and don't want to stop people having a good time but they also want to make sure people are safe as well, everything's gone according to plan, so everything's gone according to plan, so far. the big build—up now is towards the gigantic fireworks display we are going to see from edinburgh castle at ammed night, a p pa re ntly edinburgh castle at ammed night, apparently we will be able to see that from 30 miles outside edinburgh. the weather is pretty good. it was raining earlier on. it's nice and dry. very unusualfor
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this time of year in scotland, but as you can see, the crowds are in pretty good spirits, it's been a good night so far and i think there's still plenty of fun to come. long may it continue, andrew, thank you very much. 0ur correspondentjonathan blake is in central london for us. any sign that the security measures have put people off there? no, not so far. the crowds are really building here on the embankment in central london now. 100,000 or so people are expected to fill the viewing areas here and on the bridges across the river thames as the countdown to midnight begins. the extra police on duty in central london tonight, many of them are armed, a part of the security operation, there have been road closures in place throughout the afternoon and extra barriers are up. the fireworks display itself is of course the main attraction. it sta rts course the main attraction. it starts as big ben chimes midnight. the london eye will be the centre piece of that. there are lee barges on the thames and there will be
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12,000 fireworks in total creating 50,000 individual explosions all set synchronised to a specially chosen soundtrack which we are told will reflect some of the music artist who is died in 2016, so expect david bowie, and prince to feature, among others. london now has established itself as one of the premier fireworks displays on new year's eve and there isn't long to wait for the crowds who are patiently trying to keep themselves warm here on the banks of the thames. thank you very much. so—called islamic state has said it carried out two bombings at a busy market in the iraqi capital, baghdad, this morning, killing at least 28 people. more than 50 other people were wounded. a third blast happened later in the east of the city. 0ur correspondent jonny dymond reports. for iraqis, 2016 ends as it began — with bloodshed and grief. just one of the shoppers and traders slaughtered on a saturday morning. there were two bombs, one in a car parts shop,
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then another when a crowd had formed around the first. fathers, and sisters, and mothers, and brothers. translation: when we heard the explosion, we found many people killed and wounded, whom we rescued and sent to the hospital. why does this happen in iraq, why to the iraqi people? to the north, the battle to take mosul, iraq's second city, from so—called islamic state continues. it's a long slog, and for many residents the only way is out. three more months, iraq's government says, the action might take. maybe next year will be better, but many iraqis are giving up, as they flee their battered city with nothing but bags and suitcases. jonny dymond, bbc news.
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the prime minister, theresa may, has delivered her new year message, saying 2017 will be "a year of opportunity and unity". she acknowledged that the eu referendum had laid bare divisions in the country but sought to reassure those who voted remain that she would fight for their interests during the upcoming brexit negotiations. the united nations security council has unanimously welcomed efforts to end the fighting in syria's civil war. the resolution also calls for rapid access for the delivery of humanitarian aid. russia and turkey have helped broker a truce. it's the third ceasefire this year as part of efforts to end nearly six years of fighting in syria. hull becomes the second ever uk city of culture tomorrow. the year—long programme will include the royal shakespeare company taking up residence and the humber bridge being turned into a musical instrument.
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organisers say perceptions of hull will be changed forever. 0ur arts correspondent colin paterson has more. hull, city of culture 2017. many were surprised when it was chosen. tomorrow, its year in the spotlight begins. and last minute preparations continue. the ferens art gallery. five millionjust been in print, tt‘s great. five millionjust been in print, it's great. one of its most famous residents is very excited. we always thought culture was rugby and fish and chips! now we're seeing it's more — it's art, its history. it's a wonderful feeling, it's new buildings. it's a new confidence that people in hull are proud to say, come and see us in hull. hull is promising at least one cultural event every day of 2017, with £32 million being spent. what are you hoping the city of culture will achieve for hull? i want, nationally and internationally, people to see that this is a fantastic city with great stories, great people,
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and a lot to offer. because every city deserves its moment in the limelight. and 2017 is ours. it all starts tomorrow afternoon. buildings will be used as giant screens to retell the city's history, with one turning hollywood into hullywood. people here have recreated famous movie scenes. and later in the evening there's going to be a giant musical fireworks display. that is what is going to be set off. and those are bigger than those that were used in london's new year's eve celebrations. as for the soundtrack, every single song is by an act from hull. it's hoped that in 2017, one million people will visit hull. and this has caused a problem. the city only has 1,000 hotel rooms. hello. hi there, come in. so a campaign has encouraged locals into the bed—and—breakfast trade. it's a great role, really. it feels like an unpaid ambassador. so i can welcome people
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into our home, and really help them to understand a bit more about the city. they might come with a negative perception, but i really feel they will leave with a much more positive perception after they've stayed here. and another bonus — the bbc has decided that every time the tv weather map appears in 2017, hull will be on it. the city of culture has literally been put on the map. colin paterson, bbc news. with all the sport here's 0llie foster at the bbc sport centre. chelsea have finished the year six points clear at the top of the premier league. they beat stoke 11—2 and have matched arsenal's record set 1a years ago of 13 wins in a row in a single season. it was 2—2 with 25 minutes to go at stamford bridge. but a second goal from willian helped secure the points. liverpool are still second in the table after they beat third—placed manchester city at anfield. georginio winaldurn scored the only goal of the match.
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city are now ten points off the top of the table. in the other games, andre grey scored a hat trick for burnley as they beat struggling sunderland 4—1. champions leicester had a much needed win against west ham. hal robson—kanu scored a brilliant winner for west brom as they beat southampton 2—1 to move up to 8th. swansea went down 3—0 at home to bournemouth. swa nsea swansea are managerless at the moment after they sacked the american bob bradley last tuesday but paul clement is set to become their third manager of the season. he's currently the assistant to carlo ancelotti at bayern munich and was previously at chelsea, paris st germain and real madrid. he was sacked by derby earlier this year with the club fifth in the championship. he is expected to take over in the next 48 hours. the celtic manager brendan rodgers says today's old firm match was a great advert for scottish football. they beat rangers 2—1
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at ibrox to move 19 points clear in the table. here's our sports correspondent andy swiss. he remains —— it remains one of football's fiercest and noisiest rifleries, amid the noise a minute's silence in memory of the 66 fan who is died in a crush at ibrox in 1971. after that reflection, time for the action. celtic, the runaway league leaders, but thanks to kenny miller's perfect timing, it was rangers that seized the initiative. celtic soon responded, though. and in thunderous fashion. a blistering volley levelling it up at the break. and just after it, celtic should have been ahead. denied by the bar. sinclair the side netting. would it be one of those days? with barely 20 minutes left, finally their pressure paid off. for sinclair, this time unmissable, celtic seemingly unstoppable.
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rangers did nearly equalise. miller agonisingly close. but celtic are 110w agonisingly close. but celtic are now 19 points clear. it might not even be january, but the title is already surely theirs. andy swiss, bbc news. four other results in the scottish premiership today, hamilton against motherwell and partick kilmarnock were draws. in today's only match in the aviva rugby union premiership exeter beat bath to jump above them into third place in the table. they staged a stunning second half comeback at the rec. they were 11—0 down at half—time but two tries from james short in the final ten minutes saw them grab an unlikely win17—11. in the pro 12, leinster are up to second after beating ulster 22—7. rory 0' loughlin went over twice. there were also wins for the leaders munster, glasgow and edinburgh. that's your new year's eve sport.
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thank you very much. you can see more on all of today's stories on the bbc news channel. that's all from me and the team here, wishing you, wherever you are, and whatever you are doing, a very happy new year. good night. hello. this is bbc news. in london, concrete barriers have been put up to prevent a terrorist attack. i've been speaking to the commissioner of the metropolitan police. he told me more than 3000 police officers are deployed tonight to ensure public safety. first of, people tonight. —— we want to make
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sure people enjoy tonight. it's a great event and what we do is make sure they are safe. we have an off a lot of officers out tonight, well over 3300, so a huge amount, bigger than most police forces in this country. some of them are armed and some of them will be seen. we have a good searching regime and people they are —— people know that following the events in berlin, we are taking extra measures. we can't guarantee things but i think we are taking reasonable measures to help people enjoy the event and of course keep them safe. i recognise you may be circumspect about this and, but what intelligence or threat has led you to take this decision to put more resources out there on the street? i think people will know that we use this phrase, the threat
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is called severe, and that means an attack is highly likely. we have no specific intelligence about this particular event. no, we know that in the past there have been attacks we re in the past there have been attacks were there has been no intelligence or what we're trying to do is take reasonable steps of time. we monitor the people that we think are dangerous and we try to put them before a court or restrict them in some way and we arrest where we can. but he cant have perfect knowledge. the next best thing is to predict events that may be visible targets over you might get lots of people gathering. we all sat to strike a balance between making sure people can lead a normal life and that is one of the reasons i'm here tonight. i'm sure it will be a great event and a safe one, but we reassure people that we have seen the reports from around the world and we would have been foolish to not take some reaction to that. what is your message to the public, or visit of alert and enjoy themselves but is there an expectation our hope that we, as members of the public, will
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also be vigilant? yes, that would be helpful, of course, because people see something, they ask what is it we are supposed to tell us, we are still good for unusual behaviour. it may be how people are gathering together or if they are hiding something. anything that you think is unusual, is worth telling is about. we will have a talk with them and evidence and then nothing is harmed. better do something wedding then that this first warning. in a big crowd, the big defender is a big crowd. people can see things and women of the something unusual day can find women of the something unusual day canfind a women of the something unusual day can find a police officer. that is what they are the four. this should be friendly and welcoming and if you find the nearby officer, tell him what you see, and will investigate further. now the weather. if you have plans to see fireworks,
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the weather is mixed. through the remainder of the seedling, this band of rain is here. this weatherfront brings quite a bit of wet weather through the central slice of the country. to the north of that for scotla nd country. to the north of that for scotland and northern ireland, rain excluding the way towards midnight. the risk of some iciness across northern parts of northern ireland and northern scotland also. further south across a number and wales, the rain across northern england, spreading into the north—west of wales, but elsewhere cloudy, largely dry and relatively wailed —— myopia also. should be a decent evening. this is how it looks at midnight. we have a drink with the central slice of the country. cloudy and mailed to the south and called to the north. that called it will sink its way across the country as we head through new year's day. it looks like a soggy start to 2017 across parts of the south west of england,
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through the midlands to east anglia, to the south—east. we will see that rain sweeping into the southeast also. reasonably mailed under couege also. reasonably mailed under college and the rain, but for northern england and northern scotland, clear weather with some centring around but also some showers following as sleet and snow over the halls of scotland. further south, they will keep the cloud and the ad of rain across southern england, parts of southern and eastern wheels also. temperatures in the south, nine or 10 celsius but further north will be five or six celsius. as we have through the overnight period, eventually the rain will clear away and then we are all in the clear with cold weather and want to the showers. the odd a/c stretch to come first thing on monday morning and we are also likely to see some frost around also. a cold, frosty day on monday
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and lots of dry weather. if you have plans to get out and about on monday, it is like a decent day. like the ones that it will be breezy at pains. temperatures between three or six celsius. goodbye for now. hello. this is bbc news. the headlines: in hong kong, a spectacular firework display welcomes in the new year. as the world marks the start of the new year, security has been stepped up in major cities. in london, thousands of extra police are being deployed ahead of the celebrations. the un security council has unanimously supported the ceasefire in syria brokered by russia and turkey. it has also called for rapid access for the delivery of humanitarian aid. the queen's new year's honours list is dominated by britain's 0lympic and paralympic stars — including lee pearson, mo farah and andy murray.
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it's been a fantastic year for gb's olympians and paralympians. nick hope and kate grey look back on a golden summer in rio in review 2016: gold rush in rio.
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