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tv   Breakfast  BBC News  January 1, 2017 6:00am-6:31am GMT

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hello, this is breakfast, with rogerjohnson. at least 39 people are believed to have died in an attack on a packed nightclub in the turkish city of istanbul. almost 70 others are injured. the city's governor has described it as a "terror attack". police are still looking for the gunman. good morning, it's sunday, the first of january. also ahead: the prime minister theresa may calls for 2017 to be a year of unity after the vote to leave the eu, saying she'll work to get a brexit deal for everyone. the new year is welcomed in at events around the uk amid heightened security measures and thousands of extra police. the city of hull becomes the uk's second city of culture. we'll be there live this morning
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to ask how organisers plan to transform it. in sport, premier league leaders chelsea beat stoke. the blues have now equalled arsenal's record of 13 consecutive wins in a single season. and matt has the weather. 2017 opens cold and sunny for the northern half of the uk. cloudy, wet and cold further south. details coming up in15 and cold further south. details coming up in 15 minutes. good morning, first our main story. at least 39 people have been killed, and many more injured, in an attack on a nightclub in the turkish city of istanbul. police are still looking for the gunman, who witnesses say adley 16 of the victims are foreign nationals. it's the latest in a wave of attacks, and the city's governor has described it as an act of terrorism. a new year celebration turns into a
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massacre in the largest city in turkey. this time targeting a popular nightclub around or past one in the morning. raina is located on the banks of the bosporus. it was hosting hundreds of people for a new year celebration. the assailant, believed to have been dressed in a sa nta cla us believed to have been dressed in a santa claus costume, randomly opened fire at shooting and killing a police officer at the door. media reports that some guests jumped into the waters of the bosporus to escape. the confusion of those inside still visible laughter. translation: i had my back turned. my translation: i had my back turned. my husband told me to get on the floor. a man ran inside. two or three people started firing and then there was this fog. i fainted then until special forces took us out. there were bodies lying on the floor. 2016 has been a terrible year
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for turkey. the eu candidate country has seen over 15 attacks and an attempted coup. public coverings for new year's eve were already restricted with around 17,000 police on duty and a country already nervous. but, just as it entered 2017, turkey was reminded once again that tight security cannot always prevent such a determined attack. elsewhere, and there was tightened security across the uk and around the world as events took place to celebrate the start of 2017. around 3,000 police officers were on patrol in london, as leanne brown reports. big ben tolls the sky was lit up as it then struck midnight. tens of thousands of people lined the thames to watch the new year spectacular in london. but among the crowded streets was a huge
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police presence. we always seeks to learn the lessons from horrific events around the world, be it in berlin, knees, or paris last year. you cannot allow the bad guys to spoil our way of life. it was not just london was heightened security. with memories of the berlin lorry attack still fresh, security was stepped up at celebrations across germany. new year's eve passed peacefully in australia. sydney was the first major city to start proceedings with a glittering display of their iconic harbour bridge. in dubai, fireworks shot from the sides of the world ‘s tallest skyscraper in a lavish display. go and in scotland, party—goers welcome to 2017 with the world—famous party—goers welcome to 2017 with the world —famous hogmanay street party—goers welcome to 2017 with the world—famous hogmanay street party in edinburgh. fantastic. brilliant. first time here and it isn't
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rolling. brilliant. they know how to party. heavy protection once again in america where up to 2 million people are thought to have joined the new year's eve ball in times square. but some regions of the world, they are still waiting for that much anticipated stroke of midnight. many parties all around the world as well as here in the uk. theresa may has called for 2017 to be a year of unity and opportunity following the eu referendum, which she says has exposed the divisions in britain. in her new year message, the prime minister said she would work to secure a brexit deal for everyone, whether they'd voted to leave or remain. we are no longer the 52% who voted leave and the 48% who voted remain. but one great union of people and nations with a proud history and a
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bright future. let's talk to our political correspondent chris mason. how difficult will she find it to negotiate what she describes as a brexit deal for everyone? good morning. happy new year. it is a colossal challenge, this, for theresa may. the referendum dominated politics in 2016 and it will dominate politics in 2017 as well. it is quite striking, the kind of language that the prime minister has used in this message. she says the country has made a momentous decision, set ourselves in our new direction, she says. in parts of the referendum was very divisive. she even referendum was very divisive. she eve n q u otes referendum was very divisive. she even quotes the late labour mpjo cox who was murdered by a far right extremist a week before the referendum when she said we have far more in common then that which divides us. politically, a task
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looks like this— she has to bind the country together. and the referendum inevitably forced people to fall on one side or another. and then to get into the nitty—gritty of the politics. she will hear people like me warbling on in 2017 about article 50. a horrible bit of eu jargon which means starting the divorce process from the european union. and then a huge amount of detail as the uk tries to negotiate a new relationship with a club it has been a member of for a generation and $0011 a member of for a generation and soon will no longer be a member. yet they will still be our nearest neighbour. a huge political task in front for theresa may. we always enjoy listening to you, however. thank you. the archbishop of canterbury has also spoken of the divisions caused by the eu referendum. he's urging reconciliation, as our religious affairs correspondent martin bashir reports. surrendering to the demands of
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television lighting, the archbishop of canterbury prepares to deliver his new year ‘s message in a familiar setting. justin will be returned to coventry, the city where he began as a clergyman. a city whose wartime suffering and forgiveness, he says, serves as an example to the nation. the story of the cities is so much that is true about britain at its best. about our courage and our standing up to tyranny, standing alongside the suffering and defeated, is standing for human dignity and hope. the archbishop bishop visited a drop—in centre for refugees, people he called a blessing to our way of life. he drew his message to a close by focusing on an issue which is divided so many parts of the country. the eu referendum was a tough campaign and it has left divisions. how i know that if we look at our roots, al history and
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oui’ look at our roots, al history and our country in the christian tradition, if we reach back into what is best in this country, we will find a path towards reconciling the differences that have divided us. the differences that have divided us. from coventry to canterbury. the archbishop believes that looking back can only help us repair for the future. —— prepare for the future. a 12—year—old girl has been killed in a hit—and—run incident in greater manchester. it happened last night in 0ldham. a second girl, who's 11, is in a critical condition in hospital. police want to trace the driver of a black volkswagen golf. the queen will decide later whether she feels well enough to attend a new year's day church service at sandringham, after being ill over christmas will a heavy cold. she missed the christmas day service for the first time in many years. buckingham palace said the queen was still recovering and would make a decision on whether she attends later this morning. laws come into force today meaning that bankers, hull has started its year as the uk city of culture.
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£32 million has been spent on a year—long programme. at this afternoon's opening event, eight city centre buildings will be turned into giant screens which will be used to retell the city's history. here's our arts correspondent, colin paterson. after three years of planning and preparation, the waiting is over. hull is the european city of culture is one of the most famous residents can hardly contain himself. it has lifted the spirits. you can rebuild and regenerate and build the confidence of the people through culture in the city of culture is what is now happening in hull. £32 million is being spent on a year—long programme of events which includes hosting the turner prize. what are you hoping this will achieve for hull? i want nationally and internationally people to see that this is a great city with great people and stories and a lot to
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offer because every city deserves its moment in the limelight and 2017 is ours. it all starts at four o'clock this afternoon when buildings will be used as giant screens to retell the history of hull with one turning hollywood into hully would. people have recreated famous scenes. i hully would. people have recreated famous scenes. | am hully would. people have recreated famous scenes. i am looking forward to the first of january. i don't even have to move out from my room ifi even have to move out from my room if i don't want to. i can stay and watch from my living room window. if i don't want to. i can stay and watch from my living room windowm is amazing. it is notjust about looking through a window of the pudding hull in the shop window. the aim,1 pudding hull in the shop window. the aim, 1 million extra visitors in 2017. for those of you who have a piggy—bank full of pound coins, you'll need to pay attention because a new, 12—sided, one—pound coin, will enter circulation in march and the current coin will cease to be legal tender by the end of october.
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it also means that all machines selling items from train tickets to chocolate bars, will have to be updated. this report from jon ironmonger. they have been around since 1983 on the whole they will not be around for much longer. this year, all of the uk's old pound coins will be phased out and replaced by these, shiny dodecyl —— dodecyl bonds. thinner and lighter than the outgoing model. it has been around for over 30 years. it has served the country well but the counterfeiters have caught up. we need to do something new to the 21st century and that is what we are doing. over 1 billion of these 12 sided coins will flood into circulation on march 28, boasting several new security features in leading a hologram that
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changes from a hash tag to a number one when seen from different angles thatis one when seen from different angles that is not all. joining them in your purses and pockets will be three new designs for the £2 coin and 50p piece. there will be a temerity jane austen, a and 50p piece. there will be a temerityjane austen, a great british writer. as well as isaac newton, the british scientist. you will also issue a coin in connection with the centenary of the first world war, arranging the beginnings of the royal airforce. in world war, arranging the beginnings of the royal air force. in the meantime, the government has urged stockpile is of the round pound to act quickly. the famous quid is no legal tender on october 15 meaning just ten months left to bank them all spend them. manchester united's late win against middlesbrough at old trafford yesterday was so exciting, it prompted 0lympic sprinting legend usain bolt to call the club's post—match phone—in. 0ur
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our next caller is injamaica. we are heading over there to speak to usain bolt, is it? is that you saying there? how does. this is usain bolt. it is him. what would you like to say? but presenter, mandy henry, admitted afterwards she didn't think the caller was genuine — until bolt confirmed it on his twitter account. bolt went on to say that the win was like watching the man united "of old". you look nonplussed as well. the same bob did confirm it was him who made the call on his twitter account. kathryn dunn will round up all of the sport for us including, no doubt, the goals from manchester united. lcr top of the league on this new year's day morning in the english premier league. but a look at some of the front pages for this first day of the new year. the sunday times has a picture here of
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some revellers ahead of the 2017 new year celebrations. the main story, isis plotting a chemical attack pack on the uk. what are the enemy —— watch for the enemy within. all of these came through before they terrorist attack in turkey. charities linked to terrorism at a record high. the observer, we will try to get through as many as we can in the next 60 seconds. pictures of the london eye with a fireworks last night. this is about more
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institutions being able to become universities but it looks like the lords have some into favour. front page of the mail on sunday, are they off their trolleys? we hand out millions in foreign aid to british supermarkets. a bit of a political story on the front page of the mail on sunday. back from the dead from the new year. a miracle cancer recovery 0 n the new year. a miracle cancer recovery on the front page of the mirror. let's do the full set. this is our year, the prime minister, theresa may, wanting to unite everybody in 2017. that is the front of the express and last but not least, jose's mercy dash to 999. those are the front pages of the first pages of 2017 although, as i said, none of them have the main story which broke on the night will stop that is our main story this
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morning. at least 39 people are believed to have been shot dead inside a nightclub in the turkish city of istanbul. the country's interior minister says the gunman is still at large. the prime minister theresa may says she'll work to get a brexit deal for everyone and calls for 2017 to be a year of unity after the vote to leave the eu. here's matt with a look at this morning's weather. an early night no doubt be you, matt? very good morning. a traditional day to head outdoors and clear the head after the xs as of last night. not a bad looking day for some. some good sunny spells. —— excess for sub although, it is a day for the wellingtons. the cloud has
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been moving southwards overnight. to the north of that, clear skies and cold arctic air is pushing in. some ice around in places for scotland and northern ireland. wintry showers. it will get northerly winds across wales and south—west england, heavy bursts of rain. easing off in west wales but as the cold air sta rts west wales but as the cold air starts to nudge its way in, we could see wet snow mixed in with the rain on the hills stop the south—east corner, some dry weather but thoroughly wet to start the day. midlands, it yorkshire and the northern part of east anglia. although the overnight rain with away and chris —— clear skies to start the day in northern ireland and scotland stop there will be a mixture of rain, hail and sleet to cover the hills. even a slight covering in the lower parts of the
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north. brightening up into north wales during the afternoon but south wales, the midlands, southern england, east anglia, it says cloudy and wet. some heavy bursts of rain which as a the cold air continues to dig its way in, could turn to sleet on the higher ground. the rain and sleet will hang around to the end of the night in the southernmost counties but elsewhere, tonight, clear skies were many and a particularly cold night. a frost is possible anywhere. some ice to the north and east of the country where we have showers. they will continue into monday in scotland and eastern england. the afternoon, showers into northern parts of wales and the north—west of england. most of us, are dry and sunny monday. to emphasise how cold it is, it will feel like temperatures are very close to freezing for sub ——. widespread frost. we will switch
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things around in wednesday. wednesday will see cloudy conditions across the far south but the northern and ireland, widespread frost. in the early part of 2017, called the conditions are the most dominant but by the time we get a friday, a bit of rain and the next weekend, the cold air is back. british weather? what can be saved. —— we say? a mixed outlook. thank you very much indeed. we'll have more from matt through the course of the morning. there's been widespread condemnation of last night's gun attack at a nightclub in istanbul, which has left 35 people dead and dozens more injured. following a series of attacks in turkey over the last few months, at least 17,000 police were deployed in istanbul for the new year celebrations. let's talk now to 0livier guitta, a security and counter—terrorism analyst who's in our
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london newsroom. thank you for getting up early to speak to us this morning. happy new year to you but sadly, not a happy new year in turkey. it seems like this attack was almost anticipated? yes, very much so. there were plots foiled all over the world and new year's eve was a major time for terrorist attack. also, turkish authorities had arrested eight members of islamic state that were planning attacks on new year's eve. it is interesting that in this case, it is the third time that a nightclub has been attacked by terrorists. the bataclan in paris, 0rlando terrorists. the bataclan in paris, orlando and this is the third time that the venue of such has been attacked. you mentioned the other two events. 0bviously islamic state
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claimed responsibility for the bata cla n claimed responsibility for the bataclan and a beastly 0rlando was a different thing but in this case, islamic state is not the only terror threat in turkey. correct. because of the target, i think it is unfair to exclude kurdish extremists who usually go after law enforcement and public areas like this. this seems like a public areas like this. this seems likeajihadist public areas like this. this seems like a jihadist attack and islamic state might not claimed responsibility for this. we should know within 2a hours. this is usually the time they take to claim responsibility. 0ne usually the time they take to claim responsibility. one thing to remember, islamic state does not claim responsibilityjust for turkey. we mentioned the police
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officers on duty in istanbul last light. how effective is the intelligence service in turkey? —— last night was not happy. —— last night. how effective? islamic state made a case yesterday that turkey wasjumping made a case yesterday that turkey was jumping at the top of their list. they needed to get their acts together and unfortunately time at the time, they have been targeted. and police are still searching for the gunman? it remained volatile and dangerous situation. correct and what is puzzling is in the case of
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berlin and this case, the terrorist did not get to kill himself, if you will, by facing authorities but he fled. that is possibly a change in the modus operandi in terrorist groups. should the rest of western europe be concerned about the targeting of soft targets, for want ofa targeting of soft targets, for want of a better word? it has been over two years that islamic state has made no mystery about the fact they will go after soft targets. just a few days ago, some of their supporters specifically mentioned markets but also what i fear the most is hospitals that were not mentioned before as potential targets. your businesses is working
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in risk and advising clients. is it turkey going up the list as a place that you are saying, you advising them to think carefully before travelling that? it has been the case for a while. when turkey was basically put up as a major target for islamic state and the fact that, as you mentioned earlier, there have been mishaps in terms of intelligence and going after terrorist that turkey is definitely a country that has a red flag. thank you very much the time this morning. we are grateful to you. talking about the attacks that happened in istanbul throughout the night. it is 26 minutes past six. a couple
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from indonesia that loved their local river so much that they led a campaign to clean it up have led a campaign to clean it up have led a campaign to clean it up have led a campaign to clean it up. for ari and sandra, their special day had to look and feeljust right. and for the happy couple, it is the river taking them to their wedding, which symbolises how dreams for a better life can become reality. at over 100km long, the ciliwung river has brought prosperity to tens of thousands of people. translation: this is very meaningful, and i hope it can be inspiration for other young people. we have shown a love for our language and culture. now we need to show our love for our environment. this wedding has inspired everyone, including myself. running free and clear now, the ciliwung has not always been a pleasure to cruise. just over one year ago, this is how it looked. the debris choking the river comes
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from illegal dumping by villages and industries, but the battle to clear the river is ongoing. it flows through the greaterjakarta area, parts of which are subsiding. it is estimated that some areas of the megacity have sunk by four meters over the last four years. the river can no longer flow into jakarta bay. diverted into canals, the water quality has declined as more people in illegal settlements throw their waste into the river. officials say they are enforcing the law, and have a strategy which is working. translation: so far, we've collected fines from those who were caught. but some residents were unable to pay, so they clean the city by picking up trash, from one to two hours. the sanitation department said it remained the government's hope to clear all the rivers by 2020. activists say the fight to keep the rivers clean will require
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stronger action against industries, and not the poor. you're watching bbc breakfast. as we've seen this morning, tens of thousands of people gathered on the banks of the thames last night to watch london's fireworks spectacular, and the celebrations aren't over yet. the capital's getting ready to hold its annual new year's day parade. and brea kfast‘s john maguire is there. i don't think you are on your own, judging from the noise. happy new year. you guessed it. happy new year to you and everyone at home. this is the high school band from florida. absolutely fantastic. what a wonderful display they have done for us wonderful display they have done for us just now. another number would be
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absolutely fantastic, if you have got one! is a bit crazy this morning. happy new year. happy new year to you. tell us about this parade. it's enormous. eight and a half thousand performers from all around the world. it starts at 12 noon from piccadilly and comes down to times square. we have tv stations all around the world taking it lying. —— taking it live. all around the world taking it lying. -- taking it live. folks, join us back for more of this later. it's noisy, it's fabulous, it's very enjoyable. john, thank you very much indeed. i hope nobody lives to close their this morning trying to have a lie in. hello, this is breakfast with rogerjohnson. coming up before 7:00 we'll take a look back at a momentous last twelve months in politics. but first, a summary of this morning's main news. at least 39 people have been killed
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and many more injured after an attack on a nightclub in this city of istanbul. police are still looking for the gunmen who witnesses they opened fire at


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