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tv   Review 2016  BBC News  January 1, 2017 9:30am-10:01am GMT

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showers will fade away, tomorrow. showers will fade away, and into the afternoon it will be a chilly day, especially in the breeze. hello. this is bbc news with gavin esler. the headlines at 9.30. a gunman has attacked a packed nightclub in the turkish city of istanbul — killing at least 39 people. the turkish president said such attacks were designed to destabilise the people. there was one gunman, not multiple gunmen. he was wearing a coat and trousers. he went inside as he opened fire and we were told he was wearing different clothes inside and he tried to get out. the london ambulance service says there were technical difficulties in its control room in the early hours of the morning, meaning staff had to log calls by pen and paper. theresa may has called for unity in her new year message to the country — and said last year's eu referendum was "divisive". a 12—year—old girl has been killed
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and an 11—year—old is in a critical condition after a new year's eve hit—and—run crash in oldham. muhammed ali, sir terry wogan and prince — just a few of those who left us this year, and whose lives are celebrated in review 2016: we remember part one. music: when doves cry by prince. music: little red corvette by prince. music: 1999 by prince. # so tonight i'm going to party like it's 1999 # music: kiss by prince.
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# you don't have to be beautiful to turn me on...# so, how did the artist formerly known as come about? that came up through people's problems with, mainly the media's problem with not having a pronunciation for the symbol. so they had to come up with something, i guess. music: purple rain by prince.
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i truly love you. i truly, madly, deeply love you. i really truly madly deeply love you. i really truly madly deeply passionately love you. i really truly madly deeply passionately remarkably love you. i really truly madly deeply passionately deliciously remarkably love you. i really truly madly deeply passionately remarkably... deliciously love you. i really truly madly passionately remarkably deliciouslyjuicy love you... deeply! you passed on deeply! it was your word, which means you couldn't have meant it! cancel the kitchen scraps for lepers and orphans. no more merciful beheadings... and call off christmas! it was malfoy. that is a very serious
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accusation, potter. indeed. your evidence? i just know. you just... applause. the mona lisa. she never changes, does she? laughter. of course she doesn't, that's how leonardo painted her. we thought we were in a dream, you know? because we had done nothing in particular, and we both said, well, he said you're women, right about two women living together. and we said, ok, we could do flat sharing. you think i'll tell you how robert and me went to the art galleries and the cathedrals and the park. and then having got that out of me, you think i'll tell you how he's asked me to spend
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the night with him. spend the night with him? i knew you'd drag it out of me somehow! laughter. i'm leonard by the way. leonard dunn. i'm maria. parkinson. mrs maria parkinson. how do you do? i believed that most women felt trapped the way i did. the first sentence i wrote, i knew, they must never go to bed. not ever. you've got to transport that huge lump into the world, hasn't she? only women can do that. a man couldn't give birth to a jelly baby! laughter. # neighbours # everybody needs good neighbours # with a little understanding # you can find the perfect blend. ..# music: hi—de—hi theme. music: grange hill theme.
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music: coronation street theme. the name's hilda ogden. that's our freda. the character was originally written as a rather stereotyped character, as stan was. the big fat man and lazy husband, and little nagging wife. i bet barbara cartland never has all this trouble. well after a few weeks we thought this was going to get a bit boring. so we started playing against the script. same words, but trying to give them a bit more character. round it out a bit. fish knives, they are common as muck! i'm glad we haven't got any. stan did it all himself, you know. well, the mural, anyway.
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sings. oh, hilda, there you are love. oh, hello. drawn to me compulsorily were you? ay? by my singing. you know, the way them singing sirens used to draw unsuspecting sailors to their doom. music: "boogie nights" by heatwave. quincy always talks about thinking that i must have been black. i must have been, you know, before he met me, because of the music of heatwave. music: rock with you by michaeljackson. the whole thing took two weekends, and it was amazing. by the time it was over, quincy
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and i had become such close buddies, that he said, i want you to work on everything i'm doing. music: thriller by michaeljackson. here is the clock, the trumpton clock. here is chippy minton, and his son nibs. morning mr minton, nice day? morning, yourworship, yes, it is. how's business? can't complain, replies chippy. we're going to do a job for mr platt, the clockmaker. a grandfather clock, needs its case mended. good morning! pat called. morning pat, said mrs goggins. looks like a busy day for you, lots of letters and parcels. well, at least it's a nice day for it! sings. he sent me to get these throat lozenges.
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here, those are mine. if i don't take those i might lose my voice. that is why he sent me to get them! cheeky blighter! there's a lot of them about, ain't there? i ain't staying round here! we used plasticine because it was fun and it's quite easy, although it has got a few drawbacks. if the temperature is too cold, it can crack. if it's too hot, it can melt and get a bit soggy, and arms and legs can fall off. custard surprise on its way up! drumming music. i've been a man in the world, and i want everybody out
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there on tv to know it. i am the greatest. i don't think he'll ever get through this round. he's going again... he's got him! why do you insist on being called muhammad ali now? that's the name given to me by my leading teacher. that's my original name, that's a slave name, i'm no longer a slave. a man who can pay in two fights for three planes, why would you take and seek out and be anxious to call me, out of 30 men who you could have called? you wait till i get george foreman. he talks too much, he's ugly, he's pretending. i'm the true champion and they make me the underdog. i'm going to show them all, because i'm the champion, i'm the real champion. there will never be one like me, and all you people in britain who rate me as the greatest, i'm going to prove i'm the greatest.
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we're going to prove to the world i'm the greatest. this is my last fight, i don't want none of you to miss it. so please come to theatres, i'm going to eat some raw meat. i'm going to get ready and chop some more trees! snorts. commentator: oh my god, he's won the title back at 32! he just beat himself out. he was so tired. i said, man, this is the wrong place to get tired! they have another try! they have their fifth. the forwards have just stepped up to the mark and smashed wales. rock music. i've won a few tournaments,
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i've won some majors. the line is perfect. he's got it! i suppose the most important thing... is the fact that it has been as good as it has been to me. arnold palmer, golfer, aviator, man of many powers. music: grandstand theme. commentator: he's on his own! shergar! shergar wins! # come with me and you'll be in a world of pure imagination...# when i do makejokes,
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they're usually not that funny, they're kind of corny. but if i go in public somewhere, the first thing people say, come on, come on, let's have one! you have 48 seconds left. hurry, hurry. 28 seconds, you're running out of time. to be honest, i cannot function in these conditions! you're making me extremely nervous! what is that, a handkerchief? nothing. it's nothing. if it's nothing, why can't i see it? my blanket, my blue blanket, give me my blue blanket! the waco kid. the waco kid? he had the fastest hands in the west. in the world. today, look at that. steady as a rock.
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yeah, but i shoot with this hand. acoustic guitar music. piano music. a lot of people have criticised me for writing music in which they find no meaning. i take for granted that what i write has got a meaning. i think a composer should be able to take that for granted, otherwise he should not be in the business at all. orchestral music. to do something which is civilised
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in intent, and i hope in result, at the top end of what is possible in a civilisation, what a privilege. what a privilege. acoustic guitar music. everything you read in the paper about how hard the prime minister has to work is bit of a myth, really. this is put up by the press office as a matter of course. but if you think about it, what do you have to do? chair the cabinet? two and a half hours a week. answer questions in the house. twice a week.
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another half— hour. audience with the queen on tuesday evenings. another hour. seven and a half hours a week so far. there must be more to it than that. your name will also go on the list. what is it? don't tell him, pike! when i was 15 or 16, i was with an old soldier. he fought in a battle in 1898. he said, i was in the rifle brigade. i was a lance corporal. i'll tell you one thing he said... they don't like it up ‘em, you know! i can't get over a girl like you, so turn out the lights yourself. i hope sergeant major is in good mood. wait outside! is he in a good mood?
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i did not have time to find out. our cordon bleu cook is in an italian mood. and he has conjured up for you spaghetti bolognese and chips. i suppose she wanted to punish me. and punish her mother, too? maybe that was the only way to punish me properly. maybe it wouldn't have been enough to tell me in private that she despised me. the most quick way to thwart them was to bundle you back through your own doorway and into the safety of this hallway, but i'm afraid that in my anxiety to defend you, i was over vigorous. speed was the essence of the matter, but it has caused you some shock and i am very sorry. are you or you not the servant? was that a yea or nay? it was a nay my lord, but i don't believe a word of it. i know nothing.
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laughter. what? i know nothing. nothing. no, forget that. i know nothing. tell her. i will kill you! no, i know nothing. i am from barcelona. it is almost a drama or a tragedy with laughs, because they are real people in trouble, and we always love seeing people in trouble unless it's us. there is too much butter on those trays, ok? there is too much butter and those trays. no, sir, not on those trays. uno, dos, tres. viewers often see me and my co—announcers sitting like this. and they may think we are in a quiet, comfortable room.
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but in fact, as you can see, our studios are pretty busy, and they are like this every day of the year. there were lots of breakdowns, particularly at the beginning, because, i mean, the cameras were unreliable. we frequently lost all vision on a show or something, so the announcer would have to go in and apologise and tell them to go and have a cup of tea. from now until after five o'clock this afternoon, television cameras take you into the heart of london to watch and share. that was me, helping in a small way to make television history. hello. frost will be widespread over the weekend, severe in places to minus seven celsius, just 19 fahrenheit. and there will be snow. so far this month, as you know, it has been particularly cold, especially over england. she did something that
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in our society is unspeakable. she kissed a black man. but remember, it was a sin to kill a mockingbird. chekov, pavel andreievich, sir. fine, pavel andreievich, chekhov begin shipwide mission broadcast. yes, sir, happy to. authorisation code 95 wictor wictor two. authorisation not recognised. authorisation code 95 victor victor two. access granted. may i have your attention, please? trades dispute act, 1911, the right to peaceful picketing is according to the striker by act of parliament, the right to strike and the right to peaceful picketing. yes, trades dispute act, 1911.
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right, let's check with the expert. report status. liberator is stationary and is stabilised in an anti—orbital posture. whatever that means. it means we got it right. together, we can fly this ship manually. we would make a good team. hurray for us. it's friday, it's five o'clock, and it's crackerjack! are you ready to rock on crackerjack? those are the nice prizes for you, which are of course crackerjack pencils! # right, said fred, give a shout for charlie # up comes charlie from the floor below # hello, dolly! there are some super tracks on this. a track every morning with ken bruce
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and myself every afternoon. there will be another one same time tomorrow. we are working in a very modern recording studio, which is recording 16 separate tracks through a board like this. when i started producing records a few years ago... # right, said fred, both of us together, one each end and steady as we go....# we still mixed our sounds on a board like this, not quite as complicated. but it all came down to just one track because it was on a record # there's nothing you can do that can't be done... # nothing you can sing that can't be sung. # very superstitious. music. it's all around us. it's in everything we do.
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in our work or play. we celebrate with it, and we mourn with it. # i may not always love you... i need music, and i don't mean just professionally. i think you will find to some extent, pretty well everybody does. # if i painted a picture of you... bill haley had arrived, and of course that was the end of ballad singing. i never had another hit until 1962. but fortunately in the meantime, i had done two weeks of housewives choice in 1960, and this led to discjockeying. i was talking instead of singing. i wasn't everybody‘s choice to be on radio 1, because there was the question of whether i would fit into all this.
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so i had a three—month contract, simple as that. what is the recipe today? morning, all. on thejimmy young programme today... good evening. welcome. hello and welcome to the beginning of what i hope will be a long and happy relationship. how anyone can get such applause and still stay as nice as me, i don't know. i didn't set out to be famous. i mean, i didn't mind if being famous was there on offer. great. it's two minutes to eight o'clock. dashed glad of your company. that's the bee gees sisters. have a pencil and paper handy, and your brain in gear. cheering.
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welcome to the millions of you watching, to the performers from 25 countries waiting nervously backstage. four knitting brides of frankenstein. we have a running total going on now. we have been open for one hour, and it's a splendid total. we have £25,320. applause. how much longer have we got to go? we have got about an hour. one hour? one hour, and we have about 1.5 million to raise to do better than last year. i think we can do it. # fiddle, cello, big bass drum, bassoon, flute # each one making the most of his chance
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# altogether in the floral dance...# show us the money. i'm going to miss you. have a happy christmas. thank you. thank you for being my friend. hello. happy new year from all of us. hello. happy new year from all of us. a contrasting start to 2017 weather—wise. am. in parts of the country, a refreshing day and for others, the rain is falling down, a day for waterproofs and wellies or watch a movie indoors. this cloud is responsible for the wet weather. it is working its way southwards comic introducing not just is working its way southwards comic introducing notjust cold air, but arctic air, ringing a brisk wind
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throughout. one or two wintry showers, a mix of rain, sleet and snow, and we could even see some sleet or snow in the south and the tops of hills. it will be a gloomy day for many. certainly the case in the south—west. we could finish the day on a brighter note in the north—west and in wales. temperatures around four or 5 degrees. seven to ten in the south—eastern corner, but the rain pushing in by that stage. northern england, scotland and northern ireland, some showers working southwards, with the possibility of wintry showers and northern hills. the wind will be adding to the chill. this is how we finished the day. temperatures in the northern half of the country around four or 5 degrees, maybe tend towards the south—east corner. the milder weather will be to use out the way
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as we head into tonight. there will be some showers in the north and increasingly to eastern parts, bringing with it and ice risk. we could see temperatures down to around —a or —5 as we start monday. a bank holiday for many of you and if you haven't managed to get your new year ‘s walking today, tomorrow will be a good one for it. patchy rain here, a view showers to begin with, becoming more prevalent throughout the west of scotland, northern ireland and wales later. the vast majority, it will be dry, but today to wrap up. the wins will be making it feel more like freezing. a very cold night will follow across england and wales. a good amount of sunshine over the next few days although it will be a bit cloudy. this is bbc news, i'm gavin esler.
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the headlines at 10am. at least 39 people have been killed after a gunman opened fire in a packed nightclub in the turkish city of istanbul. the terrorist first shot and killed a police officer at the front and then he fired at people in the venue who were only there to have fun on new year's eve. this is the scene live. the turkish president has called it a heinous attack. buckingham palace says the queen will not attend a new year's day church service at sandringham because of a heavy cold. heightened security and thousands of extra police as revellers welcome in the new year across the uk. in her new year's message theresa may calls for 2017 to be a year of unity following the vote
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to leave the eu. as we face the opportunities ahead of us, our shared interests and


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