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tv   BBC News  BBC News  January 1, 2017 1:00pm-1:46pm GMT

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this is bbc news, i'm gavin esler. the headlines at 1pm. at least 39 people have been killed after a gunman opened fire in a packed nightclub in the turkish city of istanbul. turkish authorities are still searching for the gunmen. the terrorist first shot and killed a police officer at the front and then he fired at people in the venue who were only there to have fun on new year's eve. this is the scene live. the turkish president has called it a heinous attack. the royal family have attended a new year's day church service in sandringham, but without the queen, who still has a heavy cold. heightened security and thousands of extra police as revellers welcome in the new year across the uk. in her new year's message theresa may calls for 2017 to be a year of unity following the vote to leave the eu. as we face the opportunities ahead of us, our shared interests and ambitions can bring us together. also in the next hour, technical problems hit
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the london ambulance service on one of its busiest nights of the year. it's understood that the computer system crashed, meaning calls had to be recorded by pen and paper for several hours. we will hear from the world's bigger selling authorjames we will hear from the world's bigger selling author james patterson we will hear from the world's bigger selling authorjames patterson at 1:45 p.m.. in the meet the author. the turkish president says the attack on an istanbul nightclub in which 39 people died was designed to create chaos in the country. police in turkey are hunting for a gunman who opened fire in a packed nightclub in istanbul killing 39 people and injuring many more. 15 foreigners are among the dead and around 70 other people are being treated in hospital. the gunman entered
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the popular reina nightclub and started shooting at about 1.20am local time. some reports say he was dressed in a santa outfit. the attack happened in the ortakoy district during new year's eve celebrations. around 500 people were thought to be at the club at the time. counting down to 2017, 500 revellers came to the nightclub to celebrate the new year in istanbul. a little more than one hour later this cctv footage appears to show the lone gunmen approaching the nightclub. the sparks are thought to be berlitz ricocheting off cars. after shooting a security guard who survived a car bombing just weeks earlier he went into the club. this mobile phone footage appears
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to show shots being fired outside, ricocheting off cars. this unconfirmed footage shown on turkish media appears to show footage inside the club, the gunmen apparently in a santa suit. after shooting police outside, he went at least 39 people were killed, including 15 foreign nationals. dozens more are being treated for their injuries this translation: i had my back turned, my husband suddenly told me to get on the floor. a man ran inside, two or three people started firing. then there was a fog, ifainted until special forces took us out of there. they shot randomly, bodies were lying on the floor. turkey has suffered repeated terrorist attacks in crowded spaces over the past year. there were also attacks on state and military targets,
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bringing the death toll in 2016 to more than 250. kurdish militants and the so—called islamic state were to blame. it's not clear who was responsible for this act of terrorism. translation: he went inside as he opened fire, we were told he was wearing different clothes inside, and he tried to get out. 0ur police forces continue to assess this information. in his new year's message before the attack the president told the nation it was fighting a new war of independence. in a statement since he has vowed not to give in to the terrorists. 2017 has begun in the most tragic ways in istanbul. carnage in a beautiful location, more innocent lives taken. what more do we know about the attack?
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what we know about the manhunt? we know the area where this attack has happened has been sealed off. also other parts of istanbul, the traffic has been controlled quite heavily by the police forces. they are carrying arms. you can see the police forces. they are carrying arms. you can see where you the police forces. they are carrying arms. you can see where you look out of the city, you see empty streets, you realise this is not an emptiness because of hangover and enjoying from the previous night, it is a kind of cautious weight from the residents of istanbul to see what is going to happen next. and if the manhunt can be successfully carried out by the police. we are all eyeing
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this at the moment. we have seen attacks on the turkish state, the army, but this is an attack on the turkish people, and those who go to your city to socialise and have fun? definitely, for everyone around the room, it was a moment we were expecting to see fireworks, nice moments, to have people, to spend nice time with your family. with your loved ones and friends. the attack with that kind of atmosphere, being together. it is quite heartbreaking, and there are other people from different nationalities including libyan, and moroccan, and
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israeli, this is heartbreaking as well. these people came to istanbul despite all the other warnings, all the warnings from different countries. about this security situation in turkey and istanbul. they chose to have some great time looking over the bosporus. enjoying their new year with great hopes. as isaid, quite their new year with great hopes. as i said, quite heartbreaking to see that. to see that kind of nice beautiful night, turning out in such an inhumane tragedy in the end. also an inhumane tragedy in the end. also a reminder how fragile istanbul has become. in december we have seen another one in besiktas, 44 people dying, most of them police. just after that another attack in central
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anatolia, the armed forces again. still civilian casualties taking a huge space in turkey's recent history. this is becoming worse in the new year. a very sad day, thank you. the queen has missed a new year's day church service at sandringham, because of a lingering heavy cold. last week, she was forced to miss the christmas day service for the first time in many years. the duke of edinburgh and prince edward were among those who braved the pouring rain this morning to go to church. we can speak to our correspondent richard galpin who is in sandringham for us. a pretty miserable day so far there? pa rt part of the reason why she has decided not to go to that church service. very calm, very wet,
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persistent rain. as i say, one of the reasons why she did not go to the reasons why she did not go to the church service. buckingham palace saying it was a precautionary measure, she has not recuperated sufficiently to get out and about. we do know she's not bedridden. she is up and about. she has been doing some work receiving government papers for example. it is highly unusualfor her papers for example. it is highly unusual for her not to go to these services. important for the royal family. this illness has been going on for a while. around the 21st, 22nd of december. an illness which has lasted for more than ten days. she is 90 years old. although the palace has said there is no reason for undue concern, obviously there is some worry that this illness has lingered for so long. the 12—year—old girl who was killed in a hit and run incident
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in greater manchester has been named as helina kotlarova. she was holding hands with her friend when they were hit by a car last night in 0ldham. the second girl, zaneta krokova, is in a critical condition in hospital. police want to trace the driver of a black volkswagen golf. there was tightened security across the uk and around the world as events took place to celebrate the start of 2017. around 3,000 police officers were on patrol in london, as leanne brown reports. big ben chimes. the sky was lit up as big ben struck midnight. tens of thousands of people lined the thames to watch the new year spectacular in london, but among the crowded streets was a huge police presence. we always seek to learn the lessons from horrific events around the world, whether in berlin, nice or paris, last year.
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we can't allow the bad guys to spoil our way of life. happy new year, london! it wasn't just london with heightened security. with memories of the berlin lorry attack still fresh, security was also stepped up at celebrations across germany. new year's eve passed peacefully in australia, sydney was the first major city to start proceedings with a glittering display over their iconic harbour bridge. in dubai, fireworks shot from the sides of the world's tallest skyscraper in a lavish display. and in scotland, partygoers welcomed 2017 with the world famous hogmanay street party in edinburgh. fantastic, yes. brilliant, isn't it? first time here, absolutely enthralling. it was brilliant, absolutely brilliant. you know how to party up here! heavy protection once again in america where up to 2 million
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people are thought to have joined the new year's eve ball in time square. theresa may has called for 2017 to be a year of ‘unity and opportunity‘ following the eu referendum, which she says has exposed the divisions in britain. in her new year message, the prime minister said she would work to secure a brexit deal for everyone, whether they'd voted to leave or remain. we are no longer the 52% who voted leave and the 48% who voted remain, but one great union of people and nations with a proud history and a bright future. chris mason says the prime ministerfaces a challenging year ahead the brexit negotiations. a colossal challenge that she faces as prime minister. the detail is what follows this new year, as
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opposed to the revelations and headlines following the referendum campaign. how does she go about managing to negotiate a deal that satisfies the country and as many people as possible. some people going for a hard brexit, complete breakaway from the european union, others saying there will have to be some sort of arrangement and deal that can accommodate the desire for many who voted leave who wanted something done about immigration, as against the clamour from business to give us access to the european markets. that process will begin with the triggering of article 50, then the nitty—gritty detail of trying to work out how the arrangement will look. also a story in the sunday times about isis planning a chemical weapons attack in the uk? very striking headline, the desire to plot a chemical
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attack. based on an interview with ben wallace, the security minister. he suggested the headline was rather overdone. the quotes in the article are accurate, he says it is an aspiration of islamic state to carry out some sort of chemical attack. there was a cell in morocco successfully raided where various chemical weapons and the chemicals required to make them were there. obviously, you would expect a group like islamic state to aspire to try and kill as many people in the west as they could possibly do so. whether by chemical attack, or a marauding gun attack, it is not news, but it is quite striking when it is out of the mouth of the security minister. he talks about the enemy within, traitors recruited by our enemies, working within government, or places where they could do damage. the insider threat is real,
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it can be exploited, there are people trying to do that we speak. hard to get in the front door, they try to get someone inside. the big message, he was telling me, in a small way we can all do our bit. cyber security is a massive threat. really basic things like changing passwords very often, having adequate virus protection software is very crucial. not always from terrorists, but those who try and send us false invoices from companies that are not what they purport to be. the headlines on bbc news: at least 39 people have been killed after a gunman opened fire in a packed nightclub in istanbul. turkish authorities are still searching for the gunman. buckingham palace says the queen did not attend a new year's day
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church service at sandringham because she is still recovering from a heavy cold. kallis— security and thousands of extra police as revellers welcomed in the new year. sport now and for a full round up, from the bbc sport centre, here's kat. happy new year again. manchester city could be pushed out of the top four if tottenham and arsenal win their matches. tottenham are at watford in the 1.30 kick off, while arsenal host crystal palace at 4. dele alli scored twice against southampton, son who scored against
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watford last season recalled to the line—up. troy deeney leading the line—up. troy deeney leading the line for watford, scored 15 goals last year, only one so far. former spurs players younes kaboul and etienne capoue in the line—up. arsenal will be looking to keep up with the leaders chelsea with a win against crystal palace today. they will move up to third. crystal palace hoping to turn their season around, and climb out of the relegation zone, this one kicks off at four. i'm sure in the second part of the season, when everybody is willing to go for it, it's not any more wait and see, it's go and take now. i'm confident that in the second part of the season, you will see spectacular games, but we have not completely produced. jose mourinho has said
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anthony martial needs to listen to him, and not his agent, amid rumours the striker could move to sevilla. he scored only his fifth goal of the season. united came from behind with paul pogba scoring the winner. anthony needs to listen to me, and not his agent. he has to listen to me, in training every day. the feedback i give to try and improve players. martial, i read every day in the newspaper, he goes to sevilla, goes on loan, he's not happy. he needs to listen to me. he is a player with amazing conditions to be a top player. gareth southgate said england's mental state needs to change going into major tournaments to have success. speaking to the bbc he says
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it is something the national side have struggled with. during the yea rs, have struggled with. during the years, when i was playing, we went in as genuinely one of the play brits —— one of the favourites, in recent yea rs brits —— one of the favourites, in recent years we have gone in with hope, rather than one of the top—ranked teams. we have to go in as one of the top—ranked teams, because our results in qualifying and against big teams have been outstanding. the physical side is different, but the mental thing is key, i think. 70,000 people watched the big bash match between the two melbourne science, the renegades and the stars. the renegades winning by nine runs on the duckworth—lewis method. kevin pietersen made this terrific catch, despite declaring he was rubbish in the field. this one suggest otherwise. the renegades reaching 171—4. cameron white with a hefty 64 off 43 balls.
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after rain interrupted play, the stars were set 159 to win. three batsmen were run out. that was in the penultimate over. adam zampa breaking his back in frustration. the stars falling short. that is all the sport for now. more later on this afternoon. the archbishop of canterbury has also spoken of the divisions caused by the eu referendum. he's urging reconciliation, as our religious affairs correspondent martin bashir reports. surrendering to the demands of television lighting, the archbishop of canterbury prepares to deliver his new year's message in a familiar setting. justin welby returned to coventry, the city where he started out as a clergyman. a city whose wartime suffering and forgiveness, he says, serves as an example to the nation. the story of the city says so much that is true
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about britain at its best, about our courage standing up to tyranny, how we stand alongside the suffering and defeated, how we stand for human dignity and hope. the archbishop visited a drop—in centre for refugees, people he called a blessing to our way of life. and he drew his message to a close by focusing on an issue that has divided so many parts of the country. the eu referendum was a tough campaign, and it has left division. but i know that if we look at our roots, our history and our culture in the christian tradition, if we reach back into what is best in this country, we will find a path towards reconciling the differences that have divided us. from coventry to canterbury, the archbishop believes that looking
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back will only help us prepare for the future. the london ambulance service says technical problems in the early hours of this morning meant staff in the control room were forced to log emergency calls by hand, delaying response times and treatment. the computer difficulties on what is usually the busiest night of the year began at half past midnight and lasted until 5.15am. it's understood ambulances had to be tracked manually using maps, while drivers had to drive without their satnavs. an investigation will take place into the cause of the problem. the computer system went down at 12:30am and stayed down until 5:15am. that was because of a technical error. all of the logging systems they usually used to log calls and emergencies went down with it. control room staff recorded everything by hand with pieces of paper, giving them to staff members, who had to prioritise who they and how. it meant the real—time web—based mapping of ambulance crews around london went down with it. staff had to rely on radio communications only. it meant that ambulance drivers had to input locations of where they are going to go to manually into their sat—nav
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systems. all of these problems on new year's eve, the busiest night of the year. half an hour after the celebrations. 100,000 or more partygoers on the streets of london. a lot of drinking. typically a night when they are under a great deal of pressure. we don't know how many emergencies they responded to because the system was down. i'm told it was hundreds. they have released a statement. they said staff were trained to handle these sort of problems. they continued to prioritise response to patients with life—threatening conditions using the triage system. reports from indonesia say at least 23 people have been killed after a ferry caught fire near the capital, jakarta. the vessel was carrying about 100 people to a resort island when the fire broke out. it's believed a short circuit on a power generator was responsible.
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the united nations security council has unanimously welcomed efforts by russia and turkey to stop the fighting in syria and says it supports the start of a political process. peace negotiations between the syrian government and opposition are due to begin in late january in kazakhstan. bill hayton reports. total support for the latest attempt at peace. after nearly six years of fighting, is this finally a route out of war? the latest agreement is backed by some of the key players. but doubt stopped the us and other countries giving it wholehearted endorsement. instead, they simply welcomed it. we have voted in favour of this resolution because it strikes the right balance. cautious optimism and support. predicated on hope. but tempered by a realistic need to wait to see how this arrangement is implemented before casting the full weight of the security council behind it. many details of the agreement remain
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secret, but the russian government, which brokered it along with turkey, says other countries shouldn't obstruct the process. translation: i don't want to criticise, i would like in the most delicate way to just hint to colleagues, it's a very complicated process, everything we have been able to achieve is the result of enormous work, so please, let's keep things clear. please help us. if you don't want to help, just make sure that you don't complicate things. in syria, many questions remain. will aid get through to everyone? how will breaches of the truce be handled? what will happen to groups that haven't signed the deal? and the biggest of all, will president assad remain in power? the rebel grouping with support from most arab states, the european union and the us still says he has to go. with all the war crimes that he has committed, he and his gangs around him, you cannot expect someone like him
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to go on ruling in syria. if he doesn't go, it means there will be no peace in syria. it's the third truce in less than a year but for the time being, it appears to be holding. but peace is more than the absence of war. laws come into force today meaning that bankers, lawyers or advisers who help people to evade tax will face much stiffer penalties. anyone found guilty will be liable for the full amount of tax which went unpaid, or at least £3,000. but critics say that revenue and customs doesn't have the necessary resources to pursue offenders. a new 12—sided £1 coin will enter circulation in march. the current coin will cease to be legal tender come 0ctober. the royal mint says that after 30 years, the coin needs changing to protect it from counterfeiters. new designs have been unveiled for the £2 coin and the 50 pence piece. the election of donald trump has
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thrown into doubt one of the 0bamaadministration ‘s key policies, the thawing of relations with cuba. when the rolling stones played have an earlier this year, it was not just a concept, it was history. what they achieved through music has been less easy for other parts of the uk economy, that is to break into cuba. while he was still in the job, philip hammond became the first uk foreign secretary to visit the island in an official capacity since the revolution in 1959. now the chancellor of the exchequer, during the trip he signed a memorandum of understanding covering energy, finance and education and culture, helping talks with fidel castro. the
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great relationship is between cuba and united states, and the beginning of the thaw in the relationship, the beginning of a normalisation, making many things possible that have not been possible for decades. it makes economic development possible. since that visit, britain has voted to leave the eu, as the reality of brexit beckons, uk companies are looking to latin america and the caribbean. unilever, recently embroiled in a brexit argument over british supermarkets traces sealed a deal on a £28 million investment outside havana. when the uk eventually leads the eu commits more common to find british companies doing what unilever did, laying the first stone of a new factory on cuban soil. at the recent havana trade fair, the british products on display range from financial services to single malt whiskey. will the future relationship with
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cuba remain fundamentally cultural or will bilateral trade begin to flourish? all of the above. you are right, cuba is not a huge market, an island of 11 million people, a set of islands. we are a set of islands on the other side of the nation. there are some really unusual areas, those particular areas that fit. jointly owned brazilian and cuban country also broke ground on a cigarette factory. brazil is a long—standing partner for cheaper. if the united kingdom hopes to compete with the likes of the south american giant in a post—brexit economy, it has a long way to go, both here and across the caribbean. still, as the commonest and run island slowly opens up, bilateral trade would be a start. hull has started its year as the uk city of culture. £32 million has been spent
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on a year—long programme. at this afternoon's opening event, eight city—centre buildings will be turned into giant screens which will be used to retell the city's history. here's our arts correspondent, colin paterson. after three years of planning and preparation, the waiting is over. hull is the uk's city of culture. one of its most famous residents can hardly contain himself. it's lifted up the spirits of people. you can rebuild and regenerate and build the confidence of the people by culture, and the city of culture is what is now happening to hull. £32 million is being spent on a year—long programme of events which includes hosting the turner prize. what are you hoping the city of culture will achieve for hull? i want nationally and internationally people to see that this is a fantastic city with great stories, great people, and a lot to offer. because every city deserves its moment in the limelight. and 2017 is ours. it all starts at 4pm this afternoon,
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when buildings will be used as giant screens to retell hull's history. with one turning hollywood into hullywood. people here have recreated famous movie scenes. what are you really looking forward to about the year? the 1st of january, looking at the fireworks, i don't even have to move out of my room if i don't want to. i can stay and look at my living room window. it's amazing. it's not just about looking through the window but putting hull in the shop window. the aim, 1 million extra visitors in 2017. let's see what the new year weather has in store for us. what a contrast in the weather for 2017. from watching england and
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wales, you are under a blanket of cloud and it is a wet afternoon to come. the blue colour indicates the cold air in the north of the uk filtering size as we had through the day, but it is the orange colours and the cloud and rain that hangs on across southern parts. the rain may be heavy in some places and we will see showers in northern and scotland. we could see some wintry weather across the high ground of england and wales off the back of this weather front as it continues to move south and they their dixon. particularly the south—east corner could see 9—10 degrees in the afternoon, then it will fall away gradually. it will be bright and sunny for northern ireland, scotland and northern england. but temperatures will fall as you head
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into the evening. a cold feel to things because of the brisk northern wind. the wet weather will eventually clear to the south. under the clear skies, temperatures will fall away and it will be equal night. in northern areas there will bea night. in northern areas there will be a frost and some ice to watch out for. monday will be brighter, but there should be plenty of sunshine around. showers will continue across the north and scotland and a few in eastern england. slow on the high ground. 3—5 centimetres over the higher ground. further south that will be cold. below zero with the wind in scotland. that means monday night will be very cold with this average is plummeting across england
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and wales. could see minus five. more of a breeze across scotland and northern ireland. 0n more of a breeze across scotland and northern ireland. on tuesday and wednesday we are into the finance certain conditions. more cloud across the north of the uk on tuesday. good afternoon. a huge police operation is underway in istanbul to find a gunman who shot dead 39 people at a nightclub. the man opened fire at the reina club at around half past one in the morning, local time. dozens of injured remain in hospital. 15 foreigners — from israel, saudi arabia and morocco — were among the dead. 0ur turkey correspondent, selin gerit, has just sent this report. one of the most famous nightclubs in istanbul, reina packed with a jubilant crowd, ready to welcome in the new year. five, four, three, two... they are counting down to what they hope will be a fresh new start. but then this happens. a man armed with a long barrelled
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weapon opens fire outside the venue. he kills a policeman and another civilian as he rushes his way in. the club immediately turns into the scene of a massacre. as the attacker fires on the people partying inside. dozens are killed and wounded. survivors still in shock of what they have been through. translation: i had my back turned. my husband suddenly told me to get on the floor, a man ran inside, two or three people started firing and then there was a fog. i fainted at that moment on tilt special forces took us out. they shot randomly. there were bodies lying on the floor. there has been no immediate claim of responsibility for the attack and authorities did not name any suspects. this man was a security guard at the club last night. he said he heard gunfire and ran away. everyone is nervous at the moment, he said, the attacker still remains at large.
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the security forces said the assailant was alone rather than there being many attackers. he was wearing a jacket and trousers when he opened fire, but they are separate information that he tried to leave wearing a different set of clothes. the nightclub area remains sealed off this morning, heavily armed police blocked the street leading to reina club. crime investigators were inside searching for evidence. this is as close as we can get to the scene of the attack that shook istanbul last night. in a span of 18 months more than 500 people have been killed in this country in similar attacks. now civilians got hit on a night of hope and joy. this already feels like it is going to be yet another difficult year for this country. turkey faces the islamic state threat, a renewed conflict with the kurdish rebels and the south—east and across the syria and iraq, and big cities like istanbulfeel increasingly vulnerable these days.
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0ur correspondent, selin gerit, is outside a hospital in istanbul where some of the victims are being treated. selin, what's the latest? the attacker is still at large and the hunt for him is still going on in several districts in eastern bill after reports of suspicious people came through. —— istanbul. i'm one of the hospitals and other almost 70 people injured, four of which are in critical situation. the death toll is that 39 but i could rise. —— death toll is at 39 but that could rise. the prime minister has said that nowhere is immune from terrorist attack but because it was
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attacked recently istanbul feels very vulnerable. the queen was absent from the annual new year's day church service in sandringham this morning, because of a "lingering heavy cold". she also missed the christmas day service at her norfolk estate because she was unwell. buckingham palace says the queen has been up and about in recent days, but is "still recuperating", as our royal correspondent, peter hunt, reports. for a second time during the holiday season, the royals headed the church. for a second time, the queen was a notable absentee. her 95—year—old husband, who has also been ill, did attend, and was described by one observer as chipper. during these security conscious times, the windsors over christmas are an attraction for the dedicated, who, despite the weather, gather outside the sandringham church. once again, the 90—year—old queen wasn't on display. a little bit disappointed, because the queen wasn't there. that is understandable, at 90 years of age. she's in the best place.
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yes, i wish her all the best the best for 2017. obviously if she's not well, then we don't want to see her coming out this weather. at christmas, our attention is drawn to the birth of a baby. some 2000 years ago... the queen, who recorded her christmas day message in december, will not have taken the decision to miss church likely. the supreme governor of the church of england has a deep personal faith. but in her tenth decade and on the advice of her doctor, the queen is exercising caution in the face of a heavy cold she has had for nearly two weeks. the queen has been laid low and left feeling pretty miserable at the end of yet another significant year in her long reign. as well as celebrating her landmark birthday, she started to acknowledge her advancing age and reduce her workload. just last month, the queen severed her links to 25 organisations she had been patron of the decades. palace officials insist the queen is up and about, and she hasn't been to hospital
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or had tests. as head of state, she continues to deal with the government documents she receives. the queen is clearly doing all she can to get rid of the lingering cold, rather than make it worse. bhutan, bbc news, buckingham palace. a police hunt‘s underway in oldham for a hit—and—run driver who knocked down two girls from the same family, leaving one dead and the other fighting for her life in hospital. 12—year—old helina kotlarova was killed when crossing with her cousin, zaneta krokova, who's11. the two girls had been holding hands at the time. one family member described what happened. then we went there she was on the floor. she had blood on herface. she could not breathe. there've been delays in attending to emergency ambulance calls across london after the service's computer system crashed on one of the busiest nights of the year. staff in the london ambulance control room had to log calls using pen and paperfor nearly five hours overnight. jon ironmonger is at the london ambulance service headquarters. a troubled start to the new year for
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staff here, with a direct impact on the safety of people in london. for five hours this morning the computer system used by london ambulance service crashed due to a technical error and it forced the control room staff to process alarm all of the emergency calls by hand with pen and paper. this delayed emergency response times and treatment. it also had an impact on a web mapping tool that tells staff where the ambulances are. that also went down so they had they can eight year radio only. this on what is usually the busiest night of the year. pa rtygoers were the busiest night of the year. partygoers were on the streets at the time. they had jack alcohol and
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the time. they had jack alcohol and the ambulance service said it responded to hundreds of calls. in a statement it said the staff are trained to cope with this and it continued to power ties the responses to patients with life—threatening conditions. an investigation will now be carried out. the archbishop of canterbury, justin welby, has urged people to use 2017 to heal divisions caused by the eu referendum. in his new year message, recorded in coventry, the leader of the church of england praised the efforts of refugees who have made their home in the uk. our religious affairs correspondent, martin bashir, has more. surrendering to the demands of television lighting, the archbishop of canterbury prepares to deliver his new year's message in a familiar setting. justin welby returned to coventry, the city where he started out as a clergyman. a city whose wartime suffering and forgiveness, he says, serves as an example to the nation. the story of this city says so much that is true
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about britain at its best, about our courage standing up to tyranny, how we stand alongside the suffering and defeated, how we stand for human dignity and hope. the archbishop visited a drop—in centre for refugees, people he called a blessing to our way of life. and he drew his message to a close by focusing on an issue that has divided so much many parts of the country. the eu referendum was a tough campaign, and it has left division. but i know that if we look at our roots, our history and our culture in the christian tradition, if we reach back into what is best in this country, we will find a path towards reconciling the differences that have divided us. from coventry to canterbury, the archbishop believes that looking back will only help us prepare for the future. the next news on bbc one is at 6.35pm.
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