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this is bbc news. i'm annita mcveigh. the headlines at lipm: a manhunt is underway in turkey for the gunman responsible for killing at least 39 people in a packed nightclub in istanbul. this is the scene live outside the club this afternoon. the turkish president has called it a heinous attack. police in oldham are looking for a hit—and—run driver who killed 12—year—old helina kotlarova and seriously injured her 11—year—old cousin. they were holding their hands together. they were crossing the road, and the car was, like, driving too fast. the royal family have attended a new year's day church service in sandringham, but without the queen, who still has a heavy cold. also in the next hour: hull officially becomes the uk's city of culture. the year—long arts festival gets underway with a huge fireworks display over the humber estuary later. and
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in the next half—hour, join me, nick miller, full weather world, as we hit a ride on snowdon‘s mountain railway. the tourists may have gone, but it's still a busy time of year. good afternoon, and welcome to bbc news. a huge police operation is underway in istanbul to find a gunman who shot dead 39 people at a nightclub. the man opened fire at the reina club at around 1:30am local time. dozens of injured remain in hospital. 15 foreigners, from israel, saudi arabia and morocco, were among the dead. our turkey correspondent selin gerit sent this report. we are only seconds away from a new year...
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one of the most famous nightclubs in istanbul, reina, packed with a jubilant crowd, ready to welcome in the new year. five, four, three, two... they are counting down to what they hope will be a fresh new start. but then this happens. a man armed with a long—barrelled weapon opens fire outside the venue. he kills a policeman and another civilian as he rushes his way in. the club immediately turns into the scene of a massacre, as the attacker fires on the people partying inside. dozens are killed and wounded. survivors still in shock of what they have been through. translation: i had my back turned. my husband suddenly told me to get on the floor. a man ran inside, two or three people started firing, and then there was a fog. i fainted at that moment until special forces took us out of there. they shot randomly.
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there were bodies lying on the floor. there has been no immediate claim of responsibility for the attack, and authorities did not name any suspects. this man was a security guard at the club last night. he said he heard gunfire and ran away. everyone is nervous at the moment, he said. the attacker still remains at large. translation: the security forces say the assailant was alone, rather than there being many attackers. he was wearing a jacket and trousers when he opened fire, but there is separate information that he tried to leave wearing a different set of clothes. the nightclub area remains sealed off this morning. heavily armed police block the street leading to reina club. crime scene investigators were inside searching for evidence. this is as close as we can get to the scene of the attack that shook istanbul last night. in a span of 18 months, more than 500 people have been killed in this country in similar attacks. now, civilians got hit on a night of hope and joy.
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this already feels like it is going to be yet another difficult year for this country. turkey faces the islamic state threat, a renewed conflict with the kurdish rebels in the south—east and across the border in syria and iraq, and big cities like istanbulfeel increasingly vulnerable these days. earlier, i spoke with irem koker from the bbc‘s turkish service. she explained what the authorities have told us. recently, the prime minister has made a statement. and he said the gunman, he left his weapons at the scene, and fled by taking advantage of the chaotic situation. so he implied that the turkish police are looking for an unarmed attacker. still we don't have any information about his identity. and what we know so far, it's a single gunman. and he fled the scene, and the manhunt is still underway. and the motivations for this attack?
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what are the thoughts on that? we still don't know. but the local media, the turkish media, there are reports that the officials, the authorities, they are focusing on the potential of a so—called islamic state inspired attack. but they do not rule out al—nusra or al-qaeda connections as well. it's interesting you were saying to me that one dimension that's coming out in the media coverage as well is that there isn't a sense of the country coming together, united in condemnation of this, in the way there has been for other attacks like paris, berlin etc. the turkish society has been highly polarised. before the new year's, we had seen some campaigns by the conservatives urging people not to celebrate the new year, or christmas, because it is not compatible with the islamic values. but the seculars also, they celebrate the new year's every year. so in that sense, some people,
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the conservatives, we see they blame, they blame those who went to this nightclub just to have fun, they say this attack happened because these people went there. and the seculars, or the other group, they say it is a result of an increasing conservatism in turkish society. so, are terrorists exploiting this division? why are we seeing attacks happening like this in turkey? you know, turkey is located in one of the hotspots in the world. and it's not only the islamic militants, which is a spill—over from the syrian civil war, which is right next door. and it's also, it has been targets of kurdish militants. so there are many groups that target turkey for various reasons. and it might be, it might be true to say they are exploiting this polarisation and these divisions
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between the turkish society. the 12—year—old girl who was killed in a hit—and—run incident in greater manchester has been named as helina kotlarova. helina, seen on the left, was crossing the road holding hands with her 11—year—old cousin when they were hit by a car last night in oldham. her cousin, zaneta krokova, seen here on the right, is in a critical condition in hospital. police want to trace the driver of a black volkswagen golf. a short while ago, the sister of the dead girl spoke to the bbc and recounted what she witnessed last night when her sister was struck. they went to the shop. and when they came back, they were crossing the road. they were holding their hands together. and when they were crossing the road, the car was, like, driving too fast and he just crashed... smashed into them. yeah. when we went there, we were running, she was on the floor and she had blood over her face.
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i was touching her, seeing if she was going to breathe or something, but she couldn't breathe or nothing. and i've seen herface. it was all bleeding. there was nothing to do. it's just hard to believe that she's gone. because she was too young, you know. she still had her life. she liked dancing. listening to songs, singing. she's always singing. she likes spending time with the family. that's what she does. we can cross now to our correspondent danni hewson, who's in oldham for us now. at the moment the police are saying very little about this investigation. we do understand that they have had a meeting in the last hour, and we are expecting some kind of update from them
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later on this afternoon. obviously they have put out an appeal for information about the vw golf, and for the driver to come forward. and we have had a steady police presence here at the scene all day, with many people knocking on doors, asking for information about this incident last night. and what do we know about how ii—year—old zaneta is doing in hospital? well, we understand that she is in a critical condition, and we do understand that she is incredibly poorly indeed. obviously this was a tragic incident that happened last night. we understand that the girls had just popped to the shop over the road to get some crisps. it is an incredibly busy road here. we have seen people dashing backwards and forwards, despite the fact that there is a crossing just a few yards up the road behind me. we do understand that they were crossing the road, that they had sisters and cousins with them who had crossed ahead of time, but that they had crossed
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separately, and obviously met with tragic circumstances. and what have people in the local area been saying to you? well obviously we've already seen a great number of people coming to deliver floral tributes. some lovely words about the family. many people saying that theyjust can't believe that the 12—year—old had lost her life, that she simply died far too young. everybody is absolutely shocked by what happened here last night. ahead of what was supposed to be a celebration, a new year's eve party, heralding in 2017. now ended in tragedy. thank you, danni hewson in oldham. five people have been arrested on suspicion of murder after a man died in a fall at flats in a seaside resort early on new year's day. the victim died after falling through a utility room ceiling at a flat in st leonards—on—sea, near hastings in east sussex, in the early hours of the morning. the queen was absent from the annual new year's day church service
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in sandringham this morning because of a lingering heavy cold. she also missed the christmas day service at her norfolk estate because she was unwell. buckingham palace says the queen has been up and about in recent days, but is still recuperating, as our royal correspondent peter hunt reports. for a second time during the holiday season, the royals headed to church. for a second time, the queen was a notable absentee. her 95—year—old husband, who's also been ill, did attend. and was described by one observer as "chipper". during these security—conscious times, the windsors over christmas are an attraction for the dedicated. who, despite the weather, gather outside the sandringham church. once again, the 90—year—old monarch was not on display. a little bit disappointed, because the queen wasn't there. but that is understandable at 90 years of age. she's in the best place, and i wish her all the best for 2017. obviously if she's not well then you don't want to see her come out
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in this weather, you know. at christmas, our attention is drawn to the birth of a baby some 2000 years ago. the queen, who recorded her christmas day message early in december, will not have taken the decision to miss church lightly. the supreme governor of the church of england has a deep personalfaith. but in her tenth decade, and on the advice of her doctor, the monarch is exercising caution in the face of a heavy cold she's had for nearly two weeks. the queen has been laid low and left feeling pretty miserable at the end of yet another significant year in her long reign. as well as celebrating her landmark birthday, she's started to acknowledge her advancing age and reduce her workload. just last month, the queen severed her links to 25 organisations she'd been patron of for decades. palace officials insist the queen is up and about, and she hasn't been to hospital or had tests. as head of state, she continues to deal with the government documents she receives. the queen is clearly doing
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all she can to get rid of a lingering cold, rather than make it worse. peter hunt, bbc news, buckingham palace. theresa may has called for 2017 to be a year of "unity and opportunity" following the eu referendum, which she says has exposed the divisions in britain. in her new year message, the prime minister said she would work to secure a brexit deal for everyone, whether they'd voted to leave or remain. we are no longer the 52% who voted leave and the 48% who voted remain, but one great union of people and nations with a proud history and a bright future. earlier, i spoke to our political correspondent chris mason, and asked him how easy it would be for theresa may to bring the country together. any prime minister is going to want to badge themselves as standing for unity, as being the personification of the country they lead. and yet on this subject of brexit, the theme that dominated
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her new year's message and will dominate her time as prime minister, there are divisions everywhere you look. there's divisions in society, the big numbers, the trade—off between the 52% and 48%. divisions geographically. the first minister of scotland is going to be constantly making the argument that there was a very different result north of the border, as there was in northern ireland. there are divisions within the conservative party, and within the labour party as well. the shadow brexit secretary keir starmer is saying today that he thinks there does have to be some sort of immigration controls imposed as part of the deal. jeremy corbyn has sounded much more liberal around immigration. from the prime minister's perspective, the real slog of the nitty—gritty of brexit is what 2017 is going to be all about. the triggering of so—called article 50 within the next couple of months. and then the whole business of a long, long, long negotiation. she's optimistic there can be a good outcome to that, but it will take time. the continuing fight against terrorism is going to be another big story of 2017. the security minister ben wallace has been talking about so—called islamic state having an aspiration
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to use chemical weapons in the uk. we have been talking over new year about the enhanced security around the new year celebrations, thinking about those lorry attacks in nice and berlin particularly. but these chemical attacks, that's what ben wallace is talking about. yes, he is saying that isis have an aspiration to use chemical weapons within the uk. he says there is no moral objection from them to the use of chemical weapons. he points to the arrest of members of a terror cell in morocco last year, who were in possession of toxic chemicals that could have been used as weapons, as evidence that that aspiration is there. he's also very concerned about what he calls the enemy about what he calls the enemy within — that terror groups and foreign governments hiring people who work within government or businesses in the uk to try and undermine
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the uk from within. he also makes the point that as is‘s territory in the middle east shrinks, and that is seen by many of its enemies is a good thing, those britons who have gone out there to fight for is may want to return home, and could pose a real threat to us here if they manage to get back in. the headlines... a manhunt is underway in turkey for the gunman responsible for killing at least 39 people in a packed istanbul nightclub. the turkish president has called it a heinous attack. police in oldham are looking for a hit—and—run driver who killed 12—year—old helina kotlarova, and seriously injured her 11—year—old cousin. the royal family have attended a new year's day church service at sandringham, but without the queen, who still has a heavy cold. sport now, and for a full round—up, from the bbc sport centre, sport centre, here's olly.
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hello there. there are two games in the premier league. the first of them has finished, and tottenham are thrashing watford 4—0 at vicarage road. they are almost into injury time. spurs ended 2015 with a win here. more of the same needed to keep pace at the top of the league. dele alli's chance was a warning shot of things to come. 30 seconds later, kieran trippier setup harry kane. 1-0. the kieran trippier setup harry kane. 1—0. the filthy they combine beautifully, and they would do it again. spurs had time and opportunities to share the goals around. dele alli added his name to the scoresheet. this match was almost over at half—time.
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overwhelmed so far, watford hope for improvement after the break. another goalfor dele improvement after the break. another goal for dele alli just seconds in wasn't the restart they were hoping for. spurs failed to keep clean sheet. younis kabul eventually managed something from a set piece. no hat—trick for either of tottenham's goal—scorers today. they we re tottenham's goal—scorers today. they were substituted early to save them for the bigger challenges ahead. the first of them comes quickly. now ten points behind the league leaders, spurs welcomed chelsea to white hart lane on wednesday. spurs welcomed chelsea to white hart lane on wednesdaylj spurs welcomed chelsea to white hart lane on wednesday. i think we play one of the best first halves. and for that, the effort was fantastic. we come from a very busy period, christmas and new year. always you play a lot of games. it's fantastic to see the team fresh and competitive we showed today. totte n ha m competitive we showed today. tottenham stay in third, but it
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could be short lived. arsenal are currently beating crystal palace. olivier giroud, an outrageous flying overhead backheel thing, that's the best i can describe it, we will hopefully show you that in the next hour. if it stays like that, it very early stages of that match, arsenal willjump early stages of that match, arsenal will jump above tottenham. early stages of that match, arsenal willjump above tottenham. there is about 20 minutes played there at the emirates. mesut ozil has missed the game through illness. but it has been all arsenal so far. the manchester united manager jose manchester united manager jose mourinho says anthony martial needs to listen to him, and not his agent, amid rumours that the striker may move to sevilla. martial was united's top scorer, with 17 last season. he scored his fifth yesterday in their win against middlesbrough. mourinho says he needs to stay focused to improve. anthony has to listen to me, and don't listen to his agent. he has to listen to me. and he has to listen to me in training every day. and in every feedback i give to try
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and in every feedback i give to try and improve the players. with martial, every day i read the newspaper — martial goes to seville, martial goes to rome, martial is not happy. martial has to listen to me. he has to listen to me. he is a player with amazing conditions to be a top player. tuilagi's injury curse has returned. the leicester defender limped out of today's match against saracens. he has a right knee problem. we don't know how bad it is yet. he has just problem. we don't know how bad it is yet. he hasjust been included in england's six nations training squad. that matches one of four in the premiership. you can see last just ahead. 9—6. the premiership. you can see last justahead. 9—6. bristolare the premiership. you can see last just ahead. 9—6. bristol are not what any more. they have beaten sale sharks 24—23. tom rondell in that victory scored a 90th cry in the
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premiership. that equals a record. gloucester are beating northampton saints. george north is back for saints. george north is back for saints. was the warriors are thumping harlequins. —— worcester warriors. a couple of matches in the pro12. dragons against ospreys kicks off in the next hour. that's all the sport for now. arsenal are still winning 1-0. thanks, ollie. a fire has caused the cancellation of a planned new year's day street party in perth. the early—morning blaze at the fishers hotel led to the evacuation of the site and forced guests to be moved to other nearby hotels. the disruption meant the plan party could not go ahead this lunchtime. laws come into force today meaning that bankers, lawyers or advisers who help people evade tax will face much stiffer penalties.
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anyone found guilty will be liable for the full amount of tax which went unpaid, or at least £3,000. critics say that revenue and customs doesn't have the necessary resources to pursue offenders. from today parents of babies born in some parts of scotland will receive a box of essentials including clothes, nappies and books. the scottish government's scheme's being piloted for three months, before being extended to the rest of scotla nd being extended to the rest of scotland in the summer. the box itself doubles up as a cot, and comes with a mattress and sheets. baby boxes were introduced in finland in the 1930s, and they've been credited as part of the reason for a sharp fall in infant mortality rates. the archbishop of canterbury, justin welby, has urged people to use 2017 to heal divisions caused by the eu referendum. in his new year message, recorded in coventry, the leader of the church of england praised the efforts of refugees who have made their home in the uk. our religious affairs correspondent, martin bashir, reports.
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surrendering to the demands of television lighting, the archbishop of canterbury prepares to deliver his new year's message in a familiar setting. justin welby returned to coventry, the city where he started out as a clergyman. a city whose wartime suffering and forgiveness, he says, serves as an example to the nation. the story of this city says so much that is true about britain at its best — about our courage, standing up to tyranny, how we stand alongside the suffering and defeated, how we stand for human dignity and hope. the archbishop visited a drop—in centre for refugees, people he called a blessing to our way of life. and he drew his message to a close by focusing on an issue that has divided so many parts of the country. the eu referendum was a tough campaign, and it has left division.
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but i know that if we look at our roots, our history and our culture in the christian tradition, if we reach back into what is best in this country, we will find a path towards reconciling the differences that have divided us. from coventry to canterbury, the archbishop believes that looking back will only help us prepare for the future. hull has started its year as the uk city of culture. £32 million has been spent on a year—long programme. let's go to hull now. colin patterson is there. how are things shaping up? well, the first event, made in hull, has been delayed because it was not dark enough. this huge futuristic aquarium in hull
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will be turned into a screen and a film will be broadcast on it. it is one of eight venues in hull where this event is taking place. the big event down here at the marina as well later, the opening fireworks, which take place at 8:17pm to highlight the year of hull being in the spotlight. there is a lovely story before then. there is a lady in hull called linda who has a pub called the bonny boat. three years ago, her partner, connie, died. he was always in charge of the music in the pub, but linda took it over. she got colin's old ipods, and every friday and saturday night djs playing 50s and 60s music. somebody thought, this lady knows how to get a party started. linda normally djs to 70 or 80 people. tonight, she is going to be on the stage here, djing
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to 25,000 people. she is 63 years of age, and says it is possibly the most exciting night of her life so far. i got to speak to her last night ina far. i got to speak to her last night in a pub and sample her djing skills. how would you describe your djing skills? i've no words to describe them, really! the white because? the ca i’s them, really! the white because? the cars i'm not a them, really! the white because? the cars i'm nota dj, ijust them, really! the white because? the cars i'm not a dj, ijust play music ina pub, cars i'm not a dj, ijust play music in a pub, hopefully everybody is happy. what's the biggest crowd you have ever dj did front of? a full pub, that's it. maybe 100. can you believe you are going to be playing in front of 25,000 people? i'm just going along and doing what i do hear. which is? ipods, just playing what we plate. give us a few examples, you're guaranteed crowd pleaser is? sweet caroline. and roy
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orbison. the white is this going to bea orbison. the white is this going to be a new experience? it's going to be a new experience? it's going to bea be a new experience? it's going to be a fantastic experience. i still can't comprehend it. i tried to come up can't comprehend it. i tried to come up with the dj name for them by. i thought djing landlady would be quite good. she's thinking about it! the visuals are starting on the deep. this is the film, arrivals and departures, which we are told is now going to be starting. i'm right next toa going to be starting. i'm right next to a speaker, i'm expecting it to kick in any second. this is what is happening on eight buildings all around north bees, as a visual audio presentation. —— around hull. linda is going to be djing between seven and 8pm. those fireworks or at 8:17pm, which we will be taking live on the news channel, stay with us this evening. studio: i love linda's story! thank
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you, colin patterson in hull. more than one thousand hardy new year revellers braved the cold to take pa rt revellers braved the cold to take part in the famous loony dook in south queensferry just part in the famous loony dook in south queensferryjust outside edinburgh. teletubbies joined superheroes, clowns, mermaids and a man ina superheroes, clowns, mermaids and a man in a bath to take a freezing cold dip in the firth of forth. the event, now in its thirtieth year, saw people from as far away as australia and the usa participate. and they really are hardy souls! ok, ican and they really are hardy souls! ok, i can guess the temperature of that water was pretty cold. let's see how things are going to be as we had through the rest of new year's day. sarah keith lucas has the weather for us. hi there. things have been turning colder to kick off 2017, particularly across the northern half of the country. there is a cold northerly flow of their coming in here. wintry showers across parts of
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scotla nd here. wintry showers across parts of scotland and into the north—east of england. falling as sleet and snow over the higher ground of the north yorkshire was. further south, over the higher ground of the north yorkshire was. furthersouth, cloud and rain across southern england and some parts of wales, too. that band of rain easing away towards the south through the cause of the night. we have clearer, colder conditions moving south across the country. these are the in our towns and cities first thing monday morning, it will be colder than that in the countryside. shop frost in central and northern areas. plenty of sunshine on offer through the day, looking dry and bright for most of us. northerly breeze across scotla nd of us. northerly breeze across scotland and eastern parts of england. elsewhere, away from the north sea coasts, it is going to be sunny and dry but much colder than it has been over recent days. in the middle part of the week, lots of dry weather on the cards. there will be some sunshine at times, too. but things are certainly much colder than they were two when 2016. —— to end 2016. hello.
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this is bbc news. there's been widespread condemnation of the massacre at a nightclub in istanbul in which 39 people were shot dead. police are still searching for the gunman who struck in the early hours of this morning. police in oldham are looking for a hit and run driver who killed 12—year—old helina kotlarova and seriously injured


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