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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  January 1, 2017 7:30pm-8:01pm GMT

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‘ her trapped in it. she was saved by her friends. it was so quick, seconds... too much smoke. it came up and we could not see or breathe. billy and carol managed to get us out onto the balcony. somehow, beryl found a latter. her friend, also a performer, was outside waiting for her. it was quite scary. there was a lady who started shouting. there is going to be an explosion. my friends we re going to be an explosion. my friends were in there. it was notjust the bravery of ordinary members of the public, officers from the next or police station also helped save people from the fire. one officer went into the building to save a woman having an asthma attack. today, fire teams inspected the damage from the blaze. it raged through the building. the
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roof collapsed. there is a smell of charcoal. six people including some officers were taken to hospital, suffering smoke inhalation or minor injuries. the cause of the fire is not known but several people said they saw a christmas tree go up in flames. the london fire brigade are investigating to find out what started this new year's eve inferno. from today parents of babies born in some parts of scotland will receive a box of essentials including clothes, nappies and books. the scottish government's scheme is being piloted for three months before extending to the rest of scotland in the summer. the box itself doubles up as a cart and —— cot and comes with a mattress and sheets. baby boxes were introduced in finland in the i930s, and they've been credited as part of the reason for a sharp fall in infant mortality rates. the new 12 sided £1 coin will come
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into circulation in march. it is being changed to protect it from counterfeiters. new designs have been on failed the £2 coin and 50p piece. now the weather. we have high pressure dominating to the north—west so a lot of dry weather with a call cool northerly flow. we will be left with clearer, colder conditions with the breeze from the north—west direction. wintry showers in the north of scotla nd wintry showers in the north of scotland and england as well. on monday, we have the breeze in the north. for most places, a light wind. a lot of dry weather. wintry
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sunshine. feeling colder than recent days. a largely dry and settled theme extending into the middle of theme extending into the middle of the week. tuesday and wednesday, dry, some sunny spells. this happy this is bbc news. the headlines at seven. turkish police are still hunting for the gunman who killed 39 people at a nightclub in istanbul. turkey's state—run news agency says 2a of the dead were foreigners. cctv footage shows the moment the gunman launched his attack — he later left his gun, before escaping. and police are hunting a hit and run driver in oldham. five people have been arrested on suspicion of murdering
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a man who died at a flat in st leonards—on—sea near hastings in east sussex early this morning. princess anne has said the queen is feeling better — after she was forced to miss the new year's day church service at sandringham because of a cold. hull officially becomes the uk's city of culture this evening. thousands of people have already been watching the opening installation. now the sport. live at the bbc sport centre. i'm chris mitchell. coming up in sportsday. giroud scores goal of the year... as the gunners go third in the table. tottenham are back in the top four after a win at watford. and his england comeback is in the balance as manu goes down injured again. a wonder strike and three points
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for arsenal and they're are up to third in the premier league. the gunners beat crystal palace 2—nil. tim hague was watching. what a way to welcome in the new year. wet and wild at the emirates. but arsenal supporters would soon have something to remember 2017 by. the man who should have put them ahead against crystal palace would provide it. olivier giroud somehow missing there before giving us something so special. we had already seen a scorpion kickjust six days ago. but this was from another world. audacious from all angles, the goal of the year, you could say, yet ugly viewing for the opposition manager. sam allardyce's second game in
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charge. disappointing. a bit like his fashion sense, and it would only get worse after half—time. palace were 2—0 down. they offered more threat and a couple of second half but have on the previous hour, but no goal and no hope of recovering this match. it was nearly three late on, but arsenal cruised to victory, moving back up to third in the league on a wet, wild and wonderful day for him. i think ithinkl i think i needed god's help to score this goal. i was a bit lucky. it was the only thing i could do. the ball was behind me and i tried to hit it with the backheel and it was all about luck. i am swirled over the years with great strikers we had.
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everyone from dennis bergkamp. you rememberall of them everyone from dennis bergkamp. you remember all of them for their top quality. they are linked with special goals. this one will be the olivier giroud goal forever. personally, i think the top six are better this season than last so it is more difficult to get a result against them. it was easier last year, it is not now. what we do when we played the teams at the bottom half of the league is the defining reason whether we get out of trouble or we don't and that starts with swansea. tottenham are back the top four after thrashing watford 4—1 at vicarage road. four wins fourwins ina four wins in a row for spurs. harry kane and dele alli scored two each and spurs are now above manchester city — who drop out of the champions league places. maz farookhi reports. yellow when platt normally signal
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danger. the home of the hornets has been more welcoming for spurs recently. more of the same at the start of 2017 needed to keep pace at the top of the league. dele alli's shot a taste of things to come. 1—0. in filthy weather the two combined beautifully and minutes later would do so again. 2—0 up, spurs had time to share the goals around. dele alli added his name to the scoresheet. the match was almost over at half—time. watford hoped the some improvement after the break. another goalfor dele improvement after the break. another goal for dele alli seconds in was not the restart they hoped for. spurs failed to keep a clean sheet. younes kaboul scoring. no hat—trick
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for either goal—scorer today, they we re for either goal—scorer today, they were substituted early to save them for bigger challenges ahead and the first of those comes quickly, now ten points behind the league leaders, spurs welcome chelsea to white hart lane on wednesday. i think we played one of the best first halves. the effort was fantastic. we have come from a busy period. christmas and new year you play a lot of games. it is fantastic to see the team fresh. yes it would be difficult but on top of that, it is important to get back the players injured and the transfer market is always difficult. we will see, something we need to do, especially with the situation we have got. jose mourinho said losing a key
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player to the africa cup of nations is not ideal. the tournament which starts in less than a fortnight will feature many premier league players. united's eric bailly is one of them as hejoins up with the ivory coast squad. jose mourinho is not impressed. eric ba illy jose mourinho is not impressed. eric bailly is leaving, he goes to the national team. he has to be in the national team. he has to be in the national team. he has to be in the national team on the 2nd of january. we asked for him to be on the third, they refused. so he cannot play against west ham. i wish ivory coast to be champion because with these decisions, it is because they are controlling every second. for sure, they will win the african cup. moving on to rugby union. the leicester centre manu tuilagi limped out of their premiership match against saracens with a right knee problem just a day after being named in england's six
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nations training squad. the sarries won the game 16—12. tuilagi has suffered groin problems for two years and lasted just 7 minutes — all witnessed by the england coach eddiejones. the match was governed by tit for tat penalties until owen farrell — who scored all of the saracens points — broke free. sarries' victory came without a bonus so they're a point behind leaders wasps. there were also wins for bristol, worcester and northampton. in the pro 12, scarlets beat cardiff blues 15—10 steff evans crossed over to help the home side to a 8—3 lead at half time. scott williams scored scarlets' second try of the match to wrap up the win, they move up to fourth in the table. and there was one other game in the pro 12. ospreys are up to second after a 10—nil victory
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at newport gwent dragons in the south wales derby. a great atmosphere at alexandra palace with semifinals at the pdc darts world championship. first up, it's the battle of the scots, the defending champion the flying scotsman, gary anderson is going for three titles in a row and he's facing peter "sna kebite" wright. it's first to six sets and it's the number two seed anderson who has the early lead, checking out on double 4 to take a one set to nil lead. former england stars in action in the big bash — australia's twenty20 league. 70,000 people watched the big bash match between the two melbourne sides — the renegades and the stars — at the mcg, the renegades winning by nine runs on the duckworth—lewis method. kevin pietersen made a terrific
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catch, despite declaring he was rubbish in the field. the renegades went on to reach 171 for four — cameron white hitting a hefty 64 off 43 balls. after rain interrupted, the stars were set 159 to win — but in a bizarre penultimate over, three batsmen were run out ian bell was on the winning side as perth scorchers beat sydney thunder by 50 runs. he hit two sixes as he top scored with a5. scorchers reached 177 for four. eoin morgan — playing for thunder — was dismissed forjust eight runs, the defending champions fell short of their target, making 127 for eight. they still haven't won a match in the big bash this year. that's all from sportsday. now it's time for reporters
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with david eads. hello. welcome to reporters. i'm david eades. in this special edition of the programme, we are looking back at some of the best reports from this year from our network of correspondents around the world. coming up: i'm a heroin addict. i've overdosed four times. i had my own sister have to save me. america's addiction. ian pannell reports on the epidemic of heroin and painkillers creating a new generation of users, and killing tens of thousands of people. the drug they call the devil has hit hardest in smalltown america, taking hold in areas like this, that have already been ravaged by years of economic decline. i'm in antarctica following a team of scientists who are setting
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up remote cameras in penguin colonies here. and a year in the life of the penguin caught on camera. victoria gilljoins scientists in the antarctic as they track how the birds are adapting to climate change. america is in the grip of a heroin and prescription painkiller epidemic. more americans, as many as 50,000 a year, are dying from drug overdoses than from car crashes or being shot. increasingly, the victims are young, white and middle—class people. they have become hooked on the deadly drugs. over the past year, ian pannell and cameraman darren conway have followed a number of addicts as they tried to kick the habit. you may find some of the scenes in their report difficult to watch. a darkness has descended across america. a aoish—year—old female, possibly not breathing. od. a plague of drug addiction and death greater than there has ever been. opioid painkillers and increasingly
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heroin are killing more americans than ever before. oh, my god. what is wrong with her? get out of the way! we were just past here for a female in her 40s who was not breathing. it was an apparent drug overdose. how common is this? every day. every day? every day. sometimes more than once a day. we have a dry spell where we'll go a day or two, but mostly every day we'll have a call like this. i started when i was 17 years old. i was at a party, high school. i started doing the pills... when i was 13, i started using pain pills. five, six people i know died just last year. all my values and morals went out the window. it will take everything you have. all of the money you have and everything you have worked for, everyone you love. there was almost nothing i wouldn't do for it. because i'm a heroin addict.
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my brother is also an addict. i know i will die if i go back home. i have overdosed four times. i had my own sister have to save me. i know a lot of words are overused in our lexicon — historic, unprecedented, unique. we fall back on those words all the time. actually, in this case, this is an epidemic, and that is the right word. that is precisely what this is, an epidemic. this crisis has spread across america, created by massive overprescription of morphine—like painkillers. it gave birth to a nation of addicts. a heroin epidemic is sweeping across america. it respects no man or woman, whatever their creed, colour or class. friends, families, whole communities have been left to bury the dead and deal with the devastation addiction brings. but the drug they call the devil has hit hardest in smalltown america, taking hold in areas like this, that have already been ravaged by years of economic decline. for so many people, the future looks bleak.
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increasingly, addicts are young, white kids from the suburbs and rural areas. they have moved from pills to heroin because it's cheaper and easier to get. but it's far more deadly, and it's no exaggeration to say this generation's under threat. # i hurt myself today # to see if i still feel. ..# dr huckabee is the medical director here and is an expert on pain medication and what it does. he's also a recovering addict who became hooked after getting pain pills for a broken foot. # the needle tears a hole # the old familiar sting...#. i was given oxycodone.
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it was like pulling a trigger. i could not turn it loose. it tickled my brain in such profound ways it totally blindsided me to the point i eventually was injecting my own fentanyl in the operating room, and was fortunate to have partners who intervened upon me. you were injecting yourself? yes. powerless, powerless over it. i promised myself all the time, "we will not do this again. "that we are not going to do this again today," and by the end of the day, you know, ijust could not control it. i'm addicted to heroin. i about died six times. all i could think about is,
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when am i going to get some more? to feel better. but never feeling better. i am tired of this. i remember the first time i od'd, and my boyfriend was actually filming me. he brought me back, and right after that he went and did a shot, and just kind of like, "wow, ijust almost died." heroin's addictive like no other drug, and for many, there are only two ways out — rehab or death. today, the victim isjust as likely to be your friend, your neighbour, or even your child. i miss you so much. i held him first on february 11, 1994. then i held him last on august 22, 2015. i never want a parent to ever have to do that.
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it's the hardest thing that you'll ever do. there is nothing else you can do that will hurt like this. that should never be. but this epidemic is only getting worse. there will be more families devastated, and more lives lost. ian pannell, bbc news, western pennsylvania. well, to much cooler climates now. a fascinating look into the life of the penguin. scientists in the antarctica have been working on a groundbreaking project to capture the activity of a colony of penguins on camera. they have spent much of the year using remote cameras to find out how they are adapting to climate change and the threats they now face. victoria gill was given exclusive access to their research. her report contains some flashing images. i'm in antarctica, following a team of scientists who are setting up
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remote cameras in penguin colonies. i'm tom hart, i'm a scientist at oxford university. we have got probably a0 and they are spread out along the length and breadth of the peninsula. the bottom one takes photos all year round every hour. the reason we're here is to monitor penguins on a vast level. if we have a constant presence in these colonies, we can look at how many chicks survive. it's like cctv. seeing what is going on in winter is something you would never get to see. the partnership with tourism, this access is really important. it's vital. we would never have the access without them. we are doing this because, partly, tourism is a potential threat and we want to monitor it and so we measure it.
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where we have looked, there seems to be very little impact of tourism. we have a close partnership and they drop us off where we want to go and in return we educate their tourists about conservation and hopefully inspire them to conserve penguins. this is the hole in the side of the ship that we go through before we go to shore. we have to wash out routes. —— boots. it is a pristine place. we can't take anything onto the antarctic mainland which shouldn't be there. this is a zodiac. it is a fast rubber boat and we use this to get around. they are fantastic boats. very fast and stable and they bounce when you hit against rocks. wonderfulfor down here. it is incredible to see how ubiquitously everyone is deeply affected by antarctica. what we love about working with the production of scientific knowledge is that we give people
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the kind of emotional attachment to the place and they provide ground work and relevance for people to put that energy. and it also brings home a lot of bigger picture questions about human beings' presence on the planet. so this is the last camera? that's it for this year. and for this camera anyway. now it is just turn it on and fingers crossed. back next year. yeah. victoria gill, bbc news, antarctica. that's it from this special edition of reporters, looking back at some of the best reports from this year. from me, david eades, bye for now. good evening and happy new year.
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2017 has kicked off on a mixed note. we have had cloudy, mild conditions in the south and colder weather further north and wintry showers towards the north—east. this scene was taken in tyne & wear earlier and you can see the shower clouds and a rainbow. heavy showers in the north and north—east with cold air filtering down from the arctic. a weather front in the south brings cloud and rain across southern counties but it all clear towards the south and then we are all in colder, clearer conditions. showers falling as sleet and snow over high ground in the far north of scotland and eastern england. we could see icy conditions on monday morning. and a sharp frost. watch out for
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slippery surfaces. further south, a frosty but bright start. blue skies and light wind as we move towards east anglia, lincolnshire and humberside, where we could catch one 01’ humberside, where we could catch one or two showers. most places looking dry across northern england, northern ireland and southern scotland. the northern half of scotla nd scotland. the northern half of scotland will see showers blown in on that cool north—westerly. through the day, if you have plans on bank holiday monday to be outdoors, it is looking like a fine day. certainly colder than the last couple of days but we have sunshine to compensate. breezy and northern parts of scotla nd breezy and northern parts of scotland and north—east england where we could see showers. feeling pleasa nt where we could see showers. feeling pleasant with the light winds stop with clear skies, we are in for a cold night and monday night likely to see a widespread frost. nicole
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sta rts to see a widespread frost. nicole starts to tuesday but things will turn milderfrom the north—west starts to tuesday but things will turn milder from the north—west is cloud increases. light rain and drizzle over the hills. temperatures up drizzle over the hills. temperatures up to drizzle over the hills. temperatures upto9 drizzle over the hills. temperatures up to 9 degrees. through the middle pa rt up to 9 degrees. through the middle part of the week, high—pressure dominates with drier weather. cloudy conditions. spells of sunshine. temperatures between three degrees and 8 degrees. a relatively dry but colder start to 2017. this is bbc news. the headlines at 8pm:
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cctv footage shows the moment a gunman launched an attack on a nightclub in istanbul, killing 39 people. moments earlier, partygoers were welcoming in 2017. a manhunt is on the way for the attacker. here, mourners lay flowers for a 12—year—old girl who was killed by a hit—and—run driver in oldham. her 11—year—old cousin remains in a critical condition. the royal family attends a new year's day church service in sandringham, but without the queen, who still has a heavy cold. also in the next hour: hull officially becomes the uk's city of culture. thousands of people watch the opening installation ahead of a giant fireworks display. we'll bring you that live in about 15 minutes.
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