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tv   Review 2016  BBC News  January 2, 2017 9:30am-10:01am GMT

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funerals are held for victims of the gun attack on an istanbul nightclub — the so—called islamic state claims it was behind it. detectives investigating the death of a girl, who was knocked down by a car in oldham on new year's eve, are questioning five men in connection with the incident. and there's a new app which aims to cut down on food waste — by letting customers order leftover food at the end of restaurant service. now on bbc news, david bowie, ronnie corbett and victoria wood — just a few of those who left us last year, and whose lives are celebrated in review 2016: we remember part two. # i've heard there was a secret chord that david played...#. i only do the music i can do.
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i would like to do many other kinds. but with the limits of my talent i'm obliged to do my own kind of songs. # it goes like this, the fourth, the fifth, # the minorfourth, the major lift, # the baffled king composing hallelujah. ..#. # suzanne takes you down to her place...#. i loved his car, which he wore like a snail shell everywhere. you know, if we sold 400 books of poetry in canada, then we considered ourselves to be well on our way to immortality. but i couldn't pay the rent. in hindsight, it seems like a mad decision that i was going to rectify my economic situation by becoming a singer. # i remember you well
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in the chelsea hotel. # you were talking so brave and so sweet #. # hallelujah, hallelujah. ..#. # you'll like this, you'll like it #. not a lot, not a lot. you can go to a party and say to somebody, "have you seen this trick?" and they will say to you, even if you've just done it averagely well, they will say, "how did you do that?" and you grow a little. i did not grow far! come on, you'll like this. not a lot. this is the queen with the corner bend. all you have got to do is keep your eye on the queen. there it is, with the corner bend. these two, it does not matter what you do. there is the three. so where is the queen, for £10? there.
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certainly, if you like. £10. that's it, £10, and it's a black three. ladies and gentlemen, please welcome debbie mcgee! what first, debbie, attracted you to the millionaire, paul daniels? i once saw david copperfield and he made the statue of liberty disappear. i have seen your paul do the same thing with the eight of clubs. if on earth, you're ugly, in heaven, you'll be beautiful. which is great news for that girl there in the front. a vale portos, scorchio! 0oops, blimey. 1990, went to turkey. ‘91, turkey. ‘92, turkey. ‘93, morecambe. and it is not a patch on turkey, is it?
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it's not got the same atmosphere. what did i say, roy? it's not got the same atmosphere. i wasjust thinking, you see that lay, there? put that into the toaster, maybe. you like a leg, don't you, twiggy? no, thanks, denise. i'm actually not that keen on turkey, really. i am not that bothered about turkey. take it away. if dave doesn't come back, will you come with me to the hospital? of course i will, i'll be right there. outside. but your mum'll be inside with you. do you promise you will, dad? you'll stay with me? of course i'll stay with you. i'll always be there for you. yeah? always. # they said there'd be snow at christmas. be peace on earth.
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# hallelujah, noel, in heaven or hell, # the christmas we get, we deserve #. i know everything. i heard the verdict. it is dangerous for you to come here. i must take that risk, and so must you. if you must go, promise you will come back to me. to live in sin is wonderful. girls, don't get married. it's insanity. you have to become their servant. you have to look after the house. and they cheat on you. who the hell needs that? ben, let's go down to the stream and give our feet a nice treat, soak them in the cool water. ben, you don't know what you're missing. ben, i never thought i'd see the day you didn't want to go in the water. you just don't know what you are missing. # do you remember
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the 21st of september? # love was changing the minds of pretenders # while chasing the clouds away... # come on, children, come on. # come on, children, come on. # the mirror stares you in the face and says, what are you going to do after the war, case? i will faithfully execute the office of president of the united states. so help you god? so help me god. may i congratulate you, sir? # for the land of the free...
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we are doing everything we can. each day brings another reminder of this very long goodbye. # me and mrsjones. # we got a thing going on #. # someone is knocking at the door. # somebody is ringing the bell. what do you think i am?
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now look here, my good woman! i could not go on dropping my trousers, couldn't go on repeating myself forever. i wasjust repeating myself in farce, coming in the same doors, doing the same jokes. he's pinched me braces! i began looking around for something else to do. brian rix! by sheer miracle, i saw the advertisement for secretary—general of mencap in the guardian one day, applied for the job like anyone else, and eventually, after a great deal of doubt on behalf of the society, i actually got the job. doctor henryj heimlich, a leading specialist in oesophagus surgery, has devised a simple first—aid procedure, the heimlich manoeuvre, which has proven successful in saving the lives of choking victims. # i'm running down the road trying to loosen my load. # i got seven
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women on my mind. # four that wanna own me. # two that wanna stone me. # 0ne says she's a friend of mine # we enjoyed what we were doing, we were serious about our work and the songs and about where we wanted to take the band. but along the way we really rocked and had a good time. # and still those voices are calling from far away. # wake you up in the middle of the night, just to hear them say...#. when you have a record like hotel california, you join a fraternity of only a few people who understand what it is like to have a mega record. then you need to get your head around how to make a record after that. # living it up at the hotel california. i have the most stylish corner
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of the filthy storeroom out back. that and one plate of beans, $10 a day. yeah, things get hard when you find out you are on the run. there's a dry wash south of town, pick me up there. there may be another attempt on his life. i'll be back in the morning with my people. thank you, doctor. knowing thrush as we do they're going to keep after it. fortunately, dr true anticipated that. he said his enemies would have to hunt down the four winds
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to find his formula. and one more word. daughter. he is flying east. 2000 miles approximately. there is an envelope with the logo of one of moslov air, one of the few airlines flying into dagestan. # take good care of my baby...#. i think the things i look back on with pride are some of the songs. i still love take good care of my baby, run to him, and the night has a thousand eyes. # remember, when you tell those little white lies. # that the night has a thousand eyes #. when a group has an instant hit, it is very nice for them, because they don't need to worry about selling records, and for disc jockeys, because they know immediately to play it. ladies and gentlemen, the brand—new one, straight in at 12. # she ain't got no money. # her clothes are kinda funny.
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# her hair is kinda wild and free. # oh, oh i'm trapped. # like a fool i'm in a cage. # i can't get out. i wanted to make a glittery, disco record. and i wanted to work with stock, aitken, and waterman. # i, get to know your name #. i am so lucky to have that, i realise it now, as my knees get stiff and my teeth are falling out, you know what i mean? # you spin me right round. i am glad i did something that has gone down in history.
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i look down on him because i am upper—class. i look up to him because he is upper—class. but i look down on him because he is lower class. i am middle—class. i know my place. there you go, four candles. no, fork handles. there you are. four candles. no, fork handles. no, handles for forks. i didn't make this story up. i read it in an old reader's digest in between an article called having fun with a hernia, and a story about a woman who brought up a family of four with one hand while waiting for directory enquiries. i said to her, "excuse me". am i doing a lot of swaying? i think i am.
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i think i'll sit still for a moment. name. ronald goliath corbett. matt rampage, that is you, isn't it? possibly. volume the first. in which huntkin and ganderbolt travel to the land of growlocks. grollocks, mother. language, timothy! it is good night from me... and good night from him! do you mind if i have a smoke? what do you mean, smoke? have a smoke, like. have you got any pot on you? no. i know where i can get you some, though. i don't want any! have a chair, fletch. thanks very much. this is a problem. i went those pills where they belong. in your pocket, like? dear me, no. in the doctor's office. i didn't know you shared my views on the evils of drugs. it's not that, exactly.
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it isjust that despicable pilfering of this nature is making a mess of my own pill—peddling operation. these are my mops. brushes. brushes and mops. that's right. what do you want me to do with them? i think you know well enough what to do with them, father. look for dust and dirt. # tin in the office cupboard # labelled, "lorraine," # because i've gone and got engaged again...#. i knew i was funny. i thought i could be funny, and i could play the piano. i thought, somehow, i will do something with this, but i did not know what it could be. # i'll be back at social security, queueing up to be abused # to be listed on a card index, one singer, slightly used #. hello.
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i'm looking for me friend. at another sort of swapping party, i ended up in a back bedroom with a man who owned a diy shop. and he ripped off all his clothes and said, "what would you like me to do?" i said, "well really, i'd like you to insulate the loft and lag the hot water tank". i went into the wvs centre today. it was more curiosity than anything. the lady who seems to run the centre, very tall, quite imposing, she sort of swept me up and i ended up making about 60 cups of tea. they did well out of you, then, didn't they? i liked her though, she knew what she wanted. # let's do it, let's do it # i really want to run amok #. have you seen it on the trolley? two coffees, no sweet. two coffees, no sweet? that's right. now what was i... have you seen it on the trolley? # let's do it tonight...#. if marjorie were to let her concentration lapse forjust one second i could literally... # let's go, because i know
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# just how i want you to behave # not meekly, not bleakly, # beat me on the bottom with a women's weekly # but let's do it...# have you ever been three weeks late? yeah, i have, actually. did you find out what it was? yeah, i was pregnant. no, i'm kidding! i'm kidding! it is over my head, too dangerous! my mother first realised i was an actor when an uncle of mine went to see a film called the inn of the sixth happiness. he rang my mother up and said, "that son of yours is in a film." my mother did not believe them. she had to be dragged to see the film. she said, "yes, he looks familiar!" inspector clouseau's residence? because the prisoner is close to child, the imperial japanese army shall be... with the explosion of television,
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the world became smaller. and because it became smaller, there was room for much more international types of entertainment. that is where i dived in. i just got lucky. how come you have a name like entwistle? i changed my name, didn't i? from mcintyre. i was forever being mistaken for a scot. what are you then? a yorkshireman, what else? you're five minutes late! i thought you were all listening to the archers, or something. that was a very short bit of football, or a very short first half. yes? he says, we appear to have lost that film. you are telling me! we will try to find it. i was totally changed by the experience of it.
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i went there and it was such a dreadful shock. i hope i shall never see anything like this again... you have much more humility after that kind of experience. you cannot go around being bombastic anymore. it calms you down, it makes you realise what some other people have to put up with in life. now coming to the last moment of apollo 13, as it begins its re—entry. the best thing we can do now isjust listen and hope. it needs to be edited and refined over time, you have to be very self—critical... i was a woman who did strange stuff. there's a definite stigma to a woman's thing. to be accepted as an architect, i am not sure it is fully done. not here, not in this country,
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i am still considered to be on the margins. i don't mind being on the edge, actually. it is a good place to be. i've just about had enough of you. go that way. you will be malfunctioning within a day, you near—sighted scrap pile. and don't let me catch you following me, begging for help, because you won't get it. # there's a star man,
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waiting in the sky... # he'd like to come and meet us but he thinks he will blow our minds... # there is a star man waiting in the sky, # he told us not to blow it # because he knows it is all worthwhile... it is all worthwhile. ..# roger, 05... a fluid body shift occurs, that is something that as i understand goes away over a couple of days, you get back to normal again... put your awareness to the back of your head. just concentrate on feeling the inside of the back of your head. you should notice, with a little practice doing this,
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a definite shift in awareness. # ground control to major tom... # take your protein pills and put your helmet on... iam only using rock and roll as a medium. i want it to be the instigator of new ideas, to turn people on to new things and perspectives. i was never that confident of my voice as a singer. i would like to kind of portray the song. # ziggy played guitar...# i felt really comfortable going on stage as somebody else. it seemed a rational decision to keep on doing that. # fame...
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# we can be heroes... i got besotted with the idea of creating character after character. # let's dance... nothing will prepare you for the first dramatic performance in, the man who fell to earth. i haven't practised walking for years. # look up here, i'm in heaven... # i've got scars that
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cannot be seen... # i've got drama that can't be stolen... # everybody knows me now... # ziggy played... # guitar...# you might need an extra layer today, looking on the sunny side across most of the uk but it will be called, it is called, arctic air sitting on top of us right now. the thermometer will read anywhere between three and 6 degrees, for most of us. but it will feel colder
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than that. not as cold around northern and western scotland here. airfrom the northern and western scotland here. air from the atlantic, some cloud and spots of rain coming through here, it is frost free tonight but look at this widespread frost this coming night. the coldest air will probably be central and southern areas, these are the values in city centres outside of town, it will be about 45 degrees colder than that. tomorrow, the north of the country has a wind from the atlantic. cloud and spots of rain into these western and spots of rain into these western and central areas as well. and tomorrow, we will have more cloud in the sky compared to today. this is bbc news. the headlines: railfares across britain increase by an average of 2.3%. passenger groups condemn it as a kick in the teeth for travellers. it's already expensive so if it goes
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up it's already expensive so if it goes upi it's already expensive so if it goes up i don't know. i think it's a disgrace, particularly as the railways aren't that efficient. around the network there is a lot happening. billions of pounds being spent. 0f happening. billions of pounds being spent. of course nobody wants to see a fare increase but costs rise. funerals are held for victims of the gun attack on an istanbul nightclub — the so—called islamic state claims it was behind it. five men are arrested after a hit—and—run in oldham in which a 12—year—old girl was killed and her 11—year—old cousin left fighting for her life. also: tackling food waste with an app that's selling like hot cakes.
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