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tv   BBC News at Five  BBC News  January 2, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm GMT

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this is bbc news. the headlines at 5pm. a second girl has died following a hit and run in oldham on new year's eve. four men are being questioned by police. funerals for victims of the istanbul nightclub gun attack — so—called islamic state says it was behind the shootings. photos of the main suspect are released by istanbul police, who say they've detained eight people. police say a 23—year—old man has been killed in a house fire started deliberately in glasgow — his partner is in a critical condition in hospital. railfares are going up by an average of 2.3% — the government says it's to pay for modernisation — rail groups say it's a "kick in the teeth" for passengers. also, the first wave of so—called garden villages, in england, ‘s they sayjeremy corbyn may step
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down if his poll ratings do not improve. also, the first wave of so—called garden villages, in england, are given the go—ahead. ministers say the aim is to create tens of thousands of new homes, from cornwall, to carlisle. good afternoon and welcome to bbc news. a 11—year—old girl has died following a hit and run incident in oldham in greater manchester. her cousin, who was 12, died at the scene. greater manchester police have released one of five men they had arrested on suspect of dangerous driving. more than 2a hours after the hit
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and run, police have confirmed that ii—year—old zaneta krokova has lost the fight for her life. she and her cousin helina kotlarova, who was 12, had been crossing ashton road in oldham when they were hit by a car which did not stop. helina died at the scene. a lot of people witnessed the incident. we have had one or two similar incidents to like this in the last couple of years and it deeply affects pupils and it is giving them that support at this difficult time, and making sure they feel 0k. if they are struggling they need to come and talk to the staff and all staff are happy to help and will support them through this difficult time. police have released this image and say they have now identified the car as a blue peugeot 807. it was found abandoned after the crash. officers are questioning four men on suspicion of dangerous driving. flowers have been laid for the girls who had just come out of a shop near their homes. they were holding hands when they were hit. yesterday my daughter was crying, i
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cannot believe this happened. i cannot believe this happened. i cannot believe, these young girls! police are appealing for information. they say the girls‘ families who moved to england from the czech republic are devastated. our correspondent peter harris is in oldham for us. peter, the police are still appealing for the public‘s help. what are they saying about the investigation? the investigation continues. the update you just been hearing about is initially the police believed the girls had been struck by a box wagon golf. it materialise this afternoon that was not in fact the case. it was a peugeot 807. that car was then found abandoned nearby. the police have
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now issued the pictures of that, trying to build a picture of its movements around the time of the accident on new year's eve. that is one of the central developments within the investigation. also that one of the people arrested earlier has now been released and d arrested. there are now four men being questioned on suspicion of causing death i dangerous driving. the news that this is now a double tragedy came this afternoon. if i walk across here perhaps you can see there are floral tributes and candles on both sides of the road. many of those who have been, especially in the last few hours, they were children of ii or 12, classmates of the girls and teachers have been down here today. given the age of these people this is a very distressing time for many people in this community. peter, thank you. the so—called islamic state terror group says one of its militants
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was behind the new year's eve nightclub attack in istanbul in which 39 people are known to have died. the authorities are continuing their hunt for the suspect, who escaped after opening fire on party—goers. these are the latest pictures released by turkish police. officials have now identified all but one of the victims, and they say nearly two thirds of them were foreign nationals. funerals for some of those killed are being held today. from istanbul, our correspondent selin gerit reports. this is the gunman that has sent shock waves across the country. he is still at large, but now his motives could be a bit clearer. the so—called islamic state claimed responsibility for the attack at reina nightclub. in a statement, they said the shooting was carried out by a soldier of the caliphate in revenge for the turkish's governments strikes on islamic state in syria. eight people have been detained, but the gunman is not thought to be among them.
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in the area, some more funerals were held today. 25 of the victims are foreign nationals. most were from middle eastern countries. a 29—year—old actor from lebanon was among those shot. he's grateful to be alive. we heard something... likea gun. shooting. after three or four seconds, we heard something like that. we slip on the floor. and he come. the man. and when we are slipping, he is on us. security is still tight in istanbul. the wounds are open after a night of
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terror. the wounds are open after a night of terror. life is farfrom normal yet. this place used to be one of the most popular nightclubs in istanbul. now it is forever to be haunted. the gunman came by those doors and shot two people before rushing in. he fired up to 180 bullets, turning the venue into a scene of a massacre. now people are concerned about what might follow next. the hope is this might be the last time this nation grieves for innocent lives lost. and islamic state also says it ordered a suicide car—bomb attack in iraq in which 35 people were killed. the suicide bomber struck at an outdoor fruit and veg market in the sadr city part of baghdad — a shi'ite neighbourhood. it's the second major attack in baghdad in three days. police say a young man was killed in a deliberate house fire in east dunbartonshire,
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just hours after celebrating the new year with his girlfriend. twenty three year old cameron logan had been out with his partner for hogmanay before returning to his family home in milngavie, on the edge of glasgow. his girlfriend is in a critical condition in hospital. huw williams reports. emergency services were called here just before 7:30am yesterday morning. the body of a man was found inside the house. at 11 o'clock this morning, a private ambulance was at the scene and forensic staff and an undertaker removed the body under a blanket. a 24—year—old woman is being treated for serious injuries she suffered in the fire. a man and a woman in their 50s who needed treatment for breathing in smoke have been released from hospital. fire investigators say the fire was started deliberately. they have called it targeted and wilful. they are appealing for anyone who has been in the area yesterday morning, jogging or walking past, to contact them with any information
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they may have seen. somebody has died in a fire in a house, it must be one of the most scariest things which could happen to you. i cannot imagine. it must be horrible. i really feel for them. it looks as if they have lost their son. police scotland say they will be maintaining a high—profile presence at the scene. they say they are doing everything they can to trace the perpetrators and bring them to book. a postmortem examination will now take place to establish how cameron logan died. police are treating his attack as murder and attempted murder for the attack on his girlfriend and parents. campaigners are calling the latest hike in railway fares ‘a kick in the teeth' for passengers. tickets in england, wales, and scotland go up by an average of 2.3% from today.
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but the government's defended the hike, as our business correspondentjoe lynam reports. if you have to pay out thousands of pounds for a rail season ticket, your new year has not started well. with the exception of northern ireland, the average ticket will be 2.3% more expensive. season tickets go up by i.9%. still considerably more than inflation. even allowing for inflation, fares have risen by a quarter over the last 22 years. it is a disgrace, particularly as the railways aren't efficient. in terms of the increase, that is fair. it has to be paid. if that includes paying for our wages and people earn more money. the rises will sting commuters, who have had to put up with strikes and punctuality problems, insufficient seating and the impact of the weather.
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there is a lot happening. billions are being spent. nobody wants to see a fare increase, but costs rise and pay rises. fares are rising less fast than wages so that is a step in the right direction. there is a huge amount coming in from the passengers, about £9 billion that year. that should buy improvements without price rises. there should be more efficiencies. the investment is great, but do the prices have to go up every year? while passengers may baulk, the wider public may welcome the increases, because taxpayers are shouldering less of the cost of running the railways than they were. it means that commuters are shouldering more. and campaigners are calling for a totalfreeze in railfares, which they say has become disconnected from the service that they get.
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one ofjeremy corbyn's closest allies has suggested the labour leader could step down if the party's fortunes don't improve before the next general election, due in 2020. len mccluskey — the head of britain's biggest union, unite — has described labour's standing in the opinion polls as "awful." earlier i spoke to chris mason and asked him whetherjeremy corbyn had any inkling these comments were coming. the honest answer is i'm not sure. we asked jeremy corbyn and his tea m sure. we asked jeremy corbyn and his team that time point and he didn't wa nt to team that time point and he didn't want to comment. it is hard to see at this stage how it is useful for jeremy corbyn. but a figure as big as len mccluskey within the labour movement, someone who has backed jeremy corbyn and defended him from
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criticism, and then backed him through the second leadership race that happened over summer, but when he now comes out and makes remarks to the daily mirror that are as critical as this, openly questioning how long you might list. he says if the opinion polls are still, awful, in 2019 everyone would examine that situation including jeremy corbyn. he says situation including jeremy corbyn. he sasteremy corbyn is not an egomaniac, desperate to king cling to power for power ‘s sake. egomaniac, desperate to king cling to powerfor power ‘s sake. he is potentially putting a sell by date on the man he has backed. the usual criticism is thrown around, that they are blairites. it is seen as a criticism on the left of the labour movement. nobody in a million years would attach that to len mccluskey. and because of all of that, a very
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public tit—for—tat has developed between mr mccluskey and one of the rivals for hisjob between mr mccluskey and one of the rivals for his job as leader of unite. and why is he saying this now? len mccluskey is on the hunt for votes. the best part of the last couple of years he has been in the business of trying to attract votes forjeremy corbyn. he is currently trying to attract votes to len mccluskey. there has been real criticism from his principal rival and the argument has been that for sometime he has been obsessing about westminster politics rather than prioritising the views of unite members. and his language in response to mr mccluskey‘s interview in the mirror, he says he is astonished at the public ultimatum to thejeremy corbyn and mr mccluskey seems obsessed with being labour's puppet master. part of the difficulty about the position that the general secretary has adopted in relation to the labour party is that we have spent far too much time focusing on that. i'm running for the general secretary of unite the union,
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not the general secretary of the labour party. and actually this year is the most significant year for discussions about how we exit the european union, and actually it's the insecurity that our members face, not the insecurity of jeremy corbyn'sjob, that is the most important thing to me. and now, chris, len mccluskey has responded to that. he has. he'sjust put out a statement saying that unite's democracy would not be safe in gerard coyne's hands. his latest outburst is not an attack on myself as much as an labour's activists. he is unscrupulously remarks show his campaign is not driven by concern for unite and its members, it is to buy the failed plotters in the labour party for whom unite would be collateral damage in their political project to billing back blairism.
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he's not the politicians puppet. that gives you a sense of why this matters even if you are not one of the members of unite. this is a proxy war about the direction of the labour party and the extent to which the leader of the biggest union in the leader of the biggest union in the country should be seen to have a hotline to the current leader of the opposition. the headlines. a second girl has died following a hit—and—run in oldham on new year's eve. police have arrested four men. as funerals ta ke have arrested four men. as funerals take place in turkey for victims of the istanbul nightclub attack, police say they have detained eight people but are still searching for the main suspect. police say a 23 drove man has been killed at a house fire started deliberately in glasgow. his partner is in a critical condition in hospital. the first 1a areas in england to be
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selected for so—called "garden villages" have been announced, in a bid to create tens of thousands of new homes. the new villages must include green spaces and good transport links. the government says that the plans will help provide vital homes. but rural campaigners have warned there is still strong opposition to some of the projects. our correspondent daniela relph has been to one of the proposed locations at longcross, near cobham, in surrey. well, over the next couple of years, the idea is that this area here in longcross in surrey, close to the m25, will be transformed into one of these 1a garden villages. now, a garden village would have anything between 1500 and 10,000 new affordable homes. it would also have access to funds to develop green spaces and improve transport links. the locations announced by the government today, across england, scattered across england, from cumbria to derbyshire, stratford—upon—avon, suburban areas around london and down in devon and cornwall. and the idea is that they would create distinct communities. so these garden villages
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wouldn't just be extensions of what already exists, they would be distinct communities in themselves. and they would have access to around £6 million of government money over the next two years. now, the labour party and some of those who have looked at the housing problem are wary of getting too excited about this project. they say, yes, if delivered, it will provide much—needed new housing. but it quite simply isn't enough. stephanie inglis was given a 1% chance of survival after a motorcycle accident. people raised money to get her back home. backing the german working her way back to new health. last summer, stephanie
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ingalls was in a coma with a serious brain injury. hertraining ingalls was in a coma with a serious brain injury. her training to become an elite athlete, she says, made a real difference to the speed of her recovery. the doctors have told me that if it wasn't for the fact that i was physically so strong and fit before my recovery would not have been so good. it is because of my background that has helped boost my recovery. stephanie had been in vietnam teaching english when she was injured while travelling on a mike motorbike taxi. she will this teaching her class but little else of that day and nothing from the after. now it is about looking ahead. i don't want to let myself get down. i haven't cried since i do get down. i haven't cried since i do get about the accident because i think it is a waste of time. if i spend time feeling down or feeling sorry for myself it could be easy for my to do that, but it won't help my progression and could set me back. so i tend not to dwell on it. years of training led stephanie to a
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place on the podium at the last commonwealth games. that drive and determination is still evident. what did ancient civilisations believe that the sun? her sister said stacey is helping with her with exercises. she's doing speech and language and gets work to do and gets me to give a hand. it is good because of that. is she a hard task master? she can be. she can be. but it's good. with this support from her friends and family, stephanie has one ambition firmly in mind. my long-term goal is to get back into sport and compete in the next commonwealth games in judo, in 2022. i think if i get selected for team scotland i'm capable of winning another medal. herfamily, capable of winning another medal. her family, grandfather, mother and
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father are grateful had their daughter is alive. and they are thankful of donations from strangers of more than £300,000 towards stephanie's life—saving treatment abroad. i can't thank them enough. she's here, she's a miracle, and it is thanks to everybody who donated to bring her home. for us it is a delight going into another year with stephanie here with us. with the new year comes another big operation for stephanie. she is hopeful she will soon be fit enough to woo back to her flat and start a job. in surviving the accident, the 28 defied the odds. she is aiming high for the future. the uk is a major player in one of the fastest growing industries — video games. with pioneering firms in everything from virtual reality to mobile games, there are big hopes that 2017 will see further expansion and jobs in the sector. rory cellan—jones has been spending time with one of our biggest
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independent games firms. he was finding out what went into creating a character in a game, and ended up playing a part himself. look straight ahead, straight at this postcard, what we are going to do is get you to do a range of emotions. grrr! in the studio in oxford, i'm preparing for a role in a world war two blockbuster. not a movie, but a video game. oh, my leg... so this is the first stage in making me a character in the game and now i'm going to have to pull a lot of funny faces. so wrinkled, screwed up face. it's going to take many weeks but eventually i will be a character, a goodie i hope, in sniper elite 4. in 2017, this will be a major release from rebellion — one of britain's biggest independent games firms. when we first visit back in september they have a lot on their plate, including crucially a game for the sony vr launch. a big investment with a lot hanging on it. when they embarked
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on this project back 18 months ago, there was a great deal more scepticism about how successful vr was likely to be. so it was a punt — or i should say a smart gamble. these guys and girls here play games professionally from morning until night. it is a quarter of a century since jason kingsley and his brother started rebellion. when my brother and i started rebellion, we were always being talked about as if we were wiz—kids. but we are not any more. we are not kids. so we are grown adults with a quite a big corporation behind us and we make entertainment that sells across the world. i mean, china, consumers in china buy our games, consumers in brazil, all these emerging markets are exciting for us. roughly 200 people work here from across europe. but one thing strikes me. i can't help noticing a lot of men, very few women. is it getting any easier for women to get into the games industry?
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yes, i would say so. me growing up, i would not have even dreamt about getting into games, but for the last ten years it seems like the doors have been more open. especially for women. two months later, we returned to rebellion to find out what they have done with my face. i suppose it is a good likeness. what happens next? we will take this high resolution model and we will put it into the game and we will see what you look like in that. 0k. so i'm a goodie, am i? yes, you are currently the hero of the sniper elite series. i have been transformed into an all action soldier. in in the world of video games, anything is possible! ‘sand ‘s and bring his new persona into work. restaurants cafes and bakeries
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can now sell off meals are the end of the day and hungry bargain centres of the day and hungry bargain ce ntres ca n of the day and hungry bargain centres can buy them through couple of pounds due to a new app. lunchtime in leeds until rush is on. chefs expect a brisk trade but never know how much they will sell and there is almost always food left over. sometimes you can walk in and eve ryo ne over. sometimes you can walk in and everyone will have spicy check—in and you have a lot of normal chicken left. though you can guess the number you cannot guess what they will have. cooked food which hasn't sold is destined for waste but now there is a way to buy it before it is binned. this is how it works. the lunch rush is finished but there is still plenty of fresh food available. having paid a couple of pounds on the app, you can come in and choose whatever is available. this is perfectly good food that would have gone in the bin. that is
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changing their perception. maybe they'll go, we have saved 12,000 meals but apparently people have gone home and said the food and beverages perfectly good. why not just give the food away to the homeless? we love abuse do that. if we had an infinite number of volunteers working 20 47, monday to sunday, that would be great. there's no such thing as a free lunch but this way it is cheaper if you are flexible about when and what you eat. ijust ordered some food on the app, it is a reduced price and then you get to choose from a rising of different things. i got some pasta with spicy chicken and vegetables. different things. i got some pasta with spicy chicken and vegetablesi million tonnes of food and drinks are frodo thrown away every year in the uk. now catching on in several cities this app aims to cut down on waste one meal at a time. it is almost half past five. let's
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ta ke it is almost half past five. let's take a look at the weather. it's been a fairly chilly start. we've had some sunshine during the day. we have clear skies persisting through the evening and overnight so we are in for a chilly night. particularly across central and southern parts of england and into wales, we could have some icy stretches on untreated surfaces first thing tomorrow. if you have a commute back to work it will be a chilly one, so pack your gloves, leave some extra time to scrape your cars, particularly in the south. we could see loads. the northwest is not quite as cold. this is eight o'clock tuesday morning. the crowd winning with it rain and wind. patchy drizzly wane for northern ireland and the northwest of england. the east of scotland and north east of england will be clear and colder thirsting. as we work
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away south we will have o'clock cold frosty start with icy stretches and perhaps even the odd pocket of mr freezing fog. stop tuesday mooning starting dry but cold and as we head through the day it is a north west, south east split. towards the north and the west there will be more cloud, quite windy for scotland with outbreaks of rain, but largely dry elsewhere. sunshine in the south about five or 6 degrees but in the north it will be eight or nine celsius. high pressure dominates things through much of the week ahead. it stays with us as we move into wednesday. a weakening front is sliding south and fizzling away but it introduces colder air across eastern parts of scotland at least in england. if you are exposed to those north sea coast breeze it will feel quite chilly towards the east but there will be sunshine wearers in the northwest, south—west i mean,
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it will be milder. in nice, in that sunshine it will be about 45 degrees, alt or nine celsius towards the south—west. wherever you are it will look driver wednesday. thursday the high—pressure sticks around, a bit of wintry sunshine, fairly chilly. friday has a bit of a change as the front moves its way across the country bringing cloud, breeze and some outbreaks of rain. high—pressure in charge before then. things are chilly but with sunshine. hello.
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this is bbc news. the headlines at 17:30: a second girl has died following a hit—and—run incident in greater manchester on saturday. zaneta krokova died in hospital this morning. her cousin, helina kotlarova, died at the scene. photos of the main suspect you stumble nightclub massacre have been released by turkish police. funerals are held for some of the 39 victims. police say 23—year—old cameron logan has been killed in a house fire started deliberately in glasgow. his partner is in a critical condition in hospital. rail passengers are facing higher fares across the uk, as average price increases of 2.3% are introduced on the first weekday of the new year. i think the railways are not that
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efficient. there always ways. the a lwa ys efficient. there always ways. the always delays. a round—up of the sport. a round—up of the sport. a round—up of the sport. a a round—up of the sport. a round—up a round—up of the sport. a round—up a round—up of a round—up of the sport. a round—up of the sport. let's start with a busy day of football in the premier league. liverpool dropped points against a struggling sunderland, drawing 2—2. the reds took the lead through daniel sturridge, before jermain defore equalised for sunderland. and he was on target again, with his second penalty of the game to pull it back to 2—2. it means liverpool are now five points behind league leaders chelsea, who have a game in hand. we hung game when we had to. they
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had opportunities to make good saves and we had good opportunities. it is still suffered so it is a little bit of coincidence in situations like this. manchester city are back up to third in the table after beating burnley at the etihad despite playing the majority of the match with ten men. captain fernandinho was sent off after half an hour, for a two footed challenge, but two goals in four minutes in the second half gave city a 2—0 lead — the first from gael clichy, the second from sergio aguero. ben mee got one back for burnley late on, but city held on, they're now seven points behind league leaders chelsea. but all of the hard of a journalist, not me. you do not seem to have the
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two have one. more than you believe. you're not showing it. iam more than you believe. you're not showing it. i am so happy couple of? he still in the title race. west bromwich albion came from behind to beat hull city 3—1 to record back—to—back premier league wins forjust the second time this season. albion fell behind to robert snodgrass's goal, but hit back after the break — goals from chris brunt, gareth mcauley and james morrison securing all three points for tony pulis's side at the hawthorns. but think it would be a stroll in the park but the players were fantastic and they never stopped going and that is what the premiership is like some cannot take anything for granted. as also.
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premiership is like some cannot take anything for granted. as alsom should not have to become more disciplined process. when our play was in the first half, it was fantastic but you cannot put fences you have a top middlesbrough and leicester played out an uneventful goalless draw at the riverside where there were just five shots on target. boro had the best of the chances — marten de roan blasted over early on. the closest leicester came to scoring was this leonardo ulloa header — straight at brad guzan. still no away win in the league for the champions this season. gaston ramires should have won it for middlesbrough with eight minutes left, but he smashed wide. it shows how good we are playing and
5:35 pm
we had a chance. he has made shots today we need to compete. the fight the way the players of fighting. spirit was fantastic, second clean sheet in a row and the performance was good. of course, middlesbrough tried to win. but we were very solid. strong and we tried to go on the counter attack. it was a good match, a good game, a draw is it ok. united looking for their sixth win in six league games with a win. 20 minutes on the clock, 0—0. let's see how all of those results translate in the table. a bit of a missed opportunity for liverpool — they've closed the gap on chelsea,
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but only by a point. manchester city are hot on their heels, just two points behind them now. fourth—placed arsenal are at bournemouth tomorrow. at the bottom of the table, a good result for sunderland, but they're still in the relegation zone. hull city paid the price for their poor second half performance, and also stay in the bottom three. fellow relegation strugglers swansea play tomorrow. paul clement's appointment as swansea city's new manager has moved a step closer, it's understood that he's signed a two and a half year deal after his current club bayern munich gave him permission to talk to the club. it's thought that clement will be at selhurst park tomorrow for swansea's match against crystal palace, before oficially taking charge of the team. he'll become swansea's third manager of the season, and will face the task of lifting them from the foot of the table. clement is currently carlo ancelotti's assistant at bayern, having also worked with him at chelsea, paris st germain and real madrid. richerd cockerill has been sacked as director of rugby
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at leicester tigers. cockerill has been on the coaching staff for over a decade, but tigers have struggled to contest major trophies in recent years, and currently sit fifth in the premiership table. the 46 year old said he still believed he was the right person to lead the team, but respected the board's decision. they are the manchester united of by, they are the manchester united of rugby, the crowd expects the very best from the tigers and this is one of the biggest managerial sackings that has taken place over the past five, ten years. where last ago next is interesting, they do have a man in aaron major is the head coach and will be the interim director of by. will be the interim director of rugby. they need a director of rugby overseeing issues, a number of names in the frame. never look past stuart lancaster is now doing a greatjob with leinster and perhaps wants to go back to english rugby. egg white,
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the former south africa coach in one with south africa. he is a free coachin with south africa. he is a free coach in the summer, so it is near. he is a free coach in the summer, so it is near. roger federer made a winning return to tennis by helping switzerland beat great britain at the hopman cup event in perth. federer hadn't played competitively since wimbledon in the summer, but he comfortably beat dan evans in the day's singles matches, to help his country to the win. joe lynskey reports. return of a champion. roger federer is back after six months away and with a family flourish. leading switzerland in this team and facing great britain. trying to cope with the master, dan evans. as if federer had never been away. back to making it all but easy. it tookjust over one hour to see what happens. on the march to the australian open and looking formidable. the country that wins the best—of—3 matches goes out
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on top. next, the women. britain's heather watson. from a set down, watson rallied to swear things but in the end, her opponent was too strong. the second match was still in which made the final meeting a formality. it was another chance to get a glimpse of the superstar. federer play his part in all of success in the mixed doubles. so the returning champion is back in the group and packed with this winning feeling. group and packed with this winning feeling. plenty of british players in action around the world today. in china, johanna konta is through to round two of the shenzhen open after beating turkey's cagla buyu ka kcay in straight sets. the british number1 won 6—2, 6—0 in china, in what was herfirst match since her split with former coach esteban carril last month. konta starts the year ranked number 10 in the world. and a good start for british number two kyle edmund at the brisbane international too. he's through to the second round after a straight—set win over ernesto escobedo.
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hobart hurricanes have beaten the adelaide strikers by eight wickets in the big bash t20 league match in hobart. featuring for the hurricanes was stuart broad, who dismissed fellow englishman chrisjordan forjust one. the hurricanes were set a target of 144 for victory, 60 of which came from d'arcy short, who smashed consecutive sixes. that's all the sport for now. back. i've been waiting a while, man. i think it's a tale of the time, to be honest. the most boring international football team i've ever watched! if i was in america right now and the police pulled me over, i'm staying stiff. at 4:40, we can now say that the decision taken
5:41 pm
in 1975 by this country tojoin the common market has been reversed. this will be a victory for real people, a victory for ordinary people, a victory for decent people. what's the first thing that comes to your mind? the first thing that comes to my mind? when you seen everybody voting out. when you found out we had voted out. i actually thought, no, i'm going to have to pay for a visa to visit spain and that! a lot of people didn't vote because they thought, no, we weren't going to leave, everybody thought it was certain. so a lot of people stayed at home and didn't vote. aka, stefan! yeah, you're right! they thought it was in the bag, they, thought no, england isn't that dumb. i think a lot of people based their vote over immigration. i think that's one of the main points. do you do what they thought would happen? they thought if you voted leave...
5:42 pm
you know the simpsons movie, with the dome? that's what they thought would happen. they thought the dome would come over and no—one else could come in. in actual fact, we voted leave. you know, what's changed? yeah, yeah, i voted, because i had just turned 18. i'd never voted before so i was kind of excited to be voting. the majority of people that voted to leave was middle—aged and elderly, trying to make britain how it was. we chose to leave. but we're great britain anyway, so... regardless of whether we leave or not, we're still one of the biggest nations in the world. so we'll still get trade and still do well. the british people have made a very clear decision to take a different path. and as such, i think the country requires fresh leadership to take it in this direction. i think he just put his hands up, man. he was like, you guys
5:43 pm
are really gonna do this. and he backed out. now he'sjust chilling on the beach with his wife. he's like, you lot are going to run the country down the drain, man! he tried, man. he was like, i put my hands up and i'm gone. like a baby. he said, let's do the referendum, he lost and quit. i kind of felt sorry for him, he looked like he wanted to cry when he delivered that speech. i respected it, i rated it, because he didn't want to be the prime minister and support something he didn't believe in, which was honest. i can agree with that, yeah. but at the same time, it's kind of sneaky. the headlines at eight: a final farewell to one of the greatest sporting icons of all time. ali!
5:44 pm
there have been times where i got beat up a little bit! i am the greatest! muhammad ali. i used to do amateur boxing, so that one hit me. muhammad ali hit me. obviously, he's the greatest, isn't it? so... he weren't even the greatest because of his boxing ability, because he spoke it. he spoke it into being. he spoke it into existence. yeah, he was like, i'm the man. so you could start believing in him. i'm the real champion, there will never be one like me. and all you people in britain who rank me as the greatest, i'm going to prove i'm the greatest... his dedication that he had and just the way he bounced back from when he lost. his dedication that he had and just the way he bounced back from when he lost. yes, it was inspiring, man, it was a big loss. but then again, so
5:45 pm
was prince, massive. two legends. # purple rain... the first album he did all himself, played all 27 instruments, at 19 years old. definitely an icon. he will certainly be missed. as a kid when i was growing up, my dad used to play prince all the time. i used to listen to him every other day. not to say, obviously, it wasn't a big thing in itself, but i think that hit home because michaeljackson, we had already lost him. we lost whitney. and we feel like all the greats are going. they were all cultural figures, they were all figures that help us recognise oppression wherever. david bowie died, right? but i didn't know about him. was david bowie young? not young like we're young, but was he like 50, 60? i don't know how old he was when he went. i mean, i knew of him. i said i looked like him when i had the red hair! # tremble like a flower...
5:46 pm
the official announcement of his death was made on david bowie's facebook page. it said that david bowie died peacefully today, surrounded by his family, after a courageous 18—month battle with cancer. newsbeat... # i know you won't believe us # we're gonna win the league #. i'm a football anorak. and leicester city, it's the biggest thing that's ever happened. like, i actually can't even fathom anything else in my lifetime. lifetime touching that. you know, teamwork makes the dream work, isn't it? so it's all about when you work together collectively, you can get more done, isn't it? all the money in football now, you've still got to work hard and you've still got to have a formation and a tactic to win. they did it with a
5:47 pm
nothing team, a team that's probably worth 10 million. they all worked, man. yes, it all worked. itjust proves that it ain't all about money. especially for my man, jamie vardy. he should have left and went to arsenal! he had the chance. he should have taken the money and just ran! no problem, no problem. he can't afford to take off his beard! one beard! hey, hey, hey! none of that... he's got a little sniffle. yes, i've got five years. when i wake up, you'll see my beard. roy hodgson has resigned as england manager after his side were knocked out of euro 2016 by iceland. shocking. poor team, poor selection. they deserved to win. you can look worse in the second half and needed an first half, i think they're's something wrong with the pep talk at half—time.
5:48 pm
the end of a dream for wales. just forget this. england at the euros, i actually went out there with my dad for a couple of days. yes, it wasn't great. the most boring international football team i've ever watched! i can't stand their friendlies. it is soul destroying. usain bolt has ended his olympic career with his ninth gold medal as jamaica win the 4x100m relay. it is the third time he has won that and the 100 and 200 metres at the games. no—one has ever done that before. yes, usain bolt did it again! the only thing i can say about that really is, he's a legend. he's done it... i think he's done it more than carl lewis has done now. and carl lewis was the man, so for usain bolt to do that and because he's jamaican as well, know what i mean? it boosts, it makes you feel better about yourself. it's the second shooting of a black man
5:49 pm
by us police in 48 hours and they've both been filmed. one was even live—streamed. oh, my god, please don't tell me he's dead! please don't tell me my boyfriend just went like that. vigils have been held overnight, with protesters shouting, black lives matter! we shouldn't have to protest because you're treating us wrong. we do it because we need to have rights. five policemen have been shot dead in dallas, texas. attacks on police are an attack on all of us. the rule of law that makes society possible. there has been uproar about the police and there are all these things that are happening.
5:50 pm
it's not new, you know what i mean? it's not new. it has only been heightened. brought to life. brought to life, but it has always been there. nothing has changed. the only difference is we can now film it. until they can properly group together as a full community and everyone can support, then it is not going to be enough to get it heard. so you are saying the unity? yes, yes, yes. unity is the key? yes, exactly. black lives matter uk are holding their first official rallies calling for a shutdown across the country. this morning, a main route into one of the uk's major airports was locked and in nottingham, tram lines we re locked and in nottingham, tram lines were closed as demonstrators laid across the tracks. the black lives matter people that block the airport, i thought that was just dumb and! airport, i thought that was just dumb and i would be angry as a black person if i was trying to catch a plane and i miss my flight because
5:51 pm
you change yourself. i get what they are trying to do. i am trying to find the word for this kind of made people... it gave people a reason to disrespect it. it is not going to change anybody's life —— opinion for the better as you are just blocked at the airport. trying to get a holiday! if you were against black people in any way and you try to go on holiday and theyjust block the airport! it is true! i accept your nomination for president of the united states.|j humbly and gratefully accept your nomination! i think it is a terrible
5:52 pm
time, trump is a joke, nomination! i think it is a terrible time, trump is ajoke, but nomination! i think it is a terrible time, trump is a joke, but maybe he is meant to be the joke that we don't see coming. i am not even shocked. when i went to bed, hillary clinton had a clear lead, i woke up, trump had one. why? donald trump! until the end, the statistics said hillary clinton had won it. she had rhianna, all these people onstage saying, yes, she is the true! she is the future. i want to build the wall, leaves the wall. we have some bad people here and we are going to them out. i made a mistake using a private e—mail. if i had to do it again, i would obviously do it differently. this was locker room talk, i am differently. this was locker room talk, lam not differently. this was locker room talk, i am not proud of it, i apologise to my family, i apologise to the american people. regardless of how bad it is... they spread
5:53 pm
fear. he allows you to go to the surface. he allows racist sentiment to go to the surface. i don't think it is all about race, i am not going to be ignorant or make it simplistic. a lot of people talk about bringing jobs faq and for some reason, although he is not working class, they believe that because it is not the career politician, he is going to make real changes. so maybe he will do. hillary clinton was not a better choice. just anybody else! anyone other than donald trump because... is bad. his morals, the way he does things. but do you think you said that stuffjust to get himself in your mind? even if he has done that, that is a manipulative mindset that mindset are doing worse
5:54 pm
in the future. he said what he did to stay because he was trying to chat to certain voters. do i think he thinks those things? i think he displayed on the audience he was aiming at fans did it to the max. think about it, politics is really just a business. it is no different to running the salon. you are in power or whatever. obviously, you have people telling you what to do and stuff like that. if trump can be such a successful businessman, countries are a business and maybe he will be a success because he will make business decisions. it is looking a bit... tidy it up. resolution, change barbes! kanye
5:55 pm
we st resolution, change barbes! kanye west president next time! and its early days but fine and bright with a good deal of sunshine. the satellite shows cloud across the northwest. dry. sunshine friday. a cold night tonight with temperatures plummeting quickly once the sun goes down and we could see some mist
5:56 pm
forming and some i were going back to waron forming and some i were going back to war on tuesday, it will be a cold start the day. it's tuesday morning, back window. mostly dry and fairly cloudy. a cold start with frost around and misty patches. there will be wintry sunshine along the south coast and south wales. a north west and south east but. increasing cloud, light and patchy rain over the coast and around the hills. quite windy for the north of
5:57 pm
scotla nd hills. quite windy for the north of scotland and further south, lighter and showing five or six, eight or nine in the south. high pressure into the middle of the week and we will have this front moving south into wednesday which opens up cold conditions to move then especially for the east of scotland and eastern england. around these north sea coast, it feels chilly, further inland away from the breeze, a decent day. mostly dry with increasing sunshine. temperatures between 4—9d by wednesday afternoon. with high pressure in charge, looking mostly settled and dry on thursday. increasing cloud on friday and temperatures not as this is bbc news. the headlines at 6pm: a second girl has died following a hit and run in oldham on new year's eve. four men are being questioned by police.
5:58 pm
funerals for victims of the istanbul nightclub gun attack — so—called islamic state says it was behind the shootings. photos of the main suspect are released by istanbul police, who say they've detained eight people. police say a 23—year—old man has been killed in a house fire started deliberately in glasgow — his partner is in a critical condition in hospital. railfares are going up by an average of 2.3%. the government says it's to pay for modernisation, but rail groups say it's a "kick in the teeth" for passengers. a union boss sasteremy corbyn could step down as labour leader
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