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this is bbc news. i'm lukwesa burak. the headlines at 8pm... an 11—year—old girl has died two days after being knocked down in a hit and run in oldham. her 12 year old cousin, who was with her, died at the scene. four men are being questioned. new photos of the gunman who attacked a nightclub in istanbul on new year's eve are released, as police say they are close to identifying him. the funerals have been held today of some of the victims. most of those who died were foreigners. police say a 23—year—old man has been killed in a house fire started deliberately in glasgow. his partner is in a critical condition in hospital. also... taking root: the first wave of garden villages in england are given the go—ahead. ministers say the aim is to create tens of thousands of new homes, from cornwall to carlisle. also, railfares are going up by an average of 2.3%.
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the government says it's to pay for modernisation. rail groups say it's a "kick in the teeth" for passengers. and in half an hour, we will be looking back on a momentous year in sport. which included an incredible 12 months for andy murray. that is the year in sport. good evening and welcome to bbc news. first, an 11—year—old girl has died, two days after she and her cousin were knocked down by a car in a hit and run crash in oldham. her cousin, who was 12, died at the scene. greater manchester police have released one of five men they had arrested on suspicion of causing death by dangerous driving. peter harris reports. at the scene, tributes continued to
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build. this now a shrine to two young girls. 11—year—old zaneta krokova lost the fight for her life this morning. her cousin helina kotlarova died on new year's eve. my my thoughts and prayers are with her family at this sad time. police believe the girls were struck by a peugeot 807 car here that failed to stop. it was later found abandoned nearby. officers say information provided by the local community has proved vital in moving this investigation forward. officers released images of the car and are trying to trace its movements. they
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also want to trace the driver of a white citron dispatch seen in the area, who they believe might be able to help. four men are tonight being held on suspicion of causing death by dangerous driving. peter paris, bbc news. the so—called islamic state group says one of its followers was behind the new year's eve nightclub attack in istanbul which killed 39 people and wounded scores of others. a number of arrests have been made, but the hunt continues for the gunman who opened fire. officials have now identified all but one of the victims, saying most were foreign nationals. some of their funerals have been taking place today, as mark lowen reports from istanbul. it is slowly sinking in. grief binding together a nation pulled apart by terror. they mourned 23—year—old eunice
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killed in the attack in the nightclub. a student working there for new year's eve who was simply in the wrong place. at his funeral, his colleague. she took refuge from the gunman in the bathroom. i was in the toilet. the electricity went out. i was like, that's all. and i said my last goodbyes to one of my friends saying, goodbye, i love you, that is all. you thought that was the end? yeah, that was the end. and i thought because the gun shootings started and i was thinking myself, i think he is going to explode himself and we are going to die in the toilet, in the bathroom. including eunice, 39 people were killed and their stories are emerging.
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this man who survived last month's bombing at a football stadium in istanbul but died in this attack. a woman who told a friend she was worried about coming to istanbul but had already booked and paid. and a man who was recently engaged. his fiance wrote, "i lost my other half, my partner, my love." the attack took just seven minutes. after shooting his way into the nightclub, the gunman sprayed 180 bullets. he is still on the run, his pictures now released. the islamic state group said they were behind it, in revenge for turkey's attacks on syria. most of the dead and injured were tourists. francois was shot but had an incredibly lucky escape. the first bullet passed from here and the explosion, it the lebanese passport saved me,
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it saved my heart. perched on the bosporus, he had a prime location. from here you can see how high profile, how luxurious the target was. the nightclub was a symbol of the high life of istanbul. where alcohol flowed and parties ran late. a part of the city many cherish but they now fear it is under threat. it is now an urgent race to catch the man who destroyed so many lives and to try to reassure a nation that fears it cannot escape from terror. mark lowen, bbc news, istanbul. and the so—called islamic state group has also claimed responsibility for a suicide car—bomb attack in iraq in which 35 people died. it happened at an outdoor market in the shi'ite neighbourhood of sadr city in baghdad, the second major attack in the iraqi capital in three days.
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rail fares have gone up today, with campaigners calling the 2.3% increase in england, scotland and wales a "kick in the teeth." the government says the rise is below average wage increases, and the money is needed to pay for the modernisation of the network. here's our business correspondent joe lynam. if you have to pay out thousands have a of pounds for a rail season ticket, your new year has not started very well. with the exception of northern ireland, the average ticket will be 2.3% more expensive. season tickets, which are set by the government, go up by 1.9% — still considerably more than inflation at the moment. even allowing for inflation, fares have risen by a quarter over the past 22 years. people are not getting paid more money. i don't think the train workers are getting paid more money.
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it is a disgrace, particularly as the railways aren't efficient. you know, there's always delays. it's making me feel disappointed, angry, not a great start to 2017. the latest rises will especially sting commuters, who have had to put up with strikes and punctuality problems, insufficient seating and the impact of the weather. but the government says it is an unprecedented modernising programme. around the rail network, there is a lot happening. billions of pouinds being spent. nobody wants to see a fare increase, but costs rise and pay rises. fares are rising less fast than wages. so sat least that is a step in the right direction. but passenger groups say investment should not always mean higherfares. there is a huge amount coming in from us passengers, about £9 billion that year. that should be buying lots
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of improvement without price rises. there should be more efficiencies. the investment is great, but do the prices have to go up every year? while passengers may baulk at this latest fare increase, the wider public may welcome them, because taxpayers are shouldering less of the cost of running the railways than they were. it means of course that commuters are shouldering proportionately more. and campaigners are calling for a totalfreeze in railfares, which they say has become disconnected from the service that they get. police say a young man was killed in a deliberate house fire just hours after celebrating the new year with his girlfriend. 23—year—old cameron logan had been out with his partner for hogmanay before returning to his family home in milngavie, on the edge of glasgow. she is now in a critical condition in hospital. huw williams reports. 23—year—old cameron loken, who died in a fire deliberately started.
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his body was removed earlier today. cameron loken had been celebrating hogmanay with his girlfriend. she suffered serious injuries in the fire and is in a critical condition in hospital. his parents needed treatmeant for the effects of breathing in smoke but they have been discharged from hospital. investigators say this attack was targeted and wilful. police are treating it as a case of murder and attempted murder. i opened the curtains and we saw the police cars and ambulances and fire brigade, fire engines on the street. and we just thought, oh my goodness, what's happened? we thought maybe something has happened in the woods. but my husband went out to walk the dog and he found out a house had been on fire. and we thought, oh my goodness, new year's day, poorfamily. whatever‘s happened.
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at that point we didn't realise there had been a fertility. investigators have not given any details into precisely how the fire started. they are still working at the scene and officers have been talking to neighbours and checking local cctv. police are appealing for anyone who was out in the area yesterday morning, jogging, walking the dog, or motorists driving past, to contact them in case they saw anything significant. detectives say it information can be passed on the nonemergency 101 number or anonymously via crimestoppers. there will now be a postmortem to determine exactly how cameron logan died. three men and two women arrested in suspicion of the murder of a man in east sussex have been released on bail while police inquiries
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continue. three men and two women between the ages of 26 and 35 arrested on suspicion of the murder of a man in east sussex have been released on bail while police enquiries continue. a 25 year old man fell through a utility room ceiling at a flat in st leonards—on—sea, near hastings in the early hours of new year's day. despite efforts to resuscitate him, he was pronounced dead at the scene. police are appealing to members of the public who may have information about what happened. a couple and their dog reported missing in the scottish mountains have been found safe and well after spending the night outdoors in freezing temperatures. the man and woman in their fifties, were forced to take shelter in a bivvy bag after bad weather closed in while they were walking in the cairngorms. they were found with their black collie at around midday and they were walked to safety by rescuers. the israeli prime minister has been questioned by police over allegations of corruption. police earlier arrived at his residence. reports suggest the initial questioning could last several hours. he denies any wrongdoing. one ofjeremy corbyn‘s closest allies has suggested the labour
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leader could step down if the party's fortunes don't improve within the next two years. the leader of unite, len mccluskey, says mr corbyn should be given time to prove himself, and he wouldn't try to cling on to power. here's our political correspondent ben wright. then mccluskey is hoping to be re—elected as the unite union secretary. but he suggested mr corbyn had a sell by date. len mccluskey later tweeted thatjeremy
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corbyn continued to have his full support. jeremy corbyn was re—elected in september but many of his own mps remain in despair at the party's performance. and the tussle going on within the union reflects arguments going on within labour about mr corbyn‘s competence and where the party should stand on immigration and brexit. we have to refocus our union's activity. gerard coyne is campaigning against len mccluskey. he accused the labour secretary of being a puppet master. the control of borders is very important to them. it was one of the key issues as to why they voted exit in the referendum. and actually they would feel very betrayed if that promise was not now delivered upon. len mccluskey also said labour must get it right
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on immigration or risk losing ground to ukip. the contest for unite's future will have a bearing onjeremy corbyn‘s too. and we will be finding out how this story and many others have been covered in tomorrow's front pages, later on. joining me are caroline wheeler, political editor of the sunday express, and the economics and business editor of the independent. hopefully you can tune infor independent. hopefully you can tune in for that. the headlines... a second girl has died following a hit—and—run in oldham on new year's eve. police have arrested four men. as funerals take place in turkey for victims of the istanbul nightclub attack, police say they are close to identifying their main suspect.
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police say a 23—year—old man has been killed at a house fire started deliberately in glasgow. his partner is in a critical condition in hospital. sport now, and for a full round—up from the bbc sports centre, very good evening to olly foster. good evening. six matches in the premier league today. liverpool really missed a trick. they could have close the gap on leaders chelsea to six points but —— to three points but they drew at struggling sunderland. they twice look —— took the lead as well, through daniel sturridge and sadio mane, but twice jermain through daniel sturridge and sadio mane, but twicejermain defoe equalised from the penalty spot. sunderland still in the renegade and is owned by just sunderland still in the renegade and is owned byjust a point of safety. liverpool still second in the table but if chelsea beat spurs on wednesday, they could stretch their lead. manchester city have returned to third in the premier league after they beat burnley 2—1 at the etihad stadium. they played for an hour after having captain fernandinho sent off in the first half for a
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reckless challenge. gael clichy and sergio aguero both scored in the space of four second—half minutes to set up the victory. ben mee scrambled one back for burnley. despite that win, pep guardiola had what could only be described as an awkward exchange with the bbc‘s damian johnson after the match. we w011 damian johnson after the match. we won against a lot of circumstances ina tough won against a lot of circumstances in a tough game, so we're happy for that. the sending-off, what was your view of the red card? you are the journalist, not me. i'm sure the fans would want to know. you don't seem fans would want to know. you don't seem that happy that you have one. more than you believe. i'm so happy, happy new year. our manchester city still in the title race? yesterday know but i believe we are in the title race. manchester united laboured to a 2—0 win against west ham at the london stadium. the
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hammers were always up against it after having a man sent off early in the first half. united's six league win ina the first half. united's six league win in a row sees them move level on points with spurs. when an in— form manchester united come to visit, luck is always needed. for west ham, there really wasn't much here. that challenge from soppy and feghouli brought his first premier league start to an end after less than 15 minutes. replays suggest he may have been a little unfortunate. but in football, fortune can be fickle. manchester united soon made to feel luck may not be on their side either. jose mourinho plotted his second—half changes. he and his side fortu nate second—half changes. he and his side fortunate they were not behind before they were able to take effect. and that would be costly. those mourinho changes, substitutes marcus rashford and juan mata, combining to put united ahead. but fortune was still playing its part,
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marcus rashford going close then he realised here. zlatan ibrahimovic, for a moment even he seemed surprised not to have been ruled offside. west ham left ruing their luck. 48 hours. for the eight hours is very hard for everyone. hard for us is very hard for everyone. hard for us to sync well, with one more player it was hard to sync because when you are tired, you don't sync well. these fixtures are very difficult. to be fair, it looked like the other way round. it is more philjones who went into that dangerous tackle with, what you call them, scissors. more jones dangerous tackle with, what you call them, scissors. morejones than feghouli. 0k, them, scissors. morejones than feghouli. ok, maybe jones them, scissors. morejones than feghouli. 0k, maybejones made them, scissors. morejones than
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feghouli. ok, maybe jones made a meal out of it, maybe he'd tried to defend himself, but definitely... so we are in a game totally against us. big mistake, for me. those are all the results today. middlesbrough drew 0—0 at home to leicester, everton beat southampton 3—0. west brom came from behind, winners against hull, 3—1. bottom club swa nsea fa ce against hull, 3—1. bottom club swansea face crystal palace tomorrow and paul clement is expected to be on the stands at selhurst park will stop bayern munich, where he is assistant to carlo ancelotti, are believed to have given him permission to talk to the club. it is understood he has already signed a two and a half year deal to become the swansea manager. leicester tigers have sacked their director of by, tigers have sacked their director of rugby, richard cockerill. he has been on the coaching staff for more than a decade and also played more than a decade and also played more than 250 times for the tigers come across two spells. they are currently fifth in the premiership
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table. the 46—year—old, who won everything as a player at the club, said he respects the decision but believes he is still the man for the club. his assistant has been put in charge temporarily. that is all the sport for now, more in the next hour. the first 14 areas in england to be selected for so—called "garden villages" have been announced, in a bid to create tens of thousands of new homes. three larger garden towns have also been approved for buckinghamshire, somerset and the essex—hertfordshire border. the new villages must include green spaces and good transport links. the government says that the plans will help provide vital homes. but rural campaigners have warned there is still strong opposition to some of the projects. taunton is one of the three locations to become one of the large—scale garden towns. long marston lies just three miles
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south of stratford—upon—avon. the airfield was once home to raf bomber command and now the government wants to turn the 800 acre site into one of its planned garden villages, with more than 3000 homes. we are very pleased that it's gone through. we we re pleased that it's gone through. we were expecting it to go through at the end of november, but we will have somewhere which is more raw role to look at, with road infrastructure, rail infrastructure, which we wouldn't have otherwise. the site includes one of the country's the site includes one of the cou ntry‘s few the site includes one of the country's few drag racing strips. every day, some 40 light aircraft use the airfield. you've got gliding, you've got aviators up at the top there who will have to move somewhere else. people won't be able to fly locally. long marston is
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famous for its bulldog bash music festival. now, along with the other activities and organisations based here, all are now looking for a new location. we have micro lights that we fly and trained regularly and there are major events on the field like the drag racing, only two strips now in the country and this is one of them. so that will be going. it's going to affect a lot of people in many ways and to find another site will be dam near impossible. the garden villages ambitious with plans for two primary schools, a high school and a £30 million road scheme, to be paid for by the developers. along with more than 3000 homes planned for the airfield site, more than 4000 jobs will also be created. peter wilson, for bbc midlands today, long marston airfield, warwickshire. earlieri
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spoke to grant shapps, the mp for welwyn garden city, one of britain's first garden cities and a former housing ministerfor first garden cities and a former housing minister for david first garden cities and a former housing ministerfor david cameron's government. what we have to do and i regret not doing more of it when i was housing minister is think how we're going to produce another1 million or 2 million homes but on a much larger scale and notjust confining it to the south—east but looking at part of the country which need better populations and —— greater populations and... what we're talking about here is building an entity, a town, a village. there is so much more that will be needed. how do you or how should the government be thinking about this and approaching it to ensure that they don't become enormous housing estates ? they don't become enormous housing estates? yeah, i mean, look, you're absolutely right. i represent welwyn garden city and it's the second, no
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disrespect to letchworth, but that was the experiment and ijokingly say welwyn garden city was the one that got it right, but it's a fantastic experiment because you get this mix of working and playing all within the same town. you get it right and it absolutely works. what has happened far too much including during the time when i was housing minister is that you get these estates that are boxlike houses, very little heart to the centre of the community, no real thought to the community, no real thought to the way that community is going to interact and it just the way that community is going to interact and itjust becomes a soulless place to live. what we should be doing instead is learning from, there are only two real garden cities, letchworth and welwyn garden city and other things like hampstead garden suburb, we should learn from those type of experiment and then build on them for the 21st—century. that was grant shapps. the chief executive of the campaign to protect rural england welcomed the government's proposals of building the infrastructure of these garden villages. if what the government are
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saying is, let's try to build communities, that get the infrastructure in place and the schools in place, let's notjust long housing estates down with all the community tension and extra that goes on at the moment, if they are genuine about proper pacemaking, thatis genuine about proper pacemaking, that is a welcome. say you would agree with the idea of the development of these new towns then? we are open to it. what is happening at the moment is that all of the country there are these new bland estates being plonked down on villages, uproar in england over villages, uproar in england over villages facing multiple applications for new estates all around them, some really u nsatisfa ctory around them, some really unsatisfactory development. what is happening is a combination of too few houses being built and too much countryside lost. to start and say we're going to plan to build some decent communities is a good start. grant shapps says, if you just add the word development onto —— at the
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word garden onto a developer and it doesn't make it lovely. we need to look at the proposals in a lot of detail. what i don't want to do is say a churlish it must be rubbish, but actually we think there are so many problems with the planning system at the moment that if the government is saying there will be some decently planned well located developments, that is a good late to start. let's take a look at the weather. we're in for we're infora we're in for a cold night tonight. under those clear skies, temperatures are really going to plummet. there could be some iciness in south wales. temperatures, particularly in the countryside, on the cold side, around minus four degrees or minus five degrees. not quite as cold towards the north—west as we have increasing amounts of cloud. a little bit of rain for the
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west of scotland but most places looking dry and more in the way of sunshine can be found towards the south. temperatures here around 5-7d. south. temperatures here around 5—7d. highs of around eight or nine celsius but a pretty decent day all in all. wednesday again largely dry and settled. in the east if you are exposed to this north sea breeze down the coast. cloudier in the south—west and highs of 4—9d. goodbye. hello, this is bbc news. your headlines at just approaching 8:30pm... an 11—year—old girl has died two days after being knocked down in a hit and run incident in oldham. her 12—year—old cousin, who was with her, died at the scene. four men are being questioned. new photos are released of the gunman as turkey says it's close to identifying the man who attacked a nightclub on new year's eve. funerals are held for some of the 39 victims. funerals have been held for some of the 39 victims. police say a 23—year—old man — cameron logan — has been killed in a house fire started deliberately
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in glasgow — his partner is in a critical condition in hospital. the first wave of so—called garden villages, in england, are given the go—ahead. ministers say the aim is to create tens of thousands of new homes, from cornwall, to carlisle. and rail passengers are facing higher fares across the uk — as average price increases of 2.3% are introduced on the first weekday of the new year. now on bbc news — it's been a busy year in sport, from the olympics and euro 2016 to andy murray reaching the top of the tennis ranking. adam wild and jess creighton take us on a trip through the year's sporting highlights, in review 2016: the year in sport. hello and welcome to salford, the home of bbc sport.
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with the olympics, the paralympics, the european championship, and a whole host of other major sporting events, 2016 was a year that began full of optimism, and it did not disappoint.


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