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tv   Outside Source  BBCNEWS  January 2, 2017 9:00pm-9:31pm GMT

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hello, welcome to outside source. at least 60 people have died in a prison riot in brazil. it appears a fight between local drug gangs is behind this. these are the latest pictures to be released of the new year's eve gunmen in istanbul. we will also report on myanmar, because for the first time, the government has admitted muslims have been abused. it will also tell you about what happened to the world's major currencies last year and what is coming up in 2017. whether you are watching on bbc world news or here in the uk on the bbc news channel, welcome to the first edition of outside source the
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2017 and happy new year. we begin with a story of the utmost seriousness in brazil. it started on new year's day and only ended today. authorities have regained control but we believe dozens and dozens of people died. the bbc‘s correspondent in brazil has this report. local television pictures showed women and family members crying and screaming outside the jail. the riot a p pa re ntly screaming outside the jail. the riot apparently broke out during visiting hours on new year's day. the riot involved rival gangs attacking each other with weapons smuggled into the prison. there were horrific reports
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of many gang members being tortured and even decapitated after being taken hostage. many of brazil's overcrowded and underfunded and resourced jails are in effect run by drug gangs with the prison authorities are unwilling or unable to counteract the power and influence of gangland bosses who run their empires from within the walls. as night fell and armed police tried to regain control of the jail, reports emerged of the violence being committed inside. translation: my son is an inmate there. the police won't care about him. iwant there. the police won't care about him. i want to know how my son is. my him. i want to know how my son is. my son is in there. this is a bullet. a local security official said the death toll could be as high as 60. translation: there were deaths, unfortunately. there were deaths, unfortunately. we have some outside the prison who were thrown from the prison by the inmates themselves. there have been escapes. we don't know yet how many.
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we're already looking for the escapees in the forest and highways. riots and gang—related massacres are common atjails across brazil despite the authorities‘ efforts. almost 2a hours after the riot began, some sort of order had been restored. but this was more proof that brazil's broken prison system is in desperate need of reform. as we were explaining, the power of drugs gangs is one important factor but so is overcrowding. brazil has the world's fourth—largest prison population, estimated to be around 600,000 inmates. if we look at the map here as we go in, we have highlighted particular prison where this riot has taken place. we understand it was built for around 500 inmates but it could be holding at least double that. in the long term, the issue becomes more pronounced. this is one expert on organised crime in latin america, saying the current rate of increase, the prison population could be 1.9
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million eye to thousands 30. so a hugejump million eye to thousands 30. so a huge jump from where it already is. let's bring in the bbc‘s nellie barrera, working on the story for the bbc in sao paulo. before we get the bbc in sao paulo. before we get the details of this story, i've seen other reports of other riots, what can you tell me about that? just hours after the riots that we saw, two other riots were registered this afternoon in manaus in other detention centres. in one case in a prison where 1500 detention centres. in one case in a prison where1500 prisoners are held and it was built to hold just 500. a group of prisoners tried to escape and it was controlled by security guards. in another prison, yet another one, some prisoners tried to
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push the gates of the prison and we re push the gates of the prison and were also controlled by security guards. but none as violent as the one we saw yesterday and controlled by this morning. they have just updated the information about the number of prisoners who were actually killed and the number is actually killed and the number is actually 55. families of prisoners are actually waiting for some sort of information. given that overcrowding is creating such pressures , overcrowding is creating such pressures, nelly, why is the government still pursuing a policy which sees the prison population increase so much? yeah, well, the overcrowding is a problem, not a present problem but it goes a long way back here in brazil. there have been discussions and the ministry of justice have travelled to manaus to
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assess the situation and see if they can transfer some prisoners. what they are trying to do now is try to move some gang members from sao paulo to rio dejaneiro, two of the country's most important cities, where two of the most important drug gangs originated. they try to tra nsfer gangs originated. they try to transfer those inmates so that they could break up the gangs and that doesn't seem to be working. the government now faces his biggest challenge of how they are going to control the gangs that operate both inside and outside the prison here in brazil. and also to deal with a now growing population in the penitentiary system. thank you very much for the update. we will have ongoing coverage of this online in english in the bbc news and in
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spanish on as well. let's switch to turkey because there is still no sign of the gunmen behind the attack on new year's eve. we do have footage released by the authorities showing the moments the attack began. if you look here, you will see an explosion, a bullet hitting the tarmac of the road. after a little while, the gunmen took a taxi out of the boot of the carand appears in took a taxi out of the boot of the car and appears in the right of the shot as we look at it, firing as he walks. as the video continues he turns to his left and walks towards the entrance of the club. by the time he had finished the attack, 39 people had lost their lives. now the islamic state group is saying it was responsible for this, says it was a retaliation for turkish air strikes in the area against is. it's worth noting how is claimed responsibility for this. charlie winter, an expert
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on is, has picked up on this issue. this is what he says. he refers to central media, the main media accou nts central media, the main media a ccou nts of central media, the main media accounts of islamic state, not amaq, accounts of islamic state, not amaq, a news agency. he expands on this point. he is saying is sought to categorise istanbul as an attack it had directly organised rather than one itjust inspired. it wants us to put this attack in that first category. let's get an update on that manhunt. we are being told that the search for the gunmen could actually be
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over soon. deputy prime minister gave a news conference earlier today and he said we are very close to identifying who the gunmen is and they have found fingerprints and further evidence the video footage has emerged and pictures have emerged clearly showing the face of the gunmen. turkish media is broadcasting these pictures all the time. this circle, it feels like, is getting narrower and narrower and thatis getting narrower and narrower and that is what the officials here in turkey hope to end this manhunt. whether he is a turkish man, a foreign national, whether there are people behind him or whether he was acting on his own. so—called islamic state have claimed responsibility for the attack, but we still don't know whether this person, this gunmen, acted on his own or whether
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he is part of a cell operating in turkey. as well as this attack in new year's eve in the centre of istanbul, there have been a number of significant terror attacks in turkey in 2016. for instance, there were bombings at a major football for instance, there were bombings at a majorfootball stadium for instance, there were bombings at a major football stadium and also at the ataturk international airport in istanbul. we've also covered stories of attacks in ankara, the turkish capital, and we should emphasise the south—east of the country where the conflict with kurdish militants goes on. by my by my count, in the last 18 months orso, by my count, in the last 18 months or so, we've had a roundabout one death every day, civilian, police, army and so on and so forth. that causes a huge problem for turkey and the fact that turkey is also responding to its coup aftermath, from what happened injuly, shows
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that we have a stake in a huge state of confusion at the moment. i'm not necessarily saying it was neglect that caused this attack but it was very challenging at the moment for the turkish government to respond to an attack like this. in terms of islamic state, the turkish president changed tack quite markedly in 2016 as to how he would approach that. it would be politically difficult to turn and change tack again?m would be politically difficult to turn and change tack again? it would be extremely difficult for him. he said he would not go into syria without american backing. he wanted this safe zone that he created in syria in coordination with the free syrian army. to reverse again after that would be a hugely problematic and politically difficult thing for him to do. so it looks like for the moment at least he's going to stick with it. in terms of the attack at the nightclub, as many european governments have discovered, it is
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very ha rd to governments have discovered, it is very hard to stop one person with a powerful weapon killing people, however much money you invest in security. exactly. but i guess the humiliation, for lack of a better word, is the fact that this is new year's eve and there were multiple warnings from sources from turkish sources saying this would be a difficult day and there were thousands of police officers on the streets of istanbul. turkey has got a very sophisticated intelligence organisation but all of these did not seem to work together effectively to stop this latest across a tee. in terms of pressure on the security services, how much turnover has there been in staff since the attempted coup? this is a very difficult question to answer because a huge number of people have been new to theirjobs, many others are in prison, the problem is that this turnover in the civil service and thejudiciary this turnover in the civil service and the judiciary is this turnover in the civil service and thejudiciary is making it extremely difficult for people to actually create a coherent strategy, so there is no scrutiny in turkey.
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countries that don't ask awkward questions of themselves are countries that don't operate very effectively. just on our lead story, this prison riot in brazil, bbc brasil are covering this in portuguese. that will get you coverage in portuguese. now we must turn to another very serious day in baghdad because the islamic state group has struck again. we know this time at least 35 people died in the iraqi capital. we have highlighted a very well—known shia district of baghdad, sadr city. there were also two other car bombs in baghdad today, targeting or were close to shia hospitals. what we've seen today as part of a broader campaign from islamic state. you may not know
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this but is has its own news agency called amaq, which often carries information is wants to communicate. this is a breaking news strap telling as that is has claimed responsibility for today but what we've seen is really part of a broader push. this is new year's eve in baghdad, when there were two side attacks. this was new year's day, where there was another deadly attack. president hollande of france is visiting iraq at the moment, with french troops close to baghdad at a military base and he has talked about, despite the attacks today, is is retreating and will be beaten. i wa nted is retreating and will be beaten. i wanted to see if our correspondent from bbc arabic agreed with that. he looks at the situation in the middle east in huge amounts of detail. we been under pressure in the —— they have been under pressure in the mosul area recently but they
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have unable to launch attacks elsewhere and this is a trademark of how capable they are. so it's less about territory and more about killing people, as al-qaeda have done for many years? absolutely, it's more about guerrilla warfare and they are hitting urban areas, particularly in crowded areas like today, the square in the southern city where the attack took place was a very crowded area, someone brought the truck to the square where many labourers gather, it was a suicide bomber and their objective was to kill and bomber and their objective was to killand maim as bomber and their objective was to kill and maim as many people as possible. in a few minutes' time, i will be playing you a very clever report about the gaming industry and also about rory becoming a computer game character. you will see him in
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action as never before. see that in action as never before. see that in a few minutes. the first 1a areas in england to be selected for so—called garden villages have been announced in a bid to create tens of thousands of new homes. three larger garden towns have also been approved for buckinghamshire, somerset and the essex—hertfordshire border. the government says that the plans will help provide vital homes. but rural campaigners have warned there is still strong opposition to some of the projects. earlier i spoke to grant shapps, the local mp for welwyn garden city, one of the britain's first garden cities and a former housing minister in david cameron's government. what we have to do and i regret not doing more of it when i was housing minister is think how we're going to produce another1 million or 2 million homes but on a much larger scale and not just confining it to the south—east but looking at part of the country which need greater populations. and would benefit from and want to
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have the additional housing. hello, welcome to the bbc newsroom at outside source. nearly 60 people have died in a prison riot in brazil. a fight between rival gangs is said to be behind the violence. as i'm sure you know, 2016 brought a huge amount of attention on currencies and their fluctuations. the fall of the pound in the aftermath of brexit and the rupee was also under huge amounts of pressure at different points. here's a report taking a look at some of the main currencies in the world, where they are now and what 2017 may bring. at the start of 2016 it was all about the japanese yen. asia's
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ha rd est about the japanese yen. asia's hardest working central banker did everything in his power to weaken the yen, but nothing, not even negative interest rates, worked. everyone said 2016 would be a tough yearfor everyone said 2016 would be a tough year for the everyone said 2016 would be a tough yearfor the yen. as everyone said 2016 would be a tough year for the yen. as all this was going on, the chinese economy was firing. chinese individuals began selling more —— sending more of their cash overseas. then came the first big shock, the vote for brexit. the stirling slammed against the us dollar after the uk unexpectedly voted to leave the european union in june. unexpectedly voted to leave the european union injune. it's lost about 15% of its value. how has that uncertainty led to more —— all of that uncertainty led to more value for the yen. and then trumpflation hit. donald trump won the us election and the dollar soared.
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through it all, the chinese yuan kept falling. so where does that bring us to at the beginning of 2017? the us dollar is at the strongest level it's seen in years and it looks set to stay that way. the british pound has lost a fifth of its value since the brexit vote. a new normal, perhaps. and the japanese yen, what negative interest rates couldn't do, mr trump did, and finally the japanese yen is weakening against a strong dollar. the chinese yuan looks to continue its strong march downwards against the us dollar, for now at least. first time i've heard the word trumpflation! thanks for that. now, a great report on the gaming industry that also sees rory being made into a character in a game. we've not seen rory pulled these kind of moves before. have a look. look straight ahead,
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straight at this postcard, what we are going to do is get you to do a range of emotions. grrr! in the studio in oxford, i'm preparing for a role in a world war two blockbuster. not a movie, but a video game. oh, my leg... laughter so this is the first stage in making me a character in the game and now i'm going to have to pull a lot of funny faces. so, wrinkled, screwed up face. it's going to take many weeks but eventually i will be a character, a goodie i hope, in sniper elite 4. in 2017, this will be a major release from rebellion — one of britain's biggest independent games firms. when we first visit, back in september, they have a lot on their plate, including crucially a game for the sony vr launch. a big investment with a lot hanging on it. when they embarked on this project back 18 months ago, there was a great deal more scepticism about how successful vr was likely to be. so it really was a punt —
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or i should say a smart gamble. to undertake it at all. these guys and girls here play games professionally from morning until night. it is a quarter of a century since jason kingsley and his brother chris started rebellion. when my brother and i started rebellion, we were always being talked about as if we were wiz—kids. and we are not really any more. we are not kids. so we are grown adults with a quite a big corporation behind us and we make entertainment that sells across the world. i mean, china, consumers in china buy our games, consumers in brazil, all these emerging markets are very exciting for us. obviously if i see something wrong... roughly 200 people work here from across europe. but one thing strikes me. i can't help noticing a lot of men, very few women. is it getting any easier for women to get into the games industry? yeah, i would say so. i mean, me growing up, i would not have even dreamt about getting into games, but for the last ten years it seems
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like the doors have been more open. especially for women. two months later, we returned to rebellion to find out what they have done with my face. i suppose it is quite a good likeness. what happens next? we will take this high resolution model and we will put it into the game and we will see what you look like in that. 0k. so i'm a goodie, am i? yes, you are currently the hero of the sniper elite series. i have been transformed into a ruthless, all—action soldier. in in the world of video games, anything is possible! let's turn to a story we have covered a lot on outside source, the allegations of human rights abuses against a muslim minority in myanmar. before i play the video i should say it contains upsetting scenes. this is being filmed by a police
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officer and as you can see, other police officers are beating the person sitting on the floor. they and all of the other people sitting on the floor are muslims whose home is ra hane state. the government says it is simply conducting counterterrorism. on this video it says that footage was filmed in november, as the police conducted an operation after police officers were shot, one fatally. here is celia hatton, with her analysis. there were some previous videos. around a dozen have surfaced
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from rohingya themselves laying look, there has been abused in this state and this is how the police we re state and this is how the police were treating us and they were a lwa ys were treating us and they were always dismissed by the government as fake. this is different because it shows and office are almost taking a selvie and casually smoking a cigarette while the abuses going on behind him. it's clear he's there and he's part of it and there is no dispute as to what is going on in the video. this time the government has really not unable to ignore it. is this part of a broader shift in approach orjust is this part of a broader shift in approach or just a is this part of a broader shift in approach orjust a specific response to one video? it seems it isjust a specific response to one video. at first the government said it would ta ke first the government said it would take action against the police in the video. most people don't really feel that those police are going to suffer any serious punishments. the sta nce suffer any serious punishments. the stance of the government all along has been just to defend what it's
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doing in that state against the wishes of people like the un human rights chief who has said that ethnic cleansing is going on in the state and many of myanmar neighbours are calling out to say that something needs to be done, this is human rights violations on a mass scale. we have an estimated 50,000 people who fled to bangladesh, according to the bangladesh authorities. the un has that number around 311,000 but many of those people who fled, witnesses say systematic torture, rape and murder are going on in rakhine state and the government really hasn't done much. that is it for the first half of outside source, i will be back in a couple of minutes. good evening. it's been a fairly chilly but clear and largely dry day too. our weather watchers have been out snapping the weather today and
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here is a beautiful scene of the sunset sitting over the river in east sussex there. some clear skies around as we head through the evening and to the overnight period. temperatures already dropping rapidly, a particular cult night across parts of central and southern england and wales. —— particular gold. watch out for cold weather if you are heading back to work on tuesday. across rural parts we could see lows down around 5 degrees. less in the way of frost in the north—west, cloud rushing in and a milder started tuesday for parts of scotland. quite windy towards the north and sunlight drizzly rain across western scotland too. for northern ireland and northern england, some drizzly rain around. as we head down the east coast of england, clear spells allowing a cold start to tuesday morning so a sharp frost as well as the chance of seeing some mist and some freezing fog patches around southern england
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and wales too. during tuesday, lots of dry weather on the cards. a bit of dry weather on the cards. a bit of rain in the west of scotland and perhaps into northern ireland but the north—west keeps most of the cold, whereas south and east it will stay quite dry with some sunny spells breaking through. around six or7 spells breaking through. around six or 7 degrees. further north, slightly milder. as we move through into the middle of the week, it is high pressure that dominates the forecast. a weak front pushing its way through south as we head into wednesday. nothing on that front really, producing the odd spot of rain but it will produce colder air which starts to pile in from a northerly direction. if you expected that wind coming in from the north sea, it will feel pretty chilly. elsewhere, cloud tends to thin break as it shifts south—west through the day. temperatures by the afternoon ranging between about four and 9 degrees or so. no great changes in
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the weather as we look towards thursday. another chilly day with wintry sunshine, slightly milder with perhaps tom rain in the north—west as we get to friday. that's how it's looking, more on our website. this is outside source. these are some of our main story: in brazil almost 60 people have died in a prison riot. a fight between rival drug gangs is said to be behind the violence. translation: there were deaths, u nfortu nately. we translation: there were deaths, unfortunately. we have some outside the prison who was thrown from the prison by the inmates themselves. turkey says they have the identity of the gunmen who attacked an istanbul nightclub. these are pictures of him. is said they directed the attack. president obama is back from holiday, back in washington, dc, he may only have a few days left in the white house but he is working hard today to try and save obama care for stuff we will
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