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tv   Outside Source  BBC News  January 2, 2017 9:30pm-10:00pm GMT

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this is outside source. these are some of our main story: in brazil almost 60 people have died in a prison riot. a fight between rival drug gangs is said to be behind the violence. translation: there were deaths, u nfortu nately. we translation: there were deaths, unfortunately. we have some outside the prison who was thrown from the prison by the inmates themselves. turkey says they have the identity of the gunmen who attacked an istanbul nightclub. these are pictures of him. is said they directed the attack. president obama is back from holiday, back in washington, dc, he may only have a few days left in the white house but he is working hard today to try and save obama care for stuff we will explain what his plan is. and the latest on the premier league and the final of the world darts championship which is happening right now, michael van gerwen from the netherlands is up against gary anderson. —— save obama care. still no sign of the gunmen behind
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the istanbul attack on new year's eve. we do, though, have new footage. we just showed you it briefly. let's have a look in detail. it shows the moment is the attack happened outside the nightclub. you can see the bullets coming off the tarmac. and a few moments later, the gunmen, who arrived by taxi, arrivesjust moments later, the gunmen, who arrived by taxi, arrives just the right of shot. he is already firing. then he turns to his left and makes his way into the club. he killed 39 people. is are saying this particular attack was retaliation to turkish air strikes against is positions in syria. it is worth noting how it claimed responsibility. we were talking about this early in the programme. charlie winter said it claimed it
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through its central media channel, which suggests, in his assessment, that it which suggests, in his assessment, thatitis which suggests, in his assessment, that it is trying to say it directed this. it coordinated this attack. this wasn't just somebody who was inspired by is. let's talk to our security correspondent frank gardner. do you agree with charlie's analysis, that is wants to position this attack as one of its bigger, more coordinated efforts? to some extent they are still trying to say, we are still a force to be reckoned with. the caliphate is not yet defeated. we are still around. in a way it doesn't really matter, sort of, whether it is directed, whether it is inspired, the fact is the ideology is still out there. falling this comes down to better intelligence and better security. let's not beat around the bush, turkish intelligence, which can be very good, failed to this instance. it canfail very good, failed to this instance. it can fail in many countries. but they had warning the attacks were
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possible. they had extra security on the streets. this was a high—profile place. a lot of people had come from around the middle east to celebrate new year's eve there, yet there was hardly any security to stop this quy- hardly any security to stop this guy. it was a failure both of intelligence and of security. one of theissues intelligence and of security. one of the issues we've discussed before after other is attacks has been the issue of countries sharing intelligence. we talked about it after brussels and after paris. is there any progress in all of these countries under threat helping each other? to some extent. the biggest problem is in europe, where there are attempts to try and do this. but national intelligence agencies are very reluctant to share sensitive intelligence, sensitive information that has come from informants, because they do not want... this often because they do not want... this ofte n co m es because they do not want... this often comes down to the timely sharing of it. a lot of the problem
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is different names. is tends to use nicknames. these are not the real names and the spellings are often different. and that confuses western intelligence agencies. what has marked is as being different is that it doesn't just carry marked is as being different is that it doesn'tjust carry out terror attacks it seeks to gather territory. francois hollande said mosul will fall maybe by the summer, inafew mosul will fall maybe by the summer, in a few months‘ time, do you agree with this assessment that despite baghdad today, istanbul on new year‘s eve, is is still being driven there? two things are certain. is will hughes mosul and rack. we don‘t know when but they will —— is will lose mosul and raqqa. then it becomes an insurgency, as opposed to a fixed state with a fixed army. there was a big dispute between al-qaeda leader back in 2011 and so—called islamic state. al-qaeda
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did not approve of them declaring the caliphate. —— between al-qaeda backin the caliphate. —— between al-qaeda back in 2011. osama bin laden always said it was too early to establish a caliphate. he said this was a long—term game. 20 years, maybe 30 yea rs, long—term game. 20 years, maybe 30 years, there will come a time, now is not the right time. their ways —— there is a dispute amongst the group brought about this. there is a dispute amongst the group brought about thislj there is a dispute amongst the group brought about this. i understand there is a big coalition to retake mosul. mosul is likely to fall. raqqa is in syria, a more complex country than iraq with different security elements pulling in different directions. why are you so sure that raqqa is going to fall?|j don‘t think it will be in the next three months. i wouldn‘t put a date on it. but it cannot survive. especially with donald trump, to the
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white house, taking on the presidency, and he has vowed to, you know, stamp them out, as it were. for as long as they have got a de fa cto for as long as they have got a de facto capital, that claim is going to look pretty silly, it will undermine his, sort of, thrust of his overseas foreign policy in the middle east, you know, as it forms. the number of groups that are lining up the number of groups that are lining up there, i think eventually will provide an overwhelming force. the syrian civil war, which has sustained is, ironically, isn‘t going to go on forever. it has taken a terrible toll on that country. it has driven refugees out of the country in their millions. but it cannot go on forever. even if the current russian turkish peace deal, the ceasefire, doesn‘t hold, are the ones will eventually come to the fore that well. and there will be an accommodation of the regime in some form and eventually raqqa will fall.
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thanks very much. let‘s bring you up—to—date with all of the main sport stories. the premier league first, games coming thick and fast this time of year. the latest round was today. ollie foster has been following everything from the bbc sport centre. pick some out. the european leagues are their winter breaks. we‘ve had just one day in the last eight weather hasn‘t been a premier league match. we had six today. leaders chelsea not playing until wednesday against spurs. it is a chance for the other teams to play catch up a little bit. liverpool were six points behind in second place, surely they will get a win at sunderland. they twice took the lead by daniel sturridge and mane. but it ended in a draw. they
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are five points away from chelsea 110w. are five points away from chelsea now. manchester city up to third, they beat burnley. fernandinho was sent off in the first half, their captain, it is the third time in six games he has got a red card. gael clichy and aguero helped them to a 2-1 clichy and aguero helped them to a 2—1win against burnley. pep guardiola, should he be happy? he gave a very awkward interview to bbc sport‘s damien johnson after the match. we won against a lot of circumstances and a tough game. we are happy for that. what was your view of the red card for fernandinho? you are the journalists, not me. you don't seem that happy you have won. —— journalist. more than you believe. you are not showing it.|j journalist. more than you believe. you are not showing it. i am so happy, believe me, happy new year. our manchester city still in the
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title race? yesterday no, today, yes. -- are. another interview he gave to an american broadcaster was released after that match against burnley. he said he would be in manchester for the next three seasons, manchester for the next three seasons, maybe more, buti manchester for the next three seasons, maybe more, but i am coming towards the end of my coaching role, i feel the process of my goodbye has already started. one other notable result, manchester united beat west ham 2—0. are still in sixth position, but level on points with spasin position, but level on points with spas in this position. —— with totte n ha m spas in this position. —— with tottenham in fiveth position. i hope they don‘t beat tottenham, because i ama they don‘t beat tottenham, because i am a tottenham fan. chuckles thanks very much. more sport information on the website.
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now, the cricket, the supreme court has ordered the head of the cricket board to resign, this is following a whole range of match fixing scandal, we have more on this story. what we have seen today is a major development but it isn‘t entirely unexpected. we sing the stand—off between the indian supreme court and the cricket board of india go on the several months. —— we have seen the stand—off. the supreme court ordered the bcci to implement major changes in the way the body was being run. the changes they asked for included restricting government ministers and bureaucrats from contesting elections, limiting the number of terms for which officials can be appointed, bringing the bcci under the right information act, which is a law in india, which allows ordinary citizens of the country to make an application at ask for
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information about anybody. it could be things about finances. it could be things about finances. it could be information about how certain appointments have been made. the bcci was always reluctant in permit these reforms. they did make some changes but they didn‘t implement everything. that‘s the reason why we have seen this decision taken by the supreme court today. the man in the spotlight, who until this morning was the president of the bcci has perhaps one of the most powerful cricket administrators in the world, did come out with a statement. he defended his record. he said the bcci was the best managed sports body in india, but that he respects the supreme court‘s decision. what happens for the bcci now? the supreme court said over the next few months it‘ll appoint a new committee to run the board but every member, every official, will have to sign an undertaking, saying they will implement the reforms that the supreme court has asked bowl. --
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asked for. latest on a rowing race across the atlantic. tim moffat has met people taking part. why embark on a journey as arduous as this? 3000 miles unsupported, rowing across the atlantic. for some, toby, rory and harry, the a nswer some, toby, rory and harry, the answer is clear, as they explain before setting off. ten years ago my brother passed away. —— sam. he took his life. i‘ve always wanted to do something in his memory. that is why we are here. when he died i was really unaware of what a major problem suicide was, particularly among young men. the idea is to get more young men talking about any problems they might have. the problems they might have. the problem with guys is they see opening up about their feelings as a
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feminine thing. they almost want to cu rate feminine thing. they almost want to curate their lives and cast an image of themselves that may interest others, or something others might be interested by. the reality is there was a lot going on underneath all of that and guys find it difficult to do so, because they don‘t want to ruin that image they have built up. last year nikki, helen, frances and jeanette, the yorkshire rose, completed the same journey and became the first all—female crew to do so. we took a lot of inspiration from the yorkshire rose. incredible what they achieved. money raised will fund new crisis centres, places where people who need help can find it. the first to open will be in liverpool and will be called james‘ place. i know when times are tough, when we are rowing, i can always remember exactly why we are doing
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it. and i know that my brother, james, will be looking at all four of us and will be our guiding light. let me update you on the darts. it is the bbc world darts championship final happening right now. unless something very strange happens, this man, michael van gerwen, will become the new world champion. he has won it once before. he has been focused on this all year. he has won 25 tournaments. he says none of them matter if he doesn‘t win tonight. he is looking good. he is 6—2 in sets, he need seven to win the whole thing. it‘ll need a big comeback from gary anderson, who is trying to win three world titles in a row. it is looking unlikely because this guy is looking unlikely because this guy is playing amazing. we‘ve never seen anything like it. in the semifinal he hit the highest average ever seen in the world championship. quite something. one of our regular
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viewers, and a well—known us news anchor, has sent a message asking if we can perhaps throw darts at the screen. i don‘t think so. if you wa nt to screen. i don‘t think so. if you want to follow the final and you cannot get access to live tv coverage, follow it through the live page, excellent coverage on the bbc news sport page. inafew news sport page. in a few minutes we will be going live to washington, dc to talk about, well, two stories, russian diplomats who have been expelled by barack obama diplomats who have been expelled by ba rack obama who diplomats who have been expelled by barack obama who has arrived back home. but also president obama is in washington to try and do more work to save obama care, so we will talk about that, too. the british art critic, writer, and painterjohn bird has died. his
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best—known work was ways of seeing, a criticism of western cultural athletics, and he also one —— won the booker prize. our arts correspondent met him at his home. the activity of riding has been, for me, a helpful one. it allows me to make sense of things and continue. i wa nt to make sense of things and continue. i want to question that some of the assumptions... john burda, a young artist, who became a writer, who persuaded the bbc to make him —— let him makea persuaded the bbc to make him —— let him make a television programme about how the way we view art has changed. his programmes turned out to be as iconic as the art he talked about. today he lives in paris with
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an old friend and a bad back. we had four months to make these programmes. with nobody ever coming to see us. after four months, and an incredible amount of editing and reediting, we offered it to them as a fait accompli. in the circumstances of making television, these things could never happen again, and it was miraculous. the process of seeing paintings or anything else is less spontaneous and natural than we tend to believe. a large part of seeing depends upon habit and intervention. is there a right way and therefore a wrong way of looking at art? it's quite disturbing... to watch the public. people come in. they stand in front
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ofa painting. people come in. they stand in front of a painting. they take a picture. and they move on. a fellow booker prizewinner said john burda teaches us prizewinner said john burda teaches us how to think, how to feel, and how to stare at things until we see what we thought wasn‘t there. —— john burger. thanks forjoining me for the first outside source of the year. our lead story: almost 60 people have died at a prison riot in brazil. a fight between rival gangs is said to have started the violence. let‘s have a quick look at what you have coming up quick look at what you have coming up after outside source. world news america will introduce you to a young man whose down‘s syndrome isn‘t holding him back. hisjourney has inspired many. you will find out
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how. in the uk, the news at ten, the report from northern ireland on an attempt to get catholic and protesta nt attempt to get catholic and protestant schools to share facilities. there are two stories i want to talk to laura about, she is in washington, the first is that in the last few hours barack obama has got back to washington after a holiday in hawaii. donald trump is going to ta ke in hawaii. donald trump is going to take over on the 20th, but it seems there is still plenty of work for there is still plenty of work for the president to do. there is a tweet from a good source, telling us that obama is heading to capitol hill to save obama care. happy new year, good to have you here again on outside source. what can he do in the remaining days to make sure he can shore up this health care programme? what he is trying to do is exploit the split and the republicans. they are split on what should replace
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obama care. critically, there are republicans in areas where trump voters are worried about losing their coverage and lawmakers are responding to that pressure. this is the president going to capitol hill. remember, he‘s been talking to donald trump a lot on the phone about this. we know he has suggested about this. we know he has suggested a couple of things trump could keep in obama care. so this is the president trying to rally democrats and saving what he sees as his key achievement, 20 million people have signed up, people who didn‘t have health insurance before, and the president desperately trying to keep it. it feels like president obama is working furiously, taking out major policy decisions right up to the end. i don‘t recall george w bush or bill clinton doing that, or is my memory playing tricks on me? it isn‘t uncommon. what is uncommon here is the chasm that exists
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between democrats and republicans over things like the environment. donald trump says he wants to roll back all of those regulations president obama has introduced. and on affordable health care. we‘ve also seen on that question of russia‘s interference with the us election. the president rushing to slap new measures on russia in his closing days. you mentioned russia, let‘s talk about them now. i will show everybody watching some pictures we have got. this is a plane carrying the 35 russian diplomats president obama has expelled. this is then coming home, landing in moscow. they have been kicked out because barack obama believed russia hacked the republican party and leaked —— hacked the democratic party and lea ked hacked the democratic party and leaked those e—mails connected to hillary clinton. why has he done this so close to the end of his
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term? it is because he has received a unanimous assessment from the intelligence agencies saying that they believe russia was behind this hacking of the democrats‘ e—mails. he wants to do something now. donald trump has clearly that he wants a warmer relationship with russia. and he‘s also cast doubt on the idea russia was behind the hacking. the president feeling urgently he must do something. but there has been a new tweet from donald trump. he has said that i know things other people don‘t know about this alleged hacking. he said he will reveal what he knows in the next couple of days. already his incoming spokesman to the white house has had to walk back from that saying it won‘t be revelatory what donald trump will come up with. but the key here is that donald trump resent any idea that donald trump resent any idea that russia intervened to help him win the election, because that casts doubt on his victory. he is pushing ha rd doubt on his victory. he is pushing hard against that one. just tell us about the transition of
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power. on the 20th, is very straight moment where president obama stops having the power and donald trump receives it? it's receives it? it‘s the swearing in. it‘s the moment donald trump is sworn in. that‘s the moment he moves from being president elect to being potus president of the united states. already the transition is happening. the white house cannot process the entire staff leaving on the same day. in the next two and a half weeks obama staff will be handing in their security. they will be signed out. all of that. a big moment in washington as we move from one administration to a very, very different one indeed. these are going to be exciting times. and as the vice president elect would say, strapped in, it‘s going to be quite the right. i‘m sure it is. you will be helping us i‘m sure it is. you will be helping us through it. thanks very much.
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needless to say, whether you are watching in the uk, or anywhere else in the world, you will have extensive coverage of donald trump‘s inauguration on the 20th ofjanuary. just one last word on the darts... in the last few moments michael van gerwen has won the world darts championship in what is being widely held as one of the greatest darts matches we‘ve ever seen. he beat gary anderson, the reigning champion, so there will be delirium in parts of the netherlands. there is definitely delirium in north london where the event is taking place. quite an atmosphere. you can get much more on the darts on the bbc sport app. i will be back tomorrow night at the same time. goodbye. hgppy happy new year. 2016 ended on a relatively mild and cloudy note.
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2017 has kicked off with a different feel. it has been clearer and colder. we have had views like one of —— like this one here. over the next few days things are staying largely settled. there will be some frost around overnight but also wintry sunshine coming through by day, too. we have high pressure sitting out towards the west. still windy towards the north—east. we have a lot of isobars on the map. this frontal system trying to move in. through tuesday, things start cold and frosty. there will be wintry sunshine across southern part of the country. further north, more cloud, milder conditions, eight to 9 degrees. on the north—west of scotla nd degrees. on the north—west of scotland it will be drizzly and windy. further south, lighter winds and more in the way of brightness. over tuesday night and into wednesday, once again a plunge of cold aircoming in wednesday, once again a plunge of cold air coming in from the arctic particularly affecting these exposed north sea coasts. for eastern
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scotla nd north sea coasts. for eastern scotland and eastern england there will be some but it will feel chilly and there could be showers coming in. dry elsewhere, cloudy towards south—west, eight to 9 degrees, further east temperatures typically four to five. high pressure is dominating the weather on wednesday. we also have this frontal system which is decaying towards the south—west. wednesday night will be cold, right down the spine of the country you can see those temperatures, even in the towns and cities down below freezing. in the countryside, a very cold and frosty start to thursday. high pressure remains on thursday. these frontal systems will pivot, they will try to move back in from the north—west as we end the week. thursday will be dry and quiet once again. a great deal of sunshine. a cold filter the weather. some places not getting about three degrees. —— cold feel. this breeze will come from the south west. this frontal push its way
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across the uk. it is weakening as it does so, but there will be a spell of wet and windy weather moving gradually southwards across the country through the course friday. bringing a milder theme but also some cloud and outbreaks rain. that will linger for a some cloud and outbreaks rain. that will lingerfor a time on some cloud and outbreaks rain. that will linger for a time on saturday. it should ease away towards the south. allowing high pressure, once again, dreyer, cooler conditions to return as we move through the course of saturday. —— dryer. for sunday and beyond, we should see a northerly influence, once again, to the weather. a cold spell as we start next week. it looks like high pressure will be the dominant factor, in fact, as we had through the course of next week. but some uncertainty about the position of this high pressure. the most likely scenario is the high will be towards the south—west, drawing in an atla ntic the south—west, drawing in an atlantic influence, so it‘ll be relatively mild, cloudy towards the north—west, but sunny and frosty towards the south—east. less likely scenario is that it could be more
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towards the north—east and that will draw in this flow of air from the likes of scandinavia and northern parts of europe, bringing colder, clearer conditions with more sunshine by day and frost overnight. either way, it looks like with the high—pressure things are set to stay mostly dry next week. not as chilly as chilly as it has been this week with a return to frost and fog at times. —— not as chilly as it has been. most of those who died were foreigners. we‘ll be live in istanbul with the very latest. also on the programme: a second girl has died, after a hit and run on new year‘s eve in oldham. new year, new rail fares. prices rise above inflation again, with the government saying it‘ll help pay for modernisation. it isn‘t so much the paintings themselves which i want to consider, as the way we now see them. the influential art critic
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