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welcome to bbc news, broadcasting to viewers in north america and around the globe. our top stories: turkish officials say they are closer to identifying this suspect, who is wanted for the deadly istanbul nightclub attack. so—called islamic state says it is behind the shootings. as details of the 39 people who died begin to emerge, the hunt for their killer goes on. back in control — the end of a prison riot in brazil, that left 56 inmates dead and visiting families distraught. donald trump rejects north korean claims that it is in the final stages of developing a nuclear missile capable of reaching the us. and a walk on the hilly side. what is it like to live on the world's steepest residential road? hello.
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authorities in turkey believe they are close to identifying the man who killed 39 people in an attack on a new year party at a nightclub. security officials have released this footage, which they say shows the suspect filming himself on a cellphone in the centre of istanbul. it is thought he is walking around taksim square. turkish police looking for this suspect have raided several addresses in istanbul, and arrested 12 people. during the day some of the first funerals were held for victims, as our correspondent mark lowen reports. it is slowly sinking in. grief binding together a nation pulled apart by terror. they mourned 23—year—old yunus gormek, killed in the attack on the reina nightclub. a student working there
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for new year's eve, who was simply in the wrong place. at his funeral, his colleague tuvala tugsavul. she took refuge from the gunman in the bathroom. i was in the toilet. the electricity went out. and i was like, yes, ok, that's all. and i said my last goodbyes to one of my friends, telling, 0k, goodbye, that's all, i love you. you thought that was the end? yes, that was the end. and i thought because the gun shootings stopped, and then i was thinking myself, he is going to — i think he's going to explode himself, and we're going to die in the toilets, in the bathroom. including yunus, 39 people were killed. and their stories are emerging. fatih cakmak, who survived last month's bombing at a football stadium in istanbul, but died in this attack. rita sami, from lebanon, who told her friend she was worried about coming to istanbul,
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but had already booked and paid. and mustafa seymen, recently engaged. his fiancee wrote, "i lost my other half, my partner, my love." the attack took just seven minutes. after shooting his way into the nightclub, the gunman sprayed 180 bullets. he is still on the run. new pictures of him now released. the islamic state group said they were behind it, in revenge for turkey's attacks in syria. most of the dead and injured were tourists. francois, from lebanon, was shot, but had an incredibly lucky escape. the first bullet came from here. it passed from here, and the explosion, something explosion, and it passed by here. and it come here, but the passport, lebanese passport, saved me,
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saved my heart. perched on the bosporus, reina had a prime location, an attack giving him prime exposure. from here, you can see how high—profile, how luxurious the target was. reina was a symbol of the high—life side of istanbul, where alcohol flowed and parties ran late. it is an element of the city that many turks and foreigners cherish, but they now fear is under threat. it is now an urgent race to catch the man who destroyed so many lives. it can't escape from terror. you saw some of the victims of the attack there in mark's reports. we can tell you a little more about some of the 39 people who lost their lives. one was working for a private security company at the nightclub. she was 27 years old, and has a three—year—old daughter. abis rivzi was a bollywood producer, one of the 25 foreigners killed in the attack.
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he was a9, on holiday in turkey with friends from india. bollywood stars have paid tribute to him on social media. burak yildiz was among the gunman‘s first victims. the 21—year—old police officer had been deployed to guard the club entrance on new year's eve. leanne nasser was one of the youngest to die. just 18, from israel, she had travelled to istanbul for a weekend break with friends. a little earlier, we asked our correspondent mark lowen how turkey is reacting to this claim of responsibility from the extremist group that calls itself islamic state. well, they have not commented officially on the claim of responsibility. they have focused more on their efforts to find the gunman, saying that they have detained eight people in connection with the attack, and that after forensic evidence and with a basic description of the gunman, they believe they are close to identifying him. i suppose they are not commenting
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directly because the claim of responsibility is linking directly to turkey's actions in syria. is saying that this is a revenge attack for turkey's attacks in syria. of course, turkey launched a ground operation back in september in the north of syria, to push is back and to push kurdish militias back from the turkish border area. so the government does not want to give credence to that kind of threat, i suppose. it does show that is cells are being consolidated here in turkey, and that they — that the group is trying to carry out more attacks here, perhaps as their territory in iraq and syria is beginning to disintegrate. several syrian rebel groups are saying they have suspended their preparations for the peace talks planned in kazakhstan later this month, brokered by turkey and russia. they blame violations of the ceasefire by the syrian government. a monitoring group based in britain claims government planes have
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carried out more raids on a district near damascus. israel's prime minister, benjamin netanyahu, has been questioned for three hours by police investigating allegations of corruption. he met the officers at his official residence. he has denied any wrongdoing. there have been claims he may have illegally accepted gifts from businessmen. hong kong's former leader donald tsang has pleaded not guilty to charges of corruption. he is the territory's highest—ranking official to face such charges. he is accused of two counts of misconduct in public office and one of bribery, both relating to a luxury flat he was renting in southern china. for the first time in more than half a century, the bestselling car in sweden last year was not a volvo. the brand, which is now owned by the chinese group zhejiang geely, saw its v70 and v90 models knocked off the top slot by the latest volkswagen golf. the last time volvo lost to foreign competition was in 1962, when the volkswagen beetle
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was the number one seller. brazilian officials say 56 inmates have been killed in a prison riot. the fighting broke out between rival drug gangs at the jail in manaus, in the north of the country. a warning — this report from our south america correspondent wyre davies contains some flashing images. local television pictures showed women and family members crying, screaming, outside the jail, as the riot broke out apparently during visiting hours on new year's day. the violence at the largestjail, in the northern city of manaus, involved rival gangs attacking each other with guns and other weapons smuggled into the prison. there were horrific reports of many rival gang members being tortured, and even being decapitated, after being taken hostage. as night fell, and armed police tried to regain control of the jail, reports emerged of the violence being committed inside. translation: my son is an inmate there. the police won't care about him. i want to know how my son is. my son's in there.
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this is a bullet. a local security official said the death toll could be as high as 60. translation: there were deaths, unfortunately. we have some outside the prison, who were thrown from the prison by the inmates themselves. there have been escapes. we don't know yet how many. we're already looking for the escapees in the forest and highways. this is possibly the worst prison massacre in brazil since 1992, when 111 inmates were killed, most of them by armed police, as they retook the carandiru jail. many of brazil's overcrowded prisons are, in effect, run by powerful drug gangs, with the authorities unable to counteract the power in influence of gangland bosses, who run their empires from within. so prison riots and gang—related massacres are increasingly common. 2a hours after the manaus riot began, some sort of order had been restored.
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but this was more proof that brazil's broken prison system is in desperate need of reform. well, on monday the islamic state group also claimed responsibility for a series of car bombs in the iraqi capital. the most deadly hit a busy square in the eastern, shia district of sadr city. at least 35 people were killed, 61 injured. the so—called islamic state says it specifically targeted a gathering of shia. all this as the french president, francois hollande, was visiting the country. he met french forces at a base just outside baghdad, and held talks with the iraqi prime minister, haider al—abadi. he then headed north to meet kurdish peshmerga forces, including the kurdish leader, massoud barzani. in baghdad, he once again pledged french support for the battle against the so—called islamic state. translation: there has been an attack here in baghdad as we speak, but the islamic state group is retreating. france, in the context of the coalition, offers support,
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advice, assistance, and intervenes. it intervenes with its air force, and also with its artillery, allowing the iraqi forces to enter mosul. but we are doing this with one precaution, with one demand, and that is protection of civilian populations. and you, yourself, are personally very involved. the fire started on monday. flames we re the fire started on monday. flames were spread quickly by high winds and hot weather. 19 people have been injured, most are inhaling smoke. the governor has declared a red alert in the region. in bangladesh, half of girls are married by the age of 18, according to figures from unicef. bangladesh has one of the highest rates of child marriage in the world.
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but, as more and more women get a better education, and earn their own money, they are refusing to stay trapped in violent marriages. kasia madera has the story of two women who found the courage to get a divorce, despite society's disapproval. the number of women getting divorced in bangladesh is increasing. it is a predominantly muslim country, and traditionally it has been difficult for womn to divorce their husbands. but in 2015, things started changing. seven out of ten divorces granted in the capital were initiated by women. ayesha is a vocational school manager. despite being abused, she really tried to make her marriage work. when she finally decided to get divorced, her own parents froze her out, and stopped speaking to her. a survey of over 20,000 women found that a staggering 80% had suffered
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from domestic abuse. this woman lives in one of dhaka's many slum areas. she suffered domestic violence at the hands of her husband. bangladesh has one of the highest rates of child marriage in the world. most women don't get to choose who their spouse will be, so when a marriage turns sour, many feel they have no choice but to stay with their husbands. but ayesha and maleka decided to defy social convention by ending their marriages,
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and both insist that they are much happier living alone. more women in bangladesh are choosing to do the same. stay with us on bbc news. much more to come, including this: follow that cab. wejoin to come, including this: follow that cab. we join zimbabwe to come, including this: follow that cab. wejoin zimbabwe police to come, including this: follow that cab. we join zimbabwe police as they flagged down the illegal taxis causing havoc on the streets. the japanese people are mourning, following the death of emperor hirohito. thousands converged on the imperial palace to pay their respects when it was announced he was dead. good grief. after half a century of delighting fans around the world, charlie brown and the rest of the gang are calling it quits. the singer paul simon starts his tour of south africa tomorrow, in spite of protests and violence from some black activist groups. they say international artists should continue to boycott south africa until majority rule is established. teams were trying to scoop up lumps of oil as france recognises it faces an ecological crisis.
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three weeks ago, the authorities confidently assured these areas that oil from the broken tanker erika would head out to sea. it didn't. the world's tallest skyscraper opens today. the burj dubai has easily overtaken its nearest rivals. this is bbc news. good to have you with us. the latest headlines: turkish officials say they're close to identifying the suspect in the deadly istanbul nightclub attack, as so—called islamic state says it was behind the shootings. a prison riot in brazil ends with 56 inmates dead after fighting breaks out between rival drug gangs. the us president—elect has dismissed north korea's latest claim to be developing a missile capable of delivering a nuclear strike against the united states. in a tweet, donald trump highlighted a boast in the new year message from north korea's leader kim jong—un that preparations for a missile launch had
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reached the final stage. mr trump's view on that: it's not clear if he's expressing doubts about north korea's nuclear capabilities or is planning preventive action. live now to the bbc‘s steve evans in seoul. according to mrtrump, according to mr trump, north korea will not become a nuclear power. no kids and no buts. what is the thinking they're about what mr trump means? -- ifs. that is a very good question. people don't know what to make of it. it is 140 characters and a way of making policy statement. north korea, this is from the president—elect, north korea to stated it is in the final stages of developing a nuclear weapon capable of reaching parts of the us. it won't happen. those three words. mr trump could mean he doesn't think the technological progress will be made. he could be indicating he
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thinks the regime will collapse. before the election. he indicated he might sit down with kim jong—un over a burger and the two could agree for kim jong—un to give a burger and the two could agree for kimjong—un to give up on nuclear ambitions. we simply don't know which of those it is. or, in might think this is a pretty clear message, it won't happen because we are going to stop it happening. in which case, that prompts the question, how might you do that? could it be through military means? if you don't talk to experts on these beings, us experts, they say military options are pretty limited. bunker buster bombs or special forces operations could not be guaranteed to do the job. so it is policy—making by tweet, raising a lot of questions, but very, very blind. it won't happen! pretty clear words. —— very clear.
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blind. it won't happen! pretty clear words. -- very clear. other options, assassinating key scientists in fa ct. assassinating key scientists in fact. infecting north korea's system with viruses. north korea is not above inventing existential threats and is likely to take this as a direct threat, isn't it? words mean what people think they mean. if you are in north korea, you might think, well, it looks like he is threatening... one of the things you might be threatening is military action. if you talk to the things that really study military strategy in the us, they often say that the likely action by the us and south korea would be things you would never even find out about. you remember with the case of iran, there was the assassination of scientists, the insertion of a virus that slow down the nuclear machinery of the nuclear programme and all of
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that thing could be expected to happen. but then they also say that might slow the programme, if you can do it, but it won't stop it happening altogether. not on the basis of current progress. steve, thank you very much for that. watch this space, i guess. zimba bwe's pirate taxis, or "mushikashika", as they're known, are now illegal. but they're still causing havoc on the streets of harare. police blame pirate taxi drivers for a rise in the number of hit—and—run accidents and deaths on the road. this report from the bbc‘s shingai nyoka. a pirate taxi operator is on the hunt for customers while conductors keep a lookout for police. some passengers use illegal taxis willingly and others by force. these pirate taxis are literally a force on the streets. the constant hooting and haggling can be quite overwhelming for customers. mushikashika is the local word for illegal pickup point, and they are
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available any time, anywhere. there is method in the madness. small hatchbacks are cheap to run. unlike larger licensed minibuses, they move passengers quickly and can bob and weave through traffic jams passengers quickly and can bob and weave through trafficjams or raced down the wrong side of the road is live. police blamed the mushikashika for the increase in hit—and—run accidents. armed with batons to smash the windscreens and metal spikes to deflect tyres, they are determined to stop them. but it is potentially deadly. we just ran over a spike. there were people walking. in the front of the vehicle. translation: you can die even in a proper right. we prefer to get where we are going on time. they are pushed to the limits to make ends meet. you must pay the vehicle owner, the conductors, bribes to police and still have money to live at the end of the day. there is a 2% and implement here. mushikashika is better than stealing, he says. the
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authorities have criminalised the driving and boarding of these pirate taxis as well as hanging out of a moving vehicle, but to no avail.m is our own culture we have in harare. living a distance of a kilometre or two kilometres, elsewhere, people will walk. police pirate taxis in the public are all pa rt pirate taxis in the public are all part of this ongoing drama, but it is not clear how this story is going to end. a slice of real—life in the capital of zimbabwe, harare. baldwin street in the city of dunedin on new zealand's south island is officially the world's steepest residential road. at its steepest, the slope has a gradient of 35%. that's 19 degrees. it's a road that must strike fear into anyone delivering post or newspapers — let alone anyone on a pushbike. we went along to find out
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what it's like to live there. lean on me plays you come to this road and it is like something we have never seen before. this trip is really...awesome, yeah. # lean on me...# quite daunting, really, isn't it? # when you're not strong...#. love doing it. it is cool, though. big round of applause! i am dave cull. i'm the mayor of dunedin, and i do not get to walk up baldwin street that often. from the bottom you think, oh, yeah, so it is a bit steep. when you get halfway up it, like now, then you realise why it is the steepest street in the world. it's got a real novelty, and the jaffa race has put it on the world map, and it is quite a sight when you come here and you see all those giantjaffas bouncing down the road. # for no—one can fill those of your needs...#
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at the height, it used to be 30 up and 30 down every day, whether it was raining or snowing or whatever, until my knees clamped up. now i do it backwardsjust to keep my legs in shape. # you need somebody to lean on...#. captain baldwin was apparently involved in a newspaper in dunedin. he was involved with gold discovery. my name is dr kerry blackman. i'm a local historian. that photograph shows baldwin street in about 1900. individual 10—acre sections were not wide enough to allow a zigzag in a road. my name's sharon hyndman. i have been a resident for 26 years. the street has definitely increased in popularity as far as tourism goes. we had about 20 tourists standing in our lounge one day because it rained and they had nowhere else to go. i caught some of them standing on our outdoor furniture, on the table, to try and get a better shot of mount cargill. someone was learning to drive and come up baldwin street. got the accelerator
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and brake mixed up. and ended up parked halfway up the bend. we have also had to do some medical assistance as well. i'm brendon thompson and i'm the community constable for north dunedin. the street does tend to attract thrill seekers. there was an unfortunate incident some years ago where there was a fatality. two people got themselves into a wheelie bin and one of them died when they collided with a trailer. we will get people challenging themselves with skateboarding, riding down on bicycles which is obviously quite dangerous. treat it with respect. if you attack it, you can get really, really hurt at the top. i have not always made it up, especially on the wet days, but it is always a good challenge. we have climbed the steepest street in the world — baldwin street, dunedin. what does edmund hillary say? "we knocked the bustard off!" we have just had a debate whether
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you can say that on the bbc, and you can, absolutely. and just finally, authorities in turkey are still searching for the gunman who opened fire in a nightclub on new years eve killing 39 people. in solidarity with those in istanbul, berlin's brandenburg gate was illuminated in the colours of the turkish flag. germany has also recently been the victim of terror attacks, including the truck driven into a christmas market last month. and you can get in touch with me and most of the team on twitter. i'm @bbcmikeembley. any time you will find details on all of the news on the bbc website. thank you so much for watching. hello there.
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stargazers have had something of a cold treat over recent hours. the clear skies across england and wales have allowed a frost to form, but we have had some beautiful weather watcher pictures sent to us of the moon and also visible planets. venus was particularly visible earlier in the night. now, it's a cold start to the day. england and wales having a widespread frost to start off with. the lowest temperature down to about —7 celsius, so a freezing start. and there is the risk of some icy stretches first thing across parts of england and wales on untreated roads and pavements to watch out for as well. further north, well, it's not particularly cold here because we have got a lot of cloud across scotland. a brisk wind and some rain to start the day as well, particularly the highlands, pushing into some of the grampian regions too. probably the rain staying off and away from the central belt. a lot of cloud for northern ireland. quite cloudy too for north—west england, the north of wales and north—west midlands. but lots of sunshine to start the day across much of eastern england, the south midlands, southern england and south wales. in fact, for many, there will be barely a cloud in the sky.
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there could be the odd isolated fog patch, but it won't be widespread, and it will clear pretty quickly through tuesday. through the rest of the day, essentially it's a fairly dry day. the cloudiest weather, if you like, across the north—west of the uk could bring isolated showers across the hills of northern england. we do have some wet weather on and off through the day across the north—west of scotland. but it's here where we will see here some of the day's highest temperatures — up to 9 degrees. windy through the northern isles, particularly for shetland. gusts could reach 60—70 miles an hourfor a time. through the night, it will stay blustery, plenty of showers working in across the northern isles, and it will turn cold enough for a nip of frost this coming night, across the far north—west of scotland, particularly in rural parts. looking at the weather charts as they change through tuesday and wednesday, we still have high pressure with us, but it is kind of reorientating, allowing a blast of colder air to work down from the north sea. with that colder air, the blues you can see on the chart, will have plenty of showers forming but the good news is most of those showers should be steered away
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from the coastline by these brisk north north—westerly winds. elsewhere we have a weak front moving southwards across northern ireland, england and wales, on wednesday, bringing with it a lot of cloud, one or two light spots of rain but nothing particularly significant. as that front clears through, the sunshine comes back out. down go the temperatures with highs of around 4—7 celsius across the northern half of the uk. it will be a cold night wednesday night on into thursday, plenty of sunshine. a change in the weather, though, for friday. it turns wet and windy but also milder. highs in glasgow reaching ten by friday. that's your weather. the headlines on bbc news: turkish security officials believe they are close to identifying the suspect who killed 39 people in an attack on a nightclub in istanbul on new year's eve. they have released this footage of him in istanbul, filming himself on a cellphone. the extremist group that calls itself islamic state says it was behind the shootings. turkish police have raided several addresses in the city and arrested 12 people. brazilian officials say 56 inmates have been killed in a prison riot. the fighting broke out between rival
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drug gangs at the jail in manaus, in the north of the country. a number of inmates who escaped have been recaptured. america's incoming president has rejected north korean claims of developing a nuclear missile capable of reaching the us. in a tweet, donald trump highlighted a boast from north korea's leader, kimjong—un, that preparations had reached the final stage. now on bbc news, hardtalk. welcome to hardtalk with me, zeinab badawi.
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