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tv   BBC News  BBC News  January 3, 2017 5:45am-6:00am GMT

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is spilling over. the so—called islamic state group has now claimed responsibility for the istanbul attack. the financial times takes a focus on air bnb which is set to lose out big in london as it enforces its limit of 90—nights for its hosts. the move could see the company miss out on $400 million worth of bookings in london alone. in the south—china morning post, an article which looks at death and corruption in beijing's political system. the article states that more than 100 lawmakers have vacated their seats over the past four years due to death, corruption or vote—rigging scandals. indian politics feature on the front page of the gulf news after a court ruling which now prohibits politicians from using religion and caste to garner votes. the verdict will force political parties in india to change their strategy as religion and caste generally dominate their campaigns. and online while many of us switch
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to plastic for our purchases the swiss still very much love their cash. this article by the wall street journal talks about how its not uncommon to buy a car in switzerland with old —fashioned banknotes. as long as you don't get mugged. as long as you don't get muggedm switzerland! no one gets mugged in switzerland. joining us now is....jonathan charles, director of communications at the european bank for reconstruction and development. increasingly i am an and pay man. . it isa increasingly i am an and pay man. . it is a problem for people like me who keep losing their credit card. you probably miss lay your wallet. let's talk about more serious matters in turkey and the hunt
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continues, as reported in many papers, the independent quoting turkish officials saying this is a declaration of war. another headline i noticed, by patrick cockburn, turkey is not a battle they cannot win. certainly, you are aware that security is a much tighter but we all know that you cannot make security full proof and that is what we saw in this terrible new year's eve attack. a saying from the days of the ira, we have to get it right every time and they only have to get right ones. you cannot put a ring of steel around everywhere in istanbul and authorities know that so it is a very difficult time for turkey. when i was there the other week, going around your daily business, you make
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sure you'd limit your activity so you go to the places you have to go to and not taking any risks. one of the great cities of the world, a great tourist destination, and this will be very difficult for them. this headline, declaration of war, isa this headline, declaration of war, is a quote from this individual who is a quote from this individual who is at the factor of the islamist group. he is talking specifically about the fact that turkey is seen asa about the fact that turkey is seen as a muslim country but as far as isi concerned that they align themselves with the us and russia. turkey is incredibly active and now in syria and it is regarded as a legitimate target i islamic state. but it is a different target said to france... it is an enemy which they feel at one stage might have been more sympathetic but the reason no
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evidence of that. there is... do not like the fact that an islamic brother, as they see it, it is taking action. turkey is in the front line, it has been for the best pa rt of front line, it has been for the best part of a year. i cannot see that improving at all. air bnb - this is an interesting story. paris implemented new regulations just yesterday on air bnb meaning it has to provide data on people letting properties in terms of tax issues. it was seen cities are cracking down on air bnb. when i saw this story, missing out of $400 million in london, you mentioned paris, new york, us alone. air bnb is now a victim of its own success because,
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ina lot victim of its own success because, in a lot of cities, people could make more money instead of renting traditionally. air bnb need to keep control of the housing stock. it is i'iow control of the housing stock. it is now paying the price. but the thing is, a lot of silicon valley companies, they are incredibly adaptable. i would companies, they are incredibly adaptable. iwould put companies, they are incredibly adaptable. i would put money on them finding a way around all of this, to keep making profit i interviewed one of the founders and he was just exactly that, completely why it with a brand—new ideas. exactly that, completely why it with a brand-new ideas. air bnb every single legal challenge that came his way but some would argue, fair enough. for those who are renting out properties for more than 90 days, 120 days in the case of paris, why should they not pay vat or tax on their letting. we know the
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traditional hotel trade, particularly in paris and perhaps london, has been affected by air bnb because people are going for the cheaper options. but hotel carry other things like health and safety. anyone who takes is 20%, it puts up your bills. air bnb started... it was just if you went on holidays for a couple of weeks you could make a bit of money someone looking after your house. but now professional landlords can make two or three times more. we will see. it is an interesting story. you have to read this article carefully in the south china pole. this is the amount of lawmakers, more than 100, that have gone. in the past four years. you have to look at the details. again,
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it is an interesting story. never mind the death which all legislatures suffer from. one of the biggest blows to the national people's congress in china was the fallout that led to the dismissal of 45 delegates in the national legislature. it shows again that the communist party is increasingly taking anticorruption seriously. however, they know it damages the economy. the president is also using it to exert his control over the party and we are seeing that here we re party and we are seeing that here were probably in some ways he is quite happy to have examples of corrupt lawmakers because it stops others to do so but it also allows them to put the people he wants in them to put the people he wants in the congress. an interesting story. the gulf news frontpage, local elections in india. interesting
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about the new band on using religion to cars. i will believe that when i see it. everyone will know which cast or which religion. it is most populous state is always a state where the issues of religion and caste dominate campaigns. is that going away, i doubt it. you are skiing in switzerland very soon?|j will skiing in switzerland very soon?” will not be paying cash! a great story, swiss are frank about the love of cash. in spain the maxim and you can pay is $2600 per person in cash. 100,000 swiss francs, about $97,000 and it is because they love paying in cash. they have beautiful banknotes and i can understand that but there is something about the solidity of cash. people inc it has
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some great symbolic value. —— inc.” love cash, in whatever form it comes. bring it on. that is what the corrupt lawmakers in china was saying! the value would just go. the re st of saying! the value would just go. the rest of the world is going contact less. there is a huge cost in having cash, moving it around, they have to deal with it, taken to the but in switzerland it is not a deterrent. i would encourage everyone to have a look at a swiss banknote, they are beautiful. thank you. and thank you for watching. enjoy your day. bye— bye. hello there. stargazers have had something of a cold treat over recent hours. the clear skies across england and wales have allowed a frost to form, but we have had some beautiful weather watcher pictures
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sent to us of the moon and also visible planets. venus was particularly visible earlier in the night. now, it's a cold start to the day. england and wales having a widespread frost to start off with. the lowest temperature down to about —7 celsius, so a freezing start. and there is the risk of some icy stretches first thing across parts of england and wales on untreated roads and pavements to watch out for as well. further north, well, it's not particularly cold here because we have got a lot of cloud across scotland. a brisk wind and some rain to start the day as well, particularly the highlands, pushing into some of the grampian regions too. probably the rain staying off and away from the central belt. a lot of cloud for northern ireland. quite cloudy too for north—west england, the north of wales and north—west midlands. but lots of sunshine to start the day across much of eastern england, the south midlands, southern england and south wales. in fact, for many, there will be barely a cloud in the sky. there could be the odd isolated fog patch, but it won't be widespread, and it will clear pretty quickly through tuesday.
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through the rest of the day, essentially it's a fairly dry day. the cloudiest weather, if you like, across the north—west of the uk could bring isolated showers across the hills of northern england. we do have some wet weather on and off through the day across the north—west of scotland. but it's here where we will see here some of the day's highest temperatures — up to 9 degrees. windy through the northern isles, particularly for shetland. gusts could reach 60—70 miles an hourfor a time. through the night, it will stay blustery, plenty of showers working in across the northern isles, and it will turn cold enough for a nip of frost this coming night, across the far north—west of scotland, particularly in rural parts. looking at the weather charts as they change through tuesday and wednesday, we still have high pressure with us, but it is kind of reorientating, allowing a blast of colder air to work down from the north sea. with that colder air, the blues you can see on the chart, will have plenty of showers forming but the good news is most of those showers should be steered away from the coastline by these brisk north north—westerly winds. elsewhere we have a weak front moving southwards across northern ireland, england and wales, on wednesday,
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bringing with it a lot of cloud, one or two light spots of rain but nothing particularly significant. as that front clears through, the sunshine comes back out. down go the temperatures with highs of around 4—7 celsius across the northern half of the uk. it will be a cold night wednesday night on into thursday, plenty of sunshine. a change in the weather, though, for friday. it turns wet and windy but also milder. highs in glasgow reaching ten by friday. that's your weather. hello, this is breakfast, with dan walker and louise minchin. a man is shot dead by police in an operation near the m62 motorway in huddersfield. west yorkshire police say the operation was pre—planned, but gave few other details. it is the fifth fatal police shooting in england and wales within nine months. the independent police complaints commission is investigating. good morning, it is tuesday 3 january also this morning:
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the average child is eating three cubes worth of sugar for breakfast, according to public health england. that is half their daily allowance. british workers spend six times as much as employees across europe
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