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tv   BBC News  BBC News  January 4, 2017 5:45am-6:01am GMT

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mr trump's in the daily telegraph too, saying on twitter that america will become a magnet forjob creation. he was reacting to an announcement by carmaker ford that it'll cancel the building of a plant in mexico, and instead invest in michigan. the financial times has that on its front page, and also reports the oil arm of russian energy giant gazprom is trying to exploit a massive shale oil deposit in siberia, believed to be the largest single deposit in the world. the paper also looks at claims smartphones could get even thinner and use less power. qualcomm, which develops mobile processors, says its new version would take up 35% less space. and the china daily writes about the growing trend of young chinese golfers using their sporting talents to win themselves scholarships at top american universities. any which way, that's what i say. to wina any which way, that's what i say. to win a sport scholarship at a top
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american university, you have to be great at whatever sport. good morning! let's start with this incredible story. just a few months before the uk begins its negotiations, we believe it will be roundabout by the end of march, the top diplomat that the country has in brussels has resigned and he has been extremely ha rd—hitting brussels has resigned and he has been extremely hard—hitting about what he thinks is going on. he thinks there isn't enough clarity. i believe he is the most experienced top diplomat and that's one of the things i find very interesting about the e—mail, he is basically talking about the lack of multilateral negotiating experience. the shortfall of that in whitehall. i think there is a course to be concerned. he is clearing saying there needs to be a clear strategy, which varies and at the moment, and also that there needs to be working methods between london and brussels,
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but at the moment everybody is saying, at least on the uk site, that we need to take a hard stands, without saying what that stance is. i don't think it will be an easy couple of years. it is interesting. all of the focus is on what's happening in london, but in terms of what's happening in brussels i wonder why people are saying within the ranks of brussels about their side of things, how they are approaching negotiations. whether they are clear also muddled. there could be in a similar position. this is the thing. what he says is that any negotiation when there is any relationship there needs to be a lot of technical expertise on both sides and that's what he says is missing at the moment. absolutely. we should say that he hasn't at all mentioned the reason they i named, or the government, but that's what is implicated, how the government is talking about brexit. —— mentioned
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theresa may. theresa may. the next two stories are all about mrtrump and his the next two stories are all about mr trump and his impact. this one on gulf news is about changes that were afoot for this ethics committee, which is very unpopular anyway, and it is seen that thanks to the president—elect and others opposing the move it won't happen now. this is interesting because basically it will be a republican—led congress and senate and there is an independent ethics body. yes, it might be unpopular, but it is their in place to keep everything in check. it is a watchdog. the first thing congress does when it convenes is they plan to abolish the body, according to trump. they were going to change it, weren't they? they we re to change it, weren't they? they were going to reduce most of the star. a few lawmakers have already
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lost theirjob after this particular watchdog investigated their behaviour. basically they were saying the watchdog would have no longer being independent, so they would have abolished the watchdog. trump's point is it the first thing they should do when there are bigger problems? his tweets seem to work at the moment. everybody seems to be reacting to them. so if you ever doubted that a politician cared more about being in power than anything else, that's a gross generalisation, obviously. but i've got some evidence here of migrants generalisation. as news emerges that these people were practically meeting in the middle of the night and underplaying it, as news began to emerge, one of the top trending searches on google was, who is my representative? they must have thought, hold on, if we vote for this we may not be here in four yea rs this we may not be here in four years or this we may not be here in four yea rs or two this we may not be here in four years or two years! so it is self—preservation. they wanted to do this kind of deal... there was a lot
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of pressure. whether it was the trump tweet that did it, but it didn't help that he clearly cared. paul ryan said it was about idea. yes. and it would seem ford is also taking pre—emptive action? yes. and it would seem ford is also taking pre-emptive action? they've clearly cancelled the $1.6 billion plant in mexico, they investing $700 million elsewhere. i mean, trump has been saying the import tax line for a while. he did say that he is taking into account what the new president... what else would he say, right? he have to. i suppose we are all asking him. he very clearly says that he hopes it's a vote of confidence in
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the us economy. it is great news for michigan. we have been reporting that detroit went bust a couple of yea rs that detroit went bust a couple of years ago and has to rebuild. that's what trump is trying to do. but it could be the beginning of the end of nafta, which donald trump wants. because the things americans are losing jobs to mexicans, not to canada unnecessarily, but he doesn't wa nt canada unnecessarily, but he doesn't want either either way. what i would like to know, and if someone on the ground can do the reporting on behalf of my question, is how many of these jobs are automated? 700 jobs created, but he keeps saying he wa nts to jobs created, but he keeps saying he wants to bring jobs back to the us. a lot of those jobs haven't gone abroad, they are being done by robots. i just abroad, they are being done by robots. ijust don't abroad, they are being done by robots. i just don't think the costs are going to be nearly as cheap, even with all of the tax breaks. ultimately i think things will become more expensive. now, is russia on the verge of a shale revolution, as the times would imply a? but it is an interesting story.
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shale and russia have been happening for a long time. have they been tapping into it? the reason they haven't is because of western sanctions. what's stopping russia from developing it isn't the oil price or the lack of geology. their geology is very different from the us and more complicated, but they need foreign expertise and western expertise. that's the key. yes, i think they will go ahead and do it. they are widely known as having the best technology among russian firms, but i don't necessarily think it will be that eat. even their own forecast predicts a very small amount. well, you are the exporter. —— expert. i'm not challenging you! there are underground reserves versus overg round production. there are underground reserves versus overground production. a lot of reserves are huge but when you
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try to develop it that's when there's a problem. absolutely. now, qualcomm, thinner smartphones and more space for larger batteries? i think battery. longer life battery. what about thinner and longer life? longer life battery. what about thinner and longer life ?|i longer life battery. what about thinner and longer life? i think that's what they are trying to do. people say the battery life is terrible. hopefully it will last longer. the connection between bat and china, this story about golfers, is most of the world's graphing comes from china. now we are moving on to different sorts of metals. irons. chinese golfers are getting places at top universities. yes, it basically means any means to get into the top universities. and get someone into the top universities. and get someone else to pay for the privilege. do they use that kind of metal in golf clubs? in every single piece of electronics
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in the world apparently it is used. but you think about football, for example, china has about one point 3 billion people, you would think they could find 11 world—class footballers and eventually they will. in every single sport of the world china will eventually be number one. we see it more and more in the olympics. they get most of the gold medals. do you play any golf? any sport? tennis. we didn't know that! got to get back into the new years resolution. 0h resolution. oh my god, delete twitter. thank you. see you soon. hi there. 0ur temperatures are seesawing around at the moment. one day relatively mild, the next cold and it's the turn of the north of the uk to have a slab of cold air working in behind. the weather front over
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the next few hours, tightly packed isobars affecting shetland. here we have gusty winds of up to 50 mph. but the winds will gradually ease. the cold air will be wafting in across scotland and a good part of northern england as we start the day. that's where the lowest temperatures will be. there could be the odd pocket of frost in sheltered parts of the highlands of scotland. this is wednesday morning. across england and wales we have cloud, but easing through the day for many areas. the weak front will bring patchy outbreaks of rain southwards across wales, the midlands and into parts of eastern england. it is patchy and some areas will get almost nothing. to the north of this front, across northern england and to a degree northern ireland and scotland, the cloud will break up. the best of the sunshine in scotland. here, a few wintry showers across shetland and leaving the coast of aberdeenshire, with strong winds still around. the winds will fall through the day. showers will be blown down the north sea, but, thanks to the direction of the wind, most showers will stay offshore, coming off
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eastern parts of norfolk. the mild air to the south—west. it will turn colder across northern england, northern ireland and scotland and overnight, as the cloudy skies continue to clear a way, bringing clearer skies. a sharp frost this coming night. temperatures in the towns and cities getting well below freezing. in the countryside we could see those getting down to —6, —7. so it will be a freezing cold start to thursday, with a sharp frost, maybe icy patches. through the day there will be barely a cloud in the sky for many. despite the sunshine it will feel cold, with temperatures fairly widely between 2—5 celsius. it's all change towards the end of the week. this atlantic system will gradually sink southwards on friday. there is a little wad of less cold air coming southwards along, with a band of cloud and rain, brisk winds too. temperatures will be lifting. on friday, through the afternoon, reaching a high of about 10 celsius towards the south—west, maybe 11 for belfast. 8—9 typicalfor parts of england and wales. this weekend it will stay cloudy. rain at times, especially in the north—west. also some brighter spells.
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hello, this is breakfast, with louise minchin and dan walker. the british ambassador to the eu resigns and tells his staff to challenge "muddled thinking" and "speak truth to power" after he resigned ahead of brexit talks. sir ivan rogers strongly criticised the government's preparations for leaving the eu saying senior ministers needed to hear what he called "unvarnished" and "uncomfortable" views. good morning.
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it's wednesday, january 4th. also this morning: after a paralympian wet herself on a train because the disabled toilet was out of action, the government tells breakfast it will tighten up the rules around facilities for the disabled. a charity warns that a lack of basic care for asthma patients in the uk
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