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tv   BBC News  BBC News  January 5, 2017 5:45am-6:01am GMT

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for israel's far right. the soldier has been convicted of manslaughter for killing a wounded palestinian. the case has divided opinion in israel, prime minister netanyahu now saying he supports pardoning mr azaria. the arab news leads with american politics, and the closure of the guantanamo bay detention centre. president obama wants to transfer out more detainees before he leaves office, however president—elect trump has tweeted "there should be no further releases". the gulf news has data suggesting india's demonetisation policy is leading to a slowdown in the country's economic growth. the paper says it could cause a political backlash. the daily telegraph has concerns that uk households are borrowing too much money during financial uncertainty. figures show consumer debt is at the highest level since 2008. a study in canada has found that living near a busy road increases the risk of developing dementia. scientists say those living within 50 metres of a major traffic hub are most affected. that's in the times. and he may not be the fastest, but he is easily one of the oldest. robert marchand of france now holds
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the record for the furthest distance cycled in one hour by someone aged over 105. he's seen here in le figaro. fantastic. joining us is financial analyst alpesh patel. he's the chief executive of praefinium partners. good morning and happy new year. good morning and happy new year. good morning, happy new year. good morning and happy new year. good morning, happy new yeahm 0ctober good morning, happy new yeahm october 2015 on the bbc website there was an article entitled "fear and loathing fueljerusalem knife attacks" and they have become commonplace. the video of elor azaria killing abdul fattah while he was lying on the ground has led to this controversy leading to the case and the conviction of manslaughter charges. it isn't controversy at all in this regard, the israelis have a process of the rule of law and they
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have convicted this soldier of manslaughter, convicted of committing a crime, albeit from the israeli perspective, the mass public, this was a terrorists shot, but their laws, and by the way british soldiers have the same problem or being as the papers would put it hounded after actions in iraq and afghanistan. i think liberal democracies, and i will put israel in that category, many would disagree, and britain and america, their laws are too liberal. if you are wielding a knife near a professional soldier, do not expect that soldier to hold back albeit under current law that soldier has committed a crime. i think those laws should be changed. expect to be in harm's way and probably shot and killed if you are wielding a knife. it has nothing to do with whether you are palestinian orjewish or israel the all christian or whatever
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else. hanging around soldiers wielding a knife, expect you're going to get shot and i be surprised when that happens. what is surprising is an israeli court, given the animosity, convicted him. they said, we are going to go after alli own man, the soldier, and we are going to say that the terrorist, as they put it, freedom fighter if you wish on the other side, has rights, that's what they have said —— our0nan. rights, that's what they have said -- our onan. that is what they have said but they are looking at the evidence of the case as opposed to someone evidence of the case as opposed to someonejust wielding a evidence of the case as opposed to someone just wielding a knife and being a threat, they argue at that moment when he was shot in the head he was not a threat at that moment. he was lying on the ground. he was convicted. he will probably be pardoned because politically it is the expedient thing to do. i think the expedient thing to do. i think the laws should be such that they should not be convicted. nothing to
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do with the circumstances. if you are wandering around wielding knives and stabbing others. he wasn't wandering around, he was lying on the ground, that is the key element of the law stopped low as it stands he was convicted on that. even if you are lying on the ground, after the event, and you are around soldiers and it is quite clear the soldiers and it is quite clear the soldiers are there and it is a dangerous situation, you will probably get shot. and you shouldn't be surprised if that happens. 0k, in arab news, some of the final departure is from gitmo will go to saudi arabia, presumably that is why it is in arab news, but it won't be closed in barack 0bama's time, and he wanted it to be, but donald trump wa nts he wanted it to be, but donald trump wants no one else transferred. well, he is only the american president, it isn't like he has power or influence to close down a prison like this, and he has only at had
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eight years to do it. it shows how weak the president is. the president, or the position? the presidency. regardless of who is in congress. we are going to move from the age of principle which is that america is better than this, it goes against the founding principles of liberalism, that this is an affront to everything america stands for, to the trump principle, which will be, you must with us, you stay in indefinitely and if it is extrajudicial so be it. it will be a bit like like i say with the laws in israel. you know what, the pendulum is swinging the other side. there is only 59 people left. the complicating factor is this. the wall street journal, complicating factor is this. the wall streetjournal, 693 have been released so far. 0ne wall streetjournal, 693 have been released so far. one third of them according to the wall street journal have returned to terror groups. i wonder if they have returned or if
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some have decided they are going to join terror groups. either way the figures complicated in. i think gitmo will be quite full after the trump presidency. let's look at india, we have covered this extensively since the surprise announcement from narendra modi that he would withdraw the rupee notes in circulation in india, affecting economic growth. was it a necessary change that was perhaps implemented romilly and we will see india bounced back, what is your take on that? i was there the evening it was announced. it was announced on tv. yes, i couldn't believe it, they had two hours to change the 500 rupee notes, which were worth about £7, all the money i had in india at the time, and it came at an unfortunate time, and it came at an unfortunate time because i was out with the uk department of international trade on the british prime minister's visit,
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so we are the british prime minister's visit, so we are looking to export to india and now it looks like it might have hindered indian growth and the engine of growth for a lot of the region and the rest of the world looks to countries like india and china to keep growth growing. this demonetisation from the pockets of people is going to hit growth. of course it is. of course it will bounce back. it isn't bad implementation. obviously the opposition have said that. i was shockedit opposition have said that. i was shocked it was so secret. so many banks were open to before alice. of course there we re banks were open to before alice. of course there were queues. this is a population of over at billy and —— 24 hours. it caused discomfort to people who were stuffing piles of cash —— billion. good, let the rich feel some discomfort for their black money. 0k, feel some discomfort for their black money. ok, now in britain we are borrowing on credit cards and taking out other loans at the fastest pace since 2005, surprise surprise, and yet on the same page of the telegraph is says that one of the
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high street retailers is warning that it could be in trouble after having poor sales at christmas. in the us macy's is about to get rid of 10,000 employees. another high—street retailer. 10,000 employees. another high-street retailer. where the heck are people spending money? they are not spending it at macy's. you are exactly right. they are spending it online. there are other retailers. oronline. online. there are other retailers. or online. they are spending elsewhere. as you say it is worrying, because a slight in interest rates —— rising rates will catch people offguard. that is why the story is concerning. what about the story is concerning. what about theissue the story is concerning. what about the issue of us being brilliant at borrowing, fantastic in the uk at borrowing, fantastic in the uk at borrowing and borrowing and borrowing? we are good at rolling the cards onto interest free ones and rolling it over, of course it is not good to have this level of debt,
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and hopefully what will happen is soon or later, for god sake, they will raise salaries, that is why, the cost of living continues to rise, notjust a british problem, and salaries are not matching it, so people make do with credit cards, so if they raise salaries and keep up with inflation we won't have to keep in debt. we have run out of time, so we cannot talk about dementia, but we cannot talk about dementia, but we cannot talk about dementia, but we can leave quickly, have we got any pictures of the cyclist, 105 yea rs any pictures of the cyclist, 105 years old? don't tell my wife about the cyclist, she will tell me to get on the bike. 22.5 kilometres in one hour and the doctors say he has a very special hard. so what is your excuse? well, yeah... thanks a lot. hello there, good morning. quite a widespread frost to start the day today. most of us are firmly in some really quite cold air coming down from the north.
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and the cold feel to things is accentuated by the northerly breeze along the eastern coast. but, elsewhere, the winds are a little bit lighter, the skies are clear, allowing temperatures to plummet away, even towns and cities around about freezing or below, rural parts in the heart of england —6 or —7 degrees. so, a really cold for most. maybe not quite so cold in southern cornwall, five or six here, but you don't have to go too far inland you find much lower temperatures, —1, —2 at eight o'clock in the morning, so it will be a cold start across the bulk of england and wales. maybe even a little bit of ice for some on untreated surfaces in eastern parts of england where we've seen some overnight showers. some parts of northern ireland seeing a touch of frost, and the frost will be quite widespread across northern england into most of scotland, although the northern and western isles just about escaping. now, we've still have the brisk winds into the afternoon for eastern england, and maybe still a shower or two, but most places will be fine and dry. a good deal of sunshine and light winds as well. but after that cold start, temperatures will be slow to rise. maybe only two or three degrees for northern areas, fours and fives down
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towards cardiff and london, but sevens and eights out towards belfast and plymouth. and then early on thursday evening the frost returns to many, but, by the end of the night, as cloud and rain and the winds picks up for the north and west of the uk, by the end of the night some frost and some fog is really confined to the south—eastern corner. but it will be a pretty grey day for many of us on friday. fog slow to clear in the south—eastern corner. should do eventually. all this rain piling in the north and west becomes light and patchy with some hill fog to go with that. it's a pretty grey day. that rain eventually gets down into the south—eastern corner by the afternoon. starting to turn a little bit less cold. we get up to what, 5—7 in norwich and london. but out towards the west, belfast and plymouth, ten or 11 degrees and that milder air continues to filter its way in through friday night and on into saturday. we start to see the winds coming from the atlantic. always a mild direction. and it will bring a fair bit of moisture with it, a lot of cloud and a little bit of rain to start the weekend but the rain will be light and patchy and i think many places
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will be fine and dry. and those temperatures are back up into double figures in the south of the uk, not too far away from that for some northern areas as well. so, not so cold to start the day on sunday but it will be another cloudy day. the wind still coming in from the west and temperatures will be up to, what, eight or nine degrees quite widely, tens and 11s further south and any rain i suspect will be light and patchy, so it's turning mild into the weekend, not much rain but a little bit of patchy rain and drizzle. hello, this is breakfast with charlie stayt and louise minchin. left to fend for themselves online. a new report says more needs to be done to protect children. compulsory internet safety lessons in schools and new privacy laws are being proposed by england's children's commissioner. good morning, it's thursday the fifth of january.
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also this morning: a new ambassador to the eu. sir tim barrow‘s appointment has been broadly welcomed on both sides of the brexit debate. people who live near major roads may have higher rates of dementia according to research published today. what will the year
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