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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  January 5, 2017 6:30pm-6:46pm GMT

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loophole which allows domestic abusers to cross dep form partiers in during some court hearings in england and wales. two people have died and at least five were injured after a car bomb exploded outside a courthouse in the turkish city of izmir. police say two of the attackers were shot dead but another is on the run. very much suggests that britain's service sector is growing at its fastest pace for seven years. and the rmt union has taken up an offer from the transport secretary, chris grayling to hold talks to resolve the long—running dispute with southern rail over driver—only operated trains. ina in a moment time for sportsday but first a lack at what else is coming up. what now for security in turkey. they are coming to terms with the aftermath of the terror attack on new year's eve and today two people have been killed in a a terror attack in izmir. i'll bejoined by
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some comment taitors to talk about this. . the chances to end the strike on southern rail is more remote than ever. at 7.40pm we'll hear from the rmt. at 19.40, the hip hop blues man, rag and bone man who has been named runner up man, rag and bone man who has been named runnerup in man, rag and bone man who has been named runner up in the bbc sound 2017 gives us a tour of his dressing room and ing. now it's sportsday. hello and welcome to sportsday with me will perry. the headlines this evening. marco silva is appointed as hull's new manager, his job now is to keep them in the premier league manchester city manager pep guardiola insists he's not ready to quit management, despite claiming he's "arriving at the end" of his career. and sir andy murray's in a tight 2nd set against nicolas almagro
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in the quarterfinal of the qatar open. thank you forjoining us. hull city have appointed marco silva as their new manager, a man they hope can keep them in the premier league where hull are currently rock bottom. silva's on 39 which makes him the 2nd youngest manager in the league. he's been labelled the "new mourinho" by many after a spell in portugese football with sporting lisbon and last season having led olympiakos to the greek title. if you are not an expert on european football you've probably never heard of the new manager. he's marko silva and he swapped the mediterranean sun
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for a chilly training ground near hull. i think it is good. a lot of teams are going young and foreign much those that have done it have been successful. let's hope it'll work for us. i hope he can bring in new talent, ideas, brighten the team up, get good attacking—style playing to win some matches in the premier league. well, hopefully we're going to be ok. what do we know about marco, silva. he is portugese and 39. he played rightback for his entire career in portugal. he got his first club promoted to the top league, estoril and he won the portugese cup with sporting lisbon but was sacked for not wearing the club's official suit at the cup final. last season, his side, olympiakos, set a european record as they won 17 games in a row on their way to the greek title.|j they won 17 games in a row on their way to the greek title. i think it is an appointment that shows ambition and vision. i think it should energise the players. ifeel
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pretty confident that he can improve the players collectively and individually in the short term. so marco silva and his coaching team took their first training session today with aity task ahead of them. hull city sit bottom of the table and have won just one premier league game since august. the club's owners will be hoping they have picked it right man for the job. well the will be hoping they have picked it right man for thejob. well the new manager and his tactics have been kept firmly under wraps here today. he does of course have a couple of cup games coming up in the next week, but surely marco silva's biggest task here is keeping hull city in the premier league. elsewhere today: everton have signed ade—mola lookman for 11 million pounds from charlton. the 19 year old, who's played for england's u20's only broke into the charlton first team last season. he's described it as a dream move and feels ready to make the step up from league one
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to the premier league. leicester city he isa he is a playerfor the he is a player for the future. he is a playerfor the future. we'll see how long it takes for him to get a chance in the first team. it is a good signing, we need that kind of player, 0k, he is 19. we expect a lot from the boy. leicester city for a reported £15 million from belgian side genk. the nigeria international has signed a five—and—a—half—year deal. he's trained with the squad already and could make his debut in saturday's fa cup tie at everton. southampton‘s executive director of football, les reed, has revealed that captainjose fonte has handed in a transfer request at st mary's. fonte rejected new terms on his current contract offered to him in the summer after winning euro 2016 with portugal. fonte has maintained that he wants the club to offer him a longer contract than the one he signed in october, but reed says he's had the chance of an improved deal, and has now asked to leave the club. manchester city boss pep guardiola has said he's not
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ready to quit management. guardiola was clarifying comments he made in an interview earlier this week, in which he was quoted as saying he was ‘arriving at the end' of his career. i'm not going to retire in two or three years. i love myjob and i am ina three years. i love myjob and i am in a perfect place to do myjob. especially here in england. so, i'm 45, i'm not going to try to — i want to do something else in my life but not in the next three, four, five, six or seven not in the next three, four, five, six oi’ seven years. not in the next three, four, five, six or seven years. swansea city's new manager paul clements spoke to the media the afternoon. the 44—year—old said the priority is to bring stability to the club. half way through their season, swansea have 18 premier league games to play with 54 more points available. the question s is with 54 more points available. the question sis he the man it keep them in the league? is this the man to turn swansea city's fortunes around. 44—year—old
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paul clements facing the media for the first time today, clear it spell out why he has come to the liberty stadium. i'm excited by the challenge. i could have stayed at bayern and had a great chance to win the league there and advance into further stages of the champions' league. it would have been great. i have done that the last six, seven yea rs have done that the last six, seven years now. i want another challenge. this is going to be really exciting. ican this is going to be really exciting. i can feel it already. i feel good about it. having enjoyed modest success as a non—league player, his coaching cv boasts plenty of experience but as right—hand man to carlo ancelotti, as a manager in his own right his cv has a blemish, derby county sacked him despite being fifth in the championship table. but it is his collection with the italian coach that has seen him work at some of the premier league's biggest clubs. the pair worked to the at chelsea and wept on to work at paris san germane and real madrid where they won the champions' league, managing stars like gareth
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bale and cristiano ronaldo. swansea city have come calling and he thinks the time is right. swansea city's supporters' club have welcomed the appointment and pleased to be consulted. the major shareholders kept us up—to—date and consulted us with the various candidates and the ultimate appointment that has taken place. paul clement says he is still in the process of finalising his staff but there won't be a place on his first—team coaching set up for swa p swa ns his first—team coaching set up for swap swans ski legend, curtis. he told me he will still have a role at the club and is meeting the chairman, hue jenkins, the club and is meeting the chairman, huejenkins, tomorrow we've had a slight readjustment of what we are doing inturnly. i would like alan to stay at the club. i think some fans thought he had left. that's not my case n my conversation was huw that's not my case n my conversation was hquenkins, we want alan to stay here. a lot of the decision
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will be down to him. the task he faces is clearly a difficult one. he says he's had assurances from the bosses that there will be money in the january transfer window. his challenge is to keep swansea city a shining light in the premier league. it has been a difficult day in the office for andy murray. he lost his served but he covered breaking almagro back and took the second set to —— the first set on tie—break. the second set was just as challenging. murray has gone 2—1 up. the world number ten
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johnna konta who is one win away from reaching her third wta final. she's into the semi finals of the shenzen open in china following her victory against kristina pliskova in three sets. she'll play world number 52 katerina sinia—kova in the last four. the welsh rugby union has made "the best offer it can" to bring leigh halfpenny back from toulon, according to its chief executive. the wales full—back‘s contract with the french club expires at the end of this season. cardiff blues and scarlets are thought to be interested in signing him on a national dual contract, with the welsh rugby union paying 60% of his salary. the wru's martyn phillips says it would be a head versus heart decision for the player. south africa's kyle abbott and rilee rossouw have quit international cricket to sign kolpak deals with hampshire. rossouw has signed for three years, while right—arm seamer abbott returns to the county he played for in 2014. he's back on a four year deal. it's something he has wrestled with for quite sometime but the timing is
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right for him and, yeah, he's chosen to ta ke right for him and, yeah, he's chosen to take that step and we're here. he has security here with us and it is a club he knows well and he has a lot of friends here. he built a lot of strong relationships when he was here with us in 2014. this is the next phase of his life. we are looking forward to welcoming him here. two—time british olympic canoeing medallist richard hounslow has retired from the sport. the 35—year—old won two silver medals in the canoe double with partner david florence at london 2012 and rio 2016. he said it had been a ‘true honour‘ to represent his country at the highest level. laura muir will captain the british team at the great edinburgh international cross country this weekend. it‘s yet another accolade for muir, who last night broke liz mccolgan‘s 25—year indoor record over 5,000m. alasdair lamont reports. no tv cameras to record the occasion but it was captured by a speculator.
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she wiped 14 seconds off the british indoor 5,000m record. that beat liz mccolgan‘s time set in 1992 and as she reflected today, adds to the british 1500 m she set last year. to be in the record books is very special. especially the names i‘m getting them off now, dame kelly holmes and liz mccolgan. i‘m honoured to be alongside where they were. i hope i can get a few more. an element of doubt had emerged about whether the time muir ran here last night would qualify as an official record. liz mccolgan congratulated her fellow scot but did questiony whether the official criteria had been met by the race, in terms of doping controls at the event and also the fact the other athletes in the race only ran 3,000 m but british athletics told bbc scotla nd m but british athletics told bbc scotland that subject to the northerlial checks they expected the time to be he confirmed. it with that in the bag, the focus is very
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much on turning records and times into major medals. it takes time to learn to race in the championships, so learn to race in the championships, so get that experience, so that‘s why i try to put a more realistic timeline on t she was running remarkably fast times in 2013—14. but i recognised there was still some athletic development and learning to go on before we were probably in the position to be really be challenging for the medals. i think that‘s where we have got to now. definitely. ithinki have been a bit unluky in certain championships but i think i showed in the world championships in 2015 i was placed fifth, it was a really big achievement for me, a good result. hoping to build on that and, get up into the medals where i think i'm capable of achieving it. diamond league success shows she can beat the best. is she ready to do that on the best. is she ready to do that on the biggest of changes? —— stages. a last few stages, a good year for andy murray gets better. he has
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beaten nicholas almargro. that‘s all from sports day. more sport here on bbc news throughout the evening. see you later. chippies have been paid tojill saward, who has died at the age of 51. -- saward, who has died at the age of 51. —— tributes. latest figures suggest that the services sector grew in december at its fastest rate for 17 months. here is an update on the market is for you, this is how the ftse in london and the dacs in frankfurt ended the day, up again, after yesterday‘s
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success. “— day, up again, after yesterday‘s success. —— dax. a little bit more now on the attack in turkey after a car bomb exploded outside a court building in the coastal city of izmir. two people we re coastal city of izmir. two people were killed including a police officer. two suspected attackers we re officer. two suspected attackers were shot dead but a third is on the run. the bombers were armed with grenades and automatic assault rifles, and the police say they may have been planning a much bigger attack. kurdish militants are being blamed..mark lowen attack. kurdish militants are being blamed. . mark lowen has attack. kurdish militants are being blamed..mark lowen has more. attack. kurdish militants are being blamed. .mark lowen has more. the first week of 2017 still is not over and already there has been two terror attacks, the second game today in the western city of is —— izmirand today in the western city of is —— izmir and the target was the courthouse and police approached a car outside a tent in to search it and then the attackers inside the car shot, they tried to attack a policeman with an expose of device.


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