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third is still at large, wearing a black jacket and a third is still at large, wearing a blackjacket and a white beret. the official say that they believe that the pkk kurdish militant group were behind this and they believe a much larger attack was planned, given the number of weapons found, including machine guns and grenades, a few days after the new year's eve attack in istanbul, on the nightclub which killed 39 people, claimed by so—called islamic state, that gunmen is still at large, arrests have been made in istanbul, but not of the gunmen. it has left this country feeling extremely nervous. showing just how difficult it is to secure turkey, how to keep this country safe, this country of 80 million people bordering syria and iraq with a kurdish insurgency down in the south—east and this twin terror
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threat of the pkk and so—called islamic state. more police alone is not the answer, clearly, there needs to be better intelligence and even though some attacks are being thwarted and foiled, others are still happening, showing intelligence gaps, and making this country feel extremely worried going through into 2017. fadi hakura, is an associate fellow at the foreign affairs think tank chatham house. turkey now claimed that the pkk carried out this attack. the pkk do not normally target civilians, or at least they do not target tourist areas. this was izmir. is that the case. they target state institutions, security forces, military officers, anything representing the turkish state, the islamic state militants tend to go forforeign
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islamic state militants tend to go for foreign tourists is, islamic state militants tend to go forforeign tourists is, foreign embassies, kurdish activists, left—wing demonstrators. embassies, kurdish activists, left-wing demonstrators. what we haveis left-wing demonstrators. what we have is a switch in that, it seems, today, can we then, from your experience, be confident that it is the pkk responsible? so far the turkish government claims that the pkk has carried out this attack although the turkish security forces did detain at least 11 islamic state suspects who they thought were linked to the bombing of the nightclub that took place on new year's day. is there any suggestion then that those two attacks might be linked, even though the authorities are saying no, that was islamic state, this is the pkk? islamic state, this is the pkk? islamic state and the pkk come from com pletely state and the pkk come from completely opposite ends of the ideological spectrum, the pkk is secular, nationalist, militant, seeking independence from 30. islamic state has a religious
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worldview, that does not recognise the board that today determined tu rkey‘s the board that today determined turkey's middle —— turkey and the middle east. how does ankara, how does residents urdu and deal with this double threat that he is facing, there have been lots of suggestions and allegations that the authorities simply did not wake up quickly enough to the threat of islamic state. and now, instability across the board in syria has helped to make it more of a problem in dealing with kurdish islamists. —— president erdo an. the turkish government needs to reassess its policies, not just rely government needs to reassess its policies, notjust rely on a security response to these twin threats from islamic state and the kurdistan workers party, pkk, they need to embark upon an ambitious policy of human rights, because only
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ina more policy of human rights, because only in a more liberal political climate will there be unity and reducing opportunities... for the kurdish? and also to prevent islamic state attacks. turkish society is extremely divided, fragmented along ideological, sectarian and ethnic lines, which creates the opportunity for high profile islamic state targets. we have seen a continuing centralisation of power, particularly in the office of president are the one, and after the attempted coup, last year, and an even greater concentration of that powerful top —— president erdo an. turkey seems to be going in com pletely turkey seems to be going in completely the opposite direction of what you believe and other experts believe is the way to deal with these double threats. —— concentration of that power. . they are very unlikely to change course, president erdo an is adopting a more intensive security presence. he also
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wa nts to intensive security presence. he also wants to transform turkey into a centralised executive presidency, even to concentrate more power on the office of the president. america says it's doubling the number of military advisers supporting iraqi forces, trying to re—take the northern iraqi city of mosul from so—called islamic state. is have been in control there for more than two years, and there are increasing fears for the hundreds of thousands of civilians still there. here's daniel boettcher. gunshots. v0|ceover: heavy gunfire in mosul this morning. the us led coalition supporting iraqi security forces says more than 60% of the eastern half has been won back from so—called islamic state. the offensive began in october and is in its second phase.
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the us says it is now taking measures to speed up the advance and that includes doubling the number of military advisers assisting iraqi troops. time is not on the enemy's side. it's on the side of the iraqi security forces. they are going to retake mosul. they continue making progress in doing so. we're going to continue to support the actions that they do with our air and artillery strikes, isr and our advice and assistance. these unverified images are said to show part of the operation, artillery strikes against is targets. there are still more than 5000 american military personnel in iraq. during a helicopter tour over recently recaptured areas, the commander of the us—led coalition said iraqi forces confronting is in mosul were gaining momentum, though he conceded that the attack initially lacked coordination. some of the civilians who fled during the conflict have been returning to their homes
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in the areas of the city that have been retaken, but the united nations has again warned about the dangers faced by those remaining in is controlled areas. members of the council also expressed grave concern for the almost1 million civilians that are out of reach currently for humanitarian support and access in areas under isil/daesh control in mosul, suffering indiscriminate violence and abuse. though iraqi forces are making gains, they have yet to enter the west of mosul, which is still held by so—called islamic state. daniel boettcher, bbc news. studio: the biggest technology show in the world gets underway today in las vegas. ces, as it's known, has attracted nearly 4,000 exhibitors from all over the world. there's a range of products designed for the home which claim to use artificial intelligence. here's our technology correspondent, rory cellan—jones. voiceover: in a
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v0|ceover: in a penthouse suite at a ritzy las vegas hotel, smart home exhibits are on show, there is a smart speakerfor exhibits are on show, there is a smart speaker forjordan, where each toy is a playlist. —— for children. a voice activated warlock. —— a voice activated door lock. and here's another giant step to a world in which we talk to our devices. ask links to dance. in a world first, this chinese robot is controlled by alexei by amazon, artificial intelligence lets it move and interact with humans. it will be able to determine you are having a bad day and will try to cheer you up. -- alexa. and that is all about... that is al! it is an interaction with software which is unscripted. out on the road, cars
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are getting smarter, this bmw prototype is the company's most radical step so far towards making the driver redundant. i have been told it is perfect is safe for me to do this, take my hands off the wheel, turn all the way around, look around me, not concentrate on the road. a safety adviser is ready to ta ke road. a safety adviser is ready to take the wheel and order me to break, how many years before the car can really be trusted to do everything? i think bmw believe that starting 21 like that, starting with highly automated driving, not fully automated driving, fully automated driving will come out in 2030. out on the las vegas strip, a young entrepreneur from manchester thinks he has a smart idea danny's instant translation headphones are not quite ready, they will eventually be tiny earbuds but he is still looking forward. it is really important to
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us, because we will be able to showcase what we are working on to the whole public and the whole world, to let us know that this is something we started years ago as a small start up. —— to let them know. with passion. danny is betting that he has the product that can change the world. we have a full hour of news coming up, now, time for a look at the weather forecast the main theme of the weather has been temperature driven, the story, as we move to the weekend, little in the way of change, this was this morning, blue sky, sunshine, hard frost and bitterly cold start, i suspect as we move into tomorrow there will be more cloud around, it will be milder, but for many it will be wetter as well, first signs of this, the cloud that is gathering out into the west, that will bring
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the rain through the night tonight. glorious day elsewhere, is clear skies and sunshine, keeping that for the early half of the night, temperatures perhaps falling low enough for a touch of frost and some freezing fog. the cloud gathers out to the west, the rain arrives, the wind will begin to pick up, we will see a difference in the temperature is, 8 degrees in belfast and zero in the london area, across to southern england, relatively dry, cloud gathering into the south—west. cold frosty possibly freezing fog likely into the south—east corner for a start. more cloud through the midlands and up into the north of england, outbreaks of light patchy rain, becoming heavy and more persistent through northern ireland and western scotland, not looking too bad across the north—east of scotla nd too bad across the north—east of scotland to start with but rain will drift east, perhaps never really arriving into the extreme north of scotla nd arriving into the extreme north of scotland but there will be outbreaks of wet and windy weather pushing it through the day. staying dry during
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daylight hours across east anglia and the south—east corner, rain arriving later. real contrast in the field, 6 degrees in the south, much milder to the west, eyes of 11 degrees. it is this milder air which will be the story as we move into the weekend, pushing the cold back into the near continent, yes it is going to be a milder weekend, and a largely dry one, once we lose the rain through friday night and into saturday morning. behind in its wake, there could be patchy mist and fog, but it will be predominantly cloudy start to the weekend, but a milder one, seven to 11 degrees. not much change as we move into sunday, good deal of dry weather, cloudy more rain arrives as we move into monday. if you haven't already gathered, as we move towards the weekend, it is a milderfor all of us. weekend, it is a milderfor all of us. a lot of cloud around and some drizzle. —— it is a milder theme for all of us. you're watching bbc news.
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the headlines at 7pm. tributes have been paid tojill saward, who's died aged 51. she dedicated her life to helping victims of sexual violence after she was raped at her father's vicarage in ealing 30 years ago. figures suggest the services sector in britain grew at their fastest rate for 17 months. two people have been killed by a car bomb at a courthouse in the coastal city of izmir in turkey. thejustice secretary is trying to close a loophole which allows domestic abusers to cross—examine former partners during some court hearings in england and wales. also coming on, a ray of hope for passengers in the southern rail dispute. the rmt union has accepted an offer to hold direct talks with transport secretary chris grayling. and we'll be live in las
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