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tv   Outside Source  BBC News  January 5, 2017 9:30pm-10:01pm GMT

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hello, i'm ros atkins, this is outside source. let's look through some of the main stories here in the bbc newsroom. top us intelligence officials have given evidence on claims of russian interference in the us election. they warned of cyber attacks as well as other methods of espionage. the hacking was only one part of it. it also entails classical propaganda, disinformation, fake news. propaganda, disinformation, fake news. in recent years, many scientists have been saying that there has been a slowdown in global warming. new data suggests that is full. —— false. our environment correspondent will talk us through that. we're going to update you on the claims of mass sexual assaults in bangalore on new years eve. the city'ss police chief says there's no evidence it happened. and a new study shows that there may be a link
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between living near major traffic and getting dementia. lets spend a few minutes looking at the relationship between donald trump and the intelligence community in washington, dc, brought into focus by a senate hearing, in which we heard from the director of national intelligence and others. we have an update on this story. we now know that the current director, james clapper, we knew that he would be leaving and was going to be replaced, this is also interesting, theresa may, we understand, from the prime minister's office, will be visiting donald trump in the spring. that is a story separate from the intelligence but it has come up and is worth passing to you, the prime minister's office says that the uk
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prime minister will visit donald trump in the spring, we will keep you posted when we get more dates on that. mentioning james clapper, his briefing on alleged russian hacking, he will meet donald trump tomorrow. here is one exchange during today's senate hearing for you. the bottom line is, you are going to be challenged tomorrow by the president—elect, are you 0k challenged tomorrow by the president—elect, are you ok with being challenged? absolutely. do you both welcome it? we do. do you think it is appropriate? we do. are you ready for the task? i think so. when it comes to interfering in our election, we better be ready for them. that is a good move. i think that what barack obama did is throw a pebble, i am that what barack obama did is throw a pebble, lam ready to that what barack obama did is throw a pebble, i am ready to throw a rock! wanted responses to donald trump's ongoing feud with intelligence
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—— many responses. donald trump was very critical of the cia's performance in the run—up to the iraq war and the issue of w mds. the new republic magazine has been commenting, we can speak with anthony ‘s earbud, live from washington, dc, it remains impressive, if that is the right word, donald trump continues to rub up word, donald trump continues to rub up highly influential parts of the body politic and yet continues to succeed, what is he doing with the intelligence community? he is chafing at invocation that russian hackers meddled in the us election, and knew that they did so either to
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help hillary clinton or harm —— help donald trump or harm hillary clinton, and when donald trump feels like news being questioned or attack, he responds in kind. -- anthony zurcher. maybe people full that would not happen when he became president but even if it is coming from within the executive branch from within the executive branch from people working for the government, it seems he will not be silent, he is going to answer criticisms in the way that we have become accustomed to, some pretty pointed tweets. the people he is dealing with at the moment, like james clapper, we know that he is on the way out, will we see a wholesale clear out so that donald trump can deal with the people he has chosen? that is something very interesting, the wall streetjournal had an article from an unnamed source within the trump transition team saying that they are looking at doing a wholesale change to the cia and the intelligence community, they said it was bloated and overly politicised. if that is the case,
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that could be going hand—in—hand with trump's criticism, the incoming white house press secretary, spicer, has denied those reports, says no overhaul is bland, but this could be gamesmanship on the part of donald trump to knock intelligence officials off their stride, make them more amenable to his views. presumably these relationships must work, donald trump has made a huge plate of giving americans safe in the us but also dealing with islamic state abroad. you need the two main et -- state abroad. you need the two main et —— you need the intelligence community onside. yes, the eyes and ea rs of community onside. yes, the eyes and ears of a presidential administration, to call into question theirjudgment administration, to call into question their judgment and administration, to call into question theirjudgment and efficacy is pretty unprecedented, donald trump is going to need the intelligence community to give him valid information over the course of his administration. i think that we can all be pretty certain that there will be some sort of major crisis at some point during the trump administration, there usually is
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during a presidential administration, and donald trump is going to turn to these same people, oi’ going to turn to these same people, or people like them, to explain what they think is going on in the world. for donald trump to call into question theirjudgment for donald trump to call into question their judgment at for donald trump to call into question theirjudgment at this point, before he has even gone into the white house, that is witty unprecedented. thank you very much. donald trump doing things in a different way, and he will become president on january 20. different way, and he will become president onjanuary 20. i want to turn to a story that is being followed by audiences all around the world, scientists in canada say that people living near busy roads have an increased risk of developing dementia. they followed 2 million people in ontario for over a decade and found that for those living within 50 meters of busy roads, the risk was of developing dementia was 7% higher.
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but the report authors say, "we have a potential mechanism but it's far from proven." in other words, they have spotted that these two things could potentially be related, but they are not sure why. here's james gallagher to explain that further. observational similarity, looking for patterns, because you see two things happening at the same time has not mean that one is causing the other, you need further study to have a look. there is a relationship between the two but it does not prove what is happening. there needs to bea prove what is happening. there needs to be a next round of science to figure out what is going on. what might be happening? one theory is that it might be happening? one theory is thatitis might be happening? one theory is that it is nice from traffic disrupting sleep, we know that part of sleeping is clearing toxins from
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the brain, that is one possible mechanism, we know that pollution that comes out of car exhausts can get inside the body and can hurt you in some ways and can even get into the brain, so that could be another potential mechanism. a major study, 2 million people, 11 yes, what has too follow to better understand the possible link? —— ii too follow to better understand the possible link? —— 11 years. too follow to better understand the possible link? -- 11 years. there will be a lot more animal research but there needs to be a trial where you change the environment to see if it changes the risk, some neighbourhoods trying to improve the air quality, planting more trees and shrubbery, reducing air pollution, see of that has an impact. the problem here is that dementia is a disease which takes decades to properly develop and become apparent, this was 11 years, these are not answers you can get overnight. i had the impression that the scientific world is spending more and more time on dementia, is that correct? massive problem in the western world and rapidly moving to lower and middle—income countries as
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life respect beckons increases. we ove rco m e life respect beckons increases. we overcome diseases, things like trabecular cysts, the old killers, and look at heart disease, dementia is the disease that we cannot really do anything about, that is the brick wall, so there is a huge effort around the world to try to tackle dementia. thank you very much to james for that. hull city are at the bottom of the premier league. the man charged with fixing that is marco silva. he's a very successful portuguese manager but this is his debut in english football. and his appointment brings the number of foreign managers in the premier league to 13 with just four englishmen, two welshman,
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and david moyes who's a scot. m&s pays little english with a bunch of coaches that speak little english. make no bones about it, the managers which come over and is do not speak english, i'm not so sure, mauricio pochettino was in the tunnel at southampton, he told me he could not do an interview because he could not do an interview because he could not do an interview because he could not speak english, but i heard him speaking down the tunnel to morgan schneiderlin in pretty good english! that could be a tactic. a lot of people will be asking who is marco silva, he has been dubbed the newjose mourinho, but that is coaching record itself, pretty basic, apart from last year, olympiakos, came to that greek side and won the title in 2015/16 but if you are at whole, you have got to be wondering, when will it end, it has not been a great season. steve bruce, manager, walked out after a fallout with the owners just before the start of the season and in came mike phelan, really good start of the season, which has petered dugway, seven defeats in nine games.
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tough start as well for carlos silva, he has an fa cup tie against fellow strugglers swansea city, and then two legs against manchester united in the league cup. reading comments by pep guardiola, one of the best managers there has ever been, he says he is having to adapt. —— which has peter away. her body odour says it is more difficult to ta ke odour says it is more difficult to take control. these managers have to think differently about style when they come to the premier league. -- petered away. pep guardiola, that is shopping, —— shocking. —— pep guardiola. they won ten on the trot, they came unstuck at celtic, then they came unstuck at celtic, then they lost a game against tottenham hotspur and pep guardiola did this interview where he said that his coaching career is coming to an end. he has clarified that, he has come
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out and said that is not a case, he is in it for the long term, with manchester city, and the next three yea rs, style is manchester city, and the next three years, style is interesting, mauricio pochettino came over and said he expected long ball, a lot of managers come over and think, wednesday off, good old english football, where you thump it long, but it is not, that what viola finding ita but it is not, that what viola finding it a little bit tricky at the moment. thank you very much. now we've got some great footage in from the skijump world cup. this is in austria. andreas wellinger from germany is in the lead after the qualification rounds. he set a new hill record just a couple of hours ago with this 1411.5 m jump. he beat the previous record set in 2005 by 1.5m and is now one of the top favourites to win the competition. the final for the overall title of the li—hills—tournament will take place tomorrow. inafew
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in a few minutes we will turn to very interesting story about apple, withdrawing the new york times app, from its apple app store, in china, chinese authorities are set to do that, following the request, and we get the details soon. when it comes to digital dangers such as bullying and grooming, young people are being left to fend for themselves, that comes from the children's ministerfor themselves, that comes from the children's minister for england. gillian hargreaves has more. look familiar? teenagers stuck to their mobile phones. millions are connected to their friends via social media but the children's commissioner says too many are allowed to roam in a cyber world with limited protection and regulation. —— with limited protection and
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regulation. the girls at this high school in warrington think there is a risk. teenagers don't know what they're signing up to. rules needs to be short and snappy. not 15 pages. the report calls for the appointment of a digital ombudsman to mediate between children and social media companies over online bullying. it also recommends there should be mandatory digital citizenship courses in schools and new privacy laws to protect children's personal information online. what everyone is trying to do is to respond to that change. parents are struggling to do their bit. there is a role for government to intervene to help strengthen privacy laws and a role for schools as well in teaching stronger digital curriculum and training. at hampstead high school, the gcse computer studies pupils are technically savvy with many aware of the dangers of digital technology. i don't think we need another programme. i think it's something that good schools do already.
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right from the age of four through the sixth form, children are already talk about how to stay safe online in assemblies, working with a bullying officer and police. schools can only do so much. contracts for social media sites can be lengthy with complicated wording and many children can struggle to understand exactly what they are signing up to. when children use social media sites, they give their content to the site, so comments, photos, e—mail address, name, information like that which they may know about but they may not know that that information is then given to third—party companies who will target them with specific adverts. social media companies like instagram, facebook and twitter, say they take child security seriously and say their services are suited to children over the age of 13 and will shut down underage accounts. top us intelligence officials have
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said that russia poses a major threat to america through an advanced cyber programme, they have been giving evidence at the senate hearing on russian interference into the us election. we have new information on global warming this century, many scientists have argued that the rate has slowed in recent years, and that is interesting, because the rate of c02 is interesting, because the rate of co2 emission certainly has not slowed, it has gone up and up. this craft goes back to 1960. here is one graft from the new research, this is essentially a series of different surface temperatures just for this century. there are four durations but the general course is upwards. is it going up faster than we
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realise? here is mark mcgrath. any scientists felt that between 1950 and 2000, temperatures went up in a straight line, 2000 up to 2014, they thought it was a hiatus, the bridges did not increase, researchers on both side were concerned about why this was happening. —— researchers. but we have been misreading the templars from the ocean, miss calibrating them, when they recalibrated the ocean temperatures they show that the line into new to go they show that the line into new to 9° up they show that the line into new to go up straight, controversial study. the scientist had e—mails requisitioned by the house of representatives in the us but yesterday another group of scientist got out of the study sat in the same result. —— misreading the temperatures. it has confirmed a study from last year, that it has not paused at. why does that put a question over a whole bunch of global warming data we have been
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collecting for decades? it does and does not, it put something is under question, this has been looking at ocean warming. 50 years ago people, ta ke ocean warming. 50 years ago people, take a bucket, they would take the tempter of sea water. the complex meshing of information, that is where mistakes were made, now they are saying they are much more confident that data is clean and clear and gives a better picture. say that the tempter is going up more than expected, how... your contact more than expected, how... your co nta ct le ns more than expected, how... your contact lens has come out of your eye, good catch!... what does i do in terms of policy, already there is a pushback on global warming. interesting to see this against the backdrop of president trump coming into the oval office, saying things like climate change is something made up by the chinese, a hoax, he has appointed people who are lu kewa rm has appointed people who are lukewarm on climate change if not sceptics, it is interesting that we see the scientific immunity in some respects putting this data out there, a week or so before president
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trump comes in, to reinforce and underline the fact that global warming has not gone away, it is not going away, it is consistent, there was no pause. top broadcaster, not even his contact pause. top broadcaster, not even his co nta ct le ns pause. top broadcaster, not even his contact lens coming out who is eye, can put him off his stride. —— coming out of his life. —— coming out of his eye. bangalore's police chief has told the bbc says there's no proof there were mass sexual asaults on women on new year's eve. bear in mind there have been multiple claims to the contrary. he says they've looked at cctv and, "there was panic, there was a melee, they got separated, they were crying. so that 30 seconds of confusion is being projected as a mass molestation. i categorically say that nothing of that sort has happened." a number of women who have come forward contradict that. one of them has spoken to the bbc.
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finished my walk, i was returning home, i saw two meant coming towards me, they were looking a little suspicious to me so i moved aside for them to pass. a man tried to grope me. he slid his hand inside my dress, i was wearing a jumpsuit, he try to grope me. sol dress, i was wearing a jumpsuit, he try to grope me. so i went blank. after that, when i came to my senses, i began punching and kicking a lot. 15, 20 men, and a guy took a chance and ran away, he escaped from the place. if! chance and ran away, he escaped from the place. if i go to the cops, i don't want them to tell me that the guy already escaped, we cannot do anything about it. i was not ready to hear that. politicians have said westernisation is the reason why this molestation is happening, that women should not wear this kind of clothing. i feel bad and ashamed about it. if this is what is
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happening, iwant about it. if this is what is happening, i want girls to know that they can come forward and speak out, what ever you are faced with, you don't have to be scared. picking up one is story shared thousands of times in the last 24 hours: —— on a story. apple has removed the new york times from its china app store, following a request from chinese authorities. this is what happens when you try to download the app in china. the times says this happened in late december. the new york times website has been blocked by the chinese government since 2012, when it published these articles, about chinese leader wen jiabao's family wealth. the times says blocking the app is part of a, "wider attempt to prevent readers in china from accessing independent news coverage by the new york times of that country,
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which is no different from the journalism we do about every other country in the world." i asked michelle fleury whether apple had been obliged to do this. if you look at a rule that was passed over the summer, they have in place something that says that if an app publishes something that violates their content rules, then they can request that it is pulled down. we don't know if that was the case in this instance, because apple has not released that information. we know that apple has said that they were approached by the regulator, who accused the new york times app of violating rules, and thatis times app of violating rules, and that is why the app has been pulled. until we know exactly what rules we re until we know exactly what rules were violated, it is difficult to know, but certainly, apple is keen not to get on the wrong side of the regulators, they have complied with
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the requests, and certainly at this point they are not explaining what was the source of the concern. point they are not explaining what was the source of the concernlj point they are not explaining what was the source of the concern. i was quite surprised to hear that it was available in the first place, given that i know that the website had been banned, do we have distinctions between apps and websites with other news organisations? that is a peculiar part of it, for four years you have been able to access the new york times through the app but not through the website. whether or not what we are starting to see is the cyberspace and administration becoming more attuned to these distinctions... apple has had problems with content in the past, it's problems with content in the past, its stores which sell book content and film and video content, those have been banned in the past, ibook and ifilm. it is the problem for any american tech firm trying to operate in china, how do you deal with the censorship rules? people havejoked
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about it being the great firewall of china(!) but talking to people in the country, they use a different network to try to get around some of the censorship rules. if you just wa nt to the censorship rules. if you just want to be able to turn on your laptop, turn on your smartphone, certainly, it remains very difficult. the lead story, statements from james clapper, director of national intelligence, to the senate committee, saying that russia has disrupted the us election. donald trump has selected the former indiana senator dan coats as director of national intelligence. that is it for this edition of outside source, thank you very much for watching and i will see you at the beginning of next week. roma white so far on this weeks
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whether we have been on a roller—coaster ride of temperatures, no two stays the same, one morning greeted with cold, frosty weather conditions, just like thursday, beautiful start but bitterly cold, temperatures down to —8, this friday, different story, all change, milderair friday, different story, all change, milder air flooding friday, different story, all change, milderairflooding in friday, different story, all change, milder airflooding in from the west, ring in cloudy conditions for most of us, and some outbreaks of rain. that rain will continue to push in from the west, accompanied by strengthening south—westerly breeze driving in milder air. the head of it, after a chilly start, clinging on through daylight hours, here, still on the chilly side, for 5 degrees, here, still on the chilly side, for 5degrees, up here, still on the chilly side, for 5 degrees, up into the northwest, behind the weather front, milder air sta rts behind the weather front, milder air starts to push through. milder air will win the story, pushing the cold air back into the near continent. temperatures slightly above average for this time of year, once the rain has cleared away. it pushes away through the early hours of saturday
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morning, behind it, misty and hill fog, a lot of low grey cloud, but not a bad day for many. temperatures will respond, breeze into the north, highs of six to 12 degrees. as we move out into sunday from saturday, we see the weather front pushing into the northwest, wind strengthening, on the whole, high—pressure very much in the driving seat, that means very little in the way of change. oakes as though we keep the cloudy conditions, early morning, mist and fog. —— looks as though. that will lift away and it stays largely dull and dry, a spot of drizzle from time to time, all change as we move into monday, make the most of the weekend weather, milderfor monday, make the most of the weekend weather, milder for many, monday, make the most of the weekend weather, milderfor many, a lot of cloud around, and cloud big enough from time to time for patchy drizzle. first change comes into monday, as we see wetter and windy weather, pushing in from the northwest, isobars squeezing together, gales are quite likely and
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some rain could be quite heavy as it pushes into the northwest. slowly sinking its way steadily south. wet and windy, but a mild affair during monday, largely dry, during daylight hours, double figures widely across the country, something cooler and fresher starts to show its hand as we move out of monday. the isobars tightly packed together, the wind swinging around, before the next area of low pressure moves in. this is going to be the general trend as we move through next week. we have been looking at six to ten day forecast, jet stream, we have associated that it is strengthening and sitting up to the far north, thatis and sitting up to the far north, that is allowing low—pressure systems to move in from the atlantic, things turning a little more mobile and unsettled. looking at the lower in more detail, as the lowell approaches, its drives in and pulled in this milder air, and as the low clears, we see a north westerly flow, called asset to
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return. this is why we are getting this roller—coaster feel temperatures, one day will be cloudy and often wet at times, that is likely into the six to ten day period, but as the locals away, will see the colder air digging in, on the chilly side but hopefully from time to time we will get a little more in the way of sunshine. that is how it is looking. bearing in mind, things will turn unsettled next week. tonight at ten: a warning from america's top intelligence officials — russian cyber attacks pose a major threat to the us and beyond. they insist there is no doubt that russia tried to interfere with the us presidential election. i don't think that we've ever encountered a more aggressive or direct campaign to interfere in our election process than we've seen in this case. the president elect donald trump will be briefed about the findings by intelligence officials tomorrow. also tonight...
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jill saward — the first rape victim in the uk to waive her right to anonymity and campaign against sexual violence has died. i want people to be able to understand just how much of a trauma rape is and just what you do go through.
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