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this is bbc news. i'm martine croxall. the headlines at 8pm. authorities say at least five people are dead and eight wounded after a gunman opened fire at fort lauderdale airport in florida. a suspect is in custody. president—elect donald trump vows to combat cyber espionage at the taking office but dismisses claims that russian hackers could have swung the us election. a man who is terminally ill with motor neurone disease begins a legal fight for the right to die. it's my body, i have a right to die. i have a right to determine how i should die and, more importantly, when i should die. a whistleblower alleges that at least one person died as a result of a computer failure at the london ambulance service on new year's day. tributes for veteran bollywood actor 0m puri — star of east is east — who has died aged 66. good evening and welcome to bbc
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news. at least five people have died and eight others have been wounded after a shooting at an airport in fort lauderdale in florida. passengers ran for lauderdale in florida. passengers ra n for safety lauderdale in florida. passengers ran for safety as shots were fired ata ran for safety as shots were fired at a luggage claim area in one of the terminals at fort lauderdale—hollywood international airport. one person is in police custody and is believed to have acted alone. fort lauderdale is, of course, a major to restore hope in the greater miami area. —— a major tourist hub. barbara platt usher is there. what are you hearing about there. what are you hearing about the latest situation? we are seeing pictures of hundreds of people still on the runway and outer perimeter road, some with their hands in the air. just first of all to update the
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casualty figure, the mayor has been on the phone and said five people are killed and 13 people transported to hospital, so a higherfigure of injured than we were hearing earlier. it is confusing at the airport. we have heard reports that there were unconfirmed sightings or hearings of gunshots in the parking garage, so what the mayor has said is the police are now clearing that area, they are going through it to make sure it is safe, to find out what has happened there and more broadly, they are trying to clear the airport passengers, so they are trying to ship them out in a safe way so that they can do a clean sweep of the whole airport to make sure there isn't another shooter or to just make sure that everybody can be safe and that will take at least a couple of hours. we have just been hearing from the white house that the president has been briefed on this incident at fort lauderdale and
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will be kept updated as the investigation unfolds. barbara, tell us investigation unfolds. barbara, tell us where this initial incident happened, because you would expect anyone with a gun, you would hope, would be stopped because of security measures in place. it was in the baggage claim section of terminal two, which presumably is a domestics arrivals area, because in the united states, when you arrive on a domestic flight, there is no security in the baggage claim, you can walk through and people can come through to pick you up, family members or a driver, so that seems to be the case, there wasn't very much security and this man was able to just walk much security and this man was able tojust walk in much security and this man was able to just walk in with a gun and witnesses who are being quoted by local media say he walked through the baggage claim area shooting. police were on the scene very quickly and he fired through his whole clip and they shot him and injured him and took him down and took him into custody. a senator from florida has been speaking to local officials here in washington
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and has been told the name of the suspect is esteban santiago, that he was carrying a military id, his birthday was march 1990, so he would be 26 years old, so from what we understand from officials in florida, that is the only person they have picked up, he was a lone shooter. what they are trying to find out now, beyond whether the airport is saved, is whether he was by himself, was he acting alone or pa rt by himself, was he acting alone or part of a large organisation? we are seeing some pictures of a group of police officers very heavily armed, asa police officers very heavily armed, as a large emergency vehicle presence is there, as you would expect, so it was largely calm and then panicked again as police ran through, and passengers were around outside the terminal building. my understanding is the shooting took place in terminal two and passengers
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we re place in terminal two and passengers were evacuated and taken to other parts of the airport and there were unconfirmed reports of hearing shots fired elsewhere in the airport. the mayor said it was in the parking garage so i suspect, although i don't know for sure, is the pictures you were seeing may have been caused by these information of another shooting. we don't know if there was another shooting or if anyone was killed or injured, but we were told security officers were sweeping that area and would do an entire sweep of the airport to make sure there are no other shooters in the area. barbara, thank you the moment, and a reminder of the casualty figure that barbara mentioned, five people are said to have been killed and 13 people taken to hospital as a result of injuries sustained in this incident, so clearly the police aren't entirely sure that this is over yet, so we will keep an eye on it. donald trump is being briefed by us intelligence agencies on how they believe russia conducted a cyber hacking campaign
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to try to help him win the presidential election. he has been openly sceptical about it, and has described it in an interview as a political witch hunt driven by his political opponents. but the vice—presidentjoe biden said it's "absolutely mindless" for mr trump to claim he knows more than the us intelligence agencies. our north america correspondent nick bryant has more. did a cyber attack on america organised by vladimir putin help put donald trump in the white house? us intelligence can't say whether votes were changed or opinions altered but they are convinced russia wanted the billionaire to win and conducted a multifaceted cyber campaign using hacking, propaganda and fake news to boost his chances of becoming president. it wasn't just the billionaire who celebrated his unexpected victory, according to us intelligence. intercepted conversations reportedly picked up senior figures in the russian government rejoicing, too, among them officials said to be aware of the alleged cyber campaign. donald trump will be told
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by america's intelligence chiefs that the russians tried much harder to hack the computers of the democratic national committee than those at republican headquarters, and also that go—betweens have been identified who allegedly handed stolen e—mails to the website wikileaks. details from the classified report were leaked to nbc news, which has infuriated donald trump. "how did nbc get an exclusive look into the top—secret report", he asks. "who gave them this report, and why? politics". then he went on. "the democratic national committee would not allow the fbi to study or see its computer info after it was supposedly hacked by russia, so how and why are they so sure about hacking if they never even requested any examination of the computer servers? what is going on?" vice—presidentjoe biden said it was time for donald trump to grow up. the idea that you know more than the intelligence community knows, is something like saying
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"i know more about physics than my professor. "i didn't read the book. ijust know i know more." grow up. time to be an adult. you are president. donald trump this morning complained of a political witchhunt, and his spokesman said he is right to be cautious. the president—elect has a healthy scepticism of everything, and that's important. people need to know that when decisions are made, we've seen in the past that a rush tojudgment is not in the country's best interests. this morning, donald trump got into an online dispute with arnold schwarzenegger over ratings for the tv show celebrity apprentice. and so he continues with his unconventional journey to the white house, but troubled by that nagging question, did russia help him on his way? that meeting with intelligence
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officials is now over and donald trump has made a few statements as a result of it. he said the meeting was very constructive and he praised the leaders of the us intelligence community for sharing their information with him. he went on to say, though, that he wants to put together a team of experts to help combat cyber attacks within 90 days of him taking office, that is the 20th of january, of course. of him taking office, that is the 20th ofjanuary, of course. he said although various countries, russia and china amongst them, consistently tried to break through their cyber structure and access government institutions and businesses, there was absolutely no affect on the outcome of the election whatsoever, including the fact that there was no tampering with voting machines. however, donald trump has decided he wa nts to however, donald trump has decided he wants to set up this group of people to try to combat cyber attacks. let's return to the situation in
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fort lauderdale, at the international airport in florida. these are live pictures, you can see a very heavily armed police presence there as a result of an earlier shooting. we were hearing from our correspondent barbara platt usher that five people have died and in the last few minutes, the local mayor said that 13 people had been wounded. one gunman, we do understand, is in custody. our reporter nicola beckford is near the scene and we can join reporter nicola beckford is near the scene and we canjoin her reporter nicola beckford is near the scene and we can join her now. what can you see from where you are? broken sound nicola, let me stop you there, we have got terrible problems with the phone line to you there, i'm afraid
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we can't hear you particularly well so we can see we can't hear you particularly well so we can see if we can establish better contact, but let me fill you in on what we have been hearing in the last few minutes. the latest we are hearing is that there have been reports of additional shots being fired within the last few minutes, at sort of around 3pm local time, they are about five hours behind us. one gunman was in custody and five people are reported to have died. 13 of them, 13 more, happened taken to hospital. a few minutes before we had these reports of additional shots being fired, perhaps in the multistorey car park, we had seen pictures of hundreds of people out on the apron of fort lauderdale airport and on the runway and on the walkway around the perimeter fence of the airport. as you can see, a
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huge police presence. these are the pictures from earlier, hundreds of these people look like they have been trying to get on a plane, have had to get off, they have got their hands in the air, suggesting there was a report that there may have been another assailant somewhere within the airport boundaries, but we have not had that confirmed yet, police are still on the scene trying to establish whether anybody else has been involved. the person who is in custody is said to be in their 20s, initially thought to be acting alone. police are now trying to find out whether that really is the case. there has been a suspension of flights into and out of fort lauderdale airport. this original shooting happened inside terminal two at the baggage claim area, which would appear to have been servicing a domestic flight and in that instance, there wouldn't be a security presence because a domestic
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flight security presence because a domestic flight doesn't ordinarily require it. so still not clear exactly what is happening at fort lauderdale. we will bring you more details when they come in. a terminally ill man has begun a legal fight for the right to help for him to die. noel conway, who's 67, has motor neurone disease and says he fears becoming entombed in his own body as his muscles gradually weaken. mr conway, who is being backed by the campaign group dignity in dying, wants a doctor to be able to prescribe a lethal dose when his health deteriorates further. the case will be the first high court challenge since mps rejected an attempt to introduce assisted dying in 2015. our medical correspondent fergus walsh has this exclusive report. my name is noel conway. i have motor neurone disease. it is incurable and terminal. i fear very soon i shall be entombed in my own body and the thought of that fills me with absolute horror. got your beans on toast.
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day—by—day, noel is losing all strength in his body. increasingly he relies on his wife, carole. he is too weak to take his own life, so, when his condition gets worse, he wants a doctor to be allowed to give him a lethal dose. it's my body, i have a right to die. i have a right to determine how i should die. and more importantly, when i should die. and i want to do so. when i have a degree of dignity remaining to me. noel often relies on a ventilator to help him breathe. he is registered with the swiss suicide group, dignitas, but will soon be unable to travel, so he's challenging the law here. our current law condems people like
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me to unimaginable suffering. i mean, i don't have acute pain. i'mjust heading... really on a slow, slippery slope to hell. noel was a keen walker, climber and skier. his family support his right—to—die, but don't want to play a part in his death. it places me in an intolerable position. i can't help him to end his life. that would not be possible. i can't do that. i wouldn't want to do that. we need the assistance of professionals, of medical staff to ease that passing. the courts have shown leniency with relatives involved in assisting a suicide, but campaigners, most recently tony nicklinson, have never been able to persuade judges that doctors should be allowed to end a life.
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this issue stirs huge passions and when mps last voted, they rejected a change in the law. so does that mean this latest high court challenge is doomed to fail? while it is parliament that makes the law, it is judges who interpret it. so when the case comes here, noel conway's legal team will seek a declaration that the current law is not compatible with his basic human rights to live and die with dignity. under the 1961 suicide act, any doctor who helped end his life would face up to 1a years in prison. baroness jane campbell has spinal muscular atrophy and has been close to death on several occasions. a disability rights campaigner, she says altering the law would send dangerous signals.
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if the law were changed, it would feed into society's fear that to be severely disabled, to be trapped within your body, which i really practically am, is a state worse than death. it would be a huge burden to us. we already have to fight for the right to live. please don't help us to the right—to—die. but that is exactly what noel conway wants. canada and california have introduced assisted dying in the past year. noel is determined it should happen here, but knows he may run out of time before his case is settled. we are going to return to the
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situation in florida at the fort lauderdale—hollywood international airport, where we understand a gunman is now in custody, having shot dead five people and wounded 13. our reporter nicola beckford is near the scene. tell us what you can see and hear. well, i'mjust at near the scene. tell us what you can see and hear. well, i'm just at the airport... patchy sound nicola, i'm afraid we need to stop you again, there is clearly some interference on the line and we are struggling to hear because of the feedback. these are live pictures you can see coming from fort lauderdale airport, a huge police presence. there were unconfirmed
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reports of more shooting, perhaps coming from the multistorey car park, that the police were investigating and we have seen pictures of hundreds and hundreds of people who were out on the runway and the airport apron, walking round and the airport apron, walking round a path near the perimeterfence there. these are pictures from about half an hour ago or so. some people as you can see with their hands in the air. police having to investigate whether there is another gunman potentially at—large, because the man in his 20s who they have arrested seems to have been brought into custody. this shooting incident that sparked all of this started in the terminal two baggage claim, which seems to have been serving some domestic flights, which would account for the lack of security and would enable someone to come in from outside without having to go through
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checks, which wouldn't be the case if it was serving international flights. so we are waiting to hear whether things are finally calm, but clearly more police arriving to investigate what the situation is, but a local man said that five people have died and 13 more have had to be taken to hospital as a result of injuries they have sustained. no flights coming in and out of fort lauderdale. sport there, full round—up from the bbc news centre. good evening. the third round of the fa cup is under way this evening with the all premier league tie between west ham united and man city going on right now at the london stadium. manchester city have had the better of the opening 20 minutes, david silver going closest, his shot saved by adrian.
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—— david silva. mikhailantonio coming closest for west ham. these are live pictures from the london stadium. there is full coverage on bbc one now. the last time west ham won the fa cup was 1980. manchester city, as you can imagine, a little more recently, in 2011, which sparked their big comeback and return to the in the premier league. let's move on because british cyclist chris froome says he turned down the chance to use of therapeutic usage exemption in 2013 because of moral reasons. the three—time tour de france winner has twice previously used medications under the tue rule but when given the option during a race two years ago, he chose not to. they basically said your condition is severe enough that you need medication, and medication you need would require a tue. that didn't sit well with me at the time. i didn't feel as if having a tue in the last week of the tour de france was something i was prepared to, it didn't sit well with me morally. do you think therefore it is right
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we are asking questions of, for example, why sir bradley wiggins had three corticosteroids in the lead up to big races? it is only healthy to ask those questions, but, yes, obviously everyone, i am not making negative commentary on his situation, that is something he will have to address himself. that was our sports correspondent natalie pirks asking the questions. it's important to add, there's no suggestion sir bradley wiggins has done anything wrong. he was prescribed the tue for his asthma. andy the tue for his asthma. murray's preparations fort month's andy murray's preparations for this month's australian open are going well. he is due to the opening of the qatar open after beating tomas berdych in straight sets —— he is through. it extends his unbeaten run to 28 matches. the pre—match routine of the world number one sir andy murray, with loyal supporters watching on to witness a fairly routine first set. across the court, tomas berdych, the
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man murray has swept aside in their last six meetings. yet again, murray was too crafty and took an early break. it was looking rather co mforta ble break. it was looking rather comfortable for the top seed and he sealed the first set 6—3. in the dough hard darkness, the cheque, struggling with his ankle, was returning strongly and managed to put up some resistance. it didn't trouble murray for long. he kept his head to reach his sixth atp final in a row. job done in straight sets to tee up the first marie djokovic final of 2017. on current form, it may not be the last and likely to be anything but routine. —— the first andy murray djokovic final. in manor racing have gone into administration after failing to find new investors. the british—based team finished last in the 2016 world championship. staff were informed of the situation
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earlier. it will be tough for them. the administrators have said there isa the administrators have said there is a limited window of opportunity and the season starts on march the 26th in australia so there isn't much time for them to get this sorted out. there are people who are interested in buying the team. but nobody has actually put money on the table yet. it needs someone to come in and thejob is to be table yet. it needs someone to come in and the job is to be secured and for the racing to continue. that is all the sports are now, a quick update on the football, still goalless at the london stadium but it isa goalless at the london stadium but it is a cracking match, live on bbc one. we will have more sport in the next hour. thank you very much. michelle obama has made what's expected to be one of her last public speeches as first lady. speaking at an awards event for school counsellors, she focussed on one of the key themes of her time as first lady, her dedication to the education of young people. she said she would continue to support the cause after she leaves the white house. young people, don't be afraid. be focused. be determined.
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be hopeful. be empowered. empower yourselves with a good education then get out there and use that education to build a country worthy of your boundless promise. lead by example with hope, never fear. and know that i will be with you, routing and working to support rooting for you and working to support you for the rest my life. and that is true, i know, for every person that is here today, and for educators and advocates all across this nation who get up every day and work their hearts out to lift up our young people. and i am so grateful to all of you for your passion and dedication and all the hard work on the behalf of our next generation and i can think of no better way to end my time as first lady to end my time as first lady than celebrating with all of you. so i want to close the day by simply saying thank you. thank you for everything you do for our kids and for our country. being your first lady has been
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the greatest honour of my life and i hope i've made you proud. applause cheering michelle obama. veteran indian actor om puri has died of a suspected heart attack at his home in mumbai. he was 66. om puri was known for his roles in indian, british and hollywood films, including the 1999 british comedy east is east. sameer hashmi reports from mumbai. gritty performances and a deep baritone voice were the hallmarkches baritone voice were the hallmarks of om puri's performances. he acted in some of india's most iconic films, in a career spanning a0 years. but he didn't shine only in indian cinema — he lent his talents to a number of foreign films, including british and american productions.
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are you always bloody stupid? but it was his portrayal of zahid george khan in the 1999 british comedy east is east that earned him international recognition. the film won the bafta for best movie. puri is credited with being the first indian actor to make it big in international cinema. he also worked on some prominent hollywood movies including the reluctant fundamentalist and recently the hundred—foot journey produced by steven spielberg. his performances won him accolades at home and abroad. he was awared an honorary order of british empire for his contribution to the british film industry in 200a. a few weeks ago, he took to twitter to reflect on his life and career, saying he had no regrets, and that he has done well and is proud of it. a sentiment shared by fellow actors and figures from around the world who have been paying their respects, and remembering a giant of the internationalfilm industry.
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let's ta ke let's take a look at the weather forecast. good evening. a fairly cold and frosty conditions we have seen other recent days will be replaced by much milderair recent days will be replaced by much milder air but also cloudy conditions. overnight period, lots of cloud across the southern half of the country, bringing outbreaks are patchy rain. further north, a drier story across scotland and northern ireland but some mist and fog forming. most of us frost free to start at the weekend but it is a murky, gloomy sort of saturday. there will be some brighter spells breaking through the cloud, particularly through parts of northern england, northern ireland and scotland. further south, northern england, northern ireland and scotland. furthersouth, cloud lingering through the day. driver the most part, some light and patchy rainfor the most part, some light and patchy rain for some southern and western parts. temperatures are ten or 11 in
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the south, fresher 7—9 further north. as we head through the day on sunday with high pressure in charge, not much change. still quite cloudy, still some rain in the far north—west but most of us drive. some brightness to the east high ground and temperatures of 11 degrees. hello. this is bbc news with martine croxhall. we might get the headlines in a moment but i will take you back to fort lauderdale to a press conference to listen to what has happened after five people have died ata happened after five people have died at a shooting at the airport.|j happened after five people have died at a shooting at the airport. i am here at the stadium of light with the head of the federal bureau investigation. shortly before 1pm today we had an active shutter
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inside terminal two, the lower level, by baggage, and the active shooter shot at least 13 people. eight people are in area hospitals as far as eight people are in area hospitals as farasi eight people are in area hospitals as far as i know right now being treated. i do not know the degree of their injuries. five people have succumbed to their wounds and are tragically dead. we are not releasing any information on the victims until we identify them which will take some time, and we are able to respectfully notify the next of kin first. the investigation continues. we have area swat teams and the swat team including the entire airport. there will be no movement in or about the airport and tell our swat team is give me real—time information it is safe right now. —— until our swat teams. this scene is considered fluid and active.


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