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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  January 6, 2017 11:45pm-12:01am GMT

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police in arkansas sort -- emerging. police in arkansas sort —— sort recordings could seek advice on a murder. the police could subpoena anything. it people should be co mforta ble anything. it people should be comfortable that amazon on would protect them from having the government access their information. the objective is to become indispensable in our daily lives. alexa, ask ingredient list how to make pancakes. you need a cup and a half of flour, baking powder, salt, sugar, egg and butter to make pancakes. it is a trade-off. we allow the microphones in for convenience. are you my friend? jelena of course we can befriends, you seem very nice. but however ami erbil she sounds, it is not clear
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whose side she is on. —— however ami it is who we view, what we listen to and what we buy. that is extremely valuable information. alexa, a youth the beginning of the end of western civilisation? no. new beginning is not a sub strain of human civilisation. what? i will be back on monday. until then, civilisation. what? i will be back on monday. untilthen, have civilisation. what? i will be back on monday. until then, have a great weekend. good night. hello and welcome to sportsday — i'm lizzie greenwood—hughes. here's what's coming up tonight: manchester city cruise into the fourth round of the fa cup thrashing west ham 5—0. chris froome tells us how he turned
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down the chance to use a tue in 2015 because of moral concerns. and it's 28 wins in a row now for andy murray. sir andy is through to the qatar open final. so lots to get through. as always, we're starting with the fa cup and manchester city are the first team through to the fourth round. they inflicted west ham's worst home defeat in their history in the competition — beating them 5—0 in the night's all—premier league tie. ollie foster reports from the london stadium. west ham fans are still waiting for
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a truly great night at their new home. the london stayed with the's claim to fame harks back to the olympics and the super saturday with three gold medals in 45 minutes. tonight's 90 minutes the first step towards an important piece of silverware. both managers showed their intent by fielding strong sides and it became clear that manchester city's was so much stronger. the busiest player tipped overin stronger. the busiest player tipped over in early effort and then when that a letter had his heels clipped, they could not do much about the following goal. one man was sent off from the last match. it was overturned which meant he could play and miss this chance. city went into half—time 3—0. city were rampant. a
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sterling silverfinish. aguero half—time 3—0. city were rampant. a sterling silver finish. aguero got into the act shortly after the break. west ham were heading to the exit on all fronts. they would have missed a header that crossed the line. he will remember this match for his first city goal. the first essay cu p for his first city goal. the first essay cup tie at olympic stadium will not get much of a mention in the west ham history books. finally we were able to kick the ball more than in the last games. it was impossible so we played quite well in that sense and we had chances when it happened. we took them. before the penalty we had three orfour them. before the penalty we had three or four clear chances and after the second or third goal it
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was easy in the second half. we gave everything back as a team but it was not good enough. the performance we had here at a view days ago against man united was far more compact. this one was a disappointment. swansea city's ex first team coach and club legend alan curtis will get to stay on at the liberty stadium after the premier league club gave him a new role over—seeing loan players. it had been feared the 62—year—old would be eased out with the appointment of paul clement as full time manager. but chairman hquenkins wants to keep curtis and use his experience with the younger players. british cyclist chris froome says he turned down the chance to use a therapeutic use exemption in 2015 because of moral concerns. the 3—time tour de france winner has twice previously used medications under the tue rule but when given the option during a race two years ago, he chose not to.
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i basically said, i was told my condition was severe enough that i needed medication and the medication you need would require a tue. that did not sit well with me at the time. ifelt did not sit well with me at the time. i felt that having a tue in the last week of the tour to france was something that did not sit well morally with me. did you think it is right as questions about why people like bradley wiggins had three scored a cool steroid injections question might of course it is right to ask questions but i am not going to ask questions but i am not going to make comment on a situation he will need to address himself. that was our sports correspondent natalie pirks asking the questions. it's important to add, there's no suggestion sir bradley wiggins has done anything wrong. he was prescribed the tue for his asthma. sir andy murray's preparation for this month's australian open
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is going well. the world number one is through to the final of the qatar open after beating thomas berdych in straight sets. it extends murray's winning run to 28 matches. hannah lupton reports. the pre— match routine of the world number one, sir andy murray. the pre— match routine of the world number one, sirandy murray. his loyal supporters watching on to witness a fairly routine victory. across the court, thomas berdych, the man he swept aside in their last six meetings. yet again murray was too crafty and took an early break. it was looking comfortable for the top seed and he sealed the first set 6-3. in top seed and he sealed the first set 6—3. in the darkness of the battle arrived. the cheque player was returning strongly and managed to put up some resistance despite struggling with his ankle. but andy murray was not troubled for long. few players can reach the heights he has hit over the last few months. job done in straight sets to make
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his sixth atp final in a row and tee up his sixth atp final in a row and tee up the first and murray — djokovic finalfor up the first and murray — djokovic final for 2017. up the first and murray — djokovic finalfor 2017. it is not likely up the first and murray — djokovic final for 2017. it is not likely to be routine. manor racing formula 1 team have gone into administration after failing to find new investors. the british—based team finished last in the 2016 world championship. staff were informed of the situation earlier today. our formula 1 reporter jennie gow has more. i'm afraid it is going to be rather difficult for them, the administrators. there is a very limited window of opportunity and of course the season limited window of opportunity and of course the season begins on march 26 in australia so there is really not much time for them to get this sorted out. there are people who are interested in buying the team but nobody has put the money down on the table yet. they need somebody to come in fast for the job is to be secure and the racing to continue. sir mo farah is back in action tomorrow for the first time since being awarded a knighthood in the queen's new year honours list.
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the two—time double olympic champion is running in the international cross country in edinburgh. but he won't be signing any autographs with "sir mo" as he told our athletics commentator steve cram. it is an amazing honour to be called sir. it is unbelievable. i never imagined this in my life. and when you sign an order grass now, have you sign an order grass now, have you been practising sir mo farah?m is mad moe. has it sunk in yet? i have had wonderful messages from all around the world, particularly people within the uk. massive support and am grateful for the support and am grateful for the support of the honour that i got. leicester's former director of rugby richard cockerill has joined toulon as a consultant. cockerill was sacked by leicester four days ago after 12 years on the coaching staff at welford road. he joins the three—time european champions until the end of the season. on to the night's rugby union action
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and newcastle falcons produced a stunning late comeback to beat bath 211—22 in the aviva premiership. bath led by 12 points with 20 minutes remaining but ben harris barged his way over to draw newcastle level less than four minutes from time. man of the matchjoel hodgson kept his nerve to slot home the conversation and send bath to their third defeat in a row. newcastle move up to sixth. there were three games in the guinness pro 12. leinster are nowjoint top of the table after thrashing bottom club zebre 70—6. newport gwent dragons beat second from bottom treviso 26—8. scarlets secured a hard fought 16—13 victory against their playoff rivals ulster. a penalty try proved decisive for the llanelli side. as aled davies was held up over the line he was only prevented from scoring by a high tackle from ulster‘s sean reidy. the win consolidates scarlet‘s spot in the top 1l worcester wolves are into
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the quarter finals of the bbl trophy, beating sheffield sharks 99—68 tonight. danny huffor netted 31 points — supported by andy backman as well, as worcester drained 16 three pointers to advance into the last eight. essex leopards are also through — beating manchester giants 86—84 that's all from sportsday. there will be more sporty or on bbc news in the morning but for now, good night. hello again. in contrast with other parts of europe our weather this weekend has been quiet. it should be on the mild side and you will should not have to worry about lost because there will be an awful lot of cloud
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around. they should not be a lot of rain around at all. most of the rain and drizzle sinking into southern areas at the moment as we head northwards, however, the cloud will be broken by morning so possibly chilly in the scottish blends but sunshine for central and eastern scotland. that is how it is for much of england and wales, a bit misty. a lot of cloud, low cloud so it could be sitting on the hills as hills fault. —— hill fog. away from it, however, plenty of dry weather around ina however, plenty of dry weather around in a few spots of drizzles around in a few spots of drizzles around western coast than hills. a bit more sunshine developing in the north of england, the best of sunshine central and eastern scotla nd sunshine central and eastern scotland after a chilly start otherwise mild out there. computers may reach double figures. again, frost is not a concern through saturday night because we will have cloudy skies with cloud moving in across scotland. we will find low
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cloud as well. drizzle around western hills and coast and temperatures above freezing. again a fairly quiet day. a lot of cloud around again and it will begin misty, brighten up a touch but there will not be a lot of sunshine around again, maybe persistent rain coming into the north—west later on in the day. but reasonable temperatures. that's a richer in glasgow with nine degrees, the same as the temperature in london. mild air here in the uk but across eastern europe it has been bitterly cold and is likely to stay that way this weekend. these are the maximum temperatures and we have already had blizzards. you could see the worst of the weather in the eastern mediterranean by sunday. by monday we will get a band of rain coming down from the north—west together with strong winds. moving down into england and wales during the day and it signals the start of something a little more changeable, you may say, with areas of low pressure running close to the uk and it will always be a bit
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wetter and windier in the north—west. dry in the south—east. fresh breeze and nothing particularly cold. hello. this is bbc news. our top story— an intelligence report released in the united states states with high confidence that the russians tried to boost donald trump's election campaign and discredit hillary clinton. a gunman opened fire at the fort lauderdale international airport. at least five people are killed and passengers evacuated. the first lady makes her last speech. an emotional michelle obama tells the young that the country belongs to them no matter what your background. thank you for everything you do for our children and for our country. being your first lady has been the greatest honour of my life. i hope i have made you proud. a
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