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up. thank this time i will bring you up. thank you, sheriff. i this time i will bring you up. thank you, sheriff. lam this time i will bring you up. thank you, sheriff. i am the airport director. first i would like to again say on behalf of the county administration, our mayor, the of the county, we express our condolences and sympathies and keep oui’ condolences and sympathies and keep our thoughts and prayers with those who lost their lives here today as well as the family and friends. an horrific incident. as the sheriff said we had a number of individuals that were not only stuck on a planes, planes that had landed, as well some were on the gates who were not allowed to leave right after the incident occurred. a number of individuals who evacuated out of the terminal onto the apron areas, we have been working most of the date to ensure that everybody was safe and secure. once we receive the word from our law enforcement partners, there has been a process of transporting those individuals over to port everglades at terminal 4. dozens of buses transporting what we
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expect to be somewhere in the neighbourhood of around 10,000 people over to port everglades. staff in the red cross are over there to assist passengers in getting them to destinations, assisting with accommodations, food and shelter. we continue to working with law enforcement agencies and securing the airport. we are trying to get what lauderdale airport back in operation by tomorrow morning. that fort lauderdale. we are going to be encouraging all of our travellers to check with their individual airlines. some may not be operating right away. clearly this incident has caused a lot of disruption not only in their individual schedules but other schedules around the country. we encourage everybody to
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actually contact their airlines. we will continue to provide information through social media and twitter and through social media and twitter and through our webpage and we encourage people to keep checking the sources for any changes. good evening. as the sheriff mentioned, the fbi is working very, very closely with the sheriff's office in this investigation. we have begun the difficult task of identifying the deceased and making the proper notifications to the family members. as it can imagine with this type of incident and investigation, there is a long—term, very difficult, complex investigation that requires us to pursue all leads and avenues and we
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are conducting investigation not only here in south florida but in several other states as we tried to pursue the suspect's activities leading up to today's incident. the subject is in federal custody, as the sheriff mentioned, a long interview was conducted with the individual by the fbi and by the sheriff 's office and he will be charged federally and most likely will have his initial appearance on monday. began as a mention, with these types of incidents, we are looking at all avenues. we have not ruled out terrorism and we will be pursuing every angle to try to determine the motive behind this attack and any associates, any connections, communication, anything you can imagine, i can assure you we are pursuing every possible lead. thank you. was there a flight to
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anchorage and then minneapolis and ben here? yes. he flew here from alaska on a delta airlines flight. at this time, it is too early in the investigation for us to truly know why he came to florida so those are some of the things that we are looking at. his travel patterns, what brought him here and his connection to south florida. with the fbi agent aware that he had weapons? the individual did walk into our anchorage office in november will stop he came in and spoke with fbi agents. at that time he clearly stated that he did not intend to harm anyone. however, his erratic behaviour concerned fbi
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agents that were interviewing him and they contacted local police and turned him over to the local police. he was taken into custody by the local police and transported to a medical facility for a mental health evaluation. we looked at his contacts, we did our inter— agency checks and everything and at that point we closed our assessment. did you guys know he had firearms on him? that question i really don't have the answers for. again, it is very early in this investigation. we are working closely with our anchorage office to try and determine his activities there. i can't really tell you about his weapons. he voluntarily walked into the fbi office in anchorage? yes, he voluntarily walked into the office
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and was interviewed by agents in that office. a long with human mental health facility? that information i don't have. again, it is very early in this investigation and that is something we will have to determine with our anchorage field office. he was turned over to local custody and it was the local custody that took him to the medical hospital for a valuation. egos looking into —— are you guys looking into other investigative leads? we have determined he has either travelled to different places or has connections there. we are looking into those leaves. that leads. inaudible. i'm not aware of any type of incident like that but again it is very early in this investigation. at this point, we are unaware of an
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incident on the flight or a baggage claim. we know he mentioned hearing voices in his head or something like that. again, it is very early in the investigation. as i mentioned, we are not ruling out anything and we are not ruling out anything and we are looking at every angle including terrorism. it will take some time to determine the true nature of the motivation of the individual. inaudible. i believe he is 26 years old. he was in the us military. we are currently be reviewing his military record and i can't tell you that he was in the military. i believe it was in the army that we haven't confirmed exactly is service. how many shots were fired? what i can tell you at this point was that it was a semiautomatic handgun but i'm not prepared to release the type of handgun and it's
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way too early in the investigation to tell you how many rounds were fired. did he tried to take hostages in the shooting? no, he didn't try to ta ke in the shooting? no, he didn't try to take any hostages. as the suspect was at shooting, seconds after the shooting was contacted by a sheriff and he was taken into custody without incident and was immediately interviewed by the fbi and the bra would sheriff ‘s office —— broward cou nty would sheriff ‘s office —— broward county sheriffs office. inaudible. we will be getting in touch and letting you know when the next press conference will be. right now, we ask that people in the families that lost love what, —— we are, our
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thoughts are with that peoples families who lost loved ones. we have just learnt a we havejust learnt a bit we have just learnt a bit more about the attack that left five people dead and injured eight. it was at florida's fort lauderdale airport where a man who has been identified as the chief suspect, 26—year—old este ba n as the chief suspect, 26—year—old esteban santiago who had been in the us military, open fire at the baggage reclaim areas. we heard no attem pts baggage reclaim areas. we heard no atte m pts to baggage reclaim areas. we heard no attem pts to ta ke baggage reclaim areas. we heard no attempts to take any hostages but terrorism has not been ruled out, according to the fbi. our correspondent gary o'donoghue is in fort lauderdale. lots more details coming out now, gary? yes, starting to get a more
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full picture of what happened here at the airport just a few full picture of what happened here at the airportjust a few hundred metres from where i am standing now. about one pm local time, earlier today, it appears esteban san diego carried this gun from alaska via minneapolis to fort lauderdale —— santiago. when he got here, he went into the bathroom, loaded the gun, went back to the baggage claim carousels and opened fire, killing five. you heard that the local sheriff indicating some of the other injuries that people have suffered. broken bones, et cetera. what we also heard was the fbi was not ruling out anything at this stage. they are pursuing all at leeds. they are not ruling out terrorism. it is worth noting that one of the relatives of esteban santiago, his brother brian, said he was seeking psychological help in alaska as recently as the autumn. —— they are
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pursuing all leads. the fbi have spoken to their agents back into november and that he behaved erratically. we know he had a military record over some years. he spent one year serving in iraq as pa rt spent one year serving in iraq as part of the national guard and had been discharged last year. this honourably, i might add. —— discharged honourably. he has a number of military awards to his name as well. there will be a lot of work to do to work out exactly what his motivations were, why he did this and why indeed he travelled all that distance from alaska right down here to southern florida to do this thing that he could have presumably done anywhere in his original state. that will be something i think investigators will be thinking about. was there an incident on the plane or at the airport? did something spark it off or was this
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planned? something spark it off or was this planned ? really, something spark it off or was this planned? really, what was the underlying issue that led to all of this? more questions than answers, i'm afraid. as per the airport here, they are expecting and hoping that it will be opening at 5am local time. they are trying to ship something in the order of 10,000 passengers out of the airport to other parts for accommodation and get them onto new flights will stop it isa get them onto new flights will stop it is a hugejob get them onto new flights will stop it is a huge job and there get them onto new flights will stop it is a hugejob and there is get them onto new flights will stop it is a huge job and there is still a lot of people at the airport standard. —— new flights. it is a huge drop. we heard it was a semiautomatic handgun. further debate about the use of guns in america. yes. the fbi wouldn't give any detail about the semiautomatic handgun but those have magazines that can contain anywhere from 15— i7- that can contain anywhere from 15— 17-19 that can contain anywhere from 15— 17— 19 rounds at a time. you fire
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them, you pull the clip off the bottom, you put another one in and you start shooting again. they can be very deadly weapons and especially in a confined place like a baggage hall were of course everybody is standing around in big groups, sitting together, huddled together. sitting ducks. people will be asking questions about that. of course, it is perfectly legal to carry a weapon in your checked baggage on us aircraft. there are stunned stipulations. —— some stipulations. it must be in a locked container and it must be unloaded but you can carry ammunition in the same case. a lot of people do that for legitimate reasons such as hunting. there will be questions about that and particularly, this seeming vulnerability at that point of the baggage reclaim. that is the point when, gino, you can get your stuff back but you are still not out
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of the airport. —— you know. a lot of the airport. —— you know. a lot of people are on their way into the airport. they are checked and rechecked, you take your shoes off —— on yourway rechecked, you take your shoes off —— on your way in. but it seems like the reclaim area is a place that you can cause damage and that seems to be what esteban santiago did this evening. thank you. dr max abrahms is a security expert and professor at northeastern university. gary o'donoghue was talking about the legal situation. for those who don't live in america, it might seem slightly unusual that guns are allowed but in this particular case, it is legal for allowed but in this particular case, it is legalfor airline allowed but in this particular case, it is legal for airline passengers to travel with guns and ammunition as long as the firearms are in a checked back and not a carry on. is gary writes to think there is a tap at that garbage reclaim point? —— 93p- at that garbage reclaim point? —— gap. no question. and it is right
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near the exit, the road. taxis, cars, vans, to pick you up. that contributes to the soft target environment. it is hardly secluded. there is a real irony that after 911, security was ramped up to defend against aircraft. it is hard to ta ke defend against aircraft. it is hard to take down planes. the majority of time in the airport itself is actually quite soft. this is a continued vulnerability of the big airports, no question about that. as airports, no question about that. as a security experts, it is interesting that the fbi is not ruling out terrorism. it is probably some kind of combination between mental instability and some sort of radicalisation. indeed, the suspects said that essentially he was losing it. in his mind, he heard islamic
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state encouraging him to attack and for the government encouraging him to watch islamic state videos. that indicates to me some kind of combination between mental instability after he left iraq and some sort of industry interesting —— interesting sympathy with the terrorists today that presumably he would be fighting against. people wa nt to would be fighting against. people want to attribute these attacks to a single motive but in all probability, there were multiple things going on in his mind. of course the fbi and police very careful to tread carefully around the different claims that are doing the different claims that are doing the rounds by different people, as you say. how hopeful are you now that this act and will put the gun law back into the headlines and may get anything changed with the new president on the way? those are two different issues. there is no
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question that whenever there is a gun massacre, people will be having these sorts of conversation. we need more gun control. and yet, there have been so many gun massacres in the united states where legislation has not changed. those on the opposite side in this was say look, perhaps we need more guns. if the passengers had guns and the people in the airport had guns, they would have been able to take out the perpetrators sooner. apparently, at least what i have heard, the suspect was lying on the ground for 15 minutes before the cops even showed up. these kinds of gun massacres cut both ways. they encourage gun control but they also mobilise people in favour of the second amendment. stay with us on bbc news, still to come:
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an emotional farewell speech from michelle obama. she says being first lady has been the greatest honour of her life. the japanese people are mourning, following the death of emperor hirohito. thousands converged on the imperial palace to pay their respects when it was announced he was dead. good grief. after half a century of delighting fans around the world, charlie brown and the rest of the gang are calling it quits. the singer paul simon starts his tour of south africa tomorrow, in spite of protests and violence from some black activist groups. they say international artists should continue to boycott south africa until majority rule is established. teams were trying to scoop up lumps of oil as france recognises it faces an ecological crisis. three weeks ago, the authorities confidently assured these areas that oil from the broken tanker erika would head out to sea. it didn't.
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the world's tallest skyscraper opens today. the burj dubai has easily overtaken its nearest rivals. this is bbc news. i'm gavin grey. the latest headlines: five people have been killed in a shooting at fort lauderdale international airport in florida. the alleged gunman — named as 26—year—old estaban santiago, believed to be an iraq warveteran, is now in police custody the russian president vladimir putin sought to help donald trump win the presidential election according to a newly declassified cia report. it was released shortly after intelligence chiefs briefed mr trump on theirfindings. the president—elect insisted that any cyber espionage, by russia, china or anyone else, had not influenced the result. american intelligence tonight released its explosive report
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claiming that vladimir putin personally ordered what it called an influence campaign, to help donald trump's chances of winning the presidency by denigrating hillary clinton and harming her electability. it concludes the kremlin had a clear preference for the billionaire. donald trump today described the investigation as a political witch—hunt by adversaries badly beaten in the election. he has rubbished the notion that he achieved a kremlin—assisted victory. but us intelligence claims it wasn't just the billionaire who celebrated his unexpected success on election night. intercepted conversations reportedly picked up senior figures in the russian government rejoicing too, among them officials said to be aware of the alleged cyber campaign. at trump tower tonight, he was given a classified briefing by america's top intelligence officials, who claim the russians tried harder to hack computers of the democratic national committee than those at republican
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headquarters, and that go—betweens allegedly delivered stolen e—mails to the wikileaks website, to help him move from his penthouse in manhattan to the white house. never before has a president—elect been so openly scornful of america's spies, or so disparaging about their work. but the trump team says he is right to be cautious, not least because the us intelligence community has got it wrong before, over iraq's weapons of mass destruction. in a statement after the meeting, mr trump said that russia, china, other countries, and outside groups are consistently trying to break through the cyber infrastructure of our governmental institutions and organisations, including the democratic national committee. but he added... tellingly, he did not single out russia for blame. the vice president, joe biden, has told him to accept the intelligence findings pointing the finger at the kremlin. the idea that you know more than the intelligence community
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knows is a little like saying, "i know more about physics than my professor. i didn't read the book, ijust know i know more". grow up. time to be an adult, you're president. relations between president obama and president putin have had a cold war chill, and donald trump has signalled warmer ties. speaking to the bbc today, the outgoing secretary of state, john kerry, delivered this advice. i would encourage him to engage with russia, and to try to find that common ground, but not at the expense of rolling over and losing the values or principles or interests that we need to protect as we do so. donald trump tonight expressed tremendous respect for america's spies, but he still clearly believes the allegations of a kremlin conspiracy are being used to delegitimise his presidency. nick bryant, bbc news, new york. michelle obama has delivered her
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final speech as first lady of the united states with an impassioned call on young people to have hope and fight for their rights. speaking at a ceremony in the white house she concluded tearfully, saying the role of first lady had the been the greatest honour of her life. we speak now to a writer from new york. shejoins us now. first of all, it was obvious that michelle obama was addressing the use of america and indeed the audience as well seem to be entirely of the young adult age group. thank you so much for having me. there was a clear call to action for the youth of america, telling them that they need to carry on the legacy of the obama's progressive campaign. do you
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think she is, over the last few yea rs, think she is, over the last few years, been able to get more young people heard or do you think this is an aspiration she will carry through in the future? i definitely think this is something she has been able to do. i have seen those big several times at different events such as the summits for women. she has brought girls and young women to the white house to speak about their agenda for policy change and has also engaged a generation of young people to assist them care more about their health and fitness as a result of her first lady duties. she has steered away from the president—elect and donald trump and his supporters. do you think that was possibly a mistake? she should try to be more inclusive? she set herself that when they go lo, we go higher. that was the clarion call. she was focused and deliberate as she always is and does she was today
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in putting out a message about american values — inclusivity is well is freedom for all people. i believe the message was inclusive and she was focused on presenting that, not divisive in any way. many people are keen that she may seek a political career. she has ruled it out. what do you think she will do? my out. what do you think she will do? my face fell when i heard the joke from president obama that michelle would not be running for president. it was a dream of mine. i can say what right now with the way things look that if she ever decided to become a supreme courtjustice i would be thrilled for that and it would be thrilled for that and it would be thrilled for that and it would be one of the best things that could happen in my lifetime. and, briefly, we now move to malign ear trump. that will be quite different asa trump. that will be quite different as a first lady. —— melania. imitation is the best form of
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flattery so she follow suit with what happened with the original speech and seeks to emulate the work that michelle obama did i see that asa that michelle obama did i see that as a good sign. what i will say is that michelle obama is 1—of—a—kind and a class act and she will be hard to follow. thank you very much for your time. an orca that killed a trainer at seaworld orlando in 2010 and helped sway public option against keeping killer whales in captivity has died. tilikum was profiled in a documentary called blackfish, which argued that killer whales, when in captivity, become more aggressive toward humans and each other. it was made after seaworld trainer dawn brancheau was killed by tilikum during a show in 2010. last year seaworld announced it would end its orca breeding programme and theatrical shows involving the whales. plenty more of course on our
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website. hello there. compared with some other parts of europe our part is very quiet indeed. we had some rain and drizzle pushing southwards during the day yesterday. some breaks in the cloud later, perhaps in scotland, so here it could be a little bit chilly to start the weekend but on the whole, it will be milder. we don't really need to worry about frost. there will be a lot of cloud around and probably not much rain. most of the rain we will be seeing overnight across the southern parts of the uk. that's keeping the temperatures up. it could turn chilly across the glens of scotland where skies are clear. central and eastern scotland will see sunshine and a bit more cloud in the west. a pretty cloudy start and maybe a bit misty too across the northern ireland and for most of england and wales that's the way it will be as well. a lot of low cloud, it's quite low cloud sitting on the hills. there will still be some rain and drizzle left over from overnight along the south coast and into the south—west of england. that's going to dawdle in the south—west corner
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through much of saturday in actualfact. one or two heavy bursts perhaps first thing. away from here a lot of dry weather, a few spots of drizzle around some western hills, maybe getting a bit more sunshine in the north of england, especially over in the east of the pennines, possibly the best of blue skies across central and eastern scotland. pretty cloudy elsewhere but we may get temperatures in double figures. and again, no realfrost problems overnight because there's too much cloud saturday night into sunday morning. again some mist and some hill fog. the odd spot of rain still towards the south—west perhaps and around some of these western coasts and hills. it may mean that sunday is going to be another cloudy sort of day. if you see a glimpse of sunshine that may be it. any more than that and you're doing very well indeed. we could see some more persistent rain coming into the west of scotland later on, otherwise, again, a lot of dry weather and pretty mild too. those temperature in glasgow nine degrees, the same as the temperature in london on sunday afternoon. we've got some milder air here but across eastern parts of europe it's been really, really cold.
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these are the maximum temperatures on sunday. it's staying very cold right the way through the weekend. there have been some blizzards and maybe the worst of the weather heading into the eastern mediterranean. here at home, though, for the start of the new week the weather starts to change. the rain that was in the north—west later sunday moves southwards into england and wales on monday. it's on a weather front of course. there'll be some stronger winds with that too. it sort of signals a change to something a little more mobile, a little more changeable through next week. areas of low pressure getting a bit closer to the uk bringing some rain at times. some stronger winds too and as yet othing particularly cold. goodbye. the headlines on bbc news: a gunman has killed five people and injured eight others in a shooting at fort lauderdale international
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