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this is bbc news, i'm martine croxall. the headlines at 10pm: four israeli soldiers are killed injerusalem — after a man drives a lorry into them. 15 others are injured. cctv footage shows the lorry approaching. police say the driver was a palestinian who was shot dead at the scene. the prime minister appears to accept that leaving the eu is likely to mean leaving the single market. the former iranian president, akbar hashemi rafsanjani has died. he was seen as an influential moderate voice in iran. a man has been arrested after four people were held by a gunman in a bookmakers in south tyneside — nobody has been injured during the incident. the queen appears in public for the first time since she was taken ill with a cold before christmas, attending a church service at sandringham. and in 15 minutes we'll take a closer look at tomorrow morning's front pages. the metro says theresa may's
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comments on brexit today get the strongest hint yet that she's prepared to take the country out the single market. good evening and welcome to bbc news. four israeli soldiers, three of them women, were killed injerusalem today when a man drove a lorry into them. israel says it was a terror attack carried out by a palestinian who was then shot dead at the scene. the israeli prime minister claimed he was a supporter of so—called islamic state. in the last 16 months there have been a series of attacks by palestinians on israelis. the hamas movement called today's a "heroic act" — but stopped short of claiming responsibility. this report from yolande knell contains images you may find disturbing. a hazy view ofjerusalem. this is what israeli soldiers on a training
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course had come to see. security camera footage shows two groups. the one in the background has just got off a coach when this happens. look at the top left of the screen. the lorry drives at the soldiers at high speed and hits them. then it backs up quickly, apparently trying to crush more people before the driver is shot dead. he is said to have been a palestinian from a nearby area of eastjerusalem. witnesses who saw the bloody aftermath spoke of their shock. i just saw the truck going onto the sidewalk from the road and hitting the soldiers and it took me some time to understand it was a terror attack. those who died were all in their 20s. more than a dozen others were wounded. you can still see the skid marks in the dirt here. this is the very spot where those soldiers were killed. there has been an upsurge in palestinian attacks on israelis
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in the past year or so, but this is one of the deadliest, and the use of a lorry is also something unusual. visiting the scene, the prime minister said this was similar to recent attacks in europe and it could have been inspired by the so—called islamic state. translation: we know the identity of the attacker. according to the signs, he was a supporter of the islamic state. we know there has been a series of terror attacks. there definitely could be a connection between them, from france to berlin and now jerusalem. israel has blamed previous attacks on incitement by palestinian officials and social media. palestinian leaders say they have been driven by anger after more than 20 years of on—and—off peace talks have failed to deliver an independent palestinian state. with me is fawaz gergez, the director of the middle east
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centre at london school of economics. thank you for coming in. israel is saying this is a supporter of the so—called islamic state group. there's the evidence? there's the evidence? the first thing i would say, we have to wait and see the evidence before we make any conclusions. historically speaking, the israeli prime minister has often linked attacks against israelis to global terrorism, worldwide. yet the evidence shows, the attacks on israel are basically, really relate to the palestinian/israeli conflict, as opposed to global terrorism. this isa as opposed to global terrorism. this is a very important point, because the israeli security forces have never been able to establish direct links between attacks what on israel since october 2015 and the so—called islamic state. it would seem to make sense, if
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that's the right word, that islamic state would prioritise israel as a target? this is really what amazes me, that i have spent years working on al-qaeda and the so—called islamic state. they have never prioritised israel. the overwhelming attacks, more than 99 present, have targeted arabic countries, and western countries. as you know, from your own viewers, since october 2015, scores of attacks had taken place in israel. they involve shootings, stabbings and car attacks. more than 30 israelis have been killed, and more than 240 palestinians had been shot. and most of these attacks revolve around the local palestinian/israeli conflicts, not global terrorism. isis and al-qaeda have never sought to establish active cells in israel or to target israel. that is a fascinating point
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in itself. has significant is it that benjamin netanyahu has significant is it that benjamin neta nyahu has drawn has significant is it that benjamin netanyahu has drawn a link with what has happened injuries will with the lorry attacks in france and germany? not significant at all for me, for asa not significant at all for me, for as a researcher, because the premise has always done so. what is significant about the truck attacks, is because there is a pate now. an attack in nice, berlin, and now jerusalem. it is significant to draw attention to the element of comparison between the three attacks. the area of eastjerusalem that this palestinian who was driving the truck is wrong, what is the significance? this is again a very important point. the alleged attacker comes from a neighbourhood in east jerusalem. it's a mountain. multiple attacks and attackers have originated from this area. the
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target, he basically targeted a bus station where many israeli soldiers congregate. isis target civilians, it once a target as many civilians as possible. this attack targeted a group of soldiers will stop this again tells me, and i don't have evidence, we have to be careful, this is more of a local attack, palestinian attack against israeli soldiers, not isis. thank you. theresa may says the government will take back control of britain's borders when we leave the eu — and appeared to suggest that could mean leaving the single market. but in her first interview of the new year, mrs may said the choice between controlling immigration and staying in the single market was not a binary, either/or decision. here's our political correspondent, carole walker. after six months in power, the prime minister has begun to signal what she wants from the brexit negotiations. brexit means brexit. she knows that no longer satisfies anyone.
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theresa may denies muddled thinking, saying britain would take back control of its borders and appeared to hint that would mean leaving the single market. people talk in terms as if somehow we are leaving the eu but we still want to keep bits of membership. we are leaving, we are coming out, we will not be a member of the eu any longer. the question is, what is the right relationship for the uk to have with the european union when we are outside? though campaigners on both sides of the brexit argument took that as a clear signal we will leave the single market, labour are not satisfied. she had one question put to her three times and still didn't answer it, which is, are you prioritising immigration over access to the single market? that was the question she did not want to answer. i think now, 10—11 weeks from the triggering of article 50 and the most important negotiations for a generation, we need more clarity than that and we don't have it. nicola sturgeon warned any move
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to take scotland out of the single market as part of the uk could trigger a second referendum on independence. they will be making a big mistake if they think i am bluffing. we have to ask ourselves in scotland, are we happy to have the direction of our country, the kind of country we want to be, determined by a right—wing conservative government, perhaps for the next 20 years, or do we want to take control of our own future? theresa may does not want her entire time in downing street defined by brexit and she stressed that referendum vote was a demand for wider change to the way the country is run, so she is promising a programme of social reform which she says will help notjust the poorest, but every level of society. it is about dealing everyday injustices, but also about recognising our obligations as citizens within the community and the society we have here in the uk. it is about recognising that there is a role for government, but government needs to ensure it is acting as effectively
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as possible in those areas where it should be taking action. she says her government will tackle the housing crisis, fix broken markets and change attitudes to mental health. the prime minister's language is ambitious, she will be judged on whether her policies deliver the changes she is promising. borisjohnson has met some of donald trump's key advisers on a surprise visit to new york. the foreign secretary had what officials described as "positive but frank" discussions about us foreign policy towards syria, china and russia. mrjohnson met jared kushner, donald trump's son—in—law, and steve bannon, a senior counsel to the president—elect. it was the first formal face to face meeting between a british minister and members of the incoming us administration. the former president of iran, akbar hashemi rafsanjani, has died at the age of 82. he was one of the country's leading moderates and his death comes four months before
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iran's presidential election. mr rafsanjani was president from 1989 to 1997. the queen has recovered from her heavy cold and was well enough to attend church at sandringham this morning — her first public appearance since the beginning of december. our royal correspondent daniela relph was there — her report contains flash photography. it had been a much anticipated arrival. driven in a state bentley, it was the first time the queen was seen in public since arriving on the sandringham estate before christmas. cheered as she emerged from the car, she arrived just before 11 o'clock for the church service accompanied by the duke of edinburgh. she had missed church on christmas and new year's day due to a heavy, lingering cold. those who waited were pleased to see her. we saw her very close up and she looked a little bit frail, to be honest, it is nice to see her. was really exciting.
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when you see her you get a little buzz. it is good to know she was coming. she looked bright in the car. the queen's speech, recorded before christmas day, was one of the last time the monarch had been seen. she also carried out an investiture in early december. over the past three weeks she has been laid low. as a precaution, she was advised to stay inside and rest, to help her recovery. the queen's attendance at church is a sign she is feeling much better. her appearance today will ease the inevitable concern and speculation that arose during her absence from church over previous weeks. after church, the queen was driven back to the main house on the estate. she will remain in norfiolk until next month. a 39—year—old man has been arrested after four people were held by a gunman in a bookmakers in south
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tyneside. police said they were called to the coral betting shop on grange road injarrow at about quarter to six this evening. three people were safely released from the shop earlier this evening. the final person was released at around 8.45pm, and the man with the firearm was arrested minutes later. police say no—one was hurt and police did not fire shots. much of europe is in the grip of a big freeze with some areas seeing temperatures that are colder than the arctic. more than 20 have died over the last couple of days, and there has been heavy snowfall — even in places like the greek islands, which rarely see snow. catharina moh reports. for the homeless and poor this has been a pretty grim weekend. this abandoned warehouse in belgrade provides some relief, after temperatures dropped to —16 celsius. many guys are sick here. it's very cold,
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yesterday and today also. aid organisations have been distributing blankets, clothes and food to the migrants, mostly from afghanistan and pakistan. the next few days are critical. for sure, the health condition of these people is worsening. as you see, there's plenty of smoke, and we have more and more acute respiratory infection. freezing air from the arctic has led to snowfall, even in the greek islands. images posted on social media show this refugee camp in lesbos. the pope himself called on the faithful to look after the poor is the in southern and central italy, the snowstorms add an extra complication to areas still recovering from last year's earthquakes. much of central and eastern europe has experienced widespread travel chaos.
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in romania, emergency services rescued hundreds of people stuck on the roads. icy winds gusting at 144kph. in turkey, blizzards in istanbul caused hundreds of flight cancellations, and even temporarily closed the bosporus strait to shipping. misery for those on the move, but less so for those enjoying the sights. top of the cold list goes to russia, however. temperatures plummeted to —30 celsius. many celebrated the coldest orthodox christmas in 120 years this weekend. but it didn't grind the country to a halt, people adding a few extra layers. the deep freeze is expected to last well into next week. hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be
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bringing us tomorrow. are you comfortable? yes. good. fidget! with me are the political columnist for the independent, john rentoul and the former government minister, esther mcvey. nice to see you both. this is a quick hit, we will do a longer one later on. some of the stories though, at the front pages that have come through. the ft leads on what it says will be a £24 billion cost to the taxpayer of closing oil platforms in the north sea. the metro says theresa may's interview today on brexit is her biggest clue yet that the uk will leave the single market when it exits the european union. the i warns that could lead to the break up of the uk, with snp leader nicola sturgeon calling for another independence referendum for scotland unless the uk hangs on to membership of the single market. tamara's telegraph reports that
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borisjohnson is tamara's telegraph reports that boris johnson is in tamara's telegraph reports that borisjohnson is in new york meeting some president—elect donald trump's top team on talks on a post—brexit trade deal. and the star forecasts and arctic blast that has killed people in europe and north america head here too. let's talk about theresa may and the interview she did with sophy ridge on horror new programme on our competitor channel, sky. very well done it was, actually. may — iam not actually. may — i am not in actually. may — iam notina actually. may — i am not in a model — how much clearer it do you think we are that brexit means brexit? not very much clearer, which is why the metro has to use the sort of headline that i remember learning in journalism skill, you should not put the word not in a headline, because people misread it as now, it changes the meaning of the headline. if you wa nt to the meaning of the headline. if you want to get a quick message across,
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you don't use the word not. george orwell, use a positive rather than a negative when you can. iam not than a negative when you can. i am not in model, what is she? that is, actor, there are some of that interview. she did not save much thatis interview. she did not save much that is new. do you think we are clearer? i thought it was a good interview. i thought sophy was wonderful, and so was theresa may, because, at the end of the day, when people voted for brexit, even people like david cameron who are out on the stump, said we will not be in the single market, because if you remain in the single market, you have freedom of movement, was set by europe, and also be paying into it. that is why people voted to come out. so she said very clearly, brexit means you can't have a pick 'n' mix of different things you want within the eu. we have got to come out, and thatis eu. we have got to come out, and that is why she said let's not get
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hung up in the process, let's get the best deal for britain within the eu, what can we do? we're still neighbours, still together, but that's what we have to do, we're coming out, let's get the best deal. i thought she was very clear. she still refuses to give a straight a nswer to she still refuses to give a straight answer to the question, are we going to be members of the single market. everyone knows we're not, but your refuses to say so. to do with the model, but she is not ina to do with the model, but she is not in a model, this was a parting jibe oi'i in a model, this was a parting jibe on the civil servant who, for all intents and purposes, wasn't the guy to be in charge brexit. this is ivan rogers, who resigned last week. as with david cameron, he played a very good hands badly and left us in this state. the i extrapolates from us, and says the uk faces a brexit break—up,
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because nicola sturgeon sergei wants scotla nd because nicola sturgeon sergei wants scotland to have access to the single market, and if it is a com plete single market, and if it is a complete break, she will say that as a green light to have another referendum on scottish independence. it brexit therefore means the break—up of the uk, do you think thatis break—up of the uk, do you think that is the case? know, and we had the paper straight afterwards which expires why, and thatis afterwards which expires why, and that is the financial times. really, it nicola sturgeon has much to everybody to the top of the hill, saying scotland could be independent, but never, ever expect how we could afford to be independent, which it couldn't. she thought the money from the north sea was great to be billions and billions of pounds forever — actually, it is already in a deficit because people are closing down some of the north sea oil sites. so they can't have at independence, because they couldn't get into the eu. they couldn't be a member of europe, they won't even know what the currency is. and as it happens, england,
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westminster, the uk, is paying for scotland. the ft talks about there are massive decommissioning costs for closing down the north sea oil platform. and they are bigger than the usa thought. which wipes out, as esther says, any benefit that an independent scotland could expect. —— then previously thought. this isn't new either, nicola sturgeon a lwa ys isn't new either, nicola sturgeon always goes on television and says, i'm not bluffing, we are going to have a second referendum if you carry on like this, you naughty southerners. but the ft story is very important, because it makes it ever harderfor very important, because it makes it ever harder for scotland to do that. there is the evidence that the scottish biba had changed their mind or will change their mind when the uk leads the eu. —— scottish people have changed their mind. i wondered had the decommissioning costs came about, and they say it
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allows oil companies to claw back some of the 330 billion of taxes paid since no seed production, and it was a form of tax relief, so they got the money back for decommissioning. already, this year, it is 500 million this year in deficit. a couple of other stories before we finish this time. firstly, the telegraph, boris meets tron‘s top tea m telegraph, boris meets tron‘s top team in boost. we have said it was a surprise visit, i hope it wasn't a surprise visit, i hope it wasn't a surprise to the americans! that is what is important about it, people complained that theresa may doesn't provide a running commentary, work has been going on behind the scenes to build a relationship with the incoming trump administration. i thought the most interesting detail in that story was that theresa may's joint chiefs interesting detail in that story was that theresa may'sjoint chiefs of staff had been over to america to talk to cadillac tron‘s people. to bed away for boris and theresa's
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visits thereafter. no doubt, boris johnson visits thereafter. no doubt, borisjohnson will have said something about mr trump's attitude towards russia and china? i think you have two straight talking people, ithink i think you have two straight talking people, i think that was probably a good precursor to theresa may going over there. they have had several phone calls, and i believe trump has suggested what he would like isa trump has suggested what he would like is a galician ship like ronald reagan and margaret thatcher — he wants to build on the strong relationship that we have. i can't see that happening, can you? imean, i can't see that happening, can you? i mean, donald trump, mr motormouth, tweeting all the time, meeting theresa may, mrs reserved, polite, proper... well, they say opposites attract! let's have a look at the independent, this is the lead story in the online page of the
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independent — terror injuries was at —— terror in jerusalem is. benjamin netanyahu suggesting links with islamic state, a group that would normally target civilians rather than military figures. we don't know, i think it's to early to say that. it is interesting, because the sort of thing hasn't happened in israel much since the building of the separation wall. which everyone has condemned, and is, obviously a terrible thing, but it has led to a reduction in this kind of terrorist attack on israeli civilians. except, i think there has been a rise in different forms of attacks oi'i rise in different forms of attacks on soldiers. so it had been more stabbings, more, idon't on soldiers. so it had been more stabbings, more, i don't know, a hijacking and various other things. this now, i guess anyone can go on the internet, anyone can see how you can cause mass carnage with a very
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simple carora can cause mass carnage with a very simple car or a wagon. you've seen it, you have ideas, and it has now been replicated elsewhere to horrific effect. they haven't said what this evidence is, ofa they haven't said what this evidence is, of a link to islamic state. there is no evidence of a sale of is within israel. it could just be a person? except, when you look at the link between hezbollah, lebanon, going out to syria, and how they're connecting up the various islamic groups, that was one of the fears in israel, what was coming back, what ideas of how to attack people, and here we've just seen the latest incarnation of those attacks. that's it, bbc papers light. we will get the full version at 1130 ppm. in a few minutes, michal hussain will be here with a full round—up of today's news, but first it's the weather. hello there. after some fairly
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benign weather this weekend, we get a bit ofa benign weather this weekend, we get a bit of a shake of the weekend. it will be a colder weak compared to the weekend. a mild spell, and afterwards some of you will see some snow. high pressure in this south, wings of the atlantic, messy over england and wales. this area of low pressure will eventually bring low— pressure pressure will eventually bring low—pressure overnight. we finished the night with outbreaks of rain. a touch of frost across eastern england. a mild start, temperatures dropping in scotland already however. still lingering in the east, the rain. northern ireland, after rain first thing, by sam, most will see dry spells. gale force wind is around the irish sea coasts,
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heavy rain developing. eastern and central parts of england and wales, should be dry. early fog badgers clearing away too. then the rain pushing in, all across england and wales. in that south east corner, double—figure temperatures possible, after that, sunshine comes out, temperature strapping later, down to as low as 5 degrees. cold air pushing in on monday evening. gusty winds, gales and severe gales across northern scotland for a time. temperatures lower than they will be through this coming night. a touch of frost in the south and east. chilly strategies day morning. quickly clouding over in the west. lots of cloud by the afternoon, listing temperatures into double figures. staying a little cool in eastern areas. mild into wednesday
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morning, then another change, grey conditioning is clearing away, sunshine and temperatures like this. the colder air is back to finish the week, with that raw and icy winds. the north and west, difficult to see where will see snow flurries at this range, and rain across the south, then turning colder. bye—bye for now. the prime minister gives her clearest indication yet that leaving the eu is likely to mean leaving the single market. in her first television interview of the year, theresa may says a new relationship is not about retaining aspects of the old one. often people talk in terms as if somehow leaving the eu but somehow
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keeping bits of the eu. as britain looks to relationships beyond europe, borisjohnson has been meeting members of donald trump's team in new york. also on the programme: four israeli soldiers are killed after a lorry is driven into them injerusalem — the palestinian driver is shot dead. snow and sub—zero temperatures lead to deaths across europe — from poland to italy and the greek islands. the queen attends church at sandringham — herfirst public
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