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this is bbc news. i'm martine croxall. the headlines at 11:00. the prime minister appears to accept that leaving the eu is likely to mean leaving the single market. as britain looks to its relationships beyond europe — borisjohnson has met members of donald trump's team in new york. and in fifteen minutes we'll take a closer look at this story in the papers — the guardian says the meeting marks the first formal contact between a uk government minister and the trump transition team since his election in november. in jerusalem, four israeli soldiers are killed — after a man drives a lorry into them — 15 others are injured. the former iranian president, akbar hashemi rafsanjani has died — he was seen as an influential moderate voice in iran. a man has been arrested after four people were held by a gunman in a bookmakers in south tyneside — nobody has been injured during the incident. and the queen appears in public for the first time
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since she was taken ill with a cold before christmas — attending a church service at sandringham. good evening and welcome to bbc news. the prime minister has said the government will take back control of britain's borders when we leave the eu — and appeared to acknowledge that a new relationship is likely to mean leaving the single market. in herfirst interview of the new year, theresa may said we won't be keeping ‘bits' of our eu membership and that she doesn't see trade and immigration as a binary — either/or issue. mrs may said she'd be setting out details of her brexit strategy over the coming weeks. here's our political correspondent, carole walker. after six months in power, the prime minister has begun to signal what she wants from the brexit negotiations.
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brexit means brexit. she knows that no longer satisfies anyone. theresa may denies muddled thinking, saying britain would take back control of its borders and appeared to hint that would mean leaving the single market. people talk in terms as if somehow we are leaving the eu but we still want to keep bits of membership. we are leaving, we are coming out, we will not be a member of the eu any longer. he the question is, what is the right relationship for the uk to have with the european union when we are outside? though campaigners on both sides of the brexit argument took that as a clear signal we will leave the single market, labour are not satisfied. she had one question put to her three times and still didn't answer it, which is, are you prioritising immigration over access to the single market? that was the question she did not want to answer. i think now, 10—11 weeks from the triggering of article 50 and the most important
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negotiations for a generation, we need more clarity than that and we don't have it. but nicola sturgeon warned any move to take scotland out of the single market as part of the uk could trigger a second referendum on independence. they will be making a big mistake if they think i am bluffing. we have to ask ourselves in scotland, are we happy to have the direction of our country, the kind of country we want to be, determined by a right—wing conservative government, perhaps for the next 20 years, or do we want to take control of our own future? theresa may does not want her entire time in downing street defined by brexit. and she stressed that referendum vote was a demand for wider change to the way the country is run, so she is promising a programme of social reform which she says will help notjust the poorest, but every level of society. it is about dealing everyday injustices, but also about recognising our obligations as citizens within the communities and the society we have here in the uk. it is about recognising
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that there is a role for government, but government needs to ensure it is acting as effectively as possible in those areas where it should be taking action. she says her government will tackle the housing crisis, fix broken markets and change attitudes to mental health. the prime minister's language is ambitious, she will be judged on whether her policies deliver the changes she is promising. borisjohnson has met some of donald trump's key advisers on a surprise visit to new york. the foreign secretary had what officials described as "positive but frank" discussions about us foreign policy towards syria, china and russia. mrjohnson met jared kushner, donald trump's son—in—law, and steve bannon, a senior counsel to the president—elect. borisjohnson the boris johnson the foreign borisjohnson the foreign secretary had three hours of talks with key
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members of donald trump's team in trump tower. it included his son—in—law and steve bannon his chief strategist. i'm told these discussions were frank but positive with both sides stressing the importance of the special relationship, at laying the groundwork for the prime minister to go and visit the new president. as you say, theresa may was talking about the importance of the special relationship today and said she had had good conversations on the phone with donald trump but she also said that she also found some of his comments about women in the past unacceptable. you do get the sense that the government is having to work pretty ha rd that the government is having to work pretty hard to make up the ground here. of course, there is no suggestion that borisjohnson is going to meet the donald himself we re going to meet the donald himself were of course nigel farage, the former ukip leader, has had three meetings and already got his seat booked for the inauguration ceremony. we will find out how this story is
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covered in this morning's papers. our guests four israeli soldiers were killed injerusalem today after a palestinian man drove a lorry into a group of service personnel. three of the soldiers were women. the driver, said by prime minister netanyahu to be a supporter of so—called islamic state, was shot dead at the scene. in the last 16 months there have been a series of attacks by palestinians on israelis — this was the deadliest injerusalem for months. our correspondent yolande knell reports from jerusalem. a hazy view ofjerusalem. this is what israeli soldiers on a training course had come to see. security camera footage shows two groups. the one in the background hasjust got off a coach when this happens. look at the top left of the screen.
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the lorry drives at the soldiers at high speed and hits them. then it backs up quickly, apparently trying to crush more people before the driver is shot dead. of the people who died were in their early 20s. of the people who died were in their early 205. it took me a while to realise what was going on. early 205. it took me a while to reali5e what was going on. he is realise what was going on. he is from an area of eastjerusalem. you can still see the kiss skidmarks in the dirt. this is the very spot where those soldiers were killed. there has been an upsurge in palestinian attacks on israelis in
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the past year or so that this is one of the deadliest there has been and the use of a lorry is also something unusual. visiting the scene, the prime minister said this was similar to recent attacks in europe and it could have been inspired by the so—called islamic state. translation: we know the identity of the attacker. according to all the signs he was a supporter of the islamic state. we know there has been a series of terror attacks. there definitely could be a connection between them, from france to berlin and nowjerusalem. israel has blamed previous attacks on incitement by palestinian officials and social media. palestinian leaders say they have been driven by anger after more than 20 years of on—and—off peace talks have failed to deliver an independent palestinian state. here, israel's ambassador to britain has apologised after a member of his staff was secretly recorded saying he wanted to "take down" certain mps.
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shai masot, a political advisor, was filmed by a reporter in a london restaurant. the minister he's referring to is sir alan duncan, who he claimed was creating "problems" for israel. sir alan has previously criticised israeli settlement building in the west bank. the authorities in florida have charged a 26—year old iraq veteran with the shooting at fort lauderdale airport which killed five people and injured several others. there are questions about why esteban santiago — who'd told the fbi he heard voices and was being controlled by the us government — was allowed to keep his weapon after being interviewed last year. the former president of iran, akbar hashemi rafsanjani, has died at the age of 82. he was one of the country's leading moderates and his death comes four months before iran's
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presidential election. mr rafsanjani was president from 1989 to 1997. the queen has recovered from her heavy cold and was well enough to attend church at sandringham this morning — her first public appearance since the beginning of december. our royal correspondent daniela relph was there — her report contains flash photography. it had been a much anticipated arrival. driven in a state bentley, it was the first time the queen was seen in public since arriving on the sandringham estate before christmas. cheered as she emerged from the car, she arrived just before iiam for the church service, accompanied by the duke of edinburgh. she had missed church on christmas and new year's day due to a heavy, lingering cold. those who waited were pleased to see her. we saw her very close up and she looked a little bit frail, to be honest, but it is nice to see her. it was really exciting! when you see her you
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get a little buzz. it is good to know she was coming. she looked bright in the car. that was quite nice, really. the queen's speech, recorded a couple of weeks before christmas day, was one of the last times the monarch had been seen. she also carried out an investiture in early december. over the past three weeks she has been laid low. as a precaution, she was advised to stay inside and rest to help her recovery. the queen's attendance at church is a sign she is feeling much better. her appearance today will ease the inevitable concern and speculation that arose during her absence from church over previous weeks. after church, the queen was driven back to the main house on the estate. she will remain in norfolk until next month. a 39—year—old man has been arrested after four people were held by a gunman in a bookmakers in south tyneside.
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police said they were called to the coral betting shop on grange road injarrow at about quarter to six this evening. three people were safely released from the shop earlier this evening. the final person was released at around 8.45pm, and the man with the firearm was arrested minutes later. police say no—one was hurt and police did not fire shots. a 24—hour strike by london underground workers over job losses and ticket office closures has begun this evening. talks at the conciliation service, acas, and a personal plea from the mayor of london failed to prevent the walkout. our correspondent andy moore has been to king's cross station to asses the impact of the strike this is a strike by tube station staff and is likely to lead to many strikes in the capital. travel will be severely restricted. and therefore london says it will cause misery for millions of londoners
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that it misery for millions of londoners thatitis misery for millions of londoners that it is notjust londoners that will be hit. tourists will be affected and so too will be hundreds of thousands of people who go through stations like this one. the stations at victoria and paddington and waterloo will also be called. —— close. most tube stations in london will be close. those opening will open later, around 7am, and will close later, around seven pm, even though the strike will be over by then. some lines like the victoria line will be closed entirely. what is the dispute about? staffing levels at the stations. the unions say they aren't safe. they say sometimes there is only one member of staff available at any time at any station. transport for london had last—minute talks with the union today and said they would employ more staff but the union said that was too little too late. more than 20 people have now died
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as a result of bitterly cold weather in much of central and eastern europe over the course of the weekend. temperatures have plunged as low as minus 30 celsius with snow covering the continent as far south as turkey and the greek islands. christian fraser reports. ra rely rarely does the icy grip of the arctic circle ridge as deep into europe as it has this weekend. the snow has even fallen on the mediterranean beaches of the greek islands. in the dolomites, the temperatures plunged to —23 celsius overnight. this is amatory che, central italy, the hilltop town that was worst hit by the summer's earthquake —— in much amatrice. in rome, the pope prayed for the city's homeless. it was so cold the waters had frozen in the fountains of st
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peter's square, he said. in istanbul, they have had three straight days of snowfall. turkish airlines said they had grounded over 600 flights this weekend. airlines said they had grounded over 600 flights this weekendm airlines said they had grounded over 600 flights this weekend. it is all about wins coming out of the arctic and punching south towards the mediterranean. a real icy trill —— cheal to them. it has led to brutal weather. at risk are the thousands of refugees still crossing europe on foot. three died in the mountains in bulgaria. in belgrade, several 100 took shelter in these customs warehouse. not much protection. this weekend, russia celebrated 0rthodox christmas. the coldest in 120 years, -30 christmas. the coldest in 120 years, —30 in moscow last night will stop but then, they are used to it. around 500 people, perhaps with just one extra layer, set off for a five mile bike ride along the moscow river. so far, the uk has escaped
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but forecasters say the cold weather is heading our way. there won't be as much snow as in europe but the arctic winds could well send temperatures below those of iceland and sweden. the headlines on bbc news: theresa may says she will announce more details about her brexit plans over the coming weeks, insisting that britain will get the right deal. the foreign secretary, borisjohnson, has met some of donald trump's closest advisers in new york, 12 days before the us president—elect takes office. the israeli prime minister visits the location of a lorry attack which killed four israeli soldiers and injured 15 others. benjamin netanyahu blamed the attack injerusalem on islamic state militants. sport now and a full round up from the bbc sport centre. so a busy day of fa cup action, and that's where we'll start.
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liverpool are going to have to make a 600 mile round trip to devon, if they're to reach the fa cup fourth round. plymouth argyle, from league two, held the premier league side to a goalless draw at anfield to force the replay. alex gulrajani watched the match. these fans are used to long treks across the country, but not in these numbers. nearly 9,000 plymouth fans made the trip to anfield, in hope more than expectation. the youngest liverpool line—up in history greeted derek adams's side but their inexperience was made up for by their abundance of talent. they came flying forward. lee mccormack did his job in the plymouth goal. time to resort to some underhand tactics. emre can, welcome to english football. but liverpool would not be rattled, and the chances kept on coming. theyjust couldn't be taken. at the other end a first shot on target for the visiting fans to cheer. time, it seemed, for the big guns. daniel sturridge was called for and those chances started
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to become a little more clean cut for the home side. still no end product. with sturridgejoined by lallana and firmino, surely they would get over the line. plymouth stood their ground. just. a remarkable result for the league 2 side and it's liverpool fans who now face the long journey to the south—west. with the players they had playing for them today they had a lot of first—team experience. yes, they had younger players, they are liverpool for a reason. from my point of view we had a very good defensive display. it was important we did that, allows liverpool the ball. we have the ball we still created a couple of opportunities in the game. i'm not frustrated. i knew before the game, with the other line up it
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could have been exactly the same. it's not really likely, but possible. it is a very important experience for the boys and unhappy about this. i'm not sure it would have been the same experience with a victory. premier league leaders chelsea had no troubles against league one peterborough, running out 4—1 winners at stamford bridge. chelsea had 20 shots on goal in the first half alone. pedro was first to convert one after nathanial chalobah's initial effort was saved. belgium striker michy batshuayi doubled the lead two minutes before half time as peterborough left space at the back. into the second half, willian made it 3—n0, —— 3—0, much to the delight of his manager antonio conte. he'd not have been too pleased to seejohn terry sent off. conte has since said the club
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will consider appealing. peterborough made the numerical advantage count as tom nichols swept home from close range. pedro grabbed his second of the afternoon to seal chelsea's spot in round four. tottenham beat aston villa 2—0 but had to wait until the 70th minute for the opening goal. wales international ben davies's header giving spurs the lead. son heung—min made it two, tucking home from close range to seal the victory for mauricio pochettino's side. in the days other two ties, fulham beat cardiff city 2—1 and middlesbrough beat sheffield wednesday 3—0. wasps are back on top of rugby union's premiership after beating leicester 22—16. it was the tigers' first match since sacking director of rugby richard cockerill. and a third successive defeat for them, albeit one with the consolation of a losing bonus point. they are fifth in the table. wasps flanker james haskell made his return to the side following injury, but featured forjust 36 seconds as a substitute after appearing to be knocked out. that's all the sport for now. credit card and personal loan debt
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is at record levels according to new analysis by the tuc. it says unsecured debt, that is money that's not borrowed against property, has reached £13,000 per household. unions are warning a slowdown in wage growth and increasing inflation could make the debt more difficult to repay for many people this year. here's our business correspondent joe lynam. with the christmas sales winding down, our finances will soon come into focus. we appear to be taking on increasing amounts of unsecured debt, that includes student loans and overd rafts, but especially credit cards as well as personal loans. celinejordan ran up credit card debts and overdrafts of £23,000. herfinances are in order now, but she said getting credit was not a problem. £23,000, 12 and a half on this card, more on the other one. i can't tell you the figures. a loan, an overdraft
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and then it ran out. so i take 100% of the blame. however, they made it too easy. way too easy. britain has a record total of £3119 billion in unsecured debt. for the average household, the figure has doubled since 2000 to almost £13,000, which means we spent almost 28% of our disposable income, are earnings after tax, paying off these debts. that doesn't even include the mortgage. there is too much debt across the board because that is what people are paying and we did see about two thirds of the debt is from an increase in consumer credit. we think these figures are cause for concern and we think these are issues we need to be thinking about going into the worrying year for people when you're expecting to see another
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living standards squeeze. while some types of debt might be rising, the bank of england says mortgage arrears and loan defaults have been steadily declining. the bank's andy haldane said last week that the regulator wasn't worried yet. although the household debt ratio is high by historical comparison, it has come down in a fairly sizeable away, but about 20 percentage points. but with interest rates set to stay very low, regulators are worried that we may be taking on too many debts, which becomes an issue if the economy weakens in 2017. now, in a few hours time this year's golden globe awards ceremony gets underway — one of the biggest nights in the entertainment calendar, and a first indication of the films that might triumph at the oscars. this time, there are quite a few british contenders. 0ur correspondent james cook is in los angeles. his report contains some flash photography. alice before the first big award ceremony of 2017 and tinseltown is
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abuzz with excitement. hollywood likes nothing better than to talk about itself but this year ryan gosling and emma stone go a step further, singing and stamping too. you've never seen it? i've never seen it. oh, my. it is playing at the rialto. the next contender could hardly be any more different. he can usually take care of himself. moonlight with six nominations is a complex coming—of—age story. naomi harris plays a drug addicted mother and she thinks the industry is getting better at telling stories about people of —— people of colour. there's a lot of diversity this year and it is something to be celebrated. it is a shame that doesn't. it almost seems regressive to have these conversations about race in 2070 now, that we are still fixated on that, but we just want great movies really. manchester by
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the sea is another front—runner for success. the sea is another front—runner for success. it is a harrowing drama starring casey affleck as a man who ta kes starring casey affleck as a man who takes on the care of his nephew. what the hell do you care where you live? the golden globes also on american television, which retains a fascination with the british royal family. claire foy is up for best actress for his betrayal of the young elizabeth in the netflix series the crown.. what a role to ta ke series the crown.. what a role to take on. i know! what was i thinking! we don't know anything yet. spy thriller macros on co—produced by the bbc has four nominations. —— thriller the night manager. i particularly enjoyed
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manchester by the sea, moonlight, la la land. very different stories, at all part of the richness of modern—day filmmaking, so looking forward to see who gets the award. this year there's plenty of about president lula da silva and six, race, even accept, but there's also relief with a simple story harking back to the golden age of film. which film will prevail? we will find out soon. let's ta ke let's take a look at the weather forecast. what's heading our way? nothing as extreme as we've seen over eastern europe. there are some rumours flying around that we will get that intense cold weather, but we won't. wind will pick up, it will turn colder, especially through the second half of the week, there will be some white stuff, nothing unusual forjanuary. a be some white stuff, nothing unusual for january. a cold be some white stuff, nothing unusual forjanuary. a cold front is pushing through, ringing wet weather to
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start the day. some strong winds. not a nice start. heine that it brightens up and turns chilly. showers across the north—west of scotla nd showers across the north—west of scotland turning wintry over the highlands. writer but chilly conditions pushing into northern ireland about brea kfasttime. conditions pushing into northern ireland about breakfasttime. —— writer. the rain heads down. schoolies winds. maybe 50 mph in exposed places. dry in the south and east. winds will be light. the rain will then arrive from the north—west. the band of wet weather pushing towards east anglia and the south—east as we head into the afternoon. behind it brightens up again in the north and west of england and wales, with showers. most evident in northern ireland scotla nd most evident in northern ireland scotland where it feel chilly. briefly 10 degrees in london before the rain arrives. the rain clears overnight and tomorrow it will be chilly for all of us. temperatures not far above freezing. showers
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could be wintry over higher ground. in the tuesday we look to the west. another front coming in the tuesday we look to the west. anotherfront coming in in the tuesday we look to the west. another front coming in off the atlantic. that will deliver more cloud on tuesday and some bands of rain pushing in the western parts of the country. the best of the brightness on tuesday further east in the uk. with the winds coming of the atlantic temperatures will be on the atlantic temperatures will be on the rise. reaching double the gears in part by the end of the day. it will be briefly milder because on wednesday we have another cold front coming from the north, which will introduce the really cold stuff later in the week. briefly again across southern and eastern areas later in the week. briefly again across southern and eastern areas we have double figures. it won't last. here comes the arctic air. quite a shock to the system. it has been —— been mild so far. some rain on thursday near the south coast, but further north wintry showers down to quite low levels. there will be some significant snowfall around to the second half of the week, especially over higher ground, with fairly
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widespread overnight frosts. that's it. i'll be back in half an hour. hello. we will be taking a look at tomorrow morning's papers injust a moment. first, our headlines. the prime minister has promised to control immigration as wanting to strike a good trade deal with the eq after brexit. theresa may said brexit could not afford to hold onto bits of its membership. as britain looks to its relationships beyond europe, borisjohnson looks to its relationships beyond europe, boris johnson has looks to its relationships beyond europe, borisjohnson has met members of president—elect donald trump's team in new york. israel's prime minister blames the islamic state group for a deadly lorry attack injerusalem. state group for a deadly lorry attack in jerusalem. for us state group for a deadly lorry attack injerusalem. for us lately
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