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tv   Sport Today  BBC News  January 10, 2017 1:45am-2:01am GMT

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and reigning champion stephane petterha nsel extends his lead in the dakar rally. thanks forjoining us. you all know the story by now — despite starting the season as 5000—1 outsiders to win the premier league, leicester city stunned the football world by taking the english league title last season. and on monday their manager claudio ranieri was rewarded again, by being named fifa coach of the year. as expected, cristiano ronaldo was men's player of the year, with american carli lloyd picking up the women's award. our sports correspondent richard conway was at the ceremony in zurich. what a night for claudio ranieri and what a year as leicester city manager, named best coat of 2016, in recognition of leicester city's premier league title. he thanked fa ns premier league title. he thanked fans and players and said the football gods must have been shining on leicester city as they marched to
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the title. what a fantastic evening for me. only to be here with a lot of legends, and now to win this award, iam of legends, and now to win this award, i am a crazy man, i am very crazy. thank you so much. thank you for voting for me. and of course i wa nt to for voting for me. and of course i want to thank my family, my wife, my agent, my chairman, my players, without them it is difficult for the manager to win something, and also the fans. i think what happened last season the fans. i think what happened last season in england was amazing, it was something strange. the god of football said, leicester must win. carli football said, leicester must win. ca rli lloyd was football said, leicester must win. carli lloyd was named best women's plea and cristiano ronaldo was best man's plea, beating lionel messi to the title. probably my best year so
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far. i have to include the trophy for the national team, the portugal national team, it was amazing. the first time in the history of the portugal national team, i was so happy, so glad, and i cannot forget the title we receive for real madrid, the champions league. attention will turn to the world cup in 2026. the fifa president wants to expand the tournament to 48 teams, which is not without critics. many are looking at it thinking, will the quality of play be diverted? perhaps he should stay at the current size of 32 with some of the big teams thinking too much football is already being played. it looks as if the federations are behind the move, and the move to 48 teams will be confirmed in time for the 2026 tournament. fifa's ruling council is expected to approve the expansion of the world cup to 48 teams on tuesday. one man who's in favour is diego maradona. maradona, who was also in zurich for the awards,
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played in four world cups for argentina, winning it in 1986. the fifa president's proposed new format will comprise of 16 groups of three countries, with the top two progressing to the knockout rounds. translation: i am delighted by the initiative because it gives chances to teams that otherwise would start the qualifiers knowing they had no chance of getting to the world cup. it gives each country the dream and it renews passion for football. as far as it renews passion for football. as farasi it renews passion for football. as faras i am it renews passion for football. as far as i am concerned it is a fantastic idea. fa cup holders manchester united and current premier league leaders chelsea were handed favourable home draws with second—tier opposition for the fourth round of the competition in monday's draw. united host 2013 winners wigan athletic, who are in a relegation battle in the league below, while chelsea will also be strong favourites to go through against brentford.
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manchester city travel to either bolton or crystal palace, while liverpool's reward if they avoid a shock in their replay at plymouth will be a home tie with wolves. arsenal face a potentially tricky away trip to either southampton or norwich city, while tottenham will play fourth tier side wycombe wanderers. there was an own goal, a missed penalty and a 90th minute equaliser as bottom side 0sasuna rescued a point by drawing 3—3 with valencia in the spanish league. valencia went ahead after just two minutes before 0riol riera levelled the game within five minutes, but the spaniard then put the visitors ahead again with an own goal on the stroke of half time. and after valencia had a penalty saved in the 87th minute, carlos clerc equalised for 0sasuna just before the end of normal time. valenica are one place off the relegation zone. final preparations are under
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way in gabon's capital, libreville, as the country prepares to host the 2017 africa cup of nations. with less than a week to go before the tournament kicks off, authorities are putting the finishing touches to the four stadiums due to host the tournament. this is the second time that gabon has welcomed afcon, having co—hosted in 2012 with equatorial guinea. libya were originally scheduled to host this year's tournament until african football's governing body decided that the situation in libya made it impossible for it to go ahead there. the first ever regional football league has started in somalia. the country's football federation announced the new league as part of a planned development structure last year. and the sport is providing a welcome sign of recovery for a nation
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troubled by violence and insecurity, as anneka radley reports. football is the most popular sport in somalia despite violence and insecurity which has prevented leagues from expanding across the country for many years. however, there are seeds of hope for somali soccer. relative stability in the country means football stadiums are being renovated and local tournaments are being held. during the reign of islamist militants, al—shabab had regularly banned public gatherings and sports with those who broke the rules facing punishment, but now fans are feeling stadiums that once bore the bloods bloodstains of war. the opening region of the football league was held in a port city with other regions also involved in helping with it launched. —— helping with its launch. i am a coach. my team
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andi its launch. i am a coach. my team and i are very happy to open the first game of the tournament, which is very exciting. we have been anticipating such a tournament to be opened, as they are common in all places on earth. this was something we lacked for a long time. we are so happy. we finally made it. the teams who win the league is in their respective states will gain entry to a tournament in the capital, mogadishu, for the chance to be recognised as the champion of somalia's federal states. one of england's best rugby players will miss the 2017 six nations campaign with a shoulder injury. harlequins flanker chris robshaw will have an operation on monday and is expected to be sidelined for three months. robshaw captained the national side between 2012 and 2016, but was replaced as skipper after eddie jones became england head coach. 0ur rugby union reporter chris jones has more. chris robshaw has been a stalwart of
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the england team going back many yea rs, the england team going back many years, and also since losing the captaincy following the rugby world cup he has been a standing for england as one of the troops in his role as blind side flanker, playing all but one of england's miraculous i3 all but one of england's miraculous 13 straight wins in 2016. he is out for three months. when you look at hartley, the captain, struggling for gametime, james haskell likewise, same forjoe launchbury and kroos, so same forjoe launchbury and kroos, so england's forward pack have been hit by injuries with the six nations just a few weeks away. former haas driver esteban gutierrez will compete in the formula e race in his native mexico after losing his seat for the 2017 formula one season. gutierrez failed to score a point last season and was replaced by kevin magnussen as romain grosjean's partner. the former ferrari reserve has not yet revealed which team he will represent in the electric race on the first of april. reigning champion stephane
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petterhansel has extended his lead in the dakar rally. the frenchman narrowly edged peugeot teammate and compatriot sebastien loeb in the first part of the rain—hit seventh stage between la paz and uyuni in bolivia. loeb finished 48 seconds behind peterhansel, meaning peterhansel has doubled his overnight overall lead on him to one minute 57 seconds. you can get all the latest sports news at our website, that's but from me and the rest of the sport today team, goodbye good morning. there's certainly some chilly and wintry weather on the way but today, it will get that bit
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milder as we go through the day. lots of clouds spilling in from the west after what will be a cooler start than recent mornings. even a touch of frost and ice around in southern and eastern parts of england with clearer skies at the end of the night. start the day with sunshine, a much brighter day than we have seen for the past few. in the west, already patchy rain and drizzle and a bit of a breeze across devon and cornwell and west wales. a bit of rain pushing into northern england, mainly to the west of the pennines, going through the night. the further north we go, a blustery start and strong winds through the night in northern scotland. already here, the cloud is spilling in. western scotland and northern ireland, occasional rain. cloudy conditions with occasional rain and drizzle in the west, pushing its way eastward. winds strengthening throughout across the northern half of the county, gales in particular to the north—east. temperatures steadily on the rise. by the end of the day, into double figures in the west but a bit cooler further east. it sets us into a mild enough start through the night with a bit of cloud but strong winds and severe gales spreading across the north of scotland through the night.
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the wind is picking up elsewhere as we go into wednesday morning. a weakening weather front works its way southwards. temperatures into double figures overnight in the far south. notice we are starting to open the door to arctic air. into wednesday, not only will it get colder but we will have strong winds to contend with. bear that in mind if you are on the move on wednesday. wind gusting 50—60 mph through parts of wales and northwards. frequent showers in the north and west turning into sleet and snow as the colder air digs in. slowly getting colder across the south but temperatures still holding up by the afternoon, 7—9. plenty of cloud and one or two rain showers. the big change comes into thursday. open the door to arctic air. this little feature, pushing in to the south as we go through the day. how far north that goes, it will be crucial as to whether we see any snow into thursday across southern counties. at the moment, it will stay in the english channel, mainly rain, but maybe a bit of snow. frequent snow showers across northern and western parts of the country, giving coverage to some places. eastern areas, dry and brighter. one or two flurries.
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for all, the wind will be noticeable, makeing it feel subzero, a real arctic blast with a bitter wind chill. the cold winds continue into friday. again, we will see snow flurries work their way southwards. at this stage, we have to be careful of severe gales down the north sea. here we can see some rough seas around the coast as well. bye for now. a very warm welcome to bbc news, broadcasting to our viewers in north america and around the globe. my name's gavin grey. our top stories: keeping it in the family — jared kushner is to be appointed as a senior adviser to incoming president trump, when his father—in—law enters the white house. and as he prepares to leave the white house, we look at 0bama's legacy as america's first african american president.
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freezing weather and icy conditions cause misery and leave 30 people dead across europe. taking sides in the amazon — plans to build enormous hydro electric dams aren't sitting well with those who make their living off the waterways.
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