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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  January 11, 2017 6:30pm-6:46pm GMT

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we'll have more reaction to donald trump's press conference. i'll spoke to a former british ambassador to the us. after 7.00pm. stephen dorrell willjoin us as pressure on the nhs is discussed in parliament. at 10. 40, pressure on the nhs is discussed in parliament. at10. 40, my pressure on the nhs is discussed in parliament. at 10. 40, my guests on the papers will be here. stay with us the papers will be here. stay with us for all that. now, the papers will be here. stay with us forall that. now, it's the papers will be here. stay with us for all that. now, it's sports day. with warburton set to hand over the wales captaincy. liverpool's changes in the fa cup didn't work. what will klopp do for tonight's league cup semi—final? and an england and arsenal great hangs up her boots. kelly smith says her body has told her it's time to stop. sam warburton is expected to stand
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down as wales captain ahead of the six nations tournament that starts next month. he first led his country in 2011 and 49 of his 69 caps have been as skipper. after leading the team to a world cup semi—final and also a six nations grand slam, it's understood that he now wants to concentrate on keeping his place in what has become an increasingly competitive wales back row. his replacement, expected to be alun wynjones, will be confirmed next tuesday, when interim coach rob howley names his six nations squad. tomos dafydd reports. he‘ endured injury troubles. the
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blues flanker may want to focus on his own form and fitness withjustin putting pressure on his place in the back row. there is a lot of extra responsibility in the camp on the captain. sam has battled injuries over the last few years. sam will probably just want to step back a little bit, focus on his own performance, focus on getting over his injuries and help the team from a playing perspective. wash bert on has led his country 49 timesment more than any other player. there we re more than any other player. there were quarter—finals last time round and semi—finals in 20116789 that was tinged with personal heartache when he was sent off. there was six nations successes too. the grand slam in 2012 and the championship
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the following year. and at 24, he was the youngest ever captain of the lions for the successful tour of us a veil ya four years ago. his work off the ball and his work rate generally, is through the roof. his defensive moment is extremely high. i know he wants to go into a six nations off the back of some good form. at the moment, he's starting to build that. warburton's replacement will be called next tuesday. leading contenders, alwyn wyn jones having tuesday. leading contenders, alwyn wynjones having won 105 caps for wales. he stepped up to the top job five times before. captaining wales would put him further in the frame asa would put him further in the frame as a potential lions skipper. coach warren gatland said he'd prefer a national team captain to lead the tour of australia in the summer. sam warburton is hugely respected in the
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game. at the age of 28, he'd expect to play at the top level for many yea rs to play at the top level for many years to come. the harlequins' prop broke his leg in the warm—up 0ne ther rugby union line, joe marler will miss at least the first of england's six nations matches against france. the harlequins' prop broke his leg in the warm—up before the weekend game against sale. earlier this week, marler‘s quins' team—mate chris robshaw was ruled out for the entire tournament. it's the second of the league cup ssemi—finals tonight. jurgen klopp rested a lot of his liverpool players for the fa cup match at the weekend, but they should be stronger for the first—leg of tonight's tie at southampton. as long as you are involved, it is the most important cup, as you can imagine. that is how we see it and so, southampton, for example, if you want to talk about intensity, they had a more intense time than we had, so there is no advantage for one side. we have to find a line—up, a way of playing. it is a strong
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challenge and exciting. i think we are not the favourites for this game. 0n the other hand, away, it is difficult, also. but we have nothing to lose. let's get more on the match from chris temple who is at st mary's. here at st mary's two sides who must put the disappointment of having a replay added to share schedule with the imminent prospect of a final. southampton could be playing as many as nine games injanuary. with the manager having seen his side lose three premier league games in a row, rumbles of discontent around the fa ns rumbles of discontent around the fans here. for liverpool, they have the mouthwatering prospect of a clash with manchester united which
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they may have half an eye on on sunday. they are looking for their first major trophy since 2012. the tea m first major trophy since 2012. the team news, jurgen klopp played a very young side against plymouth at the weekend. lots of big hitters set to return this evening. coutinho back. for southampton, they won't call for their captain who slapped ina call for their captain who slapped in a transfer request. southampton hope to make home advantage count ahead of that second leg in anfield in two weeks' time. united, southampton liverpool, radio 5 live, it's on there and text commentary on the bbc sport website. former france midfielder claude makelele has been appointed assistant coach at swansea. the 43—year—old joins paul clement's team, signing a deal until the end of the season. makelele worked with clement during his playing stint at chelsea
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and as a coach with paris st germain. manchester city have been charged by the football association for failing to ensure that anti—doping club whereabouts information was accurate. all clubs have to provide, on request, the location of training, dates and times and also players‘ overnight addresses. city have breached the fa regulations they failed to update details. and have until january 19th to respond to the charge. england women's record goalscorer kelly smith has announced her retirement. the 38—year—old scored 46 goals in 117 appearances for her country. she became the first english professional player when she went to play in america in 1999. that's the record—breaking goal. nobody has scored more goals for their country than kelly smith. for club, country and for women's football, there's never been anyone quite like kelly smith. britain's
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first female professional who now is finally time to stop. it feels like the time is right now. i've had a very good career at international and club level. travelled the world. at the age of 38, the body's telling me it needs to stop. it's good to step away at this time. 117 england caps a record i goals. described as caps a record 46 goals. described as the best women's player england has ever produced. few would argue. a legend for her country but also for arsenal. winning five ah cups amongst her countless other national and international achievements.” have no regrets. have loved every minute of it. from england career, every time i put that england shirt oni every time i put that england shirt on i hada every time i put that england shirt on i had a lot of emotion playing for my country. and playing for arsenal, the club i've loved since i was a young kid and went to their games. if i wasn't injured, i could
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have achieved a lot more. who knows. right now, i can't say i have any regrets. she'll now take up a coaching role at her beloved haars nail. he legacy secure. her influence will continue. jim furyk has been named as captain of the us ryder cup team for next year's event. as a player furyk has played 30 matches in eight ryder cups. the 2018 competition will be held in france he' named davis love as one of his vice—captaining for next year's competition. at the albatros course of le golf national in saint-quentin—en—yvelines, just outside paris. the united states are the defending champions, but last won in europe in 1993, a quarter century earlier. the family of boxer nick blackwell has told the bbc he's unable to walk and it'll be at least a year before he makes a full recovery. blackwell had to be placed in an induced coma after suffering a bleed on the skull during a fight with chris eubankjunior last march. he then went on to take part in an
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unsanctioned sparring session in november, which left him in a coma and with swelling on the brain. boxer hasan karkardi, who sparred with blackwell, and trainer liam wilkins, who oversaw the session, were suspended by the boxing board of control and faced a further hearing today. we don't know yet what was outcome of that hearing was. johanna konta is through to the semi—finals of the sydney international after beating daria kasatkina in straight sets. the british number one had to come from behind in the second set to beat the russian world number 26. konta will play former wimbledon finalist eugenie bouchard in the last four. dan evans came through three sets against marcel granollers in their second round match. he lost the first set. qualifying for the australian open
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sta rts qualifying for the australian open starts overnight. britain's laura robson and tara moore are the british names in australian open qualifying to look out for. they need to win three matches in three days to make it through to the main draw. that's it from this sportsday. more for you throughout the rest of the evening, including updates against southampton and liverpool in the league cup semi—final. from us, for now, goodbye. jeremy corbyn has accused theresa may of being ‘in denial‘ about the pressures on the national health service. labour has joined senior doctors in calling on the government to put more money immediately into social care to support people living in their own homes. nhs leaders have been giving evidence on the state of the nhs in england to a parliamentary committee this afternoon. simon stevens is the chief executive of nhs england and gave this stark warning to mps.
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in the here and now there are real pressures . in the here and now there are real pressures. 0ver in the here and now there are real pressures. over the next three yea rs, pressures. over the next three years, ourfunding pressures. over the next three years, our funding will pressures. over the next three years, ourfunding will be highly constrained. in 2018/19, realterms, nhs spending per person in england will go town. ten years after lehman brothers and us a sisterity began. we understand why that is, but let's not pretend that's not placing huge pressure on the service. i can now speak to labour mp frank field who is one of a cross—party of 20 mps calling for an nhs "convention". mr field, good to see you. thank you for joining mr field, good to see you. thank you forjoining us. explain what you mean by convention. what would that entail? the background to this is all—parties find it difficult to reform the nhs. they are fearful their opponents will be able to stab them in the back. what we're trying to do is lay the basis for a cross— party to do is lay the basis for a cross—party alliance which clearly
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will centre on, it won't be the only issue, will will centre on the nhs having more money and where it comes from. governments don't have money. we taxpayers have money. it is a question of where that money will be raised. that's the basis of today's debate. the fact that this is a national service that so many millions of people use has become so split politicised has to be a cause of concern? it is of concern. particularly when i published a letter, e—mailfrom particularly when i published a letter, e—mail from a particularly when i published a letter, e—mailfrom a nurse who particularly when i published a letter, e—mail from a nurse who said earlier this week she cried before going into work. she didn't know what she'd find there. patients shoutin what she'd find there. patients shout in herface what she'd find there. patients shout in her face for answers to questions she cannot give because she's a nurse. she fears for them, for theirfamilies. she she's a nurse. she fears for them, for their families. she fears for her colleagues. it is a wonderful
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team, she stresses but raises the question about how long can teams in a&e where she works, wants to work, can go on like this. nobody wants to blame theresa may for the position we're in. we are in the position we are in. if more money's got to be found it needs to be found from us taxpayers. i believe the best way of doing this would be an increase in national insurance contributions which wouldn't allow the treasury to spend it on something else but would all go to health and,s awe stressed, to social care. and we'd also lay the basis for long—term reform whereby increasingly the nhs and social care would be paid through an insurance system and one which we as taxpayers would have people who would be in charge of that for us but will not only have the job of seeing government does pay over the
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money they are taking in insurance contributions but start to educate us on contributions but start to educate us on what it will cost to maintain this health service not at the level now. people come on your programme, they start saying we have the best health service in the world. i wish that were true. it is just totally untrue. what it means now to maintain existing services and then, if we really want to aim for a world —class if we really want to aim for a world—class service again, what sort of sums we'd need to make each month in our contributions. do you think the public would be receptive to that idea of paying a little more on national insurance in order to provide the kind of health cover they could well need to the future? when gordon brown last increased it by putting 1. 0n, he was amazed he became one of the most popular people in the country. he was fea rful people in the country. he was fearful what the results of that action was going to be.


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