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tv   Sport Today  BBC News  January 13, 2017 1:45am-2:01am GMT

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hello, this is sport today, live from the bbc sport centre. coming up on this programme: real madrid create a new spanish record of a0 games unbeaten with a late karim benzema equaliser against sevilla. tributes are paid to the former england manager graham taylor, who's died at the age of 72. and the 10th stage of the dakar rally is on, but could good sportsmanship see the trophy awarded toa sportsmanship see the trophy awarded to a rival? hello and welcome to the programme. we start with the news that real madrid have created a new spanish record of a0 matches unbeaten. that was after a late goal in a 3—3 draw in the last leg of the copa del rey. the match was finely poised at 1—1shortly after half time, it then went to 3—1.
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goals from new recruit stevanjovetic on loan from inter on debut and another from vicente iborra looked to have sealed the match. a sergio ramos penalty and benzema's late showing coming on as a substitute saw real madrid win 6—3 on aggregate and progress to the quarterfinals. real madrid now go through to the last eight. 6—3 on aggregate. milan are through to the quarter final stage of the copa italia where they'll face holdersjuventus after a 2—1win over torino at the san siro. torino had taken an early lead through andrea belotti but two goals in the space of three minutes around the hour mark tojuraj kucka and giacomo bonaventura secured the rossoneri a place in the last eight. melbourne city have been beaten 2—1 by the reigning champions, adelaide united, in the a—league. melbourne took the lead in the fourth minute after this magnificent pass, the player's11th goal of the
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after this magnificent pass, the player's 11th goal of the season. there was a formality against the south australian side. an equaliser came six minutes later. and then another goal, a first for the player. that gave adelaide united all three points for the second win of the campaign, moving them off the bottom. marseille are reportedly keen on re—signing france international dimitri payet, who wants to leave english premier league club west ham. payet enjoyed a sensational first season as west ham finished seventh. he's struggled to rediscover that form and the hammers are down in 13th place. the midfielder has told his manager that he no longer wants to play for the londoners. we don't want to sell him. we have set it on 100 bell —— hundreds of times that we want to keep these players. he is definitely one of our best players. that's why we gave him such a long contract. iformed him
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with that and he refused to play for us. the former england manager graham taylor has died at the age of 72. he's thought to have suffered a heart attack. taylor took on thejob after the 1990 world cup and led england forjust over three years. that was at club level. he was best known for title challenges with watford and aston villa, leading both to second—place finishes in the top division. he was later a popular and respected pundit here at the bbc. what i always found with him was he was straight, honest. he was so passionate about football. he was a lwa ys passionate about football. he was always wanted to talk about foot wall. —— football. he would always sit and study videos, study other teams, worked unbelievably hard as a manager and one of the reasons why i
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admired him and liked him so much was he never... you admired him and liked him so much was he never... you never admired him and liked him so much was he never... you never got any bull from him, he was straight down the middle and told that —— told it how it was. i admired that. the brazilian football player has been threaded from leaving the country. he was playing for al—shabab country. he was playing for al—sha bab what with country. he was playing for al—shabab what with several months of salary outstanding he entered the contract. his former employers are refusing to sign his exit visa. he spoke to my colleague from his hotel room. i am still here because when i finished my contract i tried to book my ticket for me and my wife to go back to brazil and when i arrived in at airport police immigration asks
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me...i at airport police immigration asks me... ican‘t at airport police immigration asks me... i can't leave because they don't have the exit visa. they don't give me these are. for me and for my wife. i stay here already four days. i can't go home. this is not only with me. other players, like eight months, arabic players. all players eight months. but for others it is less tha n eight months. but for others it is less than this time. because he knows others can go to fifa and maybe arabic players don't go there. so you are currently trapped in saudi arabia. how is this affecting you and your family? we are very sad
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because i've never seen like this. my because i've never seen like this. my family because i've never seen like this. myfamily in because i've never seen like this. my family in brazil is already too much. call me everytime because it is like prison. i can't go home. but i don't do nothing to stay like prison. we have contacted al-shabab and the saudi football association foran and the saudi football association for an explanation but have had no response. the case is being looked at by human rights watch, who said the situation isn't uncommon in the country. the club has the right to u nfortu nately lea n country. the club has the right to unfortunately lean on him and put pressure on him to give up his claims against the club by imposing the exit visa requirement. we see this not only in saudi arabia, but in qatarand this not only in saudi arabia, but in qatar and other countries that have an exit fee is a requirement.
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what can be done about this sort of situation? one of the biggest recommendations we make is that these countries need to remove the exit visa requirement. there is no justification for it. it person should have the ability to leave the country, returned to their country of origin in the case of an emergent key or mistreatment. —— an emergency. the way the system works now is you would hold workers hostage until they give up back wages or give up on other demands that they previously made on an employer, just so they can go home. when they return home unfortunately often times in worse conditions than they were when they originally went to work in saudi arabia. now the golf. a new set of clubs has helped rory mcilroy make an impressive start. he shot five under 67 in the first round to putting one stroke off the lead. he recorded seven birdies, including four and trot as
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he played his first competition of the year. trevor fisherjnr, from south africa, shares the lead with his com patriot. they are both on five under par. south africa's hashim amla has marked his 100th test appearance by scoring a century on day one of the third and final test against sri lanka. amla was unbeaten on 125 at the close injohannesburg, helping south africa to 338—3 after they won the toss and elected to bat. most of the proteas‘ runs came in a partnership between amla and jp duminy, who was finally out for 155. south africa have already secured the series, leading it 2—0. sebastian lured has been declared the winner of the 10th stage of the dakar rally, but he may have to give the first place to another who stopped to help manage it competitor. 0verall sebastian led
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the whole way, finishing 2.5 minutes ahead of those in second and third place. but peter hansel could be awarded the stage as the defending champion, after a lengthy delay after crashing into a motorbike rider. finally, german international thomas muller was fooling nobody while he tried to avoid interviews. the world cup winner was arriving back from bayern munich‘s winter training. he held his mobile phone, avoiding answering any questions. but as you can see he couldn't keep a straight face when he was caught on camera. recapping our top story, real madrid have managed to go a0 matches unbeaten in all competitions. at the new spanish record, defeating barcelona's record of 39. karim benzema scored the
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winner in the 93rd minute of the match. so it finished 3—3 and they go through to the last eight 6—3 on aggregate. from me and the team, goodbye. hello. thursday always did offer up the prospect of more wintry fair more widely across the british isles than we've seen of late. it took a while, but eventually these were the sort of scenes many weather watchers recorded across parts of the midlands for example and then down into the south—east parts of east anglia too where several centimetres of snow fell on particularly the higher ground, with temperatures just that little bit lower. it took a while before all of that combination of rain, sleet and snow gradually pulled its way of back towards the near continent. all the while still plenty of showers in northern and western parts and that's part of the problem because, as the skies cleared, so those wetted surfaces are going to be really quite slippery in the first part of friday. they're obviously will be lying snow for some and fresh snow to come if you're exposed to the north,
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north—westerly breeze. but it's the strength of the wind that's causing us concern. 0n the eastern shores, anywhere from yorkshire down towards north norfolk, because the waves will pile up there could be some over—topping and a storm surge on the go as well. in that flow we may well have another band of rain, sleet and snow so watch out for that, that could be close by to you for your particular school run or your commute. 0nce that's away, a decent enough sort of day. look at that, a lot of fine weather around, some sunshine doing absolutely nothing for the temperatures, though. i should say straightaway that there will be further showers in the western side of scotland, parts of northern ireland and western fringes of both england and wales and there you see what i mean about the temperatures really struggling and when you add in the strength of the wind across eastern parts, it will feel really raw. once we get the sun down and we get into saturday morning, ice again could be
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a significant issue. but for the most part saturday is a decent sort of day. yes, still further showers to be had in northern and western parts of the country but many central and eastern areas, yes, you still have the wind to content with and a sprinkling of wintry showers in some exposed eastern parts but it will be a decent day. so i don't have too many issues with the premier league football matches. it's the lower leagues that may have an issue with frosted pitches. i'm sure many a clerk of the course with the race meetings will be keeping a close eye on the conditions indeed. saturday perhaps the last of the really cold air dominating. the isobars beginning to crank back as we bring in somewhat milder conditions from the atlantic, but it does mean we import more cloud and there will be enough about the cloud for there to be rainfall about as well. so milder, yes, but not as sunny and quite a dank day for many of us. a very warm welcome to bbc news, broadcasting to our viewers in north america and around the globe. my name's mike embley. our top stories: donald trump's choice to lead the cia talks tough on russia and defends america's spy agencies,
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hours after mr trump attacked them. i have seen their morale through tough times, where they have been challenged before, and i have seen them walk through fire to make sure they do theirjobs in a professional way. a big change for cubans entering the us as washington ends its long—standing open—door policy. and the bromance lives on. president 0bama surprises his deputyjoe biden with the highest civilian honour.
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