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tv   BBC News  BBC News  January 13, 2017 5:45am-6:01am GMT

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it was one of the largest unauthorised protests in the territory since the islamist group took power a decade ago. time for our daily news review. the times front page reports on donald trump's incoming defence secretary mike pompeo who has accused russian president vladimir putin of plotting to break up nato. he called it the biggest threat to the western military alliance since the second world war. the daily telegraph leads with claims that the uk government gave permission to the fbi to speak to the former m16 officer who compiled the unverified dossier on us president—elect donald trump. the ft says america's environmental protection agency has accused the italian—american car manufacturer fiat chrysler of violating pollution laws by installing software which could help vehicles beat diesel emission limits.
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the guardian financial section carries a warning form the un labour agency that globaljob shortages and inequality is fuelling a rise in social unrest. also, the international labour organisation said that said such levels of discontent could lead to more migration over the next decade. also in the guardian, one of the uk's best known fund manager has likened the current stock market euphoria to the dotcom bubble of the late ‘90s. neil woodford said share prices have been driven up by momentum not by fundamentals. and finally, could taking an innocent selfie give away invaluable information to criminals? the national institute of informatics in tokyo says the quality of smart phone cameras had reached the level where biometric data can be stolen from casual snaps posted on social media. they are talking fingerprints,
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aren't they? something else to worry about. joining us is kulveer ranger, who is director of digital public services for atos. good to see you. good morning. let's start with trump, we're going to be saying that for the next four years! specifically this disparity that is already... he hasn't been inaugurated yet, the disparity that has opened up between him and his top picks for cabinet in their nomination hearings. what aaron said here, president—elect trump will give us a lot to talk about. last night i was watching his press conference again for the sheer entertainment value. a rerun! but this particular story, russia wants nato finished, is that news? and since when has russia been a fan of nato? it's been sitting on its boundary line, we've had it since the world wars, that's not news,
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this is not some big secret. let me say to the press, i think president—elect trump will give us another to write about rather than having to pump this kind of stuff out and talk about his appointment is having issues with him already. what he's been saying has been much more emilion and towards russia and here a senior cabinet member is saying, look, this may not be policy. who is talking for whom? ica new president, if we take away the personality for a second, saying let me look at how my relationships develop —— rac a. he's going to be briefed about what the intelligence agencies think he's doing and then he will take a few. do we need this early prepositioning of saying, shock, horror horror, nato and russia are not friends! we have to move on and get beyond the caricature and allow these people to get some policy—making into their
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administration. were you surprised his pick for secretary of state, rex tillerson, in his nomination hearing said he hadn't had a chat with donald trump about russia yet. that's surprising, isn't it? it is and it isn't. i think the president—elect has 2000 appointments. but we are talking about the secretary of state! he's been heavily advised by the machinery of washington, let's be clear about this, it's not a few of them sitting in a room picking out names. one assumes! as much as we wa nt to names. one assumes! as much as we want to sensationalise the trump decision—making machine, there is some decisions we will find strange, interesting, even amusing but let's wait until something serious comes through before we start throwing out things like russia wants nato finished, because that's not a secret, it's been a thing for a while. moving on, different agencies, secrets, what about the uk
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government possibly giving permission to the fbi to question this former mi6 agent? some people are questioning whether that will dampen this beautiful relationship we have. so-called special relationship! you and i will talk about how many interesting conversations we will have around president trump, but here the security agencies do this on a day—to—day basis. i'm sure what we're finding out here is a normal process of protocol between fbi, mi6 and other agencies. just because it's got the trump name in there and there's some potential information, whether it's right or wrong, it's becoming front—page news. we need to tone it down a little bit! the inauguration is coming up, there's things that are going to happen but i think the press need to stop foaming at the mouth. he may have things to say but see where he actually gets his strength from in terms of when he starts talking policy and having time to think about and reflect on things, he
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hasn't had that time yet. things like this being thrown at him, we all need to step back and give space and time. shall we talk about... you didn't think i was going to go that way, did you? i know you very well, i know what you're thinking! you're not looking for a job in the trump administration? not at all. i agree, what's wrong? let's move on before we all get into trouble! what about this, the us turns fire on fiat chrysler. i had an auto expert on the programme who said that the industry was waiting for something like this, it couldn'tjust have been volkswagen. the vw scandal happened quite a while ago and the environment or protection agency over there seems to want to flex some muscle at the fag end of the 0bama regime now. they seem to be lining this up with 0bama being tough but it's too late. that president is already out the door
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and you got a new one coming in. i'm not quite sure what the real target of this is. it sounds like the chrysler could have been doing something wrong here and also these are massive brands, the cherokee and the dodge are huge. huge house vehicle names in the us. there is a concern the new president isn't so focused on environmental issues. is that one of the reasons why this agency is trying to get these things out now so as to show there's some real... some said they were going after volkswagen because it was a foreign brand and they wouldn't do the same with an american car company. and also the big boss of the chrysler is all so mates, good friends with trump. i'm just saying! there's a lot off political things happening in the us that underpins some of these stories. -- off
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political. is this and irrational euphoria or is it based on real economic prospects —— an irrational. we have had 13 successive days of rises in the ftse. it seems to me a bit of a correction to the correction. we have the referendum result in the united kingdom in the middle of last year that had a big jolt on the pound, the financial markets but people weren't sure what they were reacting to. as time has gone by and we have seen the referendum result, the brexit negotiation, this will take a period of time, there seems to be a clawing back of the ftse and confidence coming back into the stock market. it isa coming back into the stock market. it is a pound story. the majority of companies in the ftse earn their money abroad typically in dollars so when they bring those dollars back, they get more pound. we are seeing again if we want that line of trump
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story coming through, there's nervousness in the us about the president—elect‘s lack of economic policy so far coming forward, which is making the dollar wobbly and therefore you're looking at other areas strengthening. just like our japanese and korean friends who love to ta ke japanese and korean friends who love to take a photo and do things like that, apparently don't do that!|j was that, apparently don't do that!” was thinking about this, this is a story about... we all got a new phone possibly for christmas, the camera has improved, the imagery, you can now pick up the fingerprints and some of our phones can identify us and some of our phones can identify us by ourfingerprints. can and some of our phones can identify us by our fingerprints. can they be copied by these pictures being taken? you know when you see the black strap across their eyes when people are hiding their identity, it will be across the fingertips! thank you, my friend! hello. thursday always did offer up the prospect of more wintry fair more widely across the british isles than we've seen of late. it took a while, but eventually these were the sort of scenes many weather watchers recorded
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across parts of the midlands for example and then down into the south—east parts of east anglia too where several centimetres of snow fell on particularly the higher ground, with temperatures just that little bit lower. it took a while before all of that combination of rain, sleet and snow gradually pulled its way of back towards the near continent. all the while still plenty of showers in northern and western parts and that's part of the problem because, as the skies cleared, so those wetted surfaces are going to be really quite slippery in the first part of friday. there will obviously be lying snow for some and fresh snow to come if you're exposed to the north, north—westerly breeze. but it's the strength of the wind that's causing us concern. 0n the eastern shores, anywhere from yorkshire down towards north norfolk, because the waves will pile up there could be some over—topping and a storm surge on the go as well. in that flow we may well have another band of rain, sleet and snow so watch out for that, that could be close by to you for your particular school run 01’ your commute. 0nce that's away, a decent
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enough sort of day. look at that, a lot of fine weather around, some sunshine doing absolutely nothing for the temperatures. i should say straightaway that there will be further showers in the western side of scotland, parts of northern ireland and western fringes of both england and wales and there you see what i mean about the temperatures really struggling and when you add in the strength of the wind across eastern parts, it will feel really raw. once we get the sun down and we get into saturday morning, ice again could be a significant issue. but for the most part saturday is a decent sort of day. yes, still further showers to be had in northern and western parts of the country but many central and eastern areas, yes, you still have the wind to contend with and a sprinkling of wintry showers in some exposed eastern parts but it will be a decent day. so i don't have too many issues with the premier league football matches. it's the lower leagues that may have an issue with frosted pitches. i'm sure many a clerk of the course with the race meetings will be keeping a close eye
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on the conditions indeed. saturday perhaps the last of the really cold air dominating. the isobars beginning to crank back as we bring in somewhat milder conditions from the atlantic, but it does mean we import more cloud and there will be enough about the cloud for there to be quite a bit of rainfall about as well. so milder, yes, but not as sunny and quite a dank day for many of us. hello, this is breakfast, with charlie stayt and steph mcgovern. thousands of people along the east coast of england are told to leave their homes, as gale—force winds combine with high tides. seven severe flooding warnings, meaning a risk to life, are in force. in the next hour, more than 1,000 people will be moved to safety in the village of jaywick, in essex. thousands of people have been told to evacuate. i will have the details live in jaywick. good morning, it is friday 13 january. also this morning: more men are in low—paid,
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