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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  January 13, 2017 10:30pm-10:41pm GMT

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chris woods' headerjust before the break was enough to give garry monk's side their fifth straight win at home. derby had bradleyjohnson sent off late on for two bookings. leeds are four points off the automatic promotion places. (pres) there's a potentially decisive weekend of matches in european club rugby this weekend as the group stages of the champions cup come towards an end. irish side leinster have secured their place in the quarter finals after thrashing montpellier 57 points to three. the french club were second in the group, but were already behind when this high tackle by frans steyn earned him a red card. leinster took full advantage, finishing with eight tries — three of them scored by flanker jack conan. meanwhile in the second tier challenge cup there was a big win too for bath over their local rivals bristol. england wing semesa rokoduguni scored one of eight tries in a 57—22 win.
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a late try from grenoble denied newcastle a win in one of the other two matches in the challenge cup. the french side winning 31—27. elsewhere newport gwent dragons beat russian side enisei31i points to ten. sale sharks are being investigated for a potential breach of concussion management protocol. it follows an injury to back row t] in last saturday's defeat to harlequins, in which he appeared to be concussed, but remained on the pitch for the rest of the match. the rfu have announced a panel will meet to look at the incident. the rugby football league has agreed a deal that will see a new club set up in bradford for the start of the season. the old bradford bulls was liquidated earlier this month after its latest spell in administration. following yea rs of financial problems. the winning consortium was one of four bids to revive the club and their identity is expected to be revealed next week. the two men who were involved in the sparring session that left fighter nick blackwell in a coma have been sanctioned by the boxing board of control.
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nick wilkins has lost his trainers license and boxer hasan kakardi suspended for six months. blackwell shouldn't have been involved in the november session after having his license taken away following a professional fight last march when he had to be placed in an induced coma. the unsanctioned sparring session left him needing an operation for swelling on the brain. injust her second tournament of the year, johanna konta has won the second tour title of her career. the british number one beat agnieszka radwanska in straight sets to win the sydney international. her final warm up tournament for the australian open. here's our sports correspondent, katie gornall. johanna konta is now in the top ten. the big players are moments no longer worry her. across the net with the world number three, a player that she has never beaten.
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but there was a sense that the changes johanna konta took the first set 6—4. she has brought a new coach to australia. any fears this would shock to read them were swatted aside. here she was given little time to think asjohanna konta wrapped up the second title of her career in some style. but the start of the openjust career in some style. but the start of the open just days away, she will head to melbourne as a genuine contender. there is a good chance she will get to the final. she needs to do it the tough way though, because she has some difficult opponents. she's playing the best tennis of her career. dan evans faced his first final. we will play tomorrow against a player ranked 30 places above them. johanna konta was born in sydney before moving to
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england, and this chilly and tennis may see her as the one got away. graeme storm has a two shot lead at the south africa open golf at the halfway stage in johannesburg. the south africa open golf at the halfway stage injohannesburg. he had nine birdies on his way to a bogey free round. he is 12 under par going into the weekend. rory mcilroy is three shots off the pace after complaining of a bad back. his round ended with back—to—back bogeys. complaining of a bad back. his round ended with back-to-back bogeys. and was thinking about pulling out before going off today. i've hurt my back somehow and the first few shots of today were not very comfortable. i cannot really take a deep breath because i'd done something to my upper back. i'm going to go and get some treatment. considering that i played well and stuck at it. hopefully i will feel better tomorrow. england's one day international series with india begins early on sunday morning.
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the tourists have three one—day internationals and three twenty20 matches. this just a few weeks after a 4—0 test series defeat to india. 0ur reporter tim peach is in pune ahead of the opening game. england have revolutionised the way they play one—day cricket in the last couple of years. they have broken world records along the way and 2017 is going to be very important for this year with the champions trophy coming up in england in june. but champions trophy coming up in england injune. but this tour comes off the back of the 4—0 test defeat —— test defeat to india before christmas. ben stokes does not think it will have a bearing on this series. it is a different format and a different team. we look back on the test series and we will not to get into the one—day series with this. the test series did not go well but we have a chance to come out here and perform well as we have
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in recent years against a really good team. england have had the mix warm up to the series. they beat a strong india a side in them by and then lost to a weaker side two days later. jewellery did not feature in those matches and hejoined later. jewellery did not feature in those matches and he joined the tour later after he became a father for the first time, but he will be available for selection on sunday. ——joe available for selection on sunday. —— joe root. available for selection on sunday. ——joe root. that available for selection on sunday. —— joe root. that is all from sports day. coming up is the papers. hello and good evening. welcome to look ahead to what the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. hello to
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you both. before we talk to them we should look at the front pages, starting with the daily mail says the prime minister has threatened to capfunding to the prime minister has threatened to cap funding to gps if they do not offer appointments 12 hours a day, seven hours days a week. it is all part of an attempt to cut keys and hospitals. the times is carrying the same story and that is also believed in the daily telegraph, which reports comments from the outgoing us ambassador to the european union, who suggest that president trump wa nts to who suggest that president trump wants to bring down the years. the mirror carries the news of the baby that was kidnapped two decades ago in the united states, now found and returned to the mother. the guardian is claiming an exclusive after talking to the eu chief brexit negotiator about future relations with the city of london and the
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financial structures suggesting that the eu is blink first. the daily express is looking at the life and times of lord snowdon, the former husband of princess margaret who has died aged 86 and some great to grass in the papers today off—load sludden. —— of lord snowdon. theresa may has a problem with the long waiting times at any and one of her solutions is to get doctors surgeries to open longer hours. problem is putting it mildly. it is a sticking plaster on a gaping wound, to use a medical analogy. she was saying she will with draw funding from gp‘s surgeries. she's going to withdraw money if they cannot prove they can open and delivering longer hours. is this
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going to solve the problem in hospitals? the first week of january, 95% of bets were full and this week we heard that 40% of hospitals had issued alerts. —— 95% of beds. this is not because people cannot get to their gp after 5pm. to may has to be seen to do something. she is very weak on the nhs. simon stephens, the head of the nhs in england, has had a pop at her. she needs to be seen to be doing something. but she is putting the money in the wrong place. it is shifting the blame onto the patients. jeremy hunt blames people going to a need for broken fingernails for the whole crisis. in
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defence of the gps who work every hour, what might be the reasons for agp hour, what might be the reasons for a gp surgery shutting at tpm? lots of reasons. my gp is the only gp in the practice, so he cannot be expected to work from atm to 8pm, although it would be great that evening appointments. in rural areas doctors may have to go from one village to another. they also have other responsibilities, such as admin. i was looking at the national audit report and its 92% of those with that in two kilometre is a gp's surgery, with that in two kilometre is a gp's surgery, which i thought was all well and good, i live within two kilometre is but i cannot get an appointment for two weeks.


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