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this is bbc news. i'm lukwesa burak. the headlines at 11:00: doctors say they're being made scapegoats for the nhs crisis but the government says the move will reduce pressure on a&es in england. funding is tight and if gps aren't going to be open when the public need them to be open, then that funding can be directed to other places in the nhs. an american teenager abducted at birth defends the woman who claimed to be her motherfor 18 years. mps overseeing the brexit process call on the government to reveal details of its plans by next month. also in the next hour — hundreds of people along the east coast are returning home after a predicted storm—surge failed to materialise in most areas. but the residents of hornsea in east yorkshire are counting the cost of last night's sea storm. and jo phillips and nigel nelson will be here to help me review tomorrow's papers, including the sunday telegraph which says theresa may is prepared to lead britain out of the single market.
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good evening and welcome to bbc news. gps are being warned they could face funding cuts if they don't keep their surgeries open for longer. the prime minister says many people are going to hard—pressed accident and emergency departments because they can't get gp appointments. doctors say they are being made scapegoats and have accused the government of failing to address a deepening nhs funding crisis. our health correspondent robert pigott reports. hospitals have faced a winter crisis
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like none before. unprecedented pressure in the new year led almost half to declare a major alert with doctors warning that patient safety was being compromised. today, the government said that gp surgeries we re government said that gp surgeries were partly twofold —— at fault to provide access for patients in need forcing them into emergency departments. the government wants gp surgeries open from eight a.m. until eight p.m. surgeries open from eight a.m. until eight p. m. seven surgeries open from eight a.m. until eight p.m. seven days a week unless they can prove there is no demand. they say they will withhold extra funding unless its compliance.” have worked for many years in the nhs and every winter is difficult. this winter in particular has seen the highest number of people ever attending a and e. we need to use oui’ attending a and e. we need to use our resources to the best they can. funding is tight and if gps will not be open when the public needs to be opened and that funding can be
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directed to other areas. doctors say they are being made scapegoats to they are being made scapegoats to the failure of the government to fund nhs efficiently. if our practices were expected to open seven days a week using five days worth of funding and staffing in all that would happen is that we would undermine the quality of where care that we can provide the vast majority of our patients and we would stretch an already overstretched service more thinly. some health experts have supported claims by doctors that congestion in a and claims by doctors that congestion in aande claims by doctors that congestion in a and e department has been caused more by problems finding beds for seriously ill patients than it has from seriously ill patients than it has fro m ove rflow seriously ill patients than it has from overflow from gp surgeries. they say that medically fit patients are clogging up their heads because there is a lack of money for looking after them at home. labour have a new proposal for easing pressure on social care. we would give social ca re social care. we would give social care the funding it needs and give a
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firm commitment to take a failed private care homes interpublic ownership to maintain the social ca re a ccess ownership to maintain the social ca re access our ownership to maintain the social care access our people need. research suggests that three out of every ten people in amd would be better treated elsewhere. the government insists that gps are vital to stop them from going there. it is now ready to employ tough measures to see that they do. our political correspondent chris mason is at the royal free london hospital and explained further about the reaction to the calls for a 7—day nhs. theresa may is facing criticism from all angles, from patients, opposition, the health select committee said it is not right to be scapegoating gps. tonight one newspaper says... politically this could be very dangerous for theresa
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may, not in the least because they are polling very badly when it comes to nhs trusts. and one poll tonight, just a snapshot suggesting that the reason may is more trusted than labour and jeremy corbyn on the nhs and that, despite the gale of headlines that she has faced this week. a teenager who was stolen as a newborn from a hospital in florida 18 years ago has been found — in south carolina. kamiyah mobley was discovered after a tip—off and dna tests confirmed her real identity. the woman who raised her has been charged with kidnapping. our washington correspondent laura bicker sent this report. this is kamiyah mobley, with a woman, who for hall her life she believed was her mother. but the 18—year—old has discovere the truth. and today that woman, gloria williams is behind bars. you have been charged with kidnapping.
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kamiyah was stolen from a hospital in florida eight hours after she was born, by someone posing as a nurse. her family pleaded for help to find her and police received thousands of tip—offs. but it was only in the last year they had a breakthrough. she had an inclination beginning a couple of months ago, she may have been involved in this in some way. she has a lot to process and a lot to think about. kamiyah‘s family in florida have never forgotten the baby that was snatched from them in 1988 and they have been in touch over the internet. she sounds so intelligent and she said she will be here to see us. every day you get up, there is always hope. there was always hope. for kamiyah herself, there is shock and disbelief, as she watches the woman she thought was her mother, jailed for being her abductor. and laura bicker, has more details, about how it all came to light. it seems to be an anonymous tipoff
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to the national missing children's service. not quite sure who that was but they informed the police, the police then looked at south carolina and found that i was grown up where she was brought up. there, they took a dna test. she had a suspicion herself for a few months that she had been kidnapped. were not sure where that came from. when she took the dna tests they discovered that she was in fact kamiyah and not a lexus as she had been brought up in south carolina. she had been raised ina south carolina. she had been raised in a small town in south carolina where her parents went to church. neighbours say they were a quiet
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family. by all accounts it seems like she had quite a nice time as a teenager. but now she has had to find out that all of those years we re find out that all of those years were a lie. the us president—elect, donald trump is suggesting he will consider lifting sanctions imposed on moscow by president obama in retaliation for russian cyber attacks. in an interview with the wall streetjournal, mr trump said he would retain sanctions "at least for a period of time" but could scrap them if russia was helpful to the us. catrina renton reports. it's been a week where donald trump has found himself dealing with a set of extraordinary allegations about his political and personal life. it is all fake news, it is phoney stuff, it did not happen. but now he is trying to take back the agenda, outlining what his presidency might look like, in particular, his relations abroad. he has said he is willing to work with russia and china, provided they co—operate. in an interview with
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the wall streetjournal, the president—elect said, "if russia is really helping us, why would anybody have sanctions?" and when asked about the one china policy, in which the united states no longer acknowledges taiwan, he said, "everything is under negotiation." but this has been a turbulent time with damaging claims about the president—elect that are not going away. just over a week ago, us intelligence released a report claiming the russian president vladimir putin had ordered the hacking of democratic party e—mails to damage donald trump's rival, hillary clinton, and influence the presidential election. now the senate intelligence committee. is set to investigate, saying they will follow the evidence wherever it leads. lawmakers have also been briefed on the unproven dossier which alleges russian security officials have compromising material on mr trump, which he vigorously denies. the next big event is supposed to be on friday.
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rehearsals are underway in washington for donald trump's inauguration as the 40th president of the united states, inauguration as the —— 45th president of the united states, but as this week has proved, a lot more could happen between now and then. catriona renton, bbc news. a man has died after the cliff top where he was believed to have been walking his dog collapsed. police were called to a beach at thorpeness in sussex this afternoon, following reports that a man was trapped. despite efforts by the emergency services to locate and free him, he died at the scene. one person is being treated for burns in manchester, after an explosion caused serious fire damage to a cafe. three fire engines have been dealing with the blaze, which engulfed the cafe on rochdale road in the harpurhey area of the city. the fire service are urging people to avoid the area and the section of road has been closed. the committee of mps overseeing the brexit process has called
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on the government to reveal details of its plans by next month. the all—party group of mps also says the government should reach a transitional agreement with the eu to give the economy time to adapt. our business correspondent joe lynam reports. for months the largest employers in britain have been calling for clarity on what type of deal will emerge after brexit. many want a transition arrangement with the eu so they can plan ahead for the future. today, mps on both sides of the argument piled more pressure on theresa may by calling for exactly that. we think that any return to ta riffs that. we think that any return to tariffs or bureaucratic obstacles would not be in the interest of business in britain and the committee believes the traditional arrangements will be needed to smooth the process as we leave the
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european union, particularly as they we re european union, particularly as they were to be any changes to the way we trade or the way we sell our services. this group of mps and businesses want to know whether britain wants to remain within the single market and they want to give mpsa single market and they want to give mps a vote on the final deal. and if a deal cannot be reached within the two—year time frame they want a transitional phase to smooth the process out of the european union. and one of the key sectors in all of this is the city of london which provides over one tenth of uk tax revenue. critics say that is what the government should be protecting. we suspend two years of negotiations on financial services. we do not need a transitional arrangement. the chief negotiator of gave his warning today. responding to newspaper reports that he wanted the special deal with the city, he said no. on tuesday the prime minister gives a key speech on her plans for brexit
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negotiations. it is far from certain, however, that she will be able to provide the detail that many on both sides are now demanding. much of europe continues to be hit by icy weather and strong winds — more than 65 people are known to have died over the past week. there's now growing concern for refugees and migrants living in makeshift camps, as simon jones reports. the cold snap is tightening its grip. claiming more than 65 lives across europe. causing traffic chaos, power cuts and travel delays. this is sarajevo. the balkans have been particularly hard hit. temperatures have been as low as —15 for several days. there is major concern about the plight of refugees, particularly in serbia. some are being sheltered in reception centres. but 1200 are living in a derelict warehouse in belgrade, according to the unhcr. it's very cold, and we are just making fire. but still we can keep warm ourselves. we don't like to stay here.
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we're trying to leave this country and go to european countries. but we are stuck because of the borders. there are calls for governments across europe to do more. it will only take one more snow storm or another cold snap and we're going to see some, some children, you know, in a very dire situation. children are particularly prone to respiratory illnesses at a time like this. we do not want to see this happen. it's about saving lives, not about red tape and keeping to bureaucratic arrangements at the moment. river traffic along the danube, one of europe's main waterways, has largely been suspended in eastern europe due to the ice. in wengen in switzerland, a famous downhill race in the skiing world cup had to be cancelled because of too much snow. more than a0 centimetres fell overnight. powerful winds added to the complications, with organisers eventually having to admit the race
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could not be held safely. and the warning is that more bad weather is on the way. simon jones, bbc news. just before we catch up with the sport letters have a look at some of the front pages you will be waking up the front pages you will be waking up to. we will begin with the observer which says that cancer patients are feeling the brunt of the nhs crisis with operations being cancelled on a regular basis. the mail on sunday suggest that cutting the foreign aid budget to fund the health service. it claims more than three quarters of voters support the idea. meanwhile on the same story the sunday mirror has a picture of a two—year—old girl lives has had to sit on the floor for eight hours before she was eventually seen by doctors. theresa may's brexit strategy is the sunday telegraph's focus. it says the prime minister is prepared to live written out of the single market. and it is the brexit battle plan for the sunday express saying that theresa may is going to
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get tough with brussels. the sunday times has an image of prince william who it says will be leaving his position as an air ambulance helicopter pilot to pursue full—time royal duties. we'll have another look at a front pages at half past 11. also we will be joined by a political commentator, joe phillips. least tune in for that. the headlines on bbc news. the headlines on bbc news: doctors have criticised the government for warning gps in england that they should stay open for longer. an american teenager who was stolen as a newborn baby from a hospital in florida 18 years ago has been found in south carolina. mps overseeing the brexit process have called on the government to reveal details of its plans by next month. sport now, and for a full round up, from the bbc sport centre. leavening. hello everybody. —— good
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evening. chelsea are seven points clear at the top of the premier league after their 12th victory in 13 matches. and they did it without diego costa, dropped after what we understand was a falling out with the coaching staff. their 3—0 win over champions leicester came at the end of a speculation—fuelled 2a hours. with rumours the striker is being offered 30 million a year to move to a chinese club. and was thanks to two goals from marcos alonso and one from pedro, and it takes them seven points clear. think in this situation, you can listen to a lot of things. in my career and my experience, as a coach, if there are the
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prerogatives, and using them to solve them in the changing room, never during a press conference but i repeat, if there are the problems. -- if i repeat, if there are the problems. —— if there are problems. tottenham have gone second thanks to a 4—0 win over west brom. their sixth victory in a row in a league. harry kane got a hattrick at white hart lane at the end the last few times we played them, said we will go out there and flyer, get an early goal and try and finish the game off. it's probably the best performance of the season for us. just a great day. while arsenal also won 4—0 at swansea with olivier giroud getting a fifth goal in as many games and that was enough to take them third above liverpool who play on sunday. swansea have dropped to the bottom of the table. elsewhere burnley won 1—0 at home to southampton — the returning joey
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barton with the goal. hull are off the bottom, beating bournemouth in marco silva's first league match in charge. sunderland lost 3—1 at home to stoke city. watford and middlesbrough drew 0—0 and sam allardyce saw his crystal palace side lose 3—0 on their visit to his former club west ham. leicester's hopes of reaching the european champions cup knockout stages have ended after a heavy defeat at racing 92 in paris. the french side were runners up in last season's competition, but like leicester have had a poor run so far this time. marc andreu went over twice. this his first. one of four tries for racing. dan carter added nine points with his boot. the tigers have now lost four in a row in europe. leicester's final match will be against glasgow who lost 111—12 to munster, but still have a chance of going through. wasps scored a dramatic late try to beat toulouse and put themselves on the verge of a last eight place. while northampton were already out before their win against castres. joe root will start in tomorrow's first one day international
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against india in pune, just days after becoming a new father. root missed both warm—up matches after his partner gave birth to their first child last saturday, but has nowjoined up with the squad. captain eoin morgan has told us he has great faith in root. he has been an integral part of our success he has been an integral part of our su ccess over he has been an integral part of our success over the past three years and have him back so soon with the great news he has become a father, i think it's great news that the team. joe could go three or four more and it won't make me stop thinking we could throw him into the side. we had a reasonably good test series under tough conditions. he looked in good form. lisa ashton has become bdo world darts champion for the third time after a comfortable win in the ladies‘ final at lakeside. ashton, who's from bolton, beat the australian corrinne hammond by three sets to love to add to the world titles she won
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in 2014 and 2015. the third seed danny noppert is into the final in the men's draw. it's the dutchman's first ever appearance at lakeside, but he beat england's darryl fitton in a tense match by six sets to three. noppert will play england's glen durrant after the number one seed had a much more straightforward win overjamie hughes. durrant won their semi final 6—1 to reach what will also be his first final at frimley green that's all the sport for now. the east coast of england escaped largely unscathed from a tidal storm surge during the night. thousands of people had been advised to leave their homes, but the high tide failed to breach most flood defences. one area that did experience flooding though, was the east yorkshire town of hornsea, as jo makel reports. the destructive force of last
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night's waves is now all too clear. shutters and sandbags were not enough to keep out the sea —— keep out the sea. staff at this amusement arcade at hornsey said they didn't stand a chance. everything was down. they waves which are so vicious. through the doors in. completely start again, really. we have got a lot of people who rely on this money, you know. a lot of us. so, sorry, i'm really very upset as you can see. “— sorry, i'm really very upset as you can see. —— hornsea. sorry, i'm really very upset as you can see. -- hornsea. on the seafront last lignite, a grandmother and two children had to be rescued from this car. “ children had to be rescued from this car. —— night. people and pets had to be rescued. she has been under the water, the little one. we evacuate, we have serious diabetic
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that had to be taken to safety. there is a lot of damage. families, our thoughts are with the families who have all of this to clean up and we will certainly be there to help them clean up. right, let's see what them clean up. right, let's see what the palace looks like... 0k, it is a bit of a mess, to say the least. this is the first time cathy has been back to her house but she knew what to expect. it's the second time she has been flooded.” what to expect. it's the second time she has been flooded. i know what i have got to do but it is just where doi have got to do but it is just where do i start. until it has dried out, you can't shift anything. until the insurance people have been, you can't do anything. there was relief to find her pet rabbits who she had quickly put upstairs before evacuating. the environment agency was in hornsea today to help residents and also assess the flow and spread of the floodwater. all of that information after any flooding event is taken back to our flood
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defence engineers to work out how to better manage flood defences in the future. and council workers were out to begin to clear up but for those whose houses and businesses were directly affected, there will be months of work ahead. tomorrow, a major summit will be held in paris for what's being seen as one of the last chances to save the so—called two—state solution for the israeli—palestinian conflict. that's long been the goal of international peace efforts. but neither israel nor the palestinians will be represented at the conference. our middle east correspondent, yolande knell, reports from jerusalem. jerusalem is meant to be a shed capitalfor jerusalem is meant to be a shed capital for israelis and palestinians. —— shared. living side—by—side in two nations. but how many see the two state solution to
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the conflict. but today, israel controls much of the west bank and eastjerusalem which the palestinians want for their state. and over 600,000 israeli settlers live in these areas, captured in the 1967 war. we are going further away from the two state solution. i think the palestinians were given an option and we know today for a fact that palestinian authorities are com pletely that palestinian authorities are completely corrupt, bankrupt. that many in the international community so that settlement expansion is also what is undermining at two state solution. the issue of the settlements, come promoters were made in the past and unfortunately none of these attempts have brought peace up until now. but there are new international efforts to push for peace and a palestinian state to neighbour is rail. —— israel. they recognise a united jerusalem as
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their capital but palestinians believe it will kill the two state solution. first of all, i am considered a resident and not a citizen as any israeli due living in jerusalem. since 1967, more than 14,000 jerusalem. since 1967, more than 111,000 residency cards were revoked by israeli authorities and the main purposeis by israeli authorities and the main purpose is to minimise the number of palestinians living injury for them and to ensure a jewish majority. recent opinion polls suggest most israelis and palestinians do still support the idea of two states but only by very narrow margins. on both sides, there are fears that chances for peace deal are fading. the american company spacex has managed to launch a rocket into space for the first time since another rocket exploded on its launch pad last autumn. the falcon nine rocket blasted off from california's vandenberg air force base
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on a mission to put ten communication satellites into orbit. last september another falcon nine exploded in florida in during a pre—flight test. now it's time for the weather. the wintry weather is on the way out for most of us because we have weather fronts topping their way and from the atlantic, bringing cloud and rain. the trouble is, it is bumping into some cold air across the north—east of scotland and england. with that, comes the risk of some temporary snow overnight. with that, it will be icy for the north—east england. again, the risk of wintry weather and cold towards east anglia and the south—east. quite a bit of rain but many western areas but the michael —— milder air is coming in from the west. it is still only 2— three degrees in the east. it will be cold enough for
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some temporary snow and for the morning from rog shares. it turns back to rain as it will do in lincolnshire. —— yorkshire. in the london area, it is 10am, cold. only four or five degrees will stop head further west and we are up to nine or10 further west and we are up to nine or 10 degrees but with a lot of clout and rental stock it will be great as well and a lot of grey cloud. —— cloud and rain as well. a further west you go, temperatures u pto further west you go, temperatures upto nine or 10 degrees will stop it will fizzle out through the morning. most will fizzle out through the morning. m ost pla ces will fizzle out through the morning. most places are looking at a great day. sunshine is in short supply. a lot of clout and rain for many places although more eastern england, dry. —— clout. out west, it will be mild. further east, roundabout 2— three degrees. quite well for many eastern areas. we still have the line of rainfall than it -- still have the line of rainfall than it —— west midlands and up into scotland. east of at, it will be
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frosty. west of that, mild. west of it, mild, cloud, chile and across the east anglia and the south—east —— chilly. we have high pressure in charge for the weather which means dry weather but a bit of patchy rain out towards the western side of the uk. north and west it will be breezy and cloudy with some rain. for the south—eastern corner, it will be different. it may well be dry and bright with sunshine but still quite chilly. frost and fog as well. further north and west, a bit of a breeze coming in from the south—west and hence it will be milder but it will also bringing cloud and rain. sunday looks at the great day for most areas but let it will be fairly mild out towards the west.
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