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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  January 15, 2017 6:30pm-6:46pm GMT

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,be , be cold, ,be cold, a , be cold, a touch of where it will be cold, a touch of frost here, a few fog patches. the best of the brightness here through the day. cloudy start elsewhere, wet weather through central parts of england and wales, drierfurther north and west, a bit of brightness gci’oss north and west, a bit of brightness across parts of scotland and northern ireland. mild for many of the western areas, nudging double figures, central parts will be chilly, four orfive for figures, central parts will be chilly, four or five for east anglia and the far south—east. over the next few days, the general pattern, most next few days, the general pattern, m ost pla ces next few days, the general pattern, most places mild, away from south—eastern parts of the uk, where it will be a good deal chillier. hello. this is bbc news. the headlines: the labour leader, jeremy corbyn, says the government risks a future trade war with europe, following comments by the chancellor which implied the uk could use its corporate tax rates to stimulate investment after brexit. the royal college of surgeons says hospitals around the uk are reporting sharp increases
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in the number of cancer operations being postponed, because of a shortage of beds. the combination of increased admissions through accident and emergency, combined with difficulties in getting patients home because of lack of support in social care, means hospitals are too full. ministers and diplomats have been urging israel and the palestinians to reaffirm their commitment to a two state solution in the middle east. the outgoing director of the cia says donald trump doesn't understand russia's actions, intentions and capabilities. john brennan said that when in office mr trump should be very careful about lifting sanctions against moscow. those are the latest headlines. now it is time for sportsday. now it is time for sportsday.
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hello and welcome to sportsday with me will perry. the headlines this eveving: zlatan rescues a point for united, who are held by liverpool at old trafford. two everton teenagers turn on the style at goodison as manchester city are thrashed on merseyside. and virat kohli stars as india beats england in the first one day international. good evening. liverpool led for nearly an hour at old trafford, but had to settle for a 1—1 draw against manchester united in the premier league, with zlatan ibrahimovic rescuing a point late, on as ben croucher reports. what happens when two of the biggest
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cities, the biggest clubs, the biggest personalities in football collide? liverpool bossjurgen klopp described the rivalry with manchester united as very, very big. it big game for the big names. few in football, as big as zlatan ibrahimovic. paul pogba should have given united the lead. worse was to follow as inexplicably he gave liverpool a helping hand in his own penalty area. it allowed james milner, formerly of manchester city, to put liverpool ahead at old trafford. united did more pressing. their end product lacked quality that has taken them to nine wins in a row. as they became increasingly desperate for an equaliser, firmino nearly pounced at the other end. the frustrations were evident every kick, every mess. the big names finally stepped up. ibrahimovic with
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his 14th goal of the season, one united fans may cherish more than any other. the battle of the somme to teams, one rivalry, but nothing to teams, one rivalry, but nothing to separate them. it was very emotional. it was intense. it was aggressive but a good aggressive, not a bad one. and we followed until the last second to try to win it. liverpool did the same, to try not to lose it. i think in the end the result justified. we to lose it. i think in the end the resultjustified. we got to lose it. i think in the end the result justified. we got free to lose it. i think in the end the resultjustified. we got free kicks, we got corners and other stuff. after 80 minutes of high intense football, it's really hard. i hoped the boys would have look. unfortunately we had on one situation but not the other. all good. tomorrow i can enjoy the result. today, only the performance. today, only the performance. everton beat manchester city 4—0 in
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the first game today. it leaves manchester city ten points adrift of leaders chelsea. when these sides met in october, everton manager ronald koeman described manchester city as the best team he had ever met. here they were meeting again. the compliments this time might have to wait. if there were any pleasantries, they weren't coming from raheem sterling, convinced this challenge deserved a penalty. replays suggest he might have been right. nothing given. everton seemed in no mood to dwell on it. romelu lukaku finding time and space, and taking a moment to reflect. he wasn't the only one. whatever the half—time message was from pep guardiola, he wasn't getting through. unlike kevin mirallas. less than two minutes in, 2—0 to everton. if that was unexpected, what came next was the stuff of dreams, specifically those of teenager tom davies, his first goal for his boyhood club. everton‘s bright future
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playing out in the present. lookman onlyjoined ten days ago. welcome to merseyside. a day when ronald koeman was keeping his compliments for his own side. i think the second half was perfect in every aspect of football. the first half, we controlled it but they had some good chances. i think the difference was we scored at the right time in the game in the first half. but also the second, straight after half—time. that made it very difficult for them. we created enough chances to score the goals. when they arrived, they scored goals. that is tough for the players, mentally. that's why you have to keep going, to work harder. we have to do that after 2—0.
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in the last minute it's another game. a masterclass from virat kohli consigned england to defeat in the opening one—day international against india. eoin morgan's side made their highest losing score in a odi — hitting 351 in pune, but india completed the joint—third best chase of all time in 48.1 overs. patrick gearey was watching the action. you would forgive one englishman for being a little jaded on parade. joe root became a father last saturday, flew long haul on saturday and was at the crease on sunday. no time to rest in one—day cricket, a game of constant bustle and muscle. root took the wheel. he ran out of steam on 48. ben stokes hoisted england to 350, their highest one—day score against india. even totals that they can evaporate. an early rattle of wickets reassured england.
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but none of the four who went was virat kohli. indian captain, indian icon, a man who soars under scrutiny. a six to complete his 27th one—day century. if that created a stir, wait for this. local boyjadav got 100. the heavy lifting had been done. time to show off. right now there seem few heights india cannot reach. a last minute try from from chris ashton denied scarlets a famous win over saracens in the pick of the day's action in rugby union's european champions cup. scarlets still had hopes of overhauling toulon into a qualifying position at the start of the day's play. they went in front against the defending european champions through scott williams in the second half. and it looked like the welsh side might hold on for a crucial win, but with 80 minutes already on the clock, saracens scored underneath the posts with the final play of the match. the simple conversion meant it finished 22—points all. saracens are guaranteed a place
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in the quarterfinal, scarlets' hopes of qualifying are now over. toulon boosted their hopes of joining saracens in the last eight. a dramatic final minute score from josua tuisova in their match against bottom—side sale secured a bonus point for the french club, which means they're more likely to finish among the best three sides in the runner—up places in each of the five pools. james degale retained his ibf world super middleweight title in the early hours of this morning in new york but the fight between degale and badou jack ended in a controversial draw. degale began the fight strongly, knocking jack down in the first round and was the busier fighter over the next couple of rounds. but he showed signs of slowing in the fourth and fifth, where this happened. the referee taking a surprise left hook. jack is known for strong finishes and that's exactly what happened this morning. he knocked degale down in the final round.
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the judges took a long time to come to a decision eventually declaring it a majority draw. both men go home with their respective world title belts. he's not unbelievable. he's good at everything. i need to watch it back. everyone said it was a mad fight to watch, i showed a lot of heart. that was hard. i do not want too many of them. i enjoyed it though, that is the sick thing. after that interview degale was taken to hospital as a precaution. he has since tweeted. as his promoter explains, the rematch may not happen. as his promoter explains, the rematch may not happen. the wbc will send out a letter on monday to badu jack to say, you have to start negotiations with callum smith. we have got him cornered. i think he will vacate, i do.
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i think it will be callum smith against anthony durrell orjames degale for the ibf. that's the fight we wanted. that's the fight james wants and callum and probably britain wants as well. it will be interesting to see what happens. it's five years since ronnie o'sullivan last went out in the first round of snooker‘s masters but he came as close as you can get this afternoon. china's liang wenbo came from 4—2 down to lead 5—4 and had this black to win the match. having potted the black to force a decider, o'sullivan, despite suffering with a heavy cold, cleared up with his biggest break of the day. he'll play neil robertson or ali carter next. i didn't deserve to win, really. i was there for the taking, really. i didn't play very, very well today. you've got to be feeling for him really. i know what that feels like, one ball away from winning the match.
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but you should win. it will be hard for him to deal with that one. graeme storm has won his first european tour title in 10 years, beating rory mcilroy in a dramatic play—off at the south african open. storm went into the final round three shots clear of mcilroy but going up the 17th, the world number two turned round to go one shot ahead. however, on the penultimate hole, he found the bunker in consecutive shots. that meant both players finished the tournament 18 under par. they would replay the 18th until there was a winner. on the third extra hole, graham storm had this putt to win. just missing. he got that close enough to force the error from mcilroy. storm, who nearly lost his european tour card last year, sealed just the second title of his career. i'm speechless. it's been incredible. i was saying to rory, coming up 18, that we'd never played together before.
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he didn't know that. to play 21 holes with somebody like rory, it'sjust a dream come true, especially where i've come from the last year. it's been a close bdo world darts final so far. but glen durrant is close to victory against his dutch opponent. the dutchman levelled the match three times to go in 3—3. but durand came out after the interval and won the next two sets. the first so seven and won the next two sets. the first so seven will win. newcastle eagles have won the british basketball cup, beating their arch—rivals the glasgow rocks. the eagles, who are the defending champions, were 15 points up at half time, and held on to their advantage in the last two quarters. 91 points to 83 the final score. so newcastle become the first side to win the bbl cup three years in a row.
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earlier the manchester mystics won the inaugural women's bbl cup, with a 71—60 victory against nottingham wildcats. that is all. next, is clicked. driving stateside can be liberating. wide roads, big trucks, massive cars, but a desert bottleneck like las vegas can be ever so slightly frustrating. come on! but today i'm
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driving an audi which has a little extra brainpower under the hood, sorry, bonnet! saw my dashboard down here, i have information about the current speed limit. there you can see as well i'm being told there is a red light up ahead that's going to change to green and about 30 seconds. here we go. the car is connecting to vegas' traffic management centre over ag. it reported position and the centre lets them over and know how long until the next set of lights turn green, indicate left and control informs me about the left filter light instead. one of the advantages, says audi, is


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